Too Damn Easy Review [Beware of This Cash Gifting Scheme]

Welcome to my Too Damn Easy review!

I came across this cash gifting program when I noticed that someone typed it into a search on my site.

I had a look into it, and I thought it would be a great one to review. (Thanks to the random person who typed that in! )

I think you’re going to be pretty surprised by this one. Is it really too damn easy to make money from this? Get ready to shell out some cash and cross your fingers that you’ll get it back.

Let’s dive into this Too Damn Easy review!

What is Too Damn Easy?

According to the Too Damn Easy sales page, you can get yearly salaries delivered to you daily, 6 days a week:

It's too damn easy to make a year's salary in a day

It just sounds too damn easy, right?

“Q” (I wonder why he wants to hide himself? We’re soon to find out…) starts off the video by showing us what 600 $100 bills look like all stacked up.

Too Damn Easy review - 600 $100 bills all stacked up

It kind of just looks like a blurry mess, honestly. I guess his point is that he has a lot of money, and we can do the same. He made this $60,000 in just one day, which he says is equivalent to a year’s salary for many people.

He starts talking about how people are killing themselves to make a $60,000 a year (or less) salary and all you really need to do is follow his easy system and you can make that much quicker. Even in 1 day.

The rest of the video is just Q counting up his $100 bills. It’s not the most exciting video, to be honest. You should be glad that I watched it for you.

He does try to appeal to our emotions a bit asking “What if you didn’t have to work so hard to make money? What if you have the freedom to buy anything you want or need without worry?”

That’s all fine and good, but I think I’d be a little worried about being arrested instead.

Because cash gifting like this is not legal, and in fact, it’s basically a pyramid scheme. I’m not sure how Q has been getting away with this for so long, but I’d be careful about following in his footsteps…

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How Does Too Damn Easy Work?

According to the Too Damn Easy site, all you have to do is get some postcards printed, add your referral ID on there, and send them out. Within a week, you should be receiving cash money in your mailbox.

Want to see one of the postcards?

A postcard that you would send out for Too Damn Easy

Now, I’m not a prude, but I would be pretty embarrassed to send that out to anyone I know.

After signing up (seriously, I do crazy things for you…!), I am taken to a page with some things I need to check out to understand how it all works. The main thing is a 25-page PDF. This explains how the whole system works and has some testimonials thrown in there.

Q explains cash gifting like it’s a completely OK and normal thing. And it is. In certain circumstances. He used the example of someone getting married and then getting a wedding gift of cash. Completely legitimate and no one would bat an eye.


His version of cash gifting is different because you’re expecting to get money back.

Here’s how illegal cash gifting works:

  1. You sign up an “invest” a minimum of $2000 (plus a couple of other fees) to a maximum of $100,000. (Yes. You read that right.)
  2. You get a referral ID, which you put onto those postcards and you send those out.
  3. You get a referral. They invest $2000. That goes to your sponsor, but now you’re “released” and you can start earning money.
  4. Every referral you now get will send you at least $2000 (Oh, except every 5th referral’s money goes back to “corporate” – AKA Q. Just because.)
  5. You can level up and spend more money to get bigger referrals.

There are more things there, but I don’t really understand them. Some money goes to you, some to your sponsor…you have different levels they call “Infinity Pods” and “Dream Tubes”, and it’s all a little confusing.

Just a note that you would send $2000 in CASH to whoever referred you, and once you qualified, you would receive cash in the mail.

Later in the document, I see how Q gets away with this scheme. An offshore account:

Too Damn Easy is run offshore

This is all extremely shady.

Is Too Damn Easy a Scam or Legit?

Yes. Yes. Yes. Too Damn Easy is a scam. It’s a pyramid, cash gifting scheme. It’s not legal and I can’t believe that people are still falling for this in this day and age. (Good on you for doing your research!)

Do you know why “Q” makes so much money? He’s at the top. The crazy people who are buying into this are making him rich, while they’re on the bottom of the pyramid hoping and praying that someone else falls for this scheme so they can recoup their costs.


  • None. Don’t. Do. It.


  • This is illegal
  • You are almost guaranteed to lose your money
  • We have no idea who “Q” is and now we see why he would hide himself
  • It’s expensive (you will lose a LOT of money)

It’s Actually Damn Hard

I think the people that buy into Too Damn Easy are soon going to find out it’s too damn hard to get your money back. Most people are NOT going to buy into this, and they’re going to be left at least $2000 poorer.

Would you take $2000 and flush it down the toilet? The people who signed up for this might as well have done that! Even if there’s a tiny chance they can make money from this, do you think they feel good about it knowing that people signing up under them will likely be throwing their hard-earned cash down the toilet?

Listen, I am all for earning money – and LOTS of it. In fact, I wrote a whole page on how to earn more money. Earning money is fun, exciting and plain ol’ awesome. It’s fun to have money and to spend it.


It has to be done in a way that actually provides value to people, or helps them in some way. Otherwise, it’s not going to be money that lasts.

Why Not Make Money Legitimately Instead?

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from researching Too Damn Easy, and just being in the online marketing world, it’s that there is a LOT of money to be had out there.

A lot.

Money is all around us and it can flow to you like water.

The thing is, you want to tap into it in a legitimate way. Because it will be more sustainable.

Forget these get-rich-quick gimmicks. They will get you nowhere.

Instead, learn how to make money legitimately. Help people. Learn new skills. Have fun with it!

The best way that I’ve found (so far) to make a great living online is through affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is basically just matching up something that someone’s looking for with what they’re looking for and getting paid for it.

It’s a flexible way to work because it’s your own online business. Does it take time and effort to build it up? Yea. Everything worthwhile does.

Will it take some investment to get it going? Yes, but not as much as $2000. In fact, you can even start to learn affiliate marketing for free.

And your smaller investment will lead to much greater (and legal) things far into the future.


I hope this Too Damn Easy review has convinced you that it’s an illegal pyramid, cash-gifting scheme and you should stay far, far away from it. Anytime you see something like this, run for the hills!

Because you’re not likely to get even your initial investment back, let alone additional income. And because the investment is at least $2000, that’s a big chunk of change to just throw away!

But, there is a LOT of money to be had out there in the online world. Why not learn how to tap into it legally and ethically? That way, you’re set up for LIFE without having to worry about whether the feds are going to crack down on this.

My #1 recommendation for affiliate marketing training can get you set up. You can even join as a free starter member and see what it’s all about and if it’s something you’d like to do.

8 thoughts on “Too Damn Easy Review [Beware of This Cash Gifting Scheme]”

  1. Yikes! Thanks for creating this review… definitely look Too Damn Easy. It’s hard to imagine that people would actually fall for this sort of thing but I guess someone must at some point or no one would take the time to create these shady sorts of “offers”.

    When I see things like this I really wish there could be more things in place that could somehow ban them as I feel it’s probably only the people that can’t afford to lose that would get caught up in even considering this sort of nonsense. Here’s to hoping no one gets caught up here and loses out.

    • I know Judy, I can’t believe people fall for this either, but they must because Q is counting all of his 600 $100 bills. UGH. 

      It would be good if someone could stop this operation. I guess because the business is in another county, there’s not much that can be done to stop it? I don’t know how all the laws work, but I assume that’s why Q can get away with this. 

  2. A whole video of him counting bills? Exciting… I feel sorry you had to watch it… 😛 

    So you have to print lies – because when you start, you obviously haven’t made any money yet and get more people in? I think I’ll pass… It’s too bad these scams keep going on because they take advantage of desperate people. 🙁 

    Thanks for the review.

    • I think that’s the worst part for me. Even if I made money with this, I wouldn’t feel good about it. I know the people below me are probably going to lose a lot of money. 

      It’s just so much better to do things in a legitimate way that you can feel good about and be proud to tell people about. That’s why I love promoting affiliate marketing as a way to make money online.

  3. Hello Christina,

    This review helps us how can rich quickly. I cannot hear about this business. I came across your review and on reading on further about this. I have looked at cash gifting programs in the past and I am surprised. This site working so quickly and make money. I can see that you are not recommending this business either. It’s nice to see a review written with so much vehemence. Many many thanks for this review on this another supposedly ‘get rich quick’.Well done and Cheers.

    Thank you for such a helpful post.

    • Thanks so much for your comment on my Too Damn Easy review, I appreciate it. Yes, it’s just another get-rich-quick scam that we need to avoid! 

  4. I have seen scams just like this before, but they had different names than this one. What I see is that it is too damn easy to scam people. People have to be very desperate to fall for a pyramid type scheme such as this. And it is really expensive. How can most people even afford to try this? I know it is financially over my head for sure.

    I would rather have my own website with affiliate links. So much cheaper and if you are willing to learn all about SEO, it can be very lucrative.

    I appreciate you doing the research on this garbage for us and warning us.

    • I think people really can’t afford this, but they’ll try anyway because they think they’ll get as much easy money as Q. But they won’t because Q is at the top, and he gets most of the money.  I’m not even sure what you would do with that money? 

      I think it would overwhelm me because you’d have to put it in the bank, but then you’d have to pay taxes on it, but it’s illegal money? Q might have an offshore account, but I assume most of us don’t. 

      I don’t know, it’s all way too risky!


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