Funnellogics Review (Want a Look Inside the Member’s Area?)

Welcome to my Funnellogics Review!

Funnellogics came to my inbox today, funnily enough, marked as a spam email. 

So I thought, "Oh here we go again." 

But guess what?

My immediate assumptions may have been wrong. 

Funnellogics Review

I decided to purchase Funnellogics and give you a peek inside my member's area. 

Is it worth the price? 

I'll show you in this Funnellogics review. 

Let's go! 

What is Funnellogics?

The sales video claims that we will learn a secret method that will allow us to finally make money online. You'll be able to repeat this process over and over again to make multiple streams of income in affiliate marketing.

Freddy tells the story of how he worked at a car dealership for many years, but he missed a lot of his son's life growing up because he had to work 10-hour days.

Funnellogics review - Freddy Owen

He eventually wandered into the online world. He struggled for a year and a half and realized he didn't have to reinvent the wheel.

He just had to keep it simple, stay consistent and stop making excuses. (Great advice for us all!)

Freddy says the method he's going to teach us is a shortcut that will save us frustration and time. He says that money loves speed. (I have heard this before from my favorite mentor, Bob Proctor.)

He created a video course, but it also has a done-for-you method to make things easier. Even new marketers can easily set up their system with a simple click and a few simple adjustments.

Freddy says there's a catch - you actually have to put in the work to make money on the internet.

Funnellogics review - one catch

Thank you, Freddy for saying that. This is the truth, and there's no way around it.

Freddy says that Funnellogics is set up so that the hard, tedious and technical stuff is already set up.

The super simple formula? Put the right people in front of the right offers.

This system will work over and over and over again for you. This is the exact system Freddy used to make a 6-figure business, and we can do the same if we apply it correctly.

There are some testimonials on the sales page. From real people, too, not actors like we normally see.

Here's one of the testimonials for Funnellogics:

So, we have a pretty good idea of what this is, but let's see if we can dig in a little more and see how it really works.

How Does ​Funnellogics Work?

I decided to purchase this product as funnels are something that I'm personally interested in learning more about, and because I wanted to give you an inside look into what you get with your membership.

As soon as I purchased, I was redirected to ClickFunnels, which confused me at first, but I kind of understand why they did that now, and I'll explain in a bit.

I was VERY happy that there were no upgrades to deal with.

They did the thing that I always wish other marketers would do - give me everything I need for 1 fair price! I'm impressed so far!

Let's take a look inside the membership area:

Funnellogics review - menu in member's area

The membership area is really nice. It's very clean, and easy to find everything you need.

Each of the items on the menu drops down and you have a series of training videos on that particular topic. For instance, here's the drop down for the Email Marketing series:

Funnellogics review - Everything is clean and easy to find

You can see that everything is very neatly packaged.

What you'll get with this product is a series of training videos on how to set up sales funnels - from landing pages (they even provide already-made landing pages that you can use) to the right way to market with email.

Is Funnellogics a Scam?

Funnellogics is definitely not a scam. In fact, I am really impressed with the quality of the training videos and the information they are providing.

If you're already an expert at funnels, this is likely not something that you need. However, if it's newer to you, or you need better skills, this is a great product to have. 

Thumbs Up

Funnellogics Review - Pros

  • Very thorough step by step training videos
  • Learn how to use landing pages & email marketing the right way
  • Done-for-you funnel templates that you can just load right to your site (new funnels will be added continuously, and you can even request a funnel) 
  • Walkthrough of how to set up a WordPress site if you don't already have one
  • Invite to the secret Facebook group page for support (You can see I made it in and already received a welcome message!)
Funnellogics review - FB Group

Funnellogics Review - Cons

  • You will need to purchase some additional things, if you don't have them (I'll explain below)
  • I feel it would be best to have some knowledge about setting up a website and affiliate marketing before going into sales funnels (see my solution in the next section)

Additional Services You'll Need to Make This Work

In order to make Funnellogics work, you will need a few things:

1. ClickFunnels or Thrive Architect (or another page builder)

Many people love ClickFunnels because it's really easy to use. However, it's pricey at $99 / month. (They have a fantastic affiliate program though, and you could potentially make that back - and more - by promoting them.) You can also try it out free for 14 days. 

I personally use and love Thrive Architect. I am a Thrive Member, which means I get to use all of their great products, however, you only need Architect for Funnellogics. At $67 (that's a one-time price), it's a much cheaper option than ClickFunnels.

The guys at Funnellogics said you can even use another page builder (they provide all the funnel copy and images for you to grab if you want to use this option), but they're fully integrated with ClickFunnels and Thrive Architect, which makes it a bit easier to use.

2. An Email Autoresponder

They suggest using Aweber or Get Response. I personally use ConvertKit. You can use whatever suits you best here. Email marketing is a HUGE piece of the funnel process, so this is definitely a necessity.

3. Traffic

They suggest buying traffic, and there are a few suggestions in the member's area. I didn't see training on how to buy traffic. I also thought they were going to have training on using Bing ads, and I didn't see that either. I'll make those suggestions in the Facebook group. (They also have a suggestion box in the member's area, but the page isn't working at the time of this writing.)

4. Hosting

If you don't already have a website and a web host, you'll need that too. They suggest SiteGround. I have great hosting included with my Wealthy Affiliate membership. (More about that below.)

To sum it up, Funnellogics gives you the training and some of the tools you'll need. You will need to purchase some of the other tools in order to make this work.

I know it seems like a lot and it can be daunting, but in order to make money online, you do need to invest in some things. That's just the way it goes! The goal is to far exceed the amount that you've invested in.

If this is all a bit confusing, let's get you started at the beginning by learning how to set up an affiliate marketing website. 

SPECIAL! Funnel Fighters  Mastermind Founders Launch Package

For a limited time only, Funnellogics has a special invite for their Funnel Fighters Mastermind Founders Launch Package. 

I have to say: 

This is really cool, and I do recommend that you take advantage while you can. With this program you get: 

  • Exclusive Traffic Buys (get leads for as low as $0.16!)
  • Lifetime Access to the Funnellogics Membership
  • One on One 30 Minute Strategy Session
  • Weekly Mastermind Hangouts
  • Private Whatsapp Group
  • Freddy O's Private Email Swipe File
  • Top Converting Offers Revealed

From what I know, this is only going to be available for 100 people, then the price will go up for the next 50 and that will be it. 

Learn How to Build a Website Step by Step

If Funnellogics just seems a bit too much for you, you may need to take a step back and learn how to build a website first. I highly recommend the site that taught me how to do this, Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate will take you through the entire process of setting up a website from start to finish. You will learn everything you need to know about how to make money with affiliate marketing, the proper way to set up your site for best results in Google, keyword research and much, much more.

As I mentioned, as a Premium Member, web hosting is included, which would save you that additional cost. Wealthy Affiliate is a great place to start, and it's ALWAYS my #1 recommendation.


I am highly impressed so far by Funnellogics, and it's nice to see some great ClickBank products come out recently!

I will continue to go through the training and start taking action on what I'm learning. (That's one of the major keys to success. You can't just learn - you have to DO.) I will update my progress here as I go along.

In the meantime, I would definitely recommend Funnellogics, as it's a great program and they are going to continue to add more and more content and training.

Click here to go to Funnellogics.

If it's a little too unknown right now, and you want to start from the beginning, I 100% recommend Wealthy Affiliate to get you started.

(I just found Freddy in Wealthy Affiliate, which just goes to show what a great platform it truly is to get people started!) 

Click here to go to Wealthy Affiliate.

Do you have any questions or comments about this Funnellogics review, or about Wealthy Affiliate, or any of the other services I mentioned? Leave them for me in the comments below!

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Christina Piccoli

I'm Christina, and I hate cubicles. I started affiliate marketing as a path to freedom from the rat race. My mission is to guide others to that same freedom by showing them how to create an income online. Read more about me here.

  • Amanda says:

    Reinvent the wheel LOL.  I like how there are two different options, one to learn and refine and one that is easier to use.

    I also like that it uses word press which I am vaguely familiar with so it might make it a bit easier for me.  I am far from an expert on funnels but I would love to learn more about how they work and how to make them work properly and functionally.

    I am glad you outlined the extra’s that you may need to progress in this as a lot of programs do not until you’ve already made the original purchase.

    I have heard good and bad things about click bank but this one is in the positive rank so I guess that’s a good thing, about how much would you say you need to invest with all the extra’s in the end?

    • Christina Piccoli says:

      Well, Funnellogics is $37, but I’ve been chatting with Freddy, and that price may go up at some point. ClickFunnels is $99 / month. I need to double check, but I think you wouldn’t need a website or hosting if you used ClickFunnels. Thrive Architect is $67 for a one-time price. An autoresponder is around $20 a month. Web hosting is around $10 a month. (Unless you’re a member of Wealthy Affiliate, then it’s included in the Premium price.) 

      I know this seems like it adds up, but this is the cost of doing business online. And it’s still WAY less than trying to open a brick and mortar store. 

      Plus, I believe if you follow the steps as they tell you, you can certainly make your money back – and then some. Which is the point of doing business online, right? To make money. Lots of it. lol 

  • Eric says:

    When I first heard about funnellogics, I thought it was a scam. After reading your review, it’s refreshing to see that not every product on the internet about internet marketing is a scam. I was a little worried when you mentioned click funnels. I know that it is a good product but it’s too pricey at my current IM level. I like that I can use Thrive for a one time fee. That is more up my speed! How fast can I reasonably get a decent funnel up and running with funnellogics?

    • Christina Piccoli says:

      Hey Eric! ClickFunnels is definitely pricey, but I know a lot of people are happy with it. (Possibly because they are taking advantage of their great affiliate marketing program!) 

      I love, love, love Thrive Architect though. I think it’s easy to use and does everything I need it to! 

      Since they provide the funnels for you, and assuming you have everything you need (an existing site and an autoresponder), you could have a funnel up in just a matter of minutes. They make it really easy!

  • Rob S. says:

    Funnellogics is new to me.
    It’s a pity that some people think they don’t have to work for anything, right?
    Anything worthwhile is worth putting in hard work for.
    The video is very interesting. It’s a good testimonial.
    I do have some skills from the training of the program I am already a member of so that would help tremendously.
    The training is really important because that’s the way to learn all about Funnellogics.
    I’m just wondering how much will cost every month when you add it up?

    • Christina Piccoli says:

      The cost will depend on which products and services you use. 

      With ClickFunnels, it would be $37 for Funnellogics, $99 / month for ClickFunnels (I don’t think you need WordPress or a host with ClickFunnels) and about $20 / month for an autoresponder. Plus, they advise buying leads and / or buying ads. 

      With a WordPress site, it would be about $10 for hosting / month (unless you’re with Wealthy Affiliate, then hosting is included in the Premium membership), $67 one-time fee for Thrive Architect, about $20 / month for an autoresponder. Plus, paid traffic. 

      There’s a cost, but the point is to use these funnels to sell enough to make much more than the costs. Funnels help streamline that process and make it easier to get to the profit point. 

  • Phil says:

    Hi Christina,

    thanks for your review of Funnel Logics. I think it helped me understand a number of things, though to be honest, I’m still quite confused about what Funnels are. 

    I guess I understand a bit affiliate marketing, and funnels are a method to do it, but still I find the price of $37 to be quite low for all that they are offering… so… maybe it’s worth a try… especially if there is no need for ClickFunnels because you found a free way around it?! 

    thanks for the clarifications… Phil  

    • Christina Piccoli says:

      Hey Phil! Funnels are still kind of new to me too, but I can’t wait to try out Funnellogics and get a better understanding. 

      A funnel helps focus a person on a particular product. So, Funnellogics already has ready-made funnels that you can load up directly to your site. 

      Let’s say you’re in the pet niche. They have a funnel that you load up to your site. All it does is show a page to someone with a headline, like “Potty Train Your Dog in 7 Days” and they have to fill in their email. 

      Once they fill in their email, they will be directed to a product that helps them train their dog in 7 days. 

      Now you have their email and can follow up with that same offer or other offers. 

      A funnel is directing them toward a certain product that can help them. I hope that helps! 

  • Rgpratap says:

    Hey Christina,
    I am inspired to read your informative reviews about funnellogics. And I’m glad to know that this is not a scam. I got much experience hearing Freddy’s story. I think, following the successful man is the secret key to success. Although, honesty and hard work must be necessary. I’m just new to affiliate business. A few days ago I opened a website which niche is literature. But I don’t understand how to optimize SEO. Would you mind if, can you help about this matter? Anyway, thank you sincerely for writing this valuable review with some wonderful videos. Take care.


    • Christina Piccoli says:

      I absolutely agree with you that if someone is successful, and you want to do the same as them, then do exactly as they say and you will be successful too. I truly believe that.

      As far as SEO goes, here’s a post I have up about it, and I recommend a course in there: How to Get More Traffic with Your Blog. That SEO course really helped me boost my traffic from Google. 

  • mzakapon says:

    Hi Christina Piccoli,

    This is a great informative and educative product review about Funnellogics. I have just finished reading this excellent review about that product. After reading this article, I have no doubt that this is not a scam and affiliate marketer and online business owner can use it for their business growth. I believe that many people will also find great help and proper guideline after joining that site. I am planning to try this product  soon. 

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