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Proximity Review (This One is Actually…)

Proximity Review

Thank you for reading this Proximity review! You know, I review so many of these different products. It’s almost overwhelming how many there are out there. And usually, one is worse than the next. But every once in a while: I stumble upon something that I like. I think you’re going to be surprised with […]

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What IS Club Shanghai? Can YOU Make $128,538 in 13 Clicks?

Club Shanghai Review

I found this product through one of those super scammy emails. I’ll show you in a little bit. When you put your email in for any of these products, you end up getting a lot of junk. Just a warning! Anyway, I think this one will be fun. We’re going to find out…what is Club […]

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What Is Traffic Multiplier? [Review]

Traffic Multiplier Review

It’s another day, so of course we have another product to review. I can’t wait to show you the ridiculous email I got for this one! I’ll show you below. In the meantime, we’re going to open up this one and take a look inside. What is Traffic Multiplier? Is this really “a $227 a […]

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What Is Profit Injector? Easily Make Money Off the Hard Work of Others?

Profit Injector Review

My friend Matthew (from Viral Cash App and $5k Formula) sent me a new opportunity to review today. Matthew sure is busy! This is another awesomely-named program called Profit Injector. Lol. I know! Good one, right? Anyway, we’re going to open this one up and take a look inside. We’ll find out…what IS Profit Injector? […]

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What Is The Wealth Magnet System? Become Abundantly Wealthy with a Mind Hack?

Wealth Magnet System Review

Thanks for reading my Wealth Magnet System review.  When Wealth Magnet System came into my inbox, and I was actually excited about it. I enjoy products about mindset. But: There’s a problem. A lot of times mindset products just aren’t that good, or they’re too confusing. And sometimes they promise a lot. Is Wealth Magnet System […]

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Pinterest Course for Bloggers | Pinterest Traffic Avalanche Review

I recently became obsessed with Pinterest. Obsessed, I tell ya! A couple of members at Wealthy Affiliate mentioned how Pinterest was helping them greatly increase their blog traffic. There are even a couple of great trainings right inside Wealthy Affiliate. But I wanted to know more, so I signed up for a Pinterest course for […]

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What is The China Secret? The China Secret Review

My friends from Smart Cash App sent me a new product to check out called The China Secret. (Not to be confused with The China Study.)

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What is Affiliate Bots? Can it Really Make $6,475 a Week in Commissions?

I got a brand spanking new affiliate product in my inbox from my friend Matthew from Viral Cash App. Gosh he’s so busy sending me all the latest and greatest! I am so lucky that he’s on my side and really wants me to succeed online!

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What is Millionaire’s Brain Academy? Can You Really Change Your Brain to Be Like a Rich Person’s Brain?

My buddy Michael from Rich Janitor sent me a book of an email talking about all sorts of things. He wants me to check out this program that will send me a $2,000 check overnight! (Meanwhile, this is a product about changing your mindset, so this doesn’t even really make sense.) Wow, isn’t he nice? […]

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What is Mass Income Machines? Can You Actually Make $42k a Month?

My friends at Wealth Academy sent me an email with a new and exciting offer! This has never been seen before! (Right. I’ve never heard that one before.) Here’s the email I received.

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