Is Mailbox Profits a Scam? [Connected to Another Scheme]

Have you seen the Mailbox Profits opportunity and now you’re wondering if it’s safe to join or if it’s a scam? We’re going to take a look at how you make money with this and determine if it’s legit or an illegal cash gifting scheme.

One thing that I noticed as I was going through this program is that it used to be a different plan. Mailbox Profits had a different structure.

Now, it’s directly connected to another scheme that I’ve reviewed on my site.

Let’s get into it and I’ll show you what I mean.

What is Mailbox Profits?

Mailbox Profits headline

In the Mailbox Profits video, we’re introduced to Mack who says he’s made a fortune promoting other people’s business opportunities and every day he walks out to his mailbox and collects big money orders.

Mack implies that he’s made so much money with this system that he never has to worry about money again. He even has his own jet!

Make enough money for a jet with Mailbox Profits?

He says that this “proven” system finds all the people for you, eliminates all the selling and presentations and delivers checks to your mailbox each and every week.

Mack says the secret method to making fortunes is through direct response marketing. He says that he had a list of needs before he got into this business. He needed to:

  • make a lot of money
  • make that money fast
  • do it from home
  • work only a few hours a week
  • have the system work for him even when he wasn’t working

Sounds like a dream opportunity, right?

Here’s a person getting “real results”. In this case, it may be true because this guy’s name is Dan Froelke and he’s in almost every one of these “direct responses marketing” (aka cash gifting scheme) system videos.

Dan does all of these cash gifting schemes.

He’s currently hawking Digital Income System, and even talks about Digital Income System in the video, so it seems that Mailbox Profits and Digital Income System may be one and the same.

In the sales video, it says they are a government-regulated business.

This is a government regulated business?

But there’s not really any proof of that. And in fact, this is just put in there to make you feel better about this scheme.

How Does Mailbox Profits Work?

While Mack says that Mailbox Profits is so easy all you have to do is sit back and collect checks, that’s not really the full story. He says that all you need to do is send leads to the sales video and a “coach” will help you close the sales.

Well, that “coach” is also going to help close you when you call. Because you’re buying into the same system that you’ll have to get others to buy into.

Here’s one thing I want to ask you. Where are you going to find leads? Just think about it for a second, and we’ll come back to it in a minute.

This is how this really works:

  1. You see the sales page and you are convinced this is an easy way to make money
  2. You call the number on the page
  3. The “coach” is a salesperson who will try to get you into the highest level possible
  4. You send people to the same sales page
  5. You hope and pray that someone signs up so you can make your investment back

If you read other reviews online of Mailbox Profits, you will see some different structures being mentioned. It looks to me like the original Mailbox Profits is no longer functioning (I tried going to and the page seems to be dead) and instead has moved to be a part of Digital Income System.

That’s how I understand it anyway. With that said, this is the structure of Digital Income System.

There are different levels you can join at:

  • Level 1 = $1000
  • Level 2 = $3000
  • Level 3 = $5000
  • Level 4 = $12,000
  • Level 5 = $25,000

How these work is that if you join at Level 1 for $1000 and someone joins at Level 1, you’ll get 50%, or $500. If you join at Level 1 and someone joins under you at Level 4, you still only get $500 and the rest of the profit rolls up to whoever is qualified to receive that above you, or it’ll just roll right up to the owner.

If you join at level 4 for $12,000, and someone joins at Level 3, you’ll get $2500.

Because the levels are set up like this, you will likely feel pressure (and get pressure from your coach) to buy in at the highest level possible so you don’t miss out on sales.

They may even try to tell you to take out a loan or put in on your credit card like YourProfit247 does! I really advise you NOT to do that. You are going to end up losing your shirt on this. You need your shirt!

What About Leads?

Let’s get back to leads. You need people to see your offer in order for you to make sales. Unless you have a big following on social media, you’re going to have to buy leads.

In the YourProfit247 webinar, they suggested that you would need at least $1000 – $1500 a month to buys leads. That’s on top of the level price that you buy into.

You can see how this can quickly add up.

And of course, there’s no guarantee that anyone will buy anything from those leads.

In fact:

They probably won’t. People are getting more sophisticated when it comes to these things and they’re doing their research before buying into something like this. Not only that, you don’t know the quality of the leads that you’re getting.

You could buy $1500 in leads of people that have zero interest in making money online.

It’s risky.

And then some.

Mailbox Profits Complaints

I saw one person on a blog comment who paid into the $5,000 level and paid another $2500 for leads and had a decent amount of opt-ins, but no sales. NO SALES. After spending $7500. Yikes!

Another woman said she used her last $3k in savings to buy into it and now realizes this is a scam.

Another person joined and made no money in 4 months.

One more person said that he joined under Brandon Frye for $5000 and he felt that he was scammed. He posted a note from Brandon about how well Digitial Income System was doing.

Meanwhile, if you look at Brandon’s Facebook page, it seems he’s moved on to other programs. (I’ll be taking a look at those in future posts.)

That’s what happens with these schemes. They start to dry up and everyone at the top jumps ship and gets on another scheme where they can scam even more people.

Is Mailbox Profits a Scam or Legit?

In case I haven’t already made it clear, I do believe that Mailbox Profits (and Digital Income System) is a cash gifting pyramid scheme. And yes, a scam. There are a few factors that lead me to this conclusion:

  1. You have to pay to play. In other words, you have to buy into a level to be qualified for payments
  2. You make money by recruiting others into the scheme
  3. You send cash in the mail


You could potentially make money if you have a big following online


  • Like the people I mentioned above, you are VERY likely to lose money with this
  • It’s expensive to buy into the program
  • It’s expensive to buy leads
  • There’s no retailable product, which makes this a pyramid scheme
  • This is illegal just about everywhere in the world

I know you may be tempted by the promises of big profits, but that is so unlikely to happen. The only people that make big profits are the ones at the top who have a big following and can convince their followers to join.

I wonder how they sleep at night knowing that they’re scamming people out of their hard-earned money…?

Mailbox Profits Alternative

If you like the idea of earning an income from your home, working on your own schedule, then I do have an alternative for you.

Systems like Mailbox Profits are set up to help a few people make money. You are not going to be those few people. So, I recommend forgetting these get-rich-quick scams because they only waste more time and money for you.

Instead, you can create your own website where you can promote other people’s products – legitimately! This is called affiliate marketing.

You create a website (which is really easy to do now), create content for it and promote products that people are looking for. It’s really inexpensive to get started (you just need a domain name and hosting) and affiliate programs are free to join.

Most major companies have an affiliate program, so you can easily find things to promote that you enjoy. You can even join Amazon’s affiliate program and promote any of their 3 billion products. When you promote products through your site and people purchase through your site, you earn a commission.

Let me tell you more about how it all works here.


Is Mailbox Profits a scam? Yes it is! It seems that Mailbox Profits has transformed into Digital Income System, which is also a cash gifting pyramid scam. The people the run these programs are completely hidden, and for good reason. Cash gifting in this way is illegal pretty much everywhere.

I recommend you stay far away from this one because you are almost guaranteed to lose money. Instead, why not set up a legitimate way to earn a significant income online through affiliate marketing? I’ll show you exactly how it works here.

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