Is Commission Plan X Legit? [4 Red Flags]

Is Commission Plan X legit or a scam? That’s a question I’m going to help you answer in this article. Maybe you’ve run across this program online, or maybe it ended up in your inbox as it did for me.

Can this weird commission plan actually help you make $300 – $1000 (or more) in daily profits like the sales video says, or is that all hype?

I’m going to show you why you should take those numbers with a grain of salt and I’m going to show you 4 red flags to watch out for.

Let’s get into it!

What is Commission Plan X?

Is Commission Plan X Legit?

Commission Plan X is a program that I’ve been seeing pop up in my inbox lately. I have to admit that I always get a little suspicious when I see that a “weird” commission plan has made someone an easy $1.5 million.


The sales video starts off pretty quickly with testimonials. The first guy just says his whole life has gotten better due to using this system.

The second testimonial says that this “online thing” really works and all this money coming into his bank account is going to come in handy.

The third testimonial says she used to be buried in bills until this awesome online system came into her life and now she is “bill, debt free.”

These are the vaguest testimonials I think I’ve ever heard, and I’ve heard a lot of them! I’ll tell you a little later why these testimonials are not to be trusted.

Not Everyone Will Be Allowed In

According to the video, not everyone will be allowed to have access to this plan. They even show a counter that says that only 7 more members can get instant access.

Does Commission Plan X have limited access?

They say that this program is only for the next 45 people (oops, it’s only 7 now) who are committed to making $300 – $1000 in daily profits.

Don’t worry though. This is just a marketing tactic.

They want as many people to sign up for this as possible and I’ll tell you why in the next section.

This is Easy

The video says that setting up the system only takes about 15 minutes, and it’s so easy all you have to do is copy and paste some links.

The video also mentions that after today, the video will be gone. (Which is interesting because I’ve had this video up for a couple of days now.)

The 2nd Video

After giving up your name and email address, you’ll be redirected to a new sales video. This video shows us that Dylan opened up a new ClickBank account just for you and that his “revolutionary” Commission Plan X

He says that he’s really only opening this up to 45 people because it would take over like wildfire if he let more people have it.


According to the sales video, you don’t need to do any hard work.

Commission Plan X does all the hard work.

Is it too good to be true though?

How Does Commission Plan X Work?

Unfortunately, the sales video doesn’t give us any idea of what will happen once you hand over your $47. You’re just supposed to trust that this will work. Whatever THIS is?

Thankfully, fellow Wealthy Affiliate member (Wealthy Affiliate is my #1 recommendation, and here’s a full review to see why) has taken a look inside the member’s area.

You can watch the video, but I’ll also give you a short synopsis of what he found.

Basically, you will learn:

  • How to set up a ClickBank account
  • How to get affiliate links from ClickBank
  • How to find offers in ClickBank
  • How to build a campaign to sell those offers

There isn’t much about traffic, which is the most important part of earning commissions through affiliate marketing. They probably teach you in one of their upsell products.

How Does Commission Plan X REALLY Work?

In my opinion, this type of product works like this:

  1. Get the person’s money on the initial product
  2. Get even more money from upsells
  3. Get even more money with more product offers sent via email

That’s why the whole “only 7 more people can get access” is B.S. Whoever is behind this wants to sell it to as many people as possible because they make more money that way.

By the way, I have no problem with people making money. That’s why we’re all here right? We want to make money online! And I definitely have no problem with people creating products and selling them. It’s a fantastic way to do business. As long as the product is valuable and useful.

Unfortunately, I think the goal of this product is ONLY to make money off of people and not actually help them.

Is Commission Plan X a Scam or Legit?

Now we answer the big question. Is Commission Plan X a scam, or is it a legit money-making system? I’m not going to say that Commission Plan X is a scam. From the video I posted above, you can see that there is some training in the member’s area.

That training might even be decent. The issue is more that the training isn’t complete. The other issue – the biggest issue – is that the sales video hypes this up to be something that it isn’t. It’s never fast and easy to make money online. You have to build your skills up like anything else in life.

Let’s go over the pros and cons and then I’ll talk to you about the red flags I saw in the video.


  • Fairly inexpensive product
  • Affiliate marketing is a legitimate way to earn an income online
  • You can get your money back if it doesn’t work for you


  • Unknown product owner
  • Paid actors used in the testimonials
  • Says it’s easy to make money with this system
  • You don’t get complete training
  • There’s no community or Facebook group for help as far as I could see
  • Over-hyped income claims

Let’s go over some of the red flags that were in this video. These are things that show up in a lot of sales videos, so keep your eye out on these with other products.

Red Flag #1 – Fake Testimonials

The people saying that they’re so happy with this online system are paid actors. They don’t have anything to do with Commission Plan X. Here’s one of the actors from the sales video and his profile from the popular freelancing site, Fiverr.

Testimonials are paid actors

I have an issue with this only because it would be easy to find real testimonials if the Commission Plan X was legit and actually did what it said.

Red Flag #2 – Fake Scarcity

We talked about this one a little above. The fake scarcity tactic is one that a lot of marketers use. I think it can be an effective tool when used right.

For instance, some legit marketers, like Paul Scrivens, creator of Blog Simple Framework, use scarcity in the right way. For instance, he might open the doors for his program for just a few days. Or, he might offer a discount for just a few days.

The purpose of this is to get people to act because, as people, we can dilly-dally a lot and not take action.

However, it’s fake scarcity when nothing really happens. With Commission Plan X, they say there are only 7 spots left, but it’s not really true. It’ll show 7 spots left forever.

Red Flag #3 – Unknown Product Owner

The person in the video says his name is Derek Gardner (or is it Dylan?), but that’s just a made-up name. I always think to myself when watching these sales videos, “Why won’t the person behind this program show himself or herself?”

To me, it means that they’re just throwing a product out there to make some quick money, but it’s not a really good product.

If it was a good product and it did what it said, the owner would be proud to show off his work. This is one of the biggest red flags for me.

Red Flag #4 – It’s So Easy

Whenever I see a product say that it’s a “turnkey system” or a “done-for-you” system, or that it’s easy to make money, I cringe a little.

While it might be easy to get it set up, it’s never that easy to get traffic and make sales. This takes time, patience and a build-up of skills. I know that doesn’t sound as sexy though.

However, if you take the time and learn how to do everything the right way, you can make money. And that is WAY sexier than wasting money on these products that over promise and under deliver.

Commission Plan X Alternative

Listen, if I haven’t convinced you that Commission Plan X isn’t worth $47, then go for it. You’re certainly free to do whatever you like with your money. And you can always get your money back if you’re not feeling it.

But, if you like the idea of making money through affiliate marketing, but want a more robust training program, then I highly recommend you check out Wealthy Affiliate. I’m not just saying that because I make a commission if you sign up. (I do if you sign up for the Premium account. But I recommend you start with the free account first and see if you like it.)

I’m saying that because it’s the training that finally taught me how to make a consistent income online, and I know they can teach you too. Check out my ultimate Wealthy Affiliate review to get all the details.


Is Commission Plan X a scam? Not exactly. You do get some training for your money. It’s not a lot of training that can really take you far with affiliate marketing (from what I can tell). The bigger concern is that the sales video overstates how easy affiliate marketing is and how much money you can make as a newbie.

That’s what’s a little scammy about this product. People are going to spend money on this, and it isn’t going to truly help them. Which will mean a waste of time and money.

There is a better way though. Wealthy Affiliate has very detailed training that will take you step by step through the whole affiliate marketing process. Try them out for free. No credit card required.

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