Is 20 Minute Cash System Legit? [8 Red Flags]

Have you seen this “weird” 20 minute system that allows you to quickly and easily make you money? Maybe you’re thinking of buying it, but you’re wondering if 20 Minute Cash system is legit.


I’m going to lay it all out for you below.

But I’ll tell you right now in case you don’t have time for all of that.

20 Minute Cash System is a scam, in my opinion. I’m saying that based on what the sales video told me, my experience in looking at these products and through additional research.

Of course, you can do what you want with your money, but I’m advising you to NOT spend it on this system. You’ll just be wasting it.

If you really want a way to earn an income online – legitimately – I have an alternative solution below.

Let’s get into this!

What is 20 Minute Cash System?

20 Minute Cash System sales page

20 Minute Cash System is a make money online product hosted at ClickBetter. Without going any further, we can see a few red flags just from looking at the sales page. We’ll go more into depth about why these are an issue a little later.

For now, keep these red flags in mind:

  • The name, 20 Minute Cash System
  • Enrollment is limited to 3 spots
  • “Weird” system (and weird is spelled wrong)
  • Make $100 – $273 / day without spending a dime

That’s a lot of things to consider before we even know anything else about this program.

I’m going to summarize what the video said here:

Susan Gates is the owner of this program (but she’s not real as I’ll explain later) and she makes loads of money. She wants to put you on her payroll as early as tomorrow:

Is 20 Minute Cash System legit - payroll?

(This is especially infuriating as I’ll also explain later.)

Susan wants 45 people to help expand her business. 45 “lucky” individuals, as she says. But what will you do once you’re on the payroll? How does this all work?

How Does 20 Minute Cash System Work?

The video doesn’t really say how the 20 Minute Cash System works, but it does mention something about YouTube videos. And from other reviews that I’ve read on this, it sounds like you would somehow create a YouTube account, collect videos that other people made and add them to your account and then eventually qualify for Adsense.

This is a terrible idea.

First of all, it takes time to build up a YouTube account. Secondly, just using other people’s YouTube videos in this way to earn a profit is wrong and will likely eventually get you shut down.

Besides all that, I’ve looked at tons of different make money online programs, and the ones that have tons of red flags are the ones I recommend you avoid because they never do what they promise.

Keep reading and we’ll dive deeper into those red flags.

Is 20 Minute Cash System a Scam or Legit?

In the video, Susan assures us that:

20 Minute Cash System isn't legit - it's a scammy sales pitch

But is that correct? Is 20 Minute Cash System legit? In my opinion, this is exactly what a scammy sales pitch looks like. Will you get something for your money? Probably. Will it help you make $100 – $273 / day with just 15-20 minutes of work?



  • You can get it for less than $5 if you try to exit the sales page, but I wouldn’t even spend that much on this
  • You can get your money back


  • This is a scam
  • It’s unethical to take people’s hard work from YouTube and monetize it in the way that I’m thinking this product tells you
  • You can’t legitimately make money in 15-20 minutes a day
  • The sales page is way overhyped
  • There are tons of red flags with this one


Let’s go over those red flags in more detail.

20 Minute Cash System Red Flags

Now, let’s go over these in a little more detail. I like pointing these out one by one like this because these are tactics that a lot of sales pages and videos use, so you’ll know what to look out for when you’re researching other products.

Red Flag #1 – The Name of the Program

Just the name of this program, 20 Minute Cash System, is a red flag. Why? Because there is no system that can make you money in 20 minutes. Maybe you can get started building something in 20 minutes. But it’s going to take much longer to actually make money.

I know that isn’t fun and sexy to say, but if you really want to earn an income online, then you’ll have to accept this fact. Otherwise, you’ll be chasing the next “weird trick” and the next and the next and getting nowhere.

Red Flag #2 – Enrollment Limited to 3 Spots

This is a marketing tactic and it’s a fine one to use – if it’s true. This one isn’t true. Some businesses will offer discounts or bonuses for a limited time or to a limited number of people. It’s a way to get people to act. That’s great. I love it.

This nonsense is also trying to get you to act, but that “limited to 3 spots” will never change. It’s not limited. “Susan” wants as many people as possible to buy into this because that’s how she makes money. It will never be limited.

Red Flag #3 – Weird System

If you see programs saying they have a weird trick or a weird system, that’s just another marketing tactic. There are no weird tricks or systems when it comes to making money online.

There are proven paths and roadmaps that you can follow to help you get where you need to go (these are my top favorite ones), but there are no weird tricks. You learn a system, you put work into it, and you make money. That’s it.

Red Flag #4 – Make $100 – $273 a Day

Making this amount of money a day – and beyond – is absolutely possible. But it doesn’t happen quickly or easily as 20 Minute Cash System implies.

Most long-term successful internet marketers will tell you it took them quite a long time to make the money they’re making. Sometimes it takes years. (You can start making good money within a few months if you really hustle and pick a good niche though.)

If you really want to make an income online, I suggest you think long-term so that you don’t get stuck someday with a site that’s not producing results anymore.

Red Flag #5 – Work 15-20 Minutes a Day

When you’re creating a business or a blog online, you can work as little or as much as you want. You can work 15 minutes if you want to. But you need to be realistic.

You’re not going to make $100 a day by only putting in 15 minutes a day online!

I hate these programs that put this into people’s heads. There is a real and GOOD opportunity to earn a living online with affiliate marketing and blogging, but because of these promises, everyone wants a quick fix, so they just give up way too easily. Stop that! lol

Red Flag #6 – Susan is Made Up

We don’t actually know who is behind this product. Yes, they said their name was Susan. Susan Gates, to be exact. They even showed us this Facebook profile in the sales video:

Susan Gates is made up

But you can also see that “Do you know Susan?” is there. So, they probably just grabbed someone’s profile to add into the video. Or they quickly threw this Facebook page together to make it look real.

Either way, Susan Gates is made up.

What’s even better is that I found out when I searched this product that when it first came out the product owner was supposedly someone named Darryl Dibetetto.

Not knowing who’s behind a product is a big red flag to me because it means they are hiding. Why are they hiding? Shouldn’t they be proud of their product if it’s so good and can help people make loads of money? Hmmm…

Red Flag #7 – Fake Testimonials

You have to be careful with testimonials in the sales videos for these make money products. You can usually tell if they’re real or not, but for these “get rich quick” products, they are usually fake.

Here’s a snapshot of one of the testimonials in the 20 Minute Cash System sales video, and I’ve included his profile picture from the freelancing site he’s on.

Fake testimonials

In other words, this guy is an actor and gets paid to pretend like he’s made money with this program. If a program out there is good and truly does help people make money, it will be easy to find real testimonials.

Red Flag #8 – Get On the Payroll

This one drives me absolutely insane. This is not a real job. You will not be on Susan’s payroll.

This makes me particularly angry because it targets people who really need an income – and quickly. Then they’ll buy the product and realize it’s not anything like a real job and they will not be getting a steady paycheck.

I commend you for doing your research to find out if 20 Minute Cash System is legit before buying into it.

20 Minute Cash System Alternative

Not everything out there is a scam. Just because 20 Minute Cash System isn’t legit doesn’t mean there aren’t legit programs out there.

If you’re willing to work hard and consistently, you can follow a proven roadmap.

My favorite recommendation is learning how to create your own affiliate marketing website (and learning how to do it the RIGHT way where you don’t scam people or steal their work).

Here is my free guide to affiliate marketing for beginners. I’ll show you the process of how it all works. It’s not rocket science and I believe anyone can do it.

Just follow the steps!


Is 20 Minute Cash System legit? Hell no. I hope I’ve proven why I don’t think it’s a legit program and why you shouldn’t waste your money on it.

Unfortunately, there are tons of products out there just like 20 Minute Cash Solution. So, be on your toes and check for those red flags when you’re watching sales pitches.

Luckily, not everything is a scam. I’ve been scammed too, so believe me when I tell you I know the difference! lol

This is my favorite recommendation to learn how to earn an income online. You won’t be scammed here! In fact, you can join as a free member (no credit card required) to make sure it’ll work for you. Join free now so you can get started earning as soon as possible!

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