Clout Bucks Review [New Name, Same Scam]

Clout Bucks Review

Welcome to my Clout Bucks review!

I was doing some research on another website that I reviewed in the past (Kids Earn Cash), and I realized that now redirects to 

At first Kids Earn Cash was redirecting to Kids Paid Money. Have you seen these other sites? If not, count yourself lucky. They're all the same scam. 

While Clout Bucks (and the other sites) say that you can earn easy money just by using your social media influence and signing up your firends, really think about how realistic that is. 

I understand that this a a free site and you don't need to pay money to join, but if you sign up, you're definitely going to pay. 

Let me show you what this is all about in this Clout Bucks review

Clout Bucks Summary

Product: Clout Bucks
Cost: Free, but you'll pay in other ways
Owner(s): Unknown
Best For: Scammers

Clout Bucks Review - Logo

What is Clout Bucks?

I am really happy you're doing your research before signing up for Clout Bucks. I'm going to explain why that's not a great idea in this review. 

When you go on the website (, you can see that it looks pretty professional.

Clout Bucks review - their website looks professional.

It says you can make hundreds online just by using social media, and when you invite your friends, you get $10 for every one that signs up. And you also get a $25 sign up bonus. 

It sounds really enticing to make easy money like this, but the problem is, none of it is true. You can sign up your friends all you want, but you'll never get the money that you earn. 

As I mentioned, I've already reviewed this same site. In fact, I've done several reviews because they keep changing names. They were: 

All of these sites claim that you can make money by using your social media influence to sign up your friends. They say that they can pay $10 per sign up (which is insanely high) because they get money from advertising companies. 

Clout Bucks says they get money from advertisers

In case you can't read it, that image says: 

"When you invite or refer a friend to our site, you are building the exposure of our site, which increases ad revenue. As our ad revenue and popularity increases, we pay you for the traffic you brought to our site ($10 for every referral). On top of this, members get paid by our partners through additional surveys and offers that they can complete to earn even more."

Don't believe it. 

How Does Clout Bucks Work?

If you take a look at my Kids Earn Cash review, you can see I actually went and signed up and went through the entire site. When you get in there, you have a task wall where you can earn money for doing things like surveys. 

The problem is, it's those surveys that are an endless loop that get you absolutely nowhere. They're extremely hard to complete, and, even worse, you end up signing up for a bunch of other shady sites along the way. 

What's really happening with Clout Bucks is that they're trying to get your personal information. They entice you with easy money, and because it's free, you likely will think that there's no harm in giving it a try. 

And then you sign your friends up too, and now Clout Bucks also has their personal information. 

What's the problem with that, you ask? 

The problem is that these guys are collecting your personal information to sell to other shady marketers. And, they'll also likely be taking a look at the password you use for Clout Bucks and seeing if you use the same one on other websites. Then they can steal even more information of yours. 


Their Testimonials

You may go on the Clout Bucks testimonials page and think that this has to be a legit site. Those testimonials are all extemely easy to fake. 

In fact, if you take a look at this "testimonial", it's exactly the same one as on the Viral Dollars site.

This Clout Bucks tweet is fake.

Except they blurred the name this time. That's because, as I pointed out in the Viral Dollars review, no one by the name of La'quasha Simmone exists on Twitter. 

These testimonials are very easy to fake, and there's zero proof that any of this is true (because it's not): 

These testimonials are easily faked.

Is ​Clout Bucks a Scam or Legit?

Clout Bucks is a scam for sure. Please save yourself some headaches and do not sign up for this.

If you have signed up, then I'll have some suggestions for you below. Also, recognize what the site looks like.

Because this one will close down soon, and another will pop up. All of these scam sites look exactly the same. 

Thumbs Down

Clout Bucks Review

Pros & Cons


  • None. This is a total scam.


  • Your information will likely get sold to other scammers
  • Your personal information may get stolen
  • You will not get paid (see more about that below)
  • You will get blasted with marketing offers
  • We have no idea who owns this site

Clout Bucks Will Not Pay You

Even if you manage to get all of the tasks done that you need to do and get the qualifying amount of money in your Clout Bucks account, you will not get paid. In fact, their terms straight up says they can deny any point rewarded to you for any reason and without prior notice to you. 

Clout Bucks terms are shady.

And that's exactly what they do. 

Clout Bucks is a little too new to have complaints against it (I guarantee they will come), but you can see complaints against Kids Earn Cash from the Better Business Bureau website. Here are just a couple: 

You will not get paid from Clout Bucks.

What to Do If You've Already Signed Up

Because these guys are trying to steal your personal information, I would suggest that you change your username and password on other sites that you use. And especially make sure to do this if you've used the same password on other sites. 

Let your friends know too if you signed any of them up. Send them to this review and tell them that Clout Bucks is a scam and let them know what to do. 

You'll likely be getting tons of marketing messages. You can mark those as spam and try to wait for them to die down. As mentioned above, make sure to keep an eye out for other scam sites to pop up just like this one. 

As more people call them out as being a scam, they tend to disappear and then reappear as a fresh, new site quickly.

Clout Bucks Plus Clout Pay Review on youTube


I hope this Clout Bucks review has helped you to realize that it's a total scam, and you should stay far, far away. You will not make any money with this. Not only will it be a waste of your time, but you are also risking getting your personal information stolen. It's not worth trying it out, even though it's free. 

If you'd like to find a way to make money online, I recommend that you stop looking for the easy solutions because none of them are real. Instead, you could set yourself up a nice website with any topic that you're interested in and learn how to use affiliate marketing to promote your offers and collect a commission. That's what I do, and it's awesome. 

Here's my #1 recommendation for learning affiliate marketing. See why over 130 people have already joined with me this year!

Do you have any questions or comments about this Clout Bucks review? Have you been scammed with this site or any of the others I've mentioned? I'd love to hear your thoughts. Leave them for me down below!

6 thoughts on “Clout Bucks Review [New Name, Same Scam]”

  1. Thank you for saving me money and a whole bunch of headache. This is an awful same. I can;t image wasting money on a scam that puts personal information at risk and involving friends as well. NO thank you. I will not be wasting any time, money, resources, or a single thought on Clout Bucks.

    • Thanks so much for reading my Clout Bucks review and for sharing your thoughts. I’m glad I helped you stay away from this one!

  2. I can’t believe how convenient for them to redirect their website and do the same thing. The problem with these scammers is their expertise to hide their intentions. They would pose as a GPT (Get Paid To) site and give you tasks such as looking for referrals. Now legit GPTs can only give limited tasks and you won’t earn much. Even if they can give you tasks for 24 hours, still you wouldn’t get $500 a day as promised by Clout Bucks. Like what you said, theynare only interested with your information which they can sell to a third party to victimised the members in phishing, cons, and hacking and theft. We better hold in to our paypal accounts! 

    This has been  another interesting article. I hope people will be more vigilant in identifying scams. So yeah, thanks for review!

    • I totally agree. There are legit get paid to sites out there (I write about some of them here), and these sites come along and ruin their reputation.

      And you’re right, when you see something that says you can make $500 a day,  you really need to think if that’s realistic or not, especially coming from a get paid to site. Even with the most legit GPT sites, you’ll only be able to make a few bucks per day. 

      People are enticed by big, easy money though. I get it. I am too! I would love if this were real. lol But we have to use some common sense when we’re out there in the internet world. 

  3. Wow, that sounds like a really dangerous scam. I have read about some affiliate marketing scams, and although they were bad too, this one sounds even worse. Even some shady affiliate marketing companies (and definitely the legit ones) reveal the name of the owner, so it´s really suspicious Clout Bucks won’t even tell you who owns it.

    I suppose they changed their name to Clout Bucks, because the Kids Earn Cash got negative reviews. And I´m sure they´ll change their name over and over again, when they get negative reviews again.

    Thank you for exposing this scam! Hopefully this will prevent some people from joining Clout Bucks and losing money.

    • Clout Bucks will absolutely get all kinds of negative reviews, close down and then pop back up again as something else. It’s an endless cycle. Meanwhile, more and more people are entering their data because they don’t know… 

      I hope they start to see the pattern of what these sites look like because they’re all cookie-cutters. They all have the same look with slightly different branding. 


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