Blog Revenue Engines Review [$1k Passive Income]

Blog Revenue Engines Review

Welcome to my Blog Revenue Engines review!

Paul Scrivens is someone I came across on Pinterest. (This is good because he teaches us to use Pinterest to gain lots of traffic. Looks like he knows what he's talking about!)

"Scrivs" is someone that I recommend you follow whether or not you buy his products.

He's one of these marketers that you want to be just like when you grow up.

He dives deep into your brain, knows what's exactly what's in there and tells you all about it in his "marketing" emails. (I say marketing loosely. His emails do sell things, but they do much, much more than that. You'll never want to get off his list. And that's amazing to do with marketing emails. I'm going to show you an example a little later.)

I've already purchased a couple of Paul's products, so when Blog Revenue Engines came up, it was a no brainer.

With this product, he says he can guide us to taking a brand new site from $0 to $1000 / month in passive income in 6 months time.

And I believe him.

Let's take a deeper look into this Blog Revenue Engines review.

What is Blog Revenue Engines?

As mentioned above, the main goal for Blog Revenue Engines (BRE) is:

Go from $0 to $1000 in 6 months

What I love about this is that it's a completely different way of blogging. It's not about building up a site slowly over time and getting in good with Google (which is what I'm doing with this current site).

Instead, it's about producing content quickly (still high quality though...your content should ALWAYS be high quality) that gets to the most amount of people as soon possible so that you can stick ads on it and make passive income.

How great is that??

The reason we want to do this, as Scrivs notes, is that we want to have a site that makes passive income so that we don't have to worry about making money as much.

Once you have some money flowing, you have more time to work on other projects. (Like building an Authority Revenue Engine (ARE), which I'll tell you a little bit about later.)

Who Is Scrivs?

I want to talk to you a little bit about Scrivs because he's someone that you'll want to get to know.

He's someone who, like me and perhaps like you, can not stand working for someone else. He says it never felt right to him to work on someone else's schedule. (Boy do I understand this so well.)

He said his mom kept asking him, "When are you going to get a job?" Like many people in this business, it started off rough for him and it took a while to gain traction.

But he had bills to pay, so he knew he had to find a way.

He mentioned in one of his last emails that he made $750,000 last year. I think he figured it out. 🙂

He now runs a bunch of websites in all different niches and therefore has the experience to guide people to making money online that have worked for him in a variety of ways.

That's why I believe him when he says he can help us go from $0 to $1000 in 6 months.

To give you a better idea of his personality and how he operates, here's a YouTube video Scrivs did about the people you hang around with and how they can dictate your success:

Scrivs' Emails

One great thing about Scrivs is his non-nonsense approach to marketing. He just gives it to your straight and doesn't beat around the bush at all. He'll tell you about all the good things, and about all the crappy things.

But he also is a master at digging deep into your brain and pulling out your thoughts and connecting via email. His emails aren't the usual marketing fluff you get in your inbox, "Hurry! This offer isn't going to last!".

Here's an example of an email he sent on Mother's Day:

This weekend is Mother's Day.

It's a good holiday because it reminds me of sacrifice.

My Mom sacrificed a lot just so she could watch every single soccer game I ever played. She could've gotten a higher paying job which would mean less stress with paying the bills.

She could've finished college which meant no longer working at a job she hated.

My wife sacrificed a lot just to help me get in this position. When I wasn't bringing in money she worked as a dog walker and then a nanny.

She has two Masters degrees.

We do things for the people we love so that they can live better lives.

I think if you're reading this email it's because you want a better life for your loved ones and yourself. That means you're sacrificing some things.

It could be money. It could be time. It could be your dignity as people laugh at you for trying to do this online business thing (fuck those assholes).

It took me a long time to finally understand this whole business thing. All of my good friends had high-paying jobs and every time I hung out with them they would ask "are you still trying to do that online thing?"

Yep. Still trying.

I kept trying because I knew I could pull it off.

I kept trying because I knew I hated working for others.

But most importantly, I kept trying because I knew I could get to a life where I didn't have to sacrifice. Where my wife didn't have to sacrifice. Where my family didn't have to sacrifice.

I know life is full of tough decisions where you will have to make sacrifices, but I don't like to be put in situations that others put me in. I shouldn't have to choose if I need to work for my boss or go to my kid's game.

I shouldn't have to choose if I can wake up happy and look forward to the day or just know that I have to do what is needed to get by.

I think you feel the same way.

Most importantly, I want to give you props for taking this journey. It's a huge sacrifice to go against what society wants you to do.

The world wants you to be average and doing anything else means you're sacrificing some things.

But you aren't sacrificing YOU.

I think one of the things that doesn't get talked about with this online business stuff is the feeling of accomplishment you need for yourself.

You can say you're doing this for a lot of various reasons that sound good to everyone else, but deep down, I know there is a part of you that needs to do this for you.

You need to show yourself you're capable of creating this business.

You need to show yourself that you can achieve something very few others can.

Sometimes this is just about looking in the mirror and being proud of who you see because of what you are trying to do.

Building this business is just as much about finding yourself as it is anything else.

Most people won't get that and that's a sacrifice you're making because there is a chance of failure.

But you've decided to take that chance and bet on you.

And I love you for it.

To all of the Moms out there, Happy Mother's Day.

- Scrivs 

- Paul Scrivens-

I almost replied back to tell him that I loved him. That's how much he got to my soul.

With that said, let's get back to the Blog Revenue Engines and see how it works and if it's a good fit for you.

How Does Blog Revenue Engines Work?

Blog Revenue Engines is a series of training modules. Some are written text and some are videos. I'll break them down for you here so you know what you're getting when you sign up.

Lays out the point of this product and talks a little bit about support

About this business
6 lessons, including the pros and cons of a BRE, the type of entrepreneur you are, and dealing with competition.

Choosing your niche
7 lessons, including educating us on exactly what a niche is, whether you should choose single or multiple niches and how to find a good niche using Pinterest. The lesson "The Four Horeseman of Niches" will completely set you in the right direction. Don't miss it!

Finding content
6 lessons, including using the "Skyscraper Technique" (aka the BEST technique ever), using Pinterest and using YouTube.

Setting up your site
9 lessons, including finding and purchasing a domain, installing WordPress on a host, setting up Google Analytics and installing a theme.

Writing content
7 lessons, including types of posts, how to write viral post titles and getting images.

SEO crash course
3 lessons (it's a crash course, remember, and not the focus of a BRE), including what SEO is, WordPress and SEO and BRE versus long-tail keywords.

Promoting with Pinterest
8 lessons, including setting up your profile, setting up your boards, designing pins and mastering Pinterest. (You'll understand why Pinterest is SO important in this course.)

All about ads
6 lessons, including why we should avoid Adsense, why ads are awesome, why ads suck and improving your RPM.

What next
3 lessons, including mentality, branding and audience and alternate revenue streams.

Setting up a BRE network
2 lessons, including why we should bother and the 2 network options.

Everything is laid out in a way that's super clean and easy to follow as you can see here in the SEO Crash Course module:

Blog Revenue Engines SEO Crash Course Module

After going through all of the lessons, you should be able to create a fully-functioning website that will bring in about 100k visitors in the next 6 months.

What I love about this course is that the focus isn't on a small niche website, like many affiliate marketers are taught. It's about casting a wider net and bringing as many people to your site as possible on a specific topic (he uses the example of gardening a lot).

There are many, many ways to be an online marketer, and this is another viable option.

Is Blog Revenue Engines a Scam?

Blog Revenue Engines is not a scam, and I will never call anything that Paul Scrivens does a scam. He's the most genuine marketer I've ever come across, and he really will set you straight and put you on the right path.

It's like he takes you by the shoulders, spins you around and says "Follow this path to success". I absolutely recommend Blog Revenue Engines (and everything else that he does).

Thumbs Up

Blog Revenue Engines Review

Pros & Cons of Using Blog Revenue Engines


  • Easy, no BS method of teaching you how to create a website
  • A different way of creating a website that has a goal of making passive income quickly
  • Clear step-by-step instructions with a little philosophy thrown in for good measure
  • Scrivs is a great leader and someone who truly cares about helping people succeed
  • Low cost for what you get (Especially considering you can make at least $1k from it - and more if you set up multiple BREs)


  • Some pieces are missing like setting up Search Console in Google (thought not as important since this isn't focused on SEO, it's still good to have that data) 
  • Has a Slack account set up where you can ask questions, but otherwise support isn't easy to get

My Blog Revenue Engines Experience

At the time I'm writing this, I have gone through the entire Blog Revenue Engines course, and I have picked my topic, grabbed my domain and set up my new website.

(Sorry, I'm not telling you my topic this time. Maybe you can find it at some point when it's getting traffic. For now, focus on coming up with your own! 😉 )

I just started going through Paul's Authority Revenue Engines training, since I knew it would also be gold. This training is focused on using SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and getting in good with Google and the other search engines to be an authority in your chosen niche.

The benefit to building an authority site is that you can make MUCH more money in the long run. The downside it that it takes longer to become an authority.

That's the beauty of doing both the Blog Revenue Engines training and the Authority Revenue Engines training. As you build up your BRE, and get that making money, that gives you more time to then build up an authority site.

The Costs

Let's go over the costs. All costs are a one-time fee.

Blog Revenue Engines - $99 
Authority Revenue Engines
 - $99 
Both Courses
 - $179

Again, because both courses worth so well together, the bundle does make sense, IF you're interested in building out both types of websites.

You may just want to stick with building out sites to make passive income. Maybe you just want to have authority sites. In those cases, you should pick whatever suits you best.

If you like the idea of online world domination (like I do), then go with both.

Blog Revenue Engines Versus Wealthy Affiliate

My #1 resource for learning how to create a website is Wealthy Affiliate, and I'm going to tell you what's different between the two so that you can make the best decisions about what makes the most sense for you and what you're trying to do.

If you're brand new to online marketing, then I would start with Wealthy Affiliate first. The reason is that they start you at the very beginning of the website building process and take you step by step with very clear directions to help you build out your site.

Blog Revenue Engines does give you instructions about how to buy a domain, connect to a host, etc, but the instructions seem to be more for people who have some experience in doing this. Whereas Wealthy Affiliate gives you baby steps and tasks to complete long the way, making it easier to follow along.

With Wealthy Affiliate, you also look at the process of making money online and how it all works. You get a great overview of the entire process.

The Other Main Differences Between Wealthy Affiliate and Blog Revenue Engines

  • Wealthy Affiliate has a Free Starter Membership so that you can test out the platform. You get 10 lessons with the free membership.
  • Wealthy Affiliate has a monthly, yearly or semi-yearly fee if and when you choose to go Premium
  • With the Premium membership, web hosting for up to 25 sites is included
  • You can buy domains directly through Wealthy Affiliate's platform
  • Wealthy Affiliate has a HUGE and highly active community. There's always someone available when you need to ask questions
  • Wealthy Affiliate has 24/7 support for your websites
  • Wealthy Affiliate has 2 main training paths, each with over 50 lessons
  • Wealthy Affiliate has weekly live training sessions about various online marketing topics
  • Neither Wealthy Affiliate or Blog Revenue Engines has any annoying upsells

Both Wealthy Affiliate and Paul's courses can get you where you need to go. I personally use both because I enjoy the process of learning how to make more money online and both offer different ways of doing just that. 

If I had to choose which one to go with, I think it would depend. If I'm brand new, I would choose Wealthy Affiliate. If I didn't have a lot of funds and wanted to get some as soon as possible, then I would go with the Blog Revenue Engines course.

If I wanted to dominate everything, I would get everything. (Which is what I did. Next up: online world domination. Watch out.)

Grab Blog Revenue Engines Now & Start Creating Your $1k Site


l hope this Blog Revenue Engines review gave you a great idea of what the course is all about. If you're in the internet marketing game and want to figure out how to make passive income a little quicker than your average site, then this is the course for you.

Again, I would recommend getting the bundle of Blog Revenue Engines and Authority Revenue Engines so that you can build an authority site after your passive income site is rocking and rolling.

You can grab any of those products right here:

Blog Revenue Engines - $99 
Authority Revenue Engines
 - $99 
Both Courses
 - $179

You will not be disappointed.

Do you have any questions or comments about this Blog Revenue Engines review? I'll try to answer everything the best I can. Leave them for me down below!

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Christina Piccoli

I'm Christina, and I hate cubicles. I started affiliate marketing as a path to freedom from the rat race. My mission is to guide others to that same freedom by showing them how to create an income online. Read more about me here.

  • Thomas says:

    Hi Christina,

    I must admit I’m a little confused.  You mentioned that the course teaches a different way of blogging where you produce content quickly.  Couldn’t I just right more articles quickly without the course?  I was reading your description of the course and it seemed like it targeted people completely new to blogging, would that be a correct assumption?  Is there anything that someone who has been around the block a few times would find beneficial?

    • Christina Piccoli says:

      I think people who are new to blogging can definitely make use of the course. A place like Wealthy Affiliate is a little better for people who are brand new to blogging because they go into great detail with every step of the blogging process. 

      Blog Revenue Engines isn’t just about creating a bunch of content and putting it on a website. There’s a strategy you use with particular types of content to get the most traffic to your site in the quickest way possible. This is beneficial for anyone who wants to set up a site that can make passive income. 

  • Stella says:


    I watched Scriv’s video and noticed he is a very open and honest person who talks straight. I am sure Blog Revenue Engines will have his hallmark signature of “this will definitely work”.

    As long as you put the work in. I was especially interested in the Skyscraper technique.  Also, the Pinterest and Youtube combination of marketing. 

    Plus mindset and branding!

    I will definitely want to look closer at this in the future to try it out.  Right now, I have got my hands full with other yearly memberships – Tailwind, iDPLR, Thrive Architect, etc.

    But I am very interested in this and always learning different ways of marketing. 

    Thanks for sharing!

  • thejimb2 says:

    Nice review. You explain it all very well. You obviously like the guy and yet you included some “cons” in your review. I respect that. I will check him out, but probably not right away. I’m new to all this and right now I am quite enamored of Wealthy Affiliates. For right now I think that’s enough. You pointed out one thing about yourself that I find is true of me. When I first joined WA I was a little daunted by how many courses I was going to have to “get through”. But shorty into the training, I discovered that I was enjoying the process  immensely. When I have more of the WA training under my belt, I well definitely check out Paul

    • Christina Piccoli says:

      I know getting started in this business can be overwhelming, but I’m glad you are enjoying the process. It’s a lot of fun and as you go through Wealthy Affiliate‘s training more and more, and build out your site, you’ll see that there are other ways to do things and different learning opportunities. It becomes even more fun! 🙂 

  • Ronald L Washington says:

    Your topic is very important for those in the online business space. Your review of Blog Revenue Engines was explicated excellently. How did you come first get exposed to this? I also enjoyed your details about “Scrivs along with his marketing email. It gave me a lot of valuable ideas. When you did your Pros and Cons I noted that you stated, “Has a Slack account set up where you can ask questions, but otherwise support isn’t easy to get.” Has that problem been addressed? If not, how have you and your business been affected? Do you use it? If so, have you worked your way around that?

    As a newbie in the web marketing space, it has been important to me to find ways to develop and improve as I work on building my online business. The idea that I would have problems with customer service of BRE is a bit troubling.lts. 

    In general, the topic of online businesses, especially affiliate marketing is a good one. Most of us can identify with the idea of making passive income.  I am a teacher and look at an online business as a way to eventually get out of the classroom. I recently signed up to Wealthy Affiliates as well and I am very impressed by the potential to help people and earn money while doing it. You do a great job of explaining beneficial elements of WA in individual web businesses.

    God bless you and great job!

    • Christina Piccoli says:

      Hi Ronald! There really isn’t an issue with customer service or support. It’s just not the same as a place like Wealthy Affiliate, where there’s live chat and a dedicated support team. 

      However, that’s also not as necessary with Blog Revenue Engines because it’s just training, it’s not an entire membership site. 

      If there are major issues, you can email Paul directly. For other questions, you can use Slack. This hasn’t affected me at all because the material is easy to go through and understand, and I haven’t had any technical issues so I haven’t needed any support. 

  • Labman says:

    Hi Christina,

    In this review, you seem to spend a lot of time talking about passive income.  My understanding is that passive income doesn’t require an ad spend.  It seems like Mr. Scrivens is talking about driving traffic to a new blog using ads to generate a large amount of traffic to the site.

    Can you clarify this?  Have I read correctly that he is using ads initially to generate his traffic?  How is this passive income?

    The other part of the training he offers that makes me very nervous is the networking thing.  These look to me like PBNs (Private Blog Networks)  this is a technique that Google looks down on.  Google’s algorithms actually penalize sites for using these sorts of networks.  Is this what his training is directing you to use?

    Now, I haven’t gone through his training.  All I have to go on is your review but I’d have to have these answers before I would shell out a hundred bucks on his training.  I’d love to hear your answers to these questions.

    • Christina Piccoli says:

      Thanks for your great questions on my Blog Revenue Engines review. As far as ads go, you’re not buying ads with this strategy. You’re building up your traffic quickly and then placing ads on your site. That’s how you make a passive $1000 income. 

      (Of course, nothing is totally passive, but you won’t have to work as much on your site at that point.) 

      There’s no need to buy ads with this. 

      As far as your second concern, he does address that. He says: 

      “For those of you coming from the blackhat SEO world, I’m not talking about creating a private blog network where you try to keep some sites secret and feed all of the juice to one site.

      I’m talking about all of the sites in the network being built up over time, linking to each other (in a relevant way) and rising the tide so all ships rise with it.”

  • Rowena Henrichs says:

    Thanks for this very informative post. As a newbie to blogs and marketing, I find it interesting that there are different ways to set up your blog strategy. You compared WA with BRE with the extra information on how to set up websites but not the difference in the overall strategy. How do you decide which strategy to start with and follow? Is the difference in the types of content you write?

    • Christina Piccoli says:

      There is a difference in the type of content you write. The Blog Engine Revenue strategy involves writing just 2 particular types of posts for the most traffic possible. While Paul touches on SEO and says we should be aware of it when writing, the strategy doesn’t really involve SEO. 

      Wealthy Affiliate is all about SEO and getting your content to rank. 

      That’s how they are different. 

  • Chas says:

    Hi Christina,

    I must admit I had never heard of Paul Scrivens or the Blog Revenue Engines until I read your review. I am fascinated about his story. The Mother’s Day email was very deep! So, If I understand you correctly. Paul will teach you in his course how to actually create quality content and help anyone have a blog that will produce 100k visitors in 6 months! That is impressive indeed! So since you have gone through the Blog Revenue engines, may I ask you this. Is the amount of content required for the BRE similar to the 2-3 per week taught at Wealthy Affiliates? Is any hosting or websites included? I want to thank you for your time, and I do appreciate you introducing me to Paul Scrivens.

    • Christina Piccoli says:

      Thanks so much for commenting on my Blog Revenue Engines review! 

      Scrivs doesn’t really give a specific content amount. He said that sometimes you can get to 100,000 page views with 10 posts, and sometimes it’ll take 50. 

      He does not have any web hosting. It’s just training on this particular method. Because of that, there are also no monthly fees. It’s just a one-time payment. 

  • >