Is eCom Cash Bot Legit? [Review & Insider’s Look]

Have you been getting emails where someone tries to sell you on eCom Cash Bot? Yea, me too! It’s been in a lot of the junky marketing emails that I’ve been getting. But is it also junky? Or is eCom Cash Bot legit?

Well, I’m first going to take you through the sales page.

They make some bold claims on there!

Then you can check out the video I made. I recorded myself buying the product and then taking you through it to see what you get for your money.

You won’t want to miss that one!

All of this should help you decide if eCom Cash Bot is legit, or just another flimsy get-rich-quick scheme.

Let’s get into it!

What is eCom Cash Bot?

eCom Cash Bot sales page

Let’s take a little looky at the eCom Cash Bot sales video and hopefully it’ll give us an understanding on whether or not this is a legit system.

Here’s the thing I already know.

I’ve been taking a look at these types of programs and their sales pages for quite some time now.

Before I even get started with the video, I can see red flags all over the damn place.


We’ll go over that a little later.

For now, let’s see what the video tells us about this amazing system.

Make a Lot of Money Easily?

The video right away starts off by implying that this system will allow you to make $10,000 a week, or $40,000 in a month. And that it’s easy. And that you can do it all from your home.

You can make up to $500,000 with their little-known software.

And it just takes a few minutes to get set up.

Make $1500 per day?

Can you really make up to $500,000 a year with just 20 minutes of work per day?

We’ll explore this possibility a little later.

eCom Cash Bot Testimonials

In the sales video, there are some testimonials to let us know how great eCom Cash Bot is.

Testimonial #1 – Our first testimonial says she drops her kids off at school, comes back and gets a big mug of coffee, and just spends 20 minutes working.

She comes back a little later to check her profits. eCom Cash Bot is “life-changing”.

Testimonial #2 – Our second testimonial says he admits to being skeptical at first, but after his first week of using the eCom Cash Bot system, he’s made $11,238.89.

He calls it a “miracle method” and your opportunity to earn “quick cash.”

Testimonial #3 – Our third testimonial met Trish (the product creator) on a flight. Trish told him about eCom Cash Bot and now, after using the system, he has a 4-bedroom house and a six-figure bank balance.

These sound good.

But there’s a problem with them. We’ll get back to that a little later.

eCom Cash Bot Saves the Day

The video goes on to say that making money online is almost impossible unless you’re some kind of genius.

eCom Cash Bot genius

Of course, eCom Cash Bot will come in and save the day.

(But not really. And you don’t need a degree in marketing or to be some kind of genius to make money online.)

Trish says she’s been trying to find ways to make money for a long time, and finally, eCom Cash Bot is the thing that worked for her. Now she has more than a million dollars in her bank and an Audi A5.

But who is this Trish anyway?


The video leaves us with no real idea of what this program is about and how it works.

Let’s see if we can figure it out.

How Does eCom Cash Bot Work?

Well, I decided to buy the product and record what happens when I get into it. I’ll show you exactly what you’ll see if you spend $9 on this.

There was one part where I was shocked!

Did you see what you get for your $9?

Yea. Me neither. 🙂

Is eCom Cash Bot a Scam or Legit?

I think whether eCom Cash Bot is a scam or not is dependent on your definition of a scam. To me, I think something more like Profit Point Autonomy or Clout Bucks are legit scams. In these cases, the companies either take your money and run or they gather your information and sell it to shady marketers.

That’s pretty scammy.

In the case of eCom Cash Bot, you do get something for your money, but it’s low quality, not enough for you to actually make any money and the sales pitch doesn’t even come close to matching reality once you get into the system.

That’s also pretty scammy. But not exactly a scam like the others I mentioned.

Let me walk you through some pros and cons, and then I’ll tell you all about those red, red flags that are all over the sales page. (And now I’m singing red, red flags to the tune of Red, Red Wine. Anyone else?)


  • It’s cheap
  • You can get your money back
  • Ecommerce is legit


  • You won’t make $10,000 in 7 days
  • You won’t make $500,000 in a year
  • You won’t even make $1 because the information isn’t complete
  • The videos are too hard to see
  • This is old and there are broken links in the product
  • They don’t tell you how to get traffic to your sites
  • The sales page is full of nonsense and red flags
  • They can sell your data (see the screenshot in the next section)

Let’s go over that stuff to look out for on sales pages and in sales videos.

Those Red Flags

OK, let’s go through these red flags so you know what to look out for when reviewing these types of products. As soon as I see a page like the one at eCom Cash Bot, I can immediately tell what’s happening and I can pretty much understand if the product is going to be good or not.

That’s because they all have at least some of these in common.

Red Flag #1 – Make Tons of Money Quickly and Easily

I’m sure that when you see “make $10,000 a week”, you probably feel a little doubt creeping in. It’s certainly possible to make this working online. But it doesn’t happen quickly, and it doesn’t happen in just 20 minutes a day, as the video tries to tell us.

I bet you know that. But I’ve been in your shoes. I used to watch these videos back in the day before I got my shit together. And I used to think, “It’s probably not true. But what if…?”

I know the “what if” argument well.

Just follow your gut. Trust me on that. 🙂

Red Flag #2 – Those Testimonials

If you hear someone giving a testimonial, and they sound like an actor, that’s because they probably are. These marketers hire actors to read these scripts.

The second testimonial guy said he just signed up a week ago and made over $11,000?! Come on. That’s crazy. lol

They should at least make it somewhat believable.

And did you SEE what they teach you from the video I posted? No way.

Plus, you can pretty easily find these guys on freelancer websites.

Testimonial from Fiverr.

They usually come from the site if you ever want to do that research yourself.

I’m not hating on the actors. You gotta do what you gotta do to get some coins.

But, just know that if you see these types of testimonials, they aren’t real.

(Some testimonials are real. It’s a great sign when a product or company has REAL testimonials. Once you see the differences, it’ll be easy to see which ones are real and which ones are fake. )

Red Flag #3 – Success Scripts

If you see these little guys pop up…

This is a script on eCom Cash Bot

It’s a script that runs.

There is zero proof of these successes.

Most of the ones I see like this are fake. I have seen some real ones and they are verified by a third-party company.

They didn’t even try to make this look real here.

The other fake scripts I’ve seen use a stock photo image to make it look more real.

Just another thing to keep an eye on!

Red Flag #4 – Unknown Product Owner

Trish seems to be the creator of eCom Cash Bot, but who is Trish? Honestly, we’ll never know because it’s a made-up character.

This is a big red flag for me because if you create something worthwhile that you know is going to help people, you wouldn’t need to hide yourself and create a fake character to help you sell the product.

I know the owners of all of the good programs that I’ve seen, or that I belong to, Most of them interact with their customers too. They don’t just hide away in the shadows. This is because they genuinely want to help people.

The owners of a product like eCom Cash Bot just want your money.

Red Flag #5 – Be Careful With Your Information

I recommend always taking a peek at the terms and conditions and/or Privacy Policy on any program that you’re looking to invest in. But these types of “get-rich-quick” schemes are ones to pay particularly close attention to.

Here’s why:

This Privacy Policy says they can sell your info.

This is from the eCom Cash Bot Privacy Policy.

It says two things of note:

  1. They will use your information to try to sell other products to you.
  2. They may sell your information to others who are then going to market to you.

If you give them your information, you will get absolutely bombarded with marketing messages.

eCom Cash Bot Alternative

If eCom Cash Bot has left you feeling disappointed, I understand. These sales videos get your hopes up so much and then you find out it’s all a farce.

But, if you like the idea of making an income online, there are ways to do it. So don’t give up all hope!

I don’t know enough about e-commerce myself, but if that’s something that you’re interested in, my friend Chris has information on dropshipping.

I am an affiliate marketer, so I earn an income by promoting other people’s products.

I won’t be able to get into how it all works here, but you can check out my free guide to affiliate marketing to get more details.

You can do a lot with affiliate marketing.

You set up a website such as this one. Then you pick a topic to write about. Then you promote products on your website and earn a commission off of them.

Let’s say you love bowling. You can create a blog about bowling, sign up for bowling affiliate programs, and then write about different bowling topics.

Every time someone clicks on a link to a bowling shirt, shoes, balls, etc. on your site and then purchases, you’ll get a commission from the website with the affiliate program.

It’s a win-win because the bowling company gets more customers and you get a piece of the sale!

Click Here to See that Free Guide to Affiliate Marketing that I Broke a Sweat Creating


Is eCom Cash Bot legit? I hope I helped you answer that question in this review. It’s not a 100% scam, in my opinion, but it’s also not legit. It’s not even worth the measly $9 to buy it.

Honestly, if you just took $9 and flushed it down the toilet, that would be a better use of your money. I hate to be so harsh, but there’s no substance to this program. This is a classic get-rich-quick scheme where the only purpose is to get your money and your personal information.

If you like the idea of making an income online though, then I suggest affiliate marketing instead. It’s what I do, what I enjoy so much! Check out the training website that taught me how to do everything I needed step-by-step. And now I get paid over and over again, and you can too!

Click here to learn how to create a website that will pay you over and over again.

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