Pinterest Training Course Review of Blog Simple Pinterest by Scrivs

Welcome to my Pinterest training course review! Today we are reviewing the Blog Simple Pinterest course (formerly Dating Pinterest) by Paul Scrivens (Scrivs).

I actually created this Blog Simple Pinterest review some time ago, and quite a few things have changed with it, so I thought it would be great to take another look.

First of all, the course got an update because Pinterest got an update. In fact, because people were saying they were losing traffic with Pinterest, Paul did a study of 40 of his blogging friends to see what was happening with their accounts. We’ll get to that in a minute.

Also, this course used to be a part of Paul’s Dare to Conquer courses, but he moved it to his Blog Simple Framework courses, as he felt it fit in with those a little more.

Just a quick note about the difference between Dare to Conquer and Blog Simple Framework:

  • Dare to Conquer has courses designed to help you create a site with your own brand, tribe and products. The goal is to get you to $100k in about 1.5 years.
  • Blog Simple Framework’s courses are designed to get your blog up and running so that you can use affiliate marketing or advertising to create a steady income.

With all that said, let’s dive into this Pinterest training course review of Blog Simple Pinterest.

What is Blog Simple Pinterest?

Blog Simple Pinterest is a Pinterest training course that takes you through the steps of understanding the importance of Pinterest and why you want to have an account with them and how to set it up.

The main goal for Blog Simple Pinterest is to get extra traffic to your website. Because Pinterest is a search engine similar to Google, your pins have a chance to rank and to get traffic (and sometimes a lot of it ) to your site.

Almost anyone who has a website and wants more traffic (especially traffic not dependent on Google), will want to learn how to leverage Pinterest.

How Does Blog Simple Pinterest Work?

The Dating Pinterest course takes you through the entire process of how Pinterest works, how to get set up on it, how to create amazing pins and everything in between. This Pinterest training course has 9 modules, and I’ll break them each down in a minute.

The 9 modules are:

  1. Welcome
  2. About Pinterest
  3. Profile Setup
  4. Pins that Wins
  5. Pinterest and Your Site
  6. Pinning Strategy
  7. Manual Pinning Workflow
  8. Using Tailwind
  9. [Bonus] How to Create 10 Pins in 15 Minutes or Less

Now, let’s go over each one of these in a little more detail. I’ll tell you what topics are in each of the modules.

Module 1 – Welcome

This explains a bit about the goal of the course, and this is also where Scrivs mentions the case study he did so that he could figure out why some people’s Pinterest traffic was dropping. You can actually review the case study here. The case study talks about a few important things for Pinterest’s new algorithm:

  • What Pinterest is looking for
  • Why you need to create “fresh” content (not necessarily brand new content)
  • Pinterest Search vs. Pinterest home feed and how they’re completely different
  • Manual Pinning vs. Scheduled Pinning – does it matter?

Version 4.0 of this Pinterest course reflects the findings in this study so that we have the best chance of grabbing significant traffic from Pinterest.

Check out the case study here.

Module 2 – About Pinterest

This is a general overview of Pinterest and why you should think about utilizing them to get traffic. (Hint: You can get a LOT of free traffic from Pinterest, so you really want to think about utilizing them. You’re very smart for looking into this topic and getting training on it!)

Here are the lessons in this module:

  • Ups and Downs of Pinterest
  • Your Niche and Pinterest
  • Why Pinterest?
  • What Pinterest Wants
  • Your Content
  • The Smart Home Feed
  • Pinterest SEO
  • Pinterest Search
  • Pinterest Followers

Many people think that Pinterest is a social media platform, and in a way it kind of is. But it’s more of a search engine. A not-as-competitive-as-Google search engine. And that’s why it’s so powerful. That’s what you’ll learn in this module.

Module 3 – Profile Setup

This module is all about – you guessed it – setting up your profile on Pinterest.

Here are the lessons in this module:

  • Pinterest & Your Brand
  • Setting Up a Business Account
  • Profile Set Up
  • Your Boards
  • Group Boards

This is pretty easy stuff and you should be able to get set up quickly and easily. Don’t worry. Scrivs will walk you through it.

Module 4 – Pins That Wins

This module is all about the types of pins that work, the sizes that Pinterest is looking for, where to find images and how to design pins.

The lessons in this module are:

  • What Pins Work
  • Anatomy of Great Pin Design
  • Pin Titles & Descriptions
  • Finding Stock Photography
  • Rich Pins
  • Designing Pins in Canva
  • Designing Pins in Sketch

Here is one of the many great side notes that Scrivs gives us:

Ugly Pinterest pins can work too.

It’s more important to get some pins out there and test different types to see what works for YOU.

Module 5 – Pinterest & Your Site

This module is probably my favorite because it deals with user experience, and Scrivs always gives it to you straight when it comes to having a great user experience on your site. His rules are a little different from most – and that’s a good thing (in my opinion, but you’ll have to see and decide for yourself).

The lessons in this module include:

  • Your Goals
  • The Site Experience
  • Using Images Wisely

I also like the lesson Your Goals. Again, Scrivs gives it to you straight and really makes you think about how you want people to flow from Pinterest to your site and what they should do then.

Module 6 – Pinning Strategy

This module is all about what it says – having a pinning strategy. Again, Scrivs just doesn’t do things the way everyone else says to do them. He breaks it down and make everything so. stinking. simple. I’ll show you what I mean in a sec.

The lessons in this module include:

  • Pinning Principles
  • Getting Your Pins onto Pinterest
  • Manual Pinning vs. Scheduled Pinning

Here’s something he says about pinning strategies:

It’s funny because it’s true. I’ve watched videos on YouTube about people’s pinning strategies and I left with a headache. They are so complicated and don’t make sense.

Paul breaks this down and just shows you the four things that Pinterest is looking for and why all pinning strategies – easy or complicated – are pretty much all the same. I don’t know about you, but I prefer easy.

There’s also a super great lesson on manual pinning vs. scheduled pinning. In the Scrivs kind of way, of course. 🙂

Module 7 – Manual Pinning Workflow

This module is all about manual pinning (as opposed to using a scheduler like Tailwind – see the next section about this) and how to keep track of that and if you even need to.

The lessons here include:

  • More About Manual Pinning
  • Tracking
  • New Pins: Hub / Source Boards
  • New Pins: Spoke Boards
  • New Pins: Review
  • Active Pins: Pinterest Analytics & Notifications
  • Active Pin: Google Analytics

Scrivs gives some good visuals here about pinning new pins to which boards and how that should look. These are the Hub, Source and Spoke boards mentioned in the titles above. It makes more sense when you see it and read about it.

Module 8 – Using Tailwind

Tailwind is a Pinterest scheduling tool, and it really comes in handy if you plan on doing a lot of pinning in Pinterest (which I assume you are if you’re checking out this course). It makes your life much, much easier when it comes to getting lots of pins out there. These lessons are all focused on using Tailwind.

Here are the lessons in this module:

  • Why Tailwind
  • Setting Up Your Account
  • The Scheduler & Board Lists
  • Batch Scheduling
  • Tribes
  • Tailwind Analytics

My favorite lesson here is Batch Scheduling because once again, Scrivs just makes it so much easier. If you see other courses and people out there who talk about using Tailwind, they have these complicated spreadsheets and systems that make your head spin.

Module 9 – [Bonus] How to Create 10 Pins in 15 Minutes or Less

This bonus is brand new since I did the original review, and it’s one of the best bonuses I’ve seen. Who doesn’t need some efficiency in their lives?

The lessons in this module are:

  • Focus and Feeding the Beast
  • What Make Up a Pin?
  • What Can I Use to Make Pins?
  • Single Image with Text Bar
  • Two Image Collage with Text
  • Single Image with Text
  • Graphic Illustration Pin
  • Pin Templates

Here’s the one sentence (well, 2 kind of) that is probably the most important in this entire course:

“Pinterest wants new pins. Constantly.”

That’s what this bonus lesson is all about. Getting those new pins out there.

Online Reviews / Complaints

I wasn’t able to find any complaints or reviews from happy customers specifically on Blog Simple Pinterest. I know that Scrivs has many happy customers, is generally well-liked and well-reviewed.

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Pinterest Traffic Avalanche is a fantastic Pinterest training course for getting your feet wet in the platform. The biggest benefit of buying Scrivs’ course is that he simplifies things. Instead of having complicated spreadsheets and trying to keep track of everything, he just goes for an easier approach, which I personally like.

He also has this no-B.S. style of teaching that really resonates with me. If you like it when teachers just give it to you straight and don’t waste your time giving you fluff, then Scrivs is for you.

You can check out Blog Simple Pinterest here.

The Blog Simple Pinterest course is just one of many in the Scrivs collection. Do you want to dominate and make your blog spectacular? Then check out the other Blog Simple Framework courses here.


4 thoughts on “Pinterest Training Course Review of Blog Simple Pinterest by Scrivs”

  1. Hi, Christina.  I enjoyed reading your review on Dating Pinterest.  While I don’t use the course, it looks like there is good training in it.  I’m using Pinterest, feeling my way along, and I’ve got quite a few followers and am following quite a few others.  I’m getting to the point where I need to make a decision.  I’ve been building my business essentially by using free services, other than my Wealthy Affiliate membership.  I don’t want to start buying into a lot of other training until I start earning enough to pay for it, and I’m not there yet.

    Do you think that I’m going about it the wrong way?  With your experience, do you think I would be better off paying for something like Dating Pinterest to reach my goals?  

    • Hi Grant! Thanks so much for taking time to comment on my Dating Pinterest review. You asked a great question, but I think it’s one that only you can answer. 

      If you really don’t have the extra money and it’s going to stress you out, then wait and see if you can find free training resources for now. 

      I always like spending money on tools and training because I know they will help me get to where I want to go a little faster. But you don’t need to do it that way. 

      Wealthy Affiliate is really all you need to start. We also have some courses on Pinterest, but they’re not as in depth as Dating Pinterest or Pinterest Traffic Avalanche

  2. Hi Christina!
    Thanks for sharing your Dating Pinterest review!
    I found it very interesting. I am not using Pinterest yet (because I don’t have time to manage the social media accounts, focusing a lot on developing my site for now) but I attend to do so soon.
    The review is very thorough and you explained in detail what is Dating Pinterest about. I am glad you like the course which obviously is very valuable and offers a lot of tips.
    However, I found the price a bit unattractive. It might be the “stumbling stone” for people that don’t have bigger budgets to spend for such purposes.
    I recommend to you (if you allow) to create a similar course as your own and to sell it for a more attractive and affordable price. You may even write a book about it, as I see you have created a 3 steps course and emails series about making money online and creating a website!
    I will subscribe to your course to see how it looks like. I am also a WA Premium member, have created my free E-book (read: report) about email marketing basics.
    I am considering as well to create a making money online course with a course about creating a website! If that would be the case I will inform you.
    I wish you massive success,
    Keep up the good work.
    Best regards,

    • It is a little tough to manage social media accounts. I use Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter, but pretty minimally because of that time thing. I just get it in there when I can. But Pinterest can be a great source of traffic to your website, so if you were to go with one, it would be Pinterest, in my opinion.

      I know what you mean about the cost. I wouldn’t have paid $199 for it because I already paid for the other Pinterest course. But I got it with my DTC membership, and I was glad to go through it. I love learning from different people.

      One thing that Scrivs does advocate for (and teach) is creating your own products.

      So, you never know… 🙂

      Good luck to your on your courses. I’d love to hear about them when done!


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