Is The Midas Legacy a Scam? Can You Make $800 in 7 Minutes?

I am proud of you for doing your research before just handing over your money to some program that you see online. That’s why I wanted to help you find out…is The Midas Legacy a scam? I aim to provide you with the most information about this product I can before you spend your cash.

To be honest:

I’ll give it to you upfront.

I don’t think The Midas Legacy is legit.

The problem with this one started right at the beginning.

It was the email that I received.

Maybe you got one like this too?

The email suggests that you can “literally” add $800 to your account in minutes.

When you see this, you know you’re in trouble.

The Midas Touch Email

If you want to make money online, you can. I’m sure of it.

There are plenty of legit ways to do it.

But you can’t “literally” add $800 to your bank account in minutes. Anything you do will take some learning and time to implement.

Let’s get into it and see if The Midas Legacy is a scam.

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Here are the areas we’ll explore in this The Midas Legacy review.

  • What is The Midas Legacy?
  • How Does The Midas Legacy Work?
  • Is The Midas Legacy a Scam or Legit?
  • Learn How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing
  • Conclusion

What is The Midas Legacy?

Product: The Midas Legacy
Cost: $27 + $2.95 for shipping
Owner(s): Jim Samson

Here’s the sales page that we’re presented with.

This is really strange. What does all of this mean?

Turns out:

Not much as we’ll find out later.

The Midas Legacy sales video

The video claims that your days of being busy could end in the next 5 minutes after watching this video.

Here are the most “important” things that the sales video says:

  • Jim Samson is the publisher of The Midas Legacy, which is a financial research service
  • We can legally snatch money from the elitists and turn those privileged bullies into your personal ATM
  • This is highly sensitive information, but 100% legal
  • This is something that’s never been heard of before. (Which is something that’s said in every video.)
  • This is not a pyramid scheme, not network marketing, not a home business, not currency or commodity trading, not gambling, not claiming a mis-sold investment award, not property investing, nothing to do with welfare
  • Money really can appear out of thin air

The video claims that all we have to do is enter a code like one of these into your computer and you can earn hundreds of dollars.

The Midas Legacy Coes

Jim talks a lot about the elitists and bankers and how they all screw us over.

The Midas Legacy Sales Video

He says, “The elitists are rich because they know the secrets that make money fly out of a hat like a magician’s trick.”

What the heck does that even mean?

Jim says that we’ve already been exposed to get-rich-quick junk that doesn’t work. (Yes, there’s a lot of get-rich-quick junk out there, that’s for sure. I’ve reviewed a lot of it here.)

He says the “fat-cats” want us to be skeptical so we don’t get all up in their business and take their profits from them.

The Midas Legacy Sales Video

He says people are too skeptical about ways you can break free from the establishment, so they remain ignorant.

In a way, this is true, but I don’t think Jim has the answers to break free here.

The Midas Legacy Sales Video

Jim said he discovered this bank code secret when working at a bank. He saw these transactions going in and out and asked his boss about them. His boss told him to “Mind your own business!”

But he couldn’t so he started his own private investigation into this.

Jim dug up the truth about these transfers flying out the door. He discovered a legal loophole! (it’s always a friggin’ loophole that they rest of us are somehow are too dumb to know about.)

He said we wouldn’t believe what goes on in banks. There’re hoards of money “they” hope you never get wise to and try to claim

He has literally stumbled across a money machine. (“Literally.”)

He kept digging up dirt then was “mysteriously” asked to resign. Don’t worry. He copied those codes for us! Because we gotta get those dirty banking bastards back! Payback is sweet! Let’s stick it to them!

Need a new TV? All we have to do is type in one of these codes and snatch what you need from those privileged elitists. It’s instant cash.

Jim claims he is “guarded” about the details.


he can discuss more later when it’s more private. He needs to “screen” people a little more before giving away these secrets. He wants to know if we can be trusted once we get our hands on this info.

If we can’t keep a secret, he can’t share with us.

(Oops, did I let the secret out?)

He said he’s only going to send this invite once because…

If too many people get a hold of this info, “there could be panic on the streets.” (Seriously, this “literally” made me lol.)

He also said that usually those limited-time offers are phony claims, but not this time!

The sales video was ridiculous, and it didn’t tell us how this actually works. Let’s see if we can figure it out.

How Does The Midas Legacy Work?

The Midas Legacy Logo

Well, once again we’re left up in the air with this. They don’t mention anything in the sales video at all about how this works. Because “it’s a secret.” You just need to buy it first, then the secret will be revealed.

You just have to trust them.


I wouldn’t trust this.


You know that saying?

If it sounds too good to be true?


When I was doing my research on this one, I read about someone who did purchase this. They said that it had absolutely nothing to do with bank codes and instead was a product about affiliate marketing.

If that’s true, then I wonder what the heck these bank codes are all about?

Is The Midas Legacy a Scam or Legit?

Thumbs DownI didn’t purchase this product, so without actually testing it myself, I can’t 100% say whether The Midas Legacy is a scam.

The sales video sure was scammy though.

We’ll talk about all the HUGE red flags in a minute.

I think it’s interesting:

It looks like The Midas Legacy is an actual company and they do a bunch of different things and offer many products.

(Here’s another The Midas Legacy review I did of one of their other products.)

The BBB gives them a B rating.

They’ve had 7 complaints in the last three years, which isn’t terrible to be honest. Here’s the latest one.

The Midas Legacy Review - Complaint

To be fair, they did offer a response back.

With all of that said, I definitely would not recommend this.

The Midas Legacy Review – Pros

  • I have no idea. I “literally” can’t think of any.

The Midas Legacy Review – Cons

  • High income claims
  • Little work involved
  • Claiming to be different from the “other guys”
  • Claiming to not be a “get-rich-quick” scheme but then saying exactly that
  • Claiming to be a secret and having only limited spots
  • Using a fake name
  • Also, there’s this…

While I can’t say with certainty whether The Midas Legacy is a real scam or not, there was this report that says police warn of this fake scheme.

I am sure that you will get something in the mail when you order this “secret” product. But why risk spending your money on something that you have no idea about?

There’s something else I really, really don’t like about this product. This whole idea of sticking it to the man and screwing over the elitists. This is just a bad, bad mindset. (Mindset is everything.)

If you believe that the people who are making more than you are constantly trying to screw you over because they’re bad people, then you will never become rich.

You can’t become rich if you think rich people are a-holes. Because then you yourself would be an a-hole. It’s not the right way to think. There’s plenty of money to go around.

There’s plenty for you to have if you do things the right way, and if you have the right mindset. Don’t stoop down to that lower-level thinking. It’ll just make you more frustrated and angry – for absolutely no reason.

Now, let’s learn a real way to make money that’s not a secret or limited in any way.

Learn How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is what I do. And I LOVE to do it! I know it’s not as sexy to say there’s nothing secretive about it, but it’s true.

Now, one of the things that’s great about affiliate marketing is that anyone can do it.


The Right Training

You have to have the right training.

These products that claim “it’s so easy because all you have to do is push a few buttons and in 7 minutes a day you’ll be making a full-time income” are crazy. They are not going to teach you anything. You’ll be out more money and time if you try to follow these “systems”.

Instead, I recommend you take a look at My #1 Recommendation. Not only will you have step-by-step training to teach you how to create a website that makes money (from start to finish), you will also have all the tools and support you need, including a keyword research tool, web hosting, and more.

Investing in yourself and in the right kind of training will make all the difference if you really want to make an income online. Once you have the right training, you are well on your way.

The Right Mindset

But you also need to have the right mindset.

And you need to have the right expectations.

Making money online is no different than making money offline. You still have to put in the time and effort.


When you trade time for money at a “regular” job, you can only make so money because you only have so much time.

Affiliate marketing is different.

It takes time to build it up to a full-time income, but eventually your work becomes passive income. Which means the things you worked on long ago will make you money well into the future.

And that means you can keep building and growing your income. The income is unlimited if you keep working at growing it.

Anyone can do it. YOU can do it. I’m sure of it.

As long as you follow the training and plan to work hard at it.

Check out these 11 amazing Wealthy Affiliate success stories to see how others have done it.


Once again we’re left disappointed with a product that claims it can make us loads of money with little effort. I hope The Midas Legacy review helped you make an informed decision about buying into this product.

It’s not all bad news.

There are good programs and products out there really trying to help people make money online. My #1 recommendation is the perfect example of this. Plenty of people are succeeding here. And YOU can be next.

Do you have any questions, comments or personal experiences with this one? Is The Midas Legacy a scam, in your opinion? I’d love to hear your thoughts. Leave them for me down below.


18 thoughts on “Is The Midas Legacy a Scam? Can You Make $800 in 7 Minutes?”

  1. The idea of bank codes being used to add $800 to your bank account sounded so ridiculous that that was enough to prove that this is a scam. Its funny how they say they are not a get rich quick scheme however there saying you can make all this money quick, sounds like ‘get rich’ to me.

    As you say they aren’t to be trusted so cross them off the list, I see your #1 recommendation and it being Wealthy Affiliate which could be for me as I’m looking for a genuine opportunity to make money as I have tried so many scams, i’m tired of them.

    I’ll give them ago instead as they seem much better,

    Thanks again for warning me off this platform and hopefully this review stops people buying into what they claim!


    • I know! $800 in 7 minutes! The times that you can do it in always kill me. 

      Wealthy Affiliate won’t make you rich, that’s up to you! But what it will do is teach you the proper ways to create a helpful, content-rich website that can then be monetized. They’ll teach you how to put it all together step-by-step from start to finish. 

  2. What a great article with clear direction and recommendations on how to make real money online. I am learning the ways to make money online using affiliate programmes. 

    I am happy that I cannot get confused and now know what to stay away from.

    The issues is recognising the recognising real deals and without reviews it can be difficult.

    Thanks for sharing 

    • I’m glad it helped. Thanks so much for stopping by! 

  3. I agree Christina, as soon as you see a high income claim with a low level of work, you need to be skeptical. I love the humor in which this post was written, and I had a good giggle while I was reading it.

    I don’t blame you for not parting with your money here though, but you will probably hear from them again, as you did depart with your email address.

    I hate watching video’s that beat around the bush and never actually get to the point of what the product is even about.

    • I’m glad a gave you a giggle. I’m constantly giggling myself at these videos. They really do crack me up! And yes, I know I’ll hear from them again. That’s OK. I enjoy getting more material for my site. 🙂 

  4. Whether you are shoveling ditches or doing affiliate marketing there is no way better than hard work.  Your review is absolutely needed because way too many people out there are getting scammed.  If you stop even a few people from buying into the wrong thing then you are doing a wonderful service.  Thank you for taking the time to do this review.

    • Perfect, Dale thank you! Shoveling ditches and making money only both require hard work! One is more physically hard than the other, of course, but there is no free ride. I don’t know who wants that anyway. I think that would be boring. It’s fun to create something of your own that you put sweat and tears into. (Although, I suppose if one of these systems did actually work and I could click a few buttons, I’d probably try it!) 

  5. Well never heard of the Midas Legacy before, i guess as they say it is really a ‘secret’. One thing that reads ‘red flag’ to me is punching some funny codes on my computer. What if the codes milks my bank accounts dry, maybe am among the rich described there.

    Such a secretive venture one would aim at making themselves rich rather than sharing to make others rich. Anything to do with getting money within minutes without sweating is dangerous especially when it involves some bank codes. I wonder if it is even legal. People have so many ways of making money even lying to others.

    • I totally don’t understand the code thing at all. I’m tempted to purchase this one just to see what it’s all about. But, from what I understood, this turns into a monthly fee and I really don’t want to be stuck paying that and not being able to get out of it. Plus, when they launched this before, they also mentioned some kind of “codes” that never really showed up in the product at all. Weird! 

  6. 800 bucks in 7 minutes?! That’s a great way to start an introduction, throws even me off balance. 😉

    You can’t blame Jim for not giving his best and with the talk he’s trying to sell he reminds me a bit of that sleazy lawyer from Breaking Bad, Saul Goodman. 🙂

    It’s just so unfortunate that a lot of people will loose money on this, as some of us are easy preys for people like that.

    Thanks for spreading the word and hopefully it will keep some from wasting their time and money and instead send them in the right direction.

    • Ok woah now. Yes, Saul is sleazy, but he’s also loveable. Let’s set that record straight. lol 

      It is unfortunate that people will lose money. People will fall right into this trap. That’s why I’m happy to be one of those people helping to expose these tricks. The more the word gets out, the better! 

  7. I was sent a letter in the mail and was told this was a ‘private’ invitation because I was referred over to Jim and I am a real ‘go getter.’ Now I googled this Midas Legacy and it’s all over the internet. Who is the liar here?

  8. People are wondering about the bankcodesecret with those funky bank codes that he gave in the letter. Folks it real simple its called “bait and switch”
    Its just that the bait and switch used here is a bit different than what happens on a typical ad or selling of a product.

  9. I have been following The Midas Legacy for over 10 years and spent over $3000. I was actually hoping that this was the real thing but I havent made not one cent. Jim If you have up your sleeve a way that . .i can make money


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