Digital Income System Scam? [Warning: Read Before Signing Up!]

Is Digital Income System a scam?

This is a system that promises that you can make between $500 – $12,500 per sale, completely on autopilot. You don’t have to talk to anyone or do any of the work yourself.

It sounds really good, right?

Who wouldn’t want to make that kind of money quickly and easily?

But do you get the feeling this may be too good to be true? What’s the catch? Why isn’t everyone doing this yet?

I’m glad you’re taking the time to research before blindly purchasing because there’s more to this story, and you need to know all the facts.

Let’s dive into this review and see if Digital Income System is a scam.

What is Digital Income System?

Here’s the headline we get when we land on the Digital Income System sales page:

Digital Income System scam headline says you can make up to $12,500

We have an automated income system where you can easily make $500-$12,500 per sale…and we don’t even have to talk to anyone.

I’ve seen enough of these sales pitches for automated systems to know that they never quite work the way that you think they will. Will Digital Income System be the same?

I already know that to make $12,500 per sale, you’re likely going to have to pay double that amount to be able to qualify for those types of sales. That’s generally how these high-ticket offers work. Are you ready to shell out between $1000 and $25,000?

In the sales video, Digital Income System claims to be a “real, government-regulated business that sells real software and makes real payments to our members”:

Digital Income System says they have a real software product to sell

According to the sales video, they say that to make this work, you never have to sell anything to anyone. However, when I was researching this, I saw several review videos from people on YourTube who were definitely trying to sell the system.

The video goes on to say that you don’t have to worry about finding prospects because their system does all the work. Once someone comes to your site, they’ll be prompted to put in their phone number and then a business consultant will call them and do the work of closing the sales.

They call this hands-free income because you don’t need to talk to anyone on the phone. Even though, eventually we’ll come to find out that this isn’t even true.

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The Digital Income System Formula

The sales video says the Digital Income System formula is really easy:

  1. They give you a traffic source
  2. You send the traffic to the Digital Income System sales page
  3. They do everything else
  4. You make money and enjoy life

In fact:

They say they have a simple 3-step process:

  1. Lead generation – They have a traffic source that you can plug into, and you just have to make one call per week. (Wait a second…I thought we didn’t have to talk to anyone? ) And they say that they’ll also send traffic to us on autopilot.
  2. Your leads for YOUR site – They have a site coded with YOUR information so that they know sales go to you.
  3. The sales team closes – They have a sales team who are experts at closing sales so you don’t have to. (Just a note, you will go through this exact same process. YOU will be sold to as well. Be prepared if you decide to go through with this.)

You Don’t Have to Do a Thing

Besides making that one call a week, according to the sales video, you don’t have to do anything else. You don’t need to create a website or talk to anyone. You can just sit back, relax and let the money roll in. Everything is on autopilot.

Why is this never really the case?

How Does Digital Income System Work?

This is how Digital Income System works in a nutshell:

  1. You view the Digital Income System sales page
  2. You get excited and fill out your information
  3. You get a call from a “consultant” who will try to close you on a sale
  4. You sign up
  5. You send people to the same sales page
  6. And the cycle begins again

I’m not sure what the “real” software here is, but all you’re doing is selling the same “opportunity” to others. From what I’ve read, there’s not even any training. It’s literally the sales page that you’re selling.

There are some different payment levels to this:

  • Entrepreneur – $1000
  • Director – $3000
  • Professional – $5000
  • Ambassador – $12,000
  • Executive – $25,000

These are the levels that you will be pressured to buy into. And, once you sign up, you’ll get 50% commissions on these levels, depending on what level you signed up at.

For instance, if you signed up at the Director level, but someone signs up under you as a Professional, you would not get $2500, you would still only get 50% commissions of your level, which would be $1500.

After doing some research, there don’t appear to be any pass-ups, which means no one else above you (except the owner(s) I assume) get the rest of the money.

What happens with this is that you may feel pressured to buy at a higher level because you don’t want to miss out on payments. I’m sure that’s what those “consultants” who call you are banking on.

You should be very careful here. This sounds very similar to MOBE and Digital Altitude, who were both shut down by the FTC.

Is Digital Income System a Scam or Legit?

I’m not going to say that Digital Income System is a scam because we’ll let the FTC make that determination if they’d like. I also didn’t purchase the product and take a look inside for myself, so I’m not comfortable calling it a scam because of that.

I have seen some people who think it’s completely legitimate.

From what I’ve looked at, I personally would NOT recommend this because evidence points to it being a Pyramid scheme.


  • You could potentially make a lot of money with this


  • here’s a BIG risk here and you will likely lose much more money than you make
  • You’re only selling the same system that you bought into, there’s zero value because there’s no product (there is some training, apparently)
  • Very possible that this can get shut down at any time, and you will really end up losing out
  • Nothing is completely automated and you can never make money as easily on autopilot as they say
  • They offer a traffic source, but what is it and does it cost extra? (Not all traffic sources are good and they generally will cost you a good amount)
  • Unknown owner(s) and this is a huge red flag in this case since it will be easy for them to take off with your money

What is a Pyramid Scheme?

In general, what makes a business a pyramid scheme is that there’s no product to sell. And that’s the case here. (They say there’s a “software”, but I haven’t seen any evidence of that.)

This is similar to an MLM, but legitimate MLMs have products to sell, and that’s what makes them legitimate by FTCs standards.

Some key components of a pyramid scheme include:

  • No product to sell
  • Promises of large earnings with little effort
  • No training or very poor training
  • Aggressive sales tactics

I got caught up in a couple of pyramid schemes in my time, so I get it. It’s tempting. One of the ones I was involved in got shut down, and I lost a good amount of money.

I wouldn’t risk it if I were you.

Make an Income Online Legitimately

Because I’ve been around the online marketing block a time or two, I know the difference between what will actually work to make you money online, and what’s just hyped-up nonsense.

Always be wary of words like:

  • Autopilot
  • Easy
  • Requires no time
  • Make money fast
  • Make a lot of money

You CAN make a lot of money, and you may even eventually be able to get your online sales pretty much on autopilot, but some system out there that you pay $37 for (or $25,000) is probably not going to get it done for you.

Instead of trying to take shortcuts (because they never work), why not build your own site that you can use to promote anything you like and build up your income over time? It won’t happen overnight. Nothing good ever happens overnight.

Do you go to the gym and expect to be buff after 1 session? No. Of course not. Anything worthwhile takes time, commitment and consistency.

It’s not hard to get started. My #1 recommendation for affiliate marketing training will take you through the process step by step. You’ll have your very own website up within a couple of days. (Or even less if you go through the training faster.) They taught me how to put this very website together.

If you really want to create an income online, I recommend doing it the right way.


I hope this Digital Income System review showed you what it’s really all about and I hope you’ll use caution when deciding to join. Of course, it’s your choice what you do, but I want you to have all the facts before proceeding.

If you find that it’s just too big of a risk to take, and you’d rather go the more legitimate route, then check out my #1 recommendation for training (you can start free, no credit card required).

You’ll see how easy it is to get started and to have your own website up and running. Try it and see!


6 thoughts on “Digital Income System Scam? [Warning: Read Before Signing Up!]”

  1. Thank you so much for exposing once again one of those schemes I can’t even believe people would fall for, but unfortunately, some do. It makes me really angry when I see that someone would actually take advantage of someone else money and I might say, (this one is even expensive). We need reviews like this one to expose people to the truth. Thank you

    • Many people lost a lot of money with MOBE, and this program is so, so similar. I really just want to warn people so they know what they’re getting into. Like I mentioned in the article, I’ve fallen for things like this before and it’s no fun when you lose money. 

  2. Just an hour ago I happened to look upon a phone app that claims to help earn a few bucks by just clicking on online news. What’s funny is that you will earn a good amount of $5 per click. As bizarre as it may sound, it doesn’t stop there. It also said that I should wait til the end of the video because there’s a trick to make it easier and guess what, it’s auto click!

    I believe, there’s no easy money like the one I just shared. Similar to your article’s key components of a pyramid scheme, this is very much likely to to be the same. i know not to let myself get blinded because for sure after I answer few questions, follow different tasks, or whatever I will be led into similar scam which would not only waste my time but probably my money as well if I am not that vigilant.

    Thanks to your article, people who are quite gullible can be forewarned. You were right introducing a legitimate online income where members would really work hard instead of relying to these tricks. More power!

    • I would love to know the name of the program you looked at that pays you to watch ads. I’m always looking for products to review. That one sounds just as ridiculous! 

      People fall for those schemes too. Easy money is just so darn enticing. 

      But it never works out. You’d be better off spending that money on lottery tickets. Your odds of making money will be sucky, but better. lol

      I think if people can get over this need to make money really fast, then they’ll see that they CAN make a great living online and they can do it in a legitimate way that can be sustainable for the long-term. 

  3. Did I actually read that right?  From $1,000 to $25,000. for this program?  OMG, I mean, I know a lot of information on affiliate marketing, but I can’t imagine charging someone $25,000 even if I mentored them personally on how to set up their business.  Even $1,000 is ridiculous.  Then I read further and you’re saying there’s no education?  You’re selling the opportunity to sell the opportunity?  That sounds like a pyramid scheme, right?  Isn’t what that is, there’s no real product, just the opportunity to sell the opportunity to the next person and the person under them, etc.  

    It’s people like you who take the time to review these products that save the rest of us a lot of money and disappointment.  I’m so thankful for you and these reviews.  Thanks so much!

    • Yup! If you want to make the most money out of Digital Income System, you would pay $25,000. And there’s no product, you’re just selling the same system to others. It’s for sure a pyramid scheme. Can you make money with it? Yea. Especially if you have a ton of money to buy at the top and buy tons of traffic. But then you have to hope it doesn’t get shut down before you recoup your costs. 


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