Is Club Cash Fund a Scam or a Legit Way to Earn Income?

Is Club Cash Fund a scam or a legitimate way to earn income online? Spoiler alert, I think this is a cash gifting pyramid scheme. Which makes it a scam and also illegal.

There are a few telltale signs for cash gifting schemes:

  1. There’s no real product that you’re selling
  2. You have to “pay to play” – you have to pay to qualify for earnings
  3. You send cash through the mail

Cash gifting schemes always seem like a good idea because they seem easy. But they’re really not. And there’s a great chance you will lose all of your money.

Let’s dive into this one and I’ll show you why I think Club Cash Fund is a scam.

What is Club Cash Fund?

According to the headline on the Club Cash Fund sales page, we can get free money right to our mailbox on autopilot.

Club Cash Fund headline says we can get free money.

The sales video starts by saying that we’re probably looking for a way to make extra money without being a computer genius. Chad says he’s been making money online since 2002.

Chad has been making money online since 2002.

Chad tells us that he’s fallen for a lot of scammy offers and false promises. He said he’s good at knowing what doesn’t work and he assures us that Club Cash Fund does work.

Chad says we don’t need computer skills or a college degree. This is super simple and we only have to follow the directions.

These are the steps to receiving $100 per day in as little as 2 weeks from now:

  1. Call the number on the sales page to listen to a replay of their latest call.
  2. Enter your mailing address so he can send a starter kit in the mail. The kit will contain all the instructions to get started.

That’s it!

If we do this, Chad tells us that we’ll have $100s flooding our mailbox.

But what’s interesting is that he doesn’t tell us how exactly this works. How do we make these $100s?

Let’s dive in a little more and see if we can figure it out.

How Does Club Cash Fund Work?

I gave the number on the sales page a call and I still didn’t find out too much information because it’s just a bunch of testimonials. The system apparently has 70 testimonials that you can listen to.

I listened to one, and it was from a guy who said he really likes the simplicity of the system. He says that John (Chad) does everything for you, including all the mailings. You just have to follow directions and teach others to do the same.

He didn’t tell us how much money he’s made, only that he was looking forward to money coming in the mail.


I really don’t need more information as I already know this is a cash gifting scheme.

This is run by a guy named John (Chad) Stavely, who has been tied to other schemes. All of his previous schemes have collapsed, and I’m sure that will happen with this one too.

Club Cash Fund Products

Club Cash Fund members don’t have any actual products to sell. They’re just selling the same membership to other people.

This is very similar to Too Damn Easy, Easy Cash 4 Ads and 30 Day Success Formula. They might all vary in how they work, but they are all cash-gifting schemes as far as I can tell.

The “Free” Club Cash Fund Kit

Here’s a YouTuber explaining the system, what you get in your “free” kit and how this all works:

What is Cash Gifting?

I like this article on cash gifting on the site. They say this about cash gifting schemes:

“Generally, these gifting “circles,” “clubs,” or “groups” encourage participants to pay a substantial entry fee (which can range anywhere from $500 to $5,000 or more). This entry fee will guarantee the participants a place on a chart of members. The participants will move on the chart every time they recruit more people into the “circle” or “club.” And once the participant moves enough on the chart, they are “guaranteed” a large payout. Gifting schemes operate under a variety of names, as con artists that start these schemes are endlessly creative in their quest to con a lot of people out of a lot of money. But most gifting schemes follow the general pattern outlined in this alert.”

They go on to say that these schemes may grow quickly because the people who get in early make money, which causes them to tell people about their success. This gets other people interested but as soon as the amount of people interested dies down, the pyramid collapses.

Here’s an explanation from Ethan Vanderbuilt (he also exposes a cash gifting scheme in this video, which hopefully is long gone by now):

The majority of people in pyramid and cash gifting schemes lose money. It’s a risk you don’t want to take.

Club Cash Fund Complaints

I couldn’t find any official complaints about Club Cash Fund. I found a couple of people who said they signed up but they didn’t make money from it.

The thing is, this is not really a done-for-you system as they try to convince you it is. Once you send in your $100, that just qualifies you for payments. Now you have to recruit people to this same system in order to get payments.

Unless you already have an audience of some sort, you’re not going to be able to get the word out to enough people. You could buy leads, but that’s definitely going to cost you!

Club Cash Fund is more trouble than it’s worth!

Is Club Cash Fund a Scam or Legit?

In my opinion, Club Cash Fund is a scam. It’s an illegal cash gifting pyramid scheme. It will eventually be shut down by the FTC or will collapse on its own as these types of things generally do. Do you want to be in it when it collapses?


  • You could potentially make money with this


  • You are very likely to lose money
  • Pyramid schemes are not sustainable and they always collapse
  • This is not a legitimate business and is illegal
  • Only the people at the very top can make any money from this
  • You will likely have to spend money on leads if you don’t already have a big following online

Really, the only thing you need to know with this is that it’s not legitimate and it’s a scam. Why get involved when it’s such a big risk?

There are ways to make money online that are legitimate, so there’s no need to join something like Club Cash Fund.

An Alternative to Club Cash Fund

As I mentioned, there are many legitimate ways to earn an income online. You don’t need to involve yourself in a pyramid scheme. I understand the pull toward quick and easy money, but those types of programs don’t work out for about 99% of people.

If you’re really interested in earning money online, then I would recommend looking into affiliate marketing. Through affiliate marketing, you promote other people’s products for a commission. It’s completely legitimate and most major companies have an affiliate program.

This is a business you can feel proud of. Let me show you how it all works.


In case you love to skip to the end, I’m going to answer the question for you directly down here.

Is Club Cash Fund a scam? In my opinion, yes it is. It looks to be an illegal cash gifting pyramid scheme. If the FTC gets a hold of it, it will be shut down. And if they don’t, it will collapse on its own. It sounds like an easy way to make money, but I assure you it’s an easy way to lose money unless you’re the owner.

If you really want to learn how to earn an income online, there are plenty of legitimate ways. You don’t need to involve yourself in a cash gifting scheme. My favorite way to earn an income is through affiliate marketing. You can earn a commission just by promoting other people’s products. I will show you exactly how affiliate marketing works here.

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