Is App Coiner a Scam? Get Paid to Test Apps? [Review]

App Coiner Review

Is App Coiner a scam? That’s the big question we’ll answer in this AppCoiner review. Thanks for reading!

I’ve seen this one in my inbox a few times. “Get paid to test apps!”

It sounds good, right? We use apps all the time, why not get paid to try them out?


You know how these things go.

They always make it seem easier than it actually is, and I’m fairly certain this one is no different.

Let’s dive in and take a look at AppCoiner.

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Here are the areas we’ll explore in this AppCoiner review.

  • What is AppCoiner?
  • How Does AppCoiner Work?
  • Is AppCoiner a Scam or Legit?
  • You CAN Write Reviews and Get Paid

What is AppCoiner?

Product: AppCoiner
Cost: $27
Owner(s): Unknown

AppCoiner’s sales page claims you can make money by testing out apps.

App Coiner - get paid to test apps

According to the sales video, tons of new apps are released every day, but they get lost in the crowd.

Your job is to find an app in the database and then test it out on your phone or tablet.

Then you log into your account, write a review and get paid.

(Hmmm, writing reviews and testing out apps are not the same thing.)

It’s as easy as 1,2,3.

App Coiner is as easy as 1, 2, 3

According to the sales page, because there are so many apps coming out all the time, app developers need help to get their apps found.

App developers need your help to get their apps found

The sales page makes it seem like you’ll be going into either Apple or Google’s app store and writing reviews for certain apps.

App Coiner Test and Review

But you can see here that you will need to go into your AppCoiner members site to write a review of the app.

In fact, this has nothing to do with any developers.

They won’t know that you are writing reviews. They would get slapped hard if they had people paid to write reviews. That’s a big no-no.

Here’s a fun and useless calculator to help make you think you’re going to make a lot of money with this program.

AppCoiner calculator

This doesn’t really tell you anything. How do you know how much you’ll get paid per review?

This is nothing but a marketing trick.

Here’s another marketing trick. This discount says it’s for the United States, but it’s really for anyone. If you’re from a different country, you’ll be shown your flag and country name.

AppCoiner Discount

I’m not saying this is a terrible thing, it’s just a marketing trick to help make you feel a little special.

You ARE special, but your discount isn’t. 🙂

After going through the sales page, we kind of have an idea of what this program is all about, but not totally.

It sounds like we’ll just be reviewing apps and then getting paid for those reviews.

But, you’ll be surprised.

That’s not exactly how this works.

How Does App Coiner Work?

There’s kind of a tricky part to this.

When you become a member of AppCoiner, you’ll get your own website where you can write your reviews.

Great, right?


Here’s what your site would look like.

AppCoiner Website

It looks decent enough, but there are some problems with this.

The main problem is that every other AppCoiner website out there looks exactly like this. That’s an issue because Google doesn’t rank duplicate content.

Therefore, you won’t be able to get any organic (free) traffic. (We’ll talk about why you need traffic in a minute.)

If you can’t get free traffic, that means you’ll have to pay for it.

Paying for traffic is risky if you don’t know what you’re doing, and you can lose your shirt. (I’m assuming you need your shirt!)

You could try to post your site on social media, but it will likely get ignored, or even tagged as spam since it’s not really going to be useful to most people on those sites.

Why do you even need traffic?

Well, you’re not actually getting paid for your reviews. Do you see that book on the right side? It says “Download our exclusive free report.”

If someone puts in their name and email and then downloads that report, they will be put on a mailing list. The mailing list will promote other offers.

Those offers will have an ID associated with you. If someone buys an offer with your ID, you’ll get a commission.

This is affiliate marketing, and it’s awesome, but this is not the best way to do things. (I’ll help you out with an alternative in a minute.)

Again, you want Google to love you, and they just won’t with a duplicated site like this.

The other big problem here is that if anything happened to the main website you’ll be using (PopularReviewer), your site will be gone too.

Let’s say you DO start to make money with this. (Doubtful, but let’s pretend.) Your source of income could just be gone one day. POOF!

You don’t have control. That’s not a good thing.

Is App Coiner a Scam or Legit?

Thumbs DownAppCoiner is not a scam, however, I still wouldn’t recommend it.

Just like with all of these “make money” products out there, they make it seem like it’s going to be really easy to get paid just for “reviewing apps.”

As I’ve shown you, this isn’t even really what you’re getting paid to do. Yes, you’ll review apps on a website (that tons of other people have), and then you’ll have to hope that people will find your site and click on the ads on it, or download the freebies and get on a mailing list to then purchase products.

That’s how you get paid.

And that’s not easy.

AppCoiner Pros

  • You technically COULD make money doing this
  • It’s inexpensive
  • It’s easy to use
  • There’s a 60-day money back guarantee

AppCoiner Cons

  • You don’t really get paid to write reviews
  • Your site will look like everyone else’s who’s a member of AppCoiner
  • Google will never rank you and therefore you won’t be able to get free traffic
  • You don’t have control over your site and it could just disappear one day


If you like the idea of writing reviews and making money from it, then I have great news for you.

That’s exactly what I do here.

And I love it.

But I have full control over my site. I’m not worried it’ll just shut down some day.

Let me tell you a little bit more about affiliate marketing and how to learn it well.

You CAN Write Reviews and Get Paid

I actually love writing reviews.

I think it’s fun to go into different products and see what’s good and not so good about them.

And if you like the idea of writing reviews, then why not create your OWN website that you have full control over? You can do the same thing that AppCoiner is suggesting, but you can do it in a way that will actually get you ranked in Google so that you can have free traffic.

It’s really not hard at all if you follow the right steps.

It does take some consistent work and action to get everything rolling.

You won’t make money overnight, but you can make a LOT of money doing this. Way more than you’ll ever be able to make with AppCoiner.

Here’s an idea of what you can make with hard work, the right tools and the right training.

Success story from Wealthy Affiliate Member RD40

This is one of the members of the training platform I belong to called Wealthy Affiliate.

He’s one of many success stories inside the platform. Here’s even more success stories.

But it’s not just about success stores. Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how to get there. Step by step.

And you get all the tools you need too. Web hosting, a keyword research tool, technical support, live weekly trainings.

You’ll learn all about how to create reviews and make money from them. You won’t just get a website that’s been slapped together.

Imagine it:

You’ll have your OWN website that you put together that is 100% yours. (It’s not hard at all. You can have a site up in minutes.)

And then you’ll learn exactly what to do with that site to make it stand out, attract visitors and make money.

Pretty nice right?

Start a Free Account at Wealthy Affiliate

Do you have any questions or comments about AppCoiner? Is this something that you have used? I’d love to hear from members to see if you are having success or not. Leave me comments down below!

14 thoughts on “Is App Coiner a Scam? Get Paid to Test Apps? [Review]”

  1. I’ve always been curious if getting paid to test new apps was legit or not.  I’m glad to hear that this is legit.

    It’s amazing that AppCoiner would provide all its members with the same generic website.  This is absolutely horrible.  It leaves no possible way of actually gaining traffic.  Appcoiner is not only hurting their customers, but they are also hurting their own business!

    Do you know of any other similar sites that are more enticing to join?  Are there any that are actually worth joining?

    • Hi Dave! Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. I haven’t run across any programs like this that are good to join yet. But if I do, I’ll be sure to write a review and let everyone know. 

      I love when there are good programs. It’s nice to have different choices for people. 

  2. Seems to me as though they’ve cleverly twisted the review an app angle into a dodgy internet marketing angle. You think you are going to review an app and that’s it – paid. 

    But no, you have to publish the review on a website that won’t rank…

    Pretty much all goes downhill from there, doesn’t it?

    • Yes, it certainly does go downhill from there, Chris. As mentioned, these programs are never as easy as they make it seem, and AppCoiner is no different. 

  3. I read reviews about app coiner earlier. Some of them said that this is a good program, but most of the reviews didn’t suggest it. However this is not a scam, most of those who join the program will not earn money with it. Their affiliate program is no bad for those who have successful blog or a huge subscriber list in this niche, but if you have this, you can find better projects to sell. 

    I also suggest to use your top suggested program to use. The Wealthy Affiliate program is one of the best program for those who wants to earn online income. Congrats for the review.

    • I wonder if the people who said it’s a good site are promoting it as affiliates? They can make money by having other join the program. 

      But hey, if it’s working for someone, then great. I’m glad! I just don’t see how it’s possible for most people. 

  4. In my opinion, App Coiner might probably not be a complete trick as the affiliate promoting model they use is some how authentic. In any case, it is an extremely deceptive program that makes it to appear to be exceptionally simple to procure cash from composing audits of applications but incorporates a few highlights that are ordinarily found on scam programs.

    • I agree. As mentioned, AppCoiner is definitely not a scam, but definitely misleading. I’m not a fan of that. Just tell me what exactly it is I’ll be doing before I spend money. I bet these kinds of programs get a lot of returns. 

  5. I am with you on this one, Christina. People are better off writing reviews for their own website rather than a website that aggregates other people’s reviews. With their own review site, they control it, add monetization, add subscriber boxes to build their own mailing lists. I find it hard that someone would earn $15 for writing app reviews.iWriter, Hire Writers, and other content development sites don’t pay that kind of money unless the writers are experts in their niches. And then they would get a whole lot more.

    • Yup, Glen! You said it all perfectly! 

  6. Awesome review Christina and yes, instead of paying someone to get access to something to write a review on something everyone has and not get paid unless someone clicks on a link and you have to wait until that someone buys something then you get paid. That sounds like a complicated process and your right NO Control what so ever. I’d need to have control and will be looking into that Wealthy Affiliate site you have mentioned. Thank you for the review and glad I found your page before getting into that App Coiner.

    • Yea the sales page is pretty misleading. It makes you think you’ll be doing one thing, but you actually make money in a totally different way. Not cool. 

  7. Hi Christina

    Your review on AppCoiner is really interesting, but there is no chance that I would join it, because I would agree with you that chances of making any real money are pretty remote.

    As you say, it would be far better to join Wealthy Affiliate and go through the excellent training which is there just waiting for you, as then you will know exactly how to go about building a successful online business which with your determination can provide you with a sustainable income.

    Thank you so much for this information.

    Chrissie 🙂

    • Thanks for your thoughts, Chrissie! Of course, everyone has their own choice of doing whatever they want, but I’ve tried these make money fast and easy programs and they just don’t work from my personal experience. 

      Building your own site DOES work! 


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