11 Affiliate Marketing Success Stories That Will Knock Your Socks Off

We all love a great success story, right? They make you understand what’s possible in your OWN life. If someone out there can accomplish something great, it means YOU can too. I’ve gathered some affiliate marketing success stories from the training platform that I use, Wealthy Affiliate.

(Note: Here are 11 more incredible Wealthy Affiliate success stories.)

If you follow the training at Wealthy Affiliate, just like these successes did, then you can accomplish the same thing that they did. If they can do it, so can YOU.

It reminds me of the story that Bob Proctor loves to talk about. He talks about a man named Sir Edmund Hillary. Sir Edmund Hillary was the first man to successfully climb to the summit of Mount Everest. Oh, a couple of other people tried before him. They’re probably still frozen in place on that mountain.

What’s interesting is that once Hillary accomplished that HUGE feat, it allowed other people to know what’s possible. Since that climb, about 4,000 people have made it to the summit. People’s minds opened up with possibility.

4000 People have climbed Mount Everest

These affiliate marketing success stories are the same thing. Anything is possible, you just need to open your mind up to the possibilities. I hope these stories do that for you. Yes, blogging can be hard work, but it’s WORTH IT.

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Affiliate Marketing Success Story #1 – EddySalomon

I absolutely love learning from Eddy. He’s got a witty sense of humor and a way of explaining things that makes it so easy to understand. One of the many reasons to join Wealthy Affiliate is because you can learn SO much from people like Edddy. Just like his title says, his blogs earned over $100,000 in 2018. And he did it part-time.

Eddy's Affiliate Marketing Success Story

Click Here to Read Eddy’s Affiliate Marketing Success Story.

Affiliate Marketing Success Story #2 – RD40 (AKA Ralph)

Ralph’s website officially hit six figures in 2018. We all aspire to create a six-figure blog. It can absolutely be done! Ralph is proof of that. Ralph credits his success to what he’s learned at Wealthy Affiliate. He says those words that I love, “If I can do it, you can do it, too!”

Affiliate Marketing Success Story 2

Click Here to Read Ralph’s Affiliate Marketing Success Story.

Affiliate Marketing Success Story #3 – RoopeKiuttu

Roope is one of these guys who makes his posts easy to read, fun and completely understandable. I love reading Roope’s blog posts inside Wealthy Affiliate and learning all I can from him. He’s truly an inspiration!

Affiliate Marketing Success Store 3

What’s that about an all-expense paid trip to Vegas, you ask? Well, I’m going to tell you about that a little later in the post. So keep reading to see what it’s all about. (It’s pretty awesome.)

Click Here to Read Roope’s Affiliate Marketing Success Story.

Affiliate Marketing Success Story #4 – Ericcantu

You just HAVE to read this inspiring post from Eric. He mentions how when he signed up to Wealthy Affiliate 2 years ago, he never imagined that he could earn as much as he is right now passively through a website. He says, “I knew nothing about affiliate marketing, and I had never attempted to build an affiliate marketing website before.

It is proof positive that the training at Wealthy Affiliate not only delivers, but it is the best you’ll find online, hands down.”

This post not only shows how successful Eric is, but he tells you how YOU can be just as successful!

Affiliate Marketing Success Story 4

Click Here to Read Eric’s Affiliate Marketing Success Story.

Affiliate Marketing Success Story #5 – DylanRieger

OK, I know I say I love all of these success stories (and I do!), but Dylan is someone who has an incredible story, and it’s one that many people in affiliate marketing have. In this story, he talks about his three years at Wealthy Affiliate. The first year, he didn’t make a dollar! His family tried to talk him out of doing this. But wait until you see what’s happened to him since.

Affiliate Marketing Success Story 5

Not only does Dylan have a great affiliate marketing success story, he’s one of these guys that has so many brilliant ideas of how to make money affiliate marketing, and he shares them all in Wealthy Affiliate. Don’t believe me? My next success story used Dylan’s strategies.

Click Here to Read Dylan’s Affiliate Marketing Success Story.

Affiliate Marketing Success Story #6 – Zarina

As mentioned above, Zarina talks about how Dylan’s strategies helped her break into earning 4 figures a month. She’s been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for 3 years, but the site that helped her break 4 figures is 1 year old. Yes, this takes time, patience and work, but isn’t it worth it? You get to work for yourself, so YES! It’s absolutely worth it!

Affiliate Marketing Success Story 6

Zarina has some great advice for people new to affiliate marketing and Wealthy Affiliate. Her main advice is to follow the training and connect with people to ask questions. We have an entire community of like-minded people where you can learn incredible amounts of information from. That’s why I recommend Wealthy Affiliate as my #1 place to learn affiliate marketing.

Click Here to Read Zarina’s Affiliate Marketing Success Story.

Affiliate Marketing Success Story #7 – JeremyH86

This story from Jeremy is great for a couple of reasons. #1. He talks about how when he first joined Wealthy Affiliate, he was nervous that he was signing up for a scam. I completely understand that fear, due to all the bad programs out there. #2. This success story shows you that there’s more than one way to make money affiliate marketing. Jeremy built out a couple of sites and then sold them on Flippa.com.

Affiliate Marketing Success Story 7

Click Here to Read Jeremy’s Affiliate Marketing Success Story.

Affiliate Marketing Success Story #8 – BrokFTJFH

Brok broke the $10,000 a month barrier earlier in 2018. Brok reminds us to follow the training (at Wealthy Affiliate), work hard and YOU can have success too. It’s really that simple!

Affiliate Marketing Success Story 8

Click Here to Read Brok’s Affiliate Marketing Success Story.

Affiliate Marketing Success Story #9 – MozMary

Mary was wondering how all the successful people at Wealthy Affiliate did it – until she did it herself! This is SUCH a great read because Mary talks about the importance of mindset (I completely agree!), habit, and skills & training. These are all things that ANY of us are capable of doing, and Mary shows us that.

Affiliate Marketing Success Story 9

Click Here to Read Mary’s Affiliate Marketing Success Story.

Affiliate Marketing Success Story #10 – Ilias

How about this success story from Ilias? He made $400 from one post. He found a good affiliate program to promote from searching a form and used the training and tools from Wealthy Affiliate to find low-competition keywords. He then discovered that all the articles ranking on Google were terrible, and he made a great post to outrank them all! THIS is what you learn how to do at Wealthy Affiliate.

Affiliate Marketing Success Story 10

Click Here to Read Ilias’s Affiliate Marketing Success Story.

Affiliate Marketing Success Story #11 – Littlemama

I saved this one for my lucky favorite number, 11. Grace is basically my personal mentor, even if she really doesn’t know it. 🙂 She’s a mom of two, just like me, and she’s KILLING it at affiliate marketing. She qualified for Vegas in 2018, and has inspired me to do the same in 2019. (See all about that below.) Grace not only has a fantastic affiliate marketing success story to tell, but she also has training on exactly how she did it so you can learn how to do it, too!

Affiliate Marketing Success Story 11

Click Here to Read Grace’s Affiliate Marketing Success Story.


I could have seriously spent hours more on this post and given you hundreds of more success stories from Wealthy Affiliate. (In fact, I can’t believe I left out one of my favorites, Jerry, who had the best year of his life in 2018! I’ll have to get back to him in the next post.)

I’m sure I’ll do more posts like this in the future because we all like to be inspired by the success of others.

The main point I want to get across is that these people are no different from you or me. They started from ground 0, went through the training at Wealthy Affiliate, followed the instructions, and MADE SUCCESS HAPPEN.

It didn’t happen overnight for any of them. It takes a lot of work, dedication, patience and persistence.

But wouldn’t you like to be in their shoes? Wouldn’t you like to be earning $400 from a single post, $4,500 a month, or even six figures? How about earning a trip to Vegas?

You CAN do it. That’s the beauty of it. All you have to do is START. I can’t wait to read about YOUR success story!

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Oh No, I Didn’t Forget to Tell You About That Vegas Trip

Wealthy Affiliate has an incentive program for those who choose to promote its platform. (You can choose to promote anything you like as a blogger and affiliate marketer. Some people just enjoy promoting Wealthy Affiliate.)

If you bring in 300 referrals in a year, they will send you to Vegas on their dime. Here’s a post about it from one of the founders of Wealthy Affiliate, Kyle.

Affiliate Marketing Success Story - Vegas

Get in on the action. Sign up for Wealthy Affiliate and get started!

What do you think about these affiliate marketing success stories? Do they inspire you as much as they inspire me? Do you think you can be just as successful? Tell me all about your big goals, dreams and what you want to accomplish as an affiliate marketer in the comments below.

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10 thoughts on “11 Affiliate Marketing Success Stories That Will Knock Your Socks Off”

  1. The good thing about reading these success story is that we learn a ton of things from their story. Not only that, whenever I read anyone’s success story it gives me a big motivation that if they can do it I can do it too. I also know that how hard they might have worked for getting up to this place now.

    Thank you so much for this post. Instead of me looking up for succes stories online I got everything at one place.

    • I think success stories are extremely motivating too. I love putting them together and I’m sure I’ll do many more in the future! Keep an eye out on my Success Stories page. 

  2. I was amazed to read some of these stories. I have been a member at Wealthy Affiliate for quite a while and I have never seen some of these people on the platform, although I have read other great success stories within the platform that haven’t been mentioned here.

    I was very inspired to read Ralph’s story and have made a point of following him. He is very humble about his success, and considering he only joined two years ago, he is an inspiration for all.

    • Ralph is amazing and he’s got quite a great story! He’s someone that shows exactly what you can accomplish if you work hard and stay focused. 

  3. Wow! So many success stories at Wealthy Affiliate. It’s awesome to see so many members of a platform doing just what the platform promised, building a successful online business. This really is a quality outlook on each of these individuals. They must be doing something right.

    I have to ask, is this just a small percentage of the members of this platform that become successful or can anyone see these types of results?

    I often see with more MLM types (it doesn’t seem Wealthy Affiliate is this way) that only the people at the top that joined forever ago… or maybe the people with huge social followings of 1M+ can actually generate any type of revenue. Is this the case with Wealthy Affiliate?

    Anyways, thanks for the encouragement, you have given me a lot to think about. I think I may have found a great free platform to market on my affiliate site as well!

    Thanks again for the info and encouragement. Your positivity and will to help others is awesome!


    • Wealthy Affiliate gives you the training and tools to learn how to create a successful business online. From there, it’s up to YOU to put those trainings and tools into practice. I don’t know what the percentage is of people who become successful, but as you probably know, people are people. (Of course you know that! lol) Many people sign up to something with lots of motivation, and then they just quit! I talked about that here in this post

      Network Marketing and MLM are completely different animals compared to affiliate marketing and can’t really be compared. With affiliate marketing, it’s all up to you to be successful. In MLM, you’re dependent on a lot of other people. 

  4. It’s great to see so many people succeeding in this marketing landscape – I am currently learning the ropes with affiliate marketing and I love seeing people who not long ago, where in the same boat as me! 

    I am interested in the community all of these guys seem to be in – and you are yourself right? Would it be a suitable community for a newbie marketer like myself?

    • Wealthy Affiliate is perfect for newbie marketers. They have training that shows you how to do everything step-by-step. You can go from 0 to a money-making site all through the training and the tools within Wealthy Affiliate. 

  5. Such great inspiring success stories at Wealthy Affiliate. Truly motivated to keep on,  persevere, write good content and succeed to make an income online from my site. One can really learn from others and be inspired to work hard to achieve your dreams and goals. Wealthy affiliate is great training, and can’t wait for my efforts to pay off as well. Thanks for a motivating article! 

    • One of my favorite things about Wealthy Affiliate is the people. The training is amazing to get started, but after that, you still have to learn and grow and expand. That’s where the members come in. I have learned SO MUCH from the people in our community. 


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