Is Ring Bomb Party MLM? [Can You Really Make Money with This?]

Have you seen the Facebook lives? The ones where the rings are in bath bombs and they’re dissolved to reveal someone’s ring that they ordered? This company is called Ring Bomb Party.

You may be wondering, is Ring Bomb Party a multi-level marketing (MLM) company? Is it legitimate? Can you make money doing this? How much does it cost to be a Ring Bomb Party consultant?

I’m going to help you answer all of those questions and more below.

Let’s dive into Ring Bomb Party and see what this is all about.

What is Ring Bomb Party?

Ring Bomb Party Homepage

There’s not a lot of information on Ring Bomb Party on their website. It doesn’t reveal who established the company, who’s running the show now or when it got started.

After doing a little digging, I found that the company was started by a woman named Lillian Coleman. She and her sister, run the company with the help of a few friends.

I know from the Better Business Bureau website (we’ll get back to them a little later for some reviews) that the company has been in business 3 years at of the time of this writing, and they’ve been accredited with the BBB since 4/25/2018.

I saw a post from the CEO on a BBB comment and she said she started the company in 2016.

Ring Bomb Party is a multi-level marketing (MLM) company that sells jewelry in a unique way.

How Does Ring Bomb Party Work?

From what I understand, you get in contact with a Ring Bomb Party consultant and you order the ring size that you want. The cost is $17.95 per ring. That consultant then places an order for all the sizes she needs.

The rings are placed inside of something like a bath bomb, except there are no essential oils and they aren’t actually meant for the bath.

The consultant does a Facebook live and puts each ring bomb into water to dissolve the bomb and it reveals the ring. The person who ordered the ring will get to see it during the live. The rings have an estimated retail value of $25 – $500.

Here’s a Facebook live posted by Ring Bomb Party, if you want to see what it’s like. Here’s a screenshot I took of one of the rings that was revealed that has a suggested retail price of $64. Yes, I’m serious. She said $64.

Ring Bomb Party MLM - ring reveal

Apparently, they suggest such high values because each piece is custom-made. They wouldn’t be appraised by a jeweler at these prices.

Let’s move on to see if this is a business opportunity worth joining.

How Much Does it Cost to Become a Ring Bomb Party Consultant?

According to the Ring Bomb Party website, you have to buy a Starter Kit for $49 and an inventory purchase of $350. In order to remain an active distributor, you need to have 350 PV (personal volume) monthly. This comes out to $350 per month.

According to their terms and conditions, there is also a website fee:

Ring Bomb Party MLM website fees.

I haven’t seen how much this is, but generally, this is a monthly cost of somewhere between $10 – $20.

Ring Bomb Party Compensation Plan

Here is the Ring Bomb Party compensation plan from the website.

I honestly don’t understand compensation plans (they make very little sense), so I’ll post a video that can hopefully explain it better than I could. I don’t care to go through them in detail anyway because I’m never going to recommend that you join an MLM. It’s just too hard to make money with them.)

But let’s just get some basic details on this one:

There are two ways to make money with Ring Bomb Party:

1. Retail Sales. Buy the rings for $14.36 each and sell them for $17.95 for a $3.59 profit, or 20% profit. Earn bonuses the more you sell.

  • 350 PV = 20%
  • 1000+ PV = Get a 5% bonus
  • 1500+ PV = Get an additional 5% bonus
  • 2000+ PV = Get an additional 5% bonus

2. MLM Commissions. Once you become a Citrine Senior Hostesses, you’ll get a 5% Team Commission Bonus. Each level after that has its own bonus structure. There are requirements for each level.

The requirement for Citrine Senior Hostess is 525 PV and you need to have 2 personally sponsored qualified Party Hostesses under you.

The requirements go up from there.

There are

I encourage you to watch the video if you want all the details.

Ring Bomb Party Income Disclosure

There isn’t a Ring Bomb Party income disclosure that I could find. It’s not that surprising since this company doesn’t reveal much about themselves. They seem a little secretive.

In fact:

During the Facebook live I posted above, the consultant said they design all their rings in-house, but they “don’t reveal their manufacturer.”

It’s OK though.

I’ve seen enough income disclosures, and they all reveal the same thing…it’s hard to make money in an MLM. In fact, over 99% of people end up losing money in them.

I would be particularly interested to see what Ring Bomb Party’s income disclosure looked like due to the fact that the monthly PV requirement is so high.

They do prohibit distributors from buying inventory to increase their PV:

You can't buy your own PV.

This is good because it does discourage distributors from overspending.


There are always ways around this.

Ring Bomb Party Complaints and Positive Reviews

As I mentioned above, Ring Bomb Party is accredited with the BBB, and they have an A- rating, so they are good at getting back to customers when they have an issue.

Ring Bomb Party BBB rating

Their customer reviews are pretty good, but please understand that it’s likely that a good portion of these are consultants that have come to the BBB to leave most of the positive reviews.

The positive Ring Bomb Party reviews say things like:

  • This is a great company and the rings are stunning and great quality
  • I have many good experiences with Ring Bomb Party
  • I love ring bombs and I have been buying for almost 2 years
  • I’m addicted to ring bombs

Ring Bomb Party positive review

Now let’s move on to the Ring Bomb Party complaints.

Some of the complaints said things like:

  • This is the gaudiest looking fake jewelry
  • The stones fall out of the rings
  • I don’t know where they come up with their suggested retail price value because most of them are worth what they quote
  • The plating came off of my ring in one month

Ring Bomb Party complaint

As you can see, most of the complaints are about the quality of the jewelry. That’s why I was kind of surprised that they gave the ring I posted above a suggested retail value of $64.

I’m no jewelry expert, but it looks cheap.

Again, they give them higher value because they are custom-made pieces, not because they’re actually worth that much.

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Is Ring Bomb Party a Scam or a Pyramid Scheme?

Ring Bomb Party isn’t a scam and it’s not technically a pyramid scheme. I do think there is more focus on retail sales here as compared to other MLMs who have a bigger focus on recruiting.

The thing is, can you really make a good income by just doing ring bomb parties? How many rings would you have to sell to make a decent income?

You have to buy $350 worth of inventory each month, which comes out to 25 ring bombs. Now, I’m not a math expert, but if you get $3.59 in profit for each ring, assuming you sell all of yours, you’ll make $89.75 in profit.

That’s for one month.

If you sell them all.

Maybe you can. Maybe you’re a master seller. Maybe you can sell double that. You would still only make 179.50 in a month. That’s not a lot. And that’s why you make more money with recruiting.

Which turns it into a borderline pyramid scheme.


  • People do seem to enjoy these Facebook parties
  • There is a strong retail focus
  • The ring parties are fun and it can be exciting to see what you get


  • The rings are low quality and people complain about it quite a bit
  • They have a 14-day return policy, but sometimes the rings fall apart after the 14-day window
  • You have to buy at least $350 in product every month to stay qualified, which is quite a lot
  • Even if you sell all $350 worth of rings, your profits will still be small
  • Almost no one makes money in an MLM, and in fact, almost everyone loses money

I think this comment made on the BBB makes a really great point:

Is Ring Bomb Party like gambling?


This is a similar conclusion that Alanda Carter, The Recovering Hunbot, makes in her YouTube video about this company. She calls is Love Bombing, where a person is trying to fill a hole inside themselves by attending these parties and loading up on rings.

You can check out her video here:

An Alternative to Ring Bomb Party

Obviously, you’re free to do whatever you want. I just want to help you make a good decision for yourself. If you want to sign up for Ring Bomb Party, I don’t recommend it, but who am I to stop you?

However, if you want an alternative, then I have suggestions for you.

First of all, the Ring Bomb Parties do seem like fun. I think it would be a fun thing for my 12-year old daughter to do with some friends.

Amazon has a variety of these bombs with jewelry inside of them. For less. And they also have actual bath bombs that you can use in the bath.

If you like the idea of being a consultant and earning an income in your spare time, then let me remind you that most people who are in an MLM lose money.

As an alternative, I love to suggest blogging/affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is promoting other people’s products for a commission. But without recruiting, training, hosting Facebook parties or buying $350 worth of inventory every month.

In fact, the link that I posted above to Amazon is an affiliate link. If someone clicks on that link and buys something from Amazon, I’ll earn a commission.

Let me tell you more about affiliate marketing with my free guide for beginners here.


Is Ring Bomb Party MLM? Yes, it absolutely is. If a company has a compensation plan, then you can bet that it’s going to be an MLM.

Will you make money with Ring Bomb Party? I think it’s going to be very, very hard. Just about everyone ends up losing money in an MLM (unless you’re the CEO), no matter the MLM or how hard you work.

I have tried being in an MLM, but I prefer affiliate marketing because it’s way less stressful. Like most people, I lost money when I was in an MLM. Now, I make a consistent monthly income that continues to grow. And I’ve never had to host a Facebook party or recruit a single soul. If you’re interested, this is the training platform that showed me how to do everything step by step.

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  1. This information is not accurate, nor updated. You have your number from like when they first started. If you want to keep misinforming people, that is your biz, but do us all a favor and get the updated information on there.

      • It’s accurate I just joined and the numbers are right on 1st inventory order is $349 and $12.99 of that is shipping but the kit is now $99

          • They lowered the price after I joined but your information is accurate I joined the a year ago and lost thousands of dollars with more inventory left then I want or could ever get rid of I was actually looking of ways to get my money back and report this “company”. They say they buy back inventory but that’s not true either I have all my papers all my invoices everything

          • I was looking into this and I am glad I came across this page. The $99 this is what you get Ring Bomb Party Tongs RBP Brochure RBP Size Chart Custom Ring Bomb Party Towel Two RBP Ring Displays Professional Party Lens Ring Bomb Party Swag FIVE Original Ring Bombs to party! (One in each size 6-10)

        • Get out whike you can you will loose money the more you buy the more you loose I had live parties every day or night sometimes twice Id sell maybe one my friend and her bf bought most of what I sold that’s it most of the time I didn’t sell anything

  2. The problem I have with this information is that with any Direct Sales business it takes work to make money. I am a high level leader with a different company and while you are correct not everyone will make money it’s not fair for you or anyone else to say you CAN’T make money or I DIDN’T sell anything. That is very ambiguous for anyone to say with having all the information that the person did to promote their business.

    • I’m not saying you can’t make money, but it’s very hard. I’m just looking at the stats that I see. 99% of people lose money in an MLM, according to the report on the FTC’s website. So, of course, it’s possible, but it’s rare.

      And even when someone does make money, they’re making it because the people below them are losing it. It just isn’t my favorite business structure.

      • I thought I’d join Ring bomb party however I didn’t know it’s an MLM company.. I don’t want to lose money on it so I’ve decided to pass! Ty for your information to help make this decision


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