Copy Paste Income System – [A Rant]

This was going to be a review of Copy Paste Income System, but I don’t really want to waste $37 on buying it, and after taking a look at the sales page, I think I’d really just rather rant about it instead.

I’m really tired of these get-rich-quick schemes and I think it’s annoying that there are so many people out there trying to take advantage of other people, usually the ones that most need a good income.

It seems that Ewen Chia is a master of doing this. He puts out crappy product after crappy product, trying to get as much money out of your wallet that he can. And Copy Paste Income is no different.

What is Copy Paste Income?

Copy Paste Income System sales page

Copy Paste Income System is a ClickBank product from Ewen Chia that tries to convince you that you can easily make money – up to $1000 a day – just by copying and pasting.

In the sales letter, Ewen says he’s been doing this exact thing for many years.

“Copy-Paste-Money”, as he says.

And I think that’s true for him.

He puts out a crappy make money from home product, makes money, then copies, changes it up a little, pastes it onto ClickBank and makes more money.

These are the products listed on his homepage that he’s promoting. Look at all of these!

Ewen Chia's make money online products

In fact:

In the sales letter, he says he’s made 31 different products.

Why does someone need to promote so many products? If any of them did what they said, then you would only need that one product.

I see a lot of people in the internet marketing world do this. Create one product. Sell some. Take it down (because it doesn’t work and probably gets a lot of returns). Rebrand it. And start the process again.

But, are you going to be able to replicate it?


Not unless you have a big following or are willing to spend a lot of money on sales leads.

In any case, I don’t recommend littering the internet with more junky products that don’t really serve a purpose except to trick people out of their money.

There are better ways to do things, but we’ll get back to that a little later.

How Does Copy Paste Income Work?

While I didn’t buy the product myself, it’s easy enough to find someone online who did. And what I read about it is not surprising, but definitely disappointing.

Copy Paste Income works by using PLR (Private Label Rights) ebooks, which you can then add your affiliate links to. You promote these ebooks on forums or social media, and when anyone clicks on your links within the ebooks and makes a purchase, you get a commission.

Now, this was a popular strategy many years ago. But this type of thing isn’t going to work now.

Here’s why:

  1. PLR ebooks, generally speaking, are not very well done. Therefore, no one is going to take it seriously.
  2. You can’t just promote your spammy ebooks online without engaging with people. They won’t trust you.
  3. Promoting these books on social media and forums will likely get your in trouble for spamming

Today, you have to create high-quality, useful content and build up trust with an audience. These tactics that Ewen is teaching are old methods.

Now, for Ewen, he has his own purposes for a type of program like Copy Paste Income:

  1. To get your email address so you can be sold on even more products.
  2. To get your money on the sale of the product
  3. To try to get you to buy into upsells (many of his upsells are just more of his outdated products)

I tend to think that the #1 reason (getting your email address) is the most important. As they say, “the money is in the list.”

If Ewen knows someone is desperate for cash (and he can assume that since that person is looking at his get-rich-quick product), then he’ll also assume that that person will continue looking at get-rich-quick products.

They can be sold to over and over again…

Ewen Chia Complaints

It’s pretty easy to find people who are disappointed with Ewen Chia’s products. I think he probably had legit ideas some time ago when affiliate marketing first took off. But he’s still trying to sell those same ideas when they don’t work anymore.

This frustrates me because it makes all internet marketers look bad and untrustworthy. Even though there are people, products and companies who are teaching others how to make money the right way using techniques that work TODAY.

Anyway, here are some of the complaints I saw about Ewen Chia:

  • Ewen was the master of fooling the search engines back then, but his methods of making quick cash are no longer the best
  • His products are the average overhyped junk in ClickBank
  • He makes money by regurgitating the same course year after year
  • Pure garbage
  • His stuff is for beginners and is outdated

Well, that gives you an idea of what Ewen Chia’s products are all about. I could go on, but I think you get the point!

Is Copy Paste Income a Scam or Legit?

I wouldn’t call Copy Paste Income System a scam, but I also wouldn’t exactly call it legit. You do get something for your money, but it’s going to be poor quality and outdated information. I think it’s scammy to try to convince you that you’ll make a lot of money right away using this system:

Make money fast with Copy Paste Income system?

Yea, that’s not going to happen.


  • You can get your money back since this is a ClickBank product
  • Affiliate marketing is legit (when done correctly)


  • Outdated information
  • Upsells galore
  • You’ll be sent loads of spammy messages once he has your email
  • Tricks in the sales letter

In the sales letter, there’s a section where Ewen says that a student of his “Brittany”, used some guru’s product and got zero results. And then she used Copy Paste Income and within 24 hours was making hundreds of dollars a day.

That’s a fun story, but there’s no way that happened. Internet marketing just doesn’t work that way.

Meanwhile, Ewen is some big, rich guru and he doesn’t even spend money on a stock photo for his sales letter:

Free stock photo.

There’s a gorgeous Ferrari in his sales letter too.

This Ferrari isn't Ewan's.

It’s fake.

Well, the Ferrari isn’t fake, but Ewen doesn’t own it.

He just snagged the image off of the internet. (From what I’ve read, it’s actually Nicholas Cage’s car.)

Never trust a guru with a fancy car.


While affiliate marketing is a completely legitimate way to earn an income online, and it’s what I personally prefer to do, you have to learn techniques that work for TODAY – not for 10 or 15 years ago. Ewen Chia’s Copy Paste Income System (or any of his products) is completely outdated and a waste of money.

Plus, you’re not going to get rich quick, I don’t care how many sales letters from gurus you read trying to convince you otherwise. If you can be OK with learning how to earn an income online the right way, and you’re OK with it taking some time as you build up your skills, then you can absolutely do very well. You can earn a full-time+ income working for yourself online.

But skip the gurus and learn from people who really want to see you succeed. These are my top picks to learn from.

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