Easy Cash Club Review (Easy Way to Make Money with No Work?)

Easy Cash Club Review

Welcome to my Easy Cash Club review!

I found this little gem when I was doing some research. No one has even sent this to me yet. Slackers! Don’t they know that everyone wants to make easy cash?

I’ll take a look at this one for you so you don’t have to.

We’re going to discover…what is Easy Cash Club? Is it really the easiest way to make money (ahem, with “NO WORK”), or is Easy Cash Club a scam that’s aimed to make the owners easy money from YOU?

We’ll see in this Easy Cash Club review.

But I think you probably already know.

Or, just make it easy on yourself and go to My #1 Recommendation instead.

Here are the areas we’ll explore in this Easy Cash Club review.

  • What is Easy Cash Club?
  • How Does Easy Cash Club Work?
  • Is Easy Cash Club a Scam or Legit?
  • Build A Website That Makes Residual Income
  • Wealthy Affiliate Versus Easy Cash Club

What is Easy Cash Club?

Product: Easy Cash Club
Cost: FREE! Oh, nope. We have to cover processing fees. It’ll be $37
Owner(s): “Steve”

Here’s what I saw as soon as I clicked on the link:

Easy Cash Club Sales Page

Do you know how grumpy it makes me when someone says they earn a bunch of money with no work? We’re already off to a bad start here!

Here’s what I learned from watching the video:

  • A secretive millionaire is going to reveal his automated software that generates him huge amounts of money every day, automatically.
  • This will be shared with a small group of people. (Suuurrrreeee. He doesn’t want the “secret” to get out.)
  • Copy exactly what he does
  • It can be time-consuming, confusing and risky to make money online
  • There is no shortage of people out there trying to sell you systems that do not work (THAT is true.)
  • Making money online should be easy, fun and not take a lot of your time.

Steve invented this system that’s so easy to use that even your Grandma could use it…

Easy Cash Club Sales Video

Steve takes us on a journey of his day. He wakes up at 11am, check emails, has some coffee. Then he has breakfast prepared for him by his live-in maid. (Don’t mind me, I’m just over here rolling my eyes.)

Making $1000 or more a day, automatically, will become normal to you.

After going out on his yacht with his wife, Steve comes home and tackles the “hard” part of his day. He logs into his automated software and spends about 30 minutes per day “working”.

Easy Cash Club Sales Video

Steve tells us he just purchased a new Lambo. Riigggghhht. This is your stereotypical car of choice that these internet marketers love to talk about.

Steve’s Sob Story

Let me make it short and sweet for you.

  • Steve felt like a slave and he couldn’t hold a job. He had to settle for a low-paying job. One day, his grandmother passed away. That made him think about life. He wanted total freedom. Total financial freedom.

Steve says he was inspired by the book, The 4-Hour Workweek. He wanted to be just like Timothy Ferris and work just 4 hours a week.

Steve said it hit him like a bolt of lightening one day when he went to McDonald’s for a burger. He realized Ray Kroc had invented a system and that’s why McDonald’s is so popular.

Then Steve tells us about how YouTubers are making millions per year. Even a 6-year old makes $11,000,000 per year just opening toys!

For every video YOU upload to YouTube that gets 100,000 views, you could make about $500 in ad revenue, plus affiliate commissions that are added to the description in your videos. Easy Cash Club Sales Video

But Steve realizes that this is a lot harder than he thought. “Why can’t I just upload a bunch of YouTube videos per day and just make a little money for each of them?”

That’s when Steve came up with his money-making patent-pending software system. His system takes any text or audio file and turns it into a YouTube video.

Software Demo

Steve gives us a blurry demonstration of his software. (I guess he doesn’t want anyone to steal his idea.) The demo gives us a little better idea of how this all works. We’re going to discuss more in the next section.

Easy Cash Club Product Demo

By the way, this demo was Steve creating a YouTube video about a fried chicken recipe. Can’t you see that that’s chicken up there? lol

How Does Easy Cash Club Work?

I’m always grateful for a product demo, even if it’s blurry. It allows us to actually see what we’re getting for our money. A lot of the reviews that I do don’t even give you a clue.

It looks like using “Steve’s” software, you can quickly throw together YouTube videos using any sort of audio or text file. Then you would hopefully get views and subscribers and eventually start making money through ads and affiliate offers.

I didn’t actually purchase this product, but I would hope that there’s training in using proper keywords, otherwise, you’re not going to get ANY traffic. Traffic is the key to everything online.

Anyway, this product sounds good, but…

Is Easy Cash Club a Scam or Legit?

Thumbs DownI wouldn’t say that Easy Cash Club is a scam. Again, I didn’t purchase the product to get a deep look into it, and that’s mostly due to the red flags from the sales video. I definitely wouldn’t recommend it.

The one pro here is that it does seem like it’s easy to use.

I just think the downsides are too great.

First, the red flags from the video:

  • Saying you can make a lot of money with no work
  • Whoever made this product is hiding. Steve is just a made-up name
  • Telling us about his yacht and Lambo and implying we can do the same with this software
  • Saying this is so easy your grandma can do it
  • Telling us the software is “free” but then charging us a fee for hosting, etc.

And then my biggest downside is with the software itself. I’m not a fan of putting up a bunch of low-quality, crappy YouTube videos. Google doesn’t rank crappy articles on its search engine, and I’m assuming they don’t rank these videos very well either. Even if they do, they’ll catch on to it and change their algorithm so that they don’t.

Here’s another red flag. Look at these “success stories” from the sales page.

Easy Cash Club Success Stories

These are fake.

Fake Success Story 1

This is one of the Duggars from 19 Kids and Counting!

Success Story Fake 2

Amazing that you can just grab any photo from the internet and use it in a success story. Not only is that shady, but it also proves that their product doesn’t work. If the product worked and produced results, they could easily use REAL success stories.

Listen, I’m definitely not recommending this one, but it’s ultimately your choice.

I’m leaving the Easy Cash Club link here if you really insist. But I assure you there are much better choices out there.

Affiliate Marketing IS Good!

It looks like Easy Cash Club uses ads and affiliate marketing as a way to make sales. These are legitimate ways to make money, for sure. I just don’t like the way that they’re doing it here.

Affiliate marketing is my favorite way to make money online. It has a lot of benefits and not too many downsides. However, I recommend creating quality content, whether it be YouTube videos or written articles. You’re going to be so much better off in the long run.

You will gain authority over time and the articles and videos that you create now can continue to drive traffic and sales well into the future. (Passive income! It’s great, right?)

The thing is, you need to know how to put everything together so that you can rank in the search engines and get traffic to your site (or YouTube videos). I don’t recommend just going out there all willy-nilly and trying to throw things together. That doesn’t really work out well.

You don't get rich by doing certain things...

Wallace Wattles of The Science of Getting Rich said, “You don’t get rich by doing certain things. You get rich by doing things in a certain way.”

Let me show you the way when it comes to affiliate marketing. I have a FREE guide that will show you the steps.

Click The Button to Download Your Free Guide, 4 Steps to Affiliate Success.

4 Steps to Affiliate Success

Do you have any questions or comments about this Easy Cash Club review? What do you think of putting up these kinds of YouTube videos? Do you think it’s OK? Would you take the time to watch them? I’d love to hear your thoughts! Leave me comments below.

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Easy Cash Club Review

22 thoughts on “Easy Cash Club Review (Easy Way to Make Money with No Work?)”

  1. Thank you for your originally honest review. Most reviews are just nonsense taken from a website with the sole purpose of separating the reader from their money. You actually asked the hard questions.

    I have not bought this program. What I would worry about with this type of software is lack of engagement. It is nice to create a lot of videos but if they are just spun out of words and pics, the viewer is less likely to stay until the end, in my opinion.

    I will be back to read your reviews of products that you actually do give the thumbs up. Thanks again for your honesty.

    • That’s what I’m thinking too, Caterina. I just don’t see low-quality YouTube videos making tons of money for someone. And I’d rather encourage people to make high quality content. I think it’s more fun anyway. It looks really boring making those videos over and over again. Could just be me though! 

  2. I must say that this review is great Christina. I heard about this program but I was really confused about it. I am glad that you mentioned that it is not a scam but honestly, I believed in those fake testimonials. It is great to know the truth as there is thousands of this type of products. Thanks for sharing, I will avoid it.

    • Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts, Daniel. I’m glad this review helped you. 

  3. Hi Christina,

    Thanks for writing a wonderful review of Easy Cash Club software product. I personally don’t like where real information is hidden and concept is not clear. Though this product is not a scam, it is not perfect for everyone. After reading your review, I believe this is not suitable for beginners who want to learn and earn through a real way. Thumbs up for your writing.

    • Thanks so stopping by and sharing your thoughts. This is definitely not suitable for everyone. In fact, I’d love to hear from someone who’s used this and it worked for them. I will adjust my review if I ever com across anyone. (I won’t.) 

  4. Christina,

    Thank you for this review.  Easy Cash Club sounds like easy cash just for “Steve” and not any of his unwary customers.  You picked apart his sales tactics perfectly to expose this scheme.

    I was particularly impressed at how you found out that the testimonials were all fake.  I am curious as to how you did that.  That part of your review sold it to me!



    • Hi Ellen! 

      It’s actually SUPER easy to find out when pictures used in testimonials are fake. (Well, they’re real people, but the testimonials are fake.) 

      What you do when you see a picture is right click on it, and then select the option that says “Search Google for Image”.

      This brings up a list of anywhere that image has shown up in Google. Very handy! 

  5. I first heard about Easy Cash Club from a facebook MMo group after one member kept bombarding me with offers. Needless to say, I was irritated and didn’t click the link. I really get mad at vendors who say their products will make you money without lifting a finger. How is that even possible? Clever marketing gimmicks like these only leaves much to suspect about the product creator. Plus, since he is hiding his true identity, my advice to anyone is: “Stay away from Easy Cash Club.” Thanks for exposing yet another scammer.

    • I’m guessing “Steve” put a ton of work in to make this product, make the sales page, make the video, market it… He knows how much work you have to put into something, but he doesn’t want to tell that to others because it’s not as enticing. 

      Sorry, Steve, but we’re on to you! 

  6. This is a great post! I love it when people like you split these scams wide open right down the centre. It gives me hope to know that for every scam out there someone like you shooting them down and helping unaware internet surfers stay free of the heartache and wasted time.

    Just the name Easy Cash Club is a giveaway! Making money is simple, not easy (unless you are scamming people out of their hard earned money that is!). No work for a lot of money (check!), showing off with luxury items (check!), free system that cost you money (check!), scam (check!)

    Steve should probably click on your link and learn how to make honest money online rather than scamming people! If I ever come across Steves’s “once in a lifetime opportunity” I will probably refer him to Wealthy Affiliate to save him from his deceptive ways!

    Thanks for helping us stay safe out here!

    • I enjoy doing these types of reviews because I really want to help people focus their attention on making money online in a way that will actually work. 

      Since these types of systems rarely work, I hope I can help save someone out there from spending their hard-earned dollars (and time) on these programs. 

      The name IS a giveaway. I thought tat too. Easy Cash Club. lol That says it all! 

  7. Iv’e seen this type of situation before where you get some type of “easy money” “quick money” “get rich fast” scheme or program online that claims that very little work is required for huge success. I’m glad that you have decided to use one of these as an example as to why they are not a go to solution for successful online money making, where you then later stress the importance of affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing itself is a real deal, a lot more trusted, a lot more stable and can provide a life long stream of income.

    You said that you wouldn’t recommend the easy cash club for a good set of reasons, and that these reasons where also why you wanted to stay clear away from it. But one reason which i personally want to stress is the lack of “hard ass work” ethic a website like easy cash club will teach you.

    You see from everything i have read online and watched on YouTube, online or offline business related, the most successful people always have a few things in common. Focus, persistence and a lot of hard work. Any real major success unquestionably requires hard work no matter what. And getting the right type of guidance for something like affiliate marketing will clearly teach you this.

    • I totally agree about the hard work, Shane. People are always looking for the easy way out. And I get it! We were designed that way because way back in the caveman days we really needed to conserve energy. 

      We need to fight that urge and instead focus on what we want to accomplish and make it exciting! I believe if you have a really big, crazy goal that the work that you put in will be hard, but fun and satisfying. 

      Taking the easy way out won’t show you how to improve  yourself, or even how to be independent. You’ll always be searching for the latest and greatest “next new easy thing.” 

  8. Thanks for this review. There are many people who are online with the aim to scam and bring tears to the eyes of the gullible entrepreneurs. If many know that every short cut you want to take to riches and wealth can lead to cut short then they will be more careful before they invest in any get rich quick schemes. Having come across WA have decided to focus on this and make sure that I succeed. Have gotten friends that have succeeded there hence I must also succeed in the program. The live support and community is very awesome. The trainings are also very educative. One should invest his time on something very profitable ad not run after shadows. 

    • I’m so happy you’re at Wealthy Affiliate and you’re getting value from it. I promote Wealthy Affiliate because it’s brought me so much value over the years, and I see how successful people become from the training there.

      I want everyone to know about the great opportunity that they provide, so thank you for sharing your thoughts about it. 

  9. Loved the conversational tone and humor you added to this review of Easy Cash Club! Right from the start, let me say that I agree with your thumbs down assessment of the product. For all the reasons you mention, all red flags, I would have to say that someone spent a lot of time trying to get into others’ pockets of cash by promising much more than is delivered.

    Unfortunately, these kinds of offers are still popping up with searches, and people keep on losing their time, money, and effort. It is a constant battle to make people aware of them all, as when one goes down, another two seem to come up. In the four years that I have been making money online using ethical means, this has been the case.

    For me, anytime wild claims are made, fake testimonials are added to a sales page, and no work required claims are made, my ‘fraud’ antenna go into high gear. Plus, who the hell is Steve? My guess is that behind the front end offer, there would be many upsells that cost too much and do not work.

    I think it is better if your readers invest in something that really provides what it claims, and your links point to that platform, Wealthy Affiliate. Unlike the Easy Cash Club, it provides a real opportunity to get a solid online business in place so yoyu can start making money.

    There is no easy cash anywhere unless you rib a bank. That is not easy because you will get caught and have to pay a hefty price. If you are serious about building a business, better to go with something solid and real that buying into a pipe dream of easy cash. Wealthy Affiliate is a much better way to go.

    • Thank you for these sentiments. 

      I think even robbing a bank is hard work! lol Think of how much effort has to go into that. And then yes, you’ll have to pay the price on top of it. 

      I always say this time and time again…anything worth doing takes time and effort. But it’s always worth it in the end! 

      Set yourself up now for the future by learning how to do everything the right way through the training at Wealthy Affiliate

      I’m glad you found your way to Wealthy Affiliate and are enjoying its benefits. 

  10. Amazing … such programs never cease to amaze me.  And though you may not say it, I will – it’s a scam!  False pictures + outrageous claims + unclear product = scam!

    Great job unveiling this program.  Let’s hope that’s one less bad program taken off the market, giving affiliate marketing a bad name.

    There really are real opportunities for people to make it online, if they get the right grounding and tutoring.  Which is why I second your sentiment and encourage people to just save themselves a whole lot of headache and go straight to signing up at your #1 recommendation.

    • My guess is the way that “Steve” makes money is from product launches. Not from YouTube videos. I really don’t like the lies that happen in the sales videos. How can I trust a product is going to work when the sales page is full of lies? 

  11. Hi Christina! I find myself almost coming daily to your site. Thank you very much for keeping us safe concerning the sites we join. I’m starting this journey of finding legit sites, and I want to join as many as possible. But I first check your site to be sure.

    Thank you for summing up what’s contained in Steve’s video. And for pointing at the read flags you saw concerning Easy Cash Club. I trust your recommendations and won’t join this one.

    • I love when you show up, Henry! It’s always good to see you. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. Sounds like they’re similar to my own. 🙂 


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