FU Money Review (Is Dan Lok a Scammer?) – Updated Dec. 2019

Thanks for taking a look at my Dan Lok FU Money review! We’ll be taking a look at Dan’s book, F.U. Money, as well as looking into Dan himself and seeing what’s up with his courses.

Is F.U. Money worth reading?

Is Dan Lok legit, or is he a scam artist as some people claim?

Are Dan’s high-ticket courses worth the costs? Are there any good alternatives?

I’ll help you answer all of these questions and more in this FU Money review.

Let’s get going!

Who is Dan Lok?

Dan Lok FU Money Review - Dan's Homepage

Dan Lok, who refers to himself as “the king of high-ticket sales”, is a Chinese-born businessman who now resides in Canada and has a classic rags-to-riches story.

He talks about that here:

To sum it up:

His parents divorced when he was 16 years old, and he and his mom immigrated to Canada at that time. Dan already didn’t have a lot of confidence and he was a loner in high school.

When he moved to Canada, it was a completely different culture and language and he got picked on in school a lot. He had a job as a grocery bagger and thought he might be a martial arts trainer someday. But he quickly realized neither of these options would pay the bills.

He knew he had to do something different. He worked as a grocery bagger for one year and has never worked for anyone after that. He said, “I just can’t work for anyone else.”

He said that he started and failed at 13 businesses but that he couldn’t afford to give up due to having too much debt. He finally hit success and became a millionaire by the age of 27 and a multi-millionaire by 30.

He has several programs and courses that we’ll talk about a little later.

What is FU Money?

F.U. Money is a book written by Dan Lok. It’s part motivational speech, part kick in the ass, part promotional material for Dan. He gives you a no-nonsense look at money and how to get “FU money”. That is money that gives you the freedom to do whatever you want in life.

The subtitle of the book sums it up well: “Make as Much Money As You Damn Well Want And Live Your Life As You Damn Well Please.”

By the way: Dan uses very colorful language throughout the book. If that’s something that bothers you, I would suggest you don’t read it.

There are 26 chapters in the book broken into four parts, plus an epilogue. The four parts are:

  1. The F.U. Money Lifestyle
  2. The F.U. Money Myths: 8 Myths That Are Keeping You From Making Your F.U. Money
  3. The F.U. Money Mindset
  4. The F.U. Money Business

I particularly like how he talks about the “standard” way of making F.U. money, which is to work your job for 30 years and save and invest a little of it over that time so that hopefully you can have enough to retire on and kind of enjoy the last years of your life.

Here’s a snippet from F.U. Money that shows you how Dan feels about that:

From FU Money - why wait until you're old and gray to retire?

I personally loved reading F.U. Money and I believe that Dan is my brasher, potty-mouthed spirit twin. I read the entire book in one sitting.

At the time of this writing, Dan is giving the book away for free, so snag it while you can!

Dan Lok Books

Besides F.U. Money, Dan Lok also has a few other books that he’s written (many of these are free on Kindle):

And these are books that Dan is featured in:

Dan Lok Programs

Besides his many books, Dan Lok has different programs and product offerings.

Dan Lok has different programs where you can learn from him.

High-Ticket Closer™ Certification Program

As it says on Dan’s website, “This is not a sales program. The psychology of conventional sales and High-Ticket Closing™ are worlds apart. The latter requires a higher level of finesse and intellect.”

This is an intensive 7-week mentorship program where Dan takes you through the strategies, skills, and mindset needed to close high-ticket sales.

Cost: $2,495

Tube Your Own Horn

Dan says that YouTube is what took him from a local Canadian businessman to an “international mentor to millions.” This program will show you how he became so successful on YouTube.

This is a 6-week mentorship program where Dan will walk users through the Tube Your Own Horn lessons step by step.

Cost: $1,995

High-Ticket Influencer

This program is for influencers already making $300,000 or more and who want to scale up to a million-dollar business. This is a 12-week course that show you how to use social media to attract more customers, be the “top dog” with social capital, how to create irresistible videos on YouTube and much more.

This is a program that you have to apply for and get accepted into.

Positive Reviews

I saw quite a few positive reviews from people who have taken Dan Lok’s courses. Some of them have said:

  • Dan’s High Ticket Closer (HTC) course is amazing and has delivered great results
  • Best money I ever spent
  • I used Dan’s help to go from $800k in sales to $1.3 million
  • I was able to net $13,000 after taking Dan’s HTC course
  • Dan is definitely legit!

Here’s a great review from Koh Chin Siong on Quora:

“In marketing, we have this saying:

People buy with emotion and justify it with logic.

In fact the same statement can apply to people as well. Because we have to buy into people before we buy into what they’re saying.

So some people are sold by Dan’s no BS attitude and buy into him before they hear about his content.

Others hate it and therefore already dislike him before they heard anything he says.

As someone who’s been a full time entrepreneur for a few years and a self-development enthusiast, I can say this:

  1. Dan Lok says a lot of things similar to Tony Robbins. Yet his haters really hate him much more for giving the same piece of advice. Go figure.
  2. My own experiences as a marketer and instincts dealing with business people over the years convinced me, Dan Lok is not a poser.

He has a solid grasp of copywriting, for one. His copywriting videos are some of the best I ever learnt from.

I actually didn’t like him at all when I first saw his videos.

I saw him as arrogant, stuck up, know it all, condescending (which he was), and one of those guys who like to give generic advice that so many business “gurus” these days like to give.

I’ve seen lots of these posers in rented Ferraris and Lambos and mansions and whatnot. They give shitty advice. Meaningless trash that’s so generic, you know they don’t have a deep understanding of what they’re talking about.

But then this irritating guy’s video kept popping up in my feed and finally I started paying attention to what he was saying.

He was talking about his own business experience for different types of clients.

As someone who has been through ups and downs in business, I know when a person really experienced this problem before. It’s extremely difficult to fake it.

And when he can talk about multiple problems like this that match my own experience? That’s when I started learning seriously from his videos.

I don’t know how good his seminar is, never been to one. But I do believe he is a self-made multi-millionaire.

Because I’ve met quite a number of millionaires over the years, and know some of them closely. His mindset is definitely very close to theirs.

And also, I just want to say, I have never known a millionaire who says things like “$3000 seminars are a scam! Who would teach people the real system to get rich if they’re good?”

Not a single one.

Every one of them likes to learn new things and believe they can learn real systems from others that will make them rich.

Cos that’s how they got rich in the first place.”

Dan Lok Complaints

I found a lot of people who complain about Dan Lok, calling him a scam artist, a con and a poser. I found something interesting about a lot of these people though. We’ll discuss in a minute.

The complainers said things like:

  • Dan’s program is a pyramid scheme
  • I’m pretty sure Dan is a fake guru
  • I think it’s a scam, but I haven’t taken his courses
  • Prior to his online teaching, I doubt he was truly rich
  • You can learn everything he teaches from YouTube

Some people did go through his course(s) and didn’t find value in it, and that’s fine. Not all courses are going to be good for everyone.

I have an issue with a lot of the complaints I saw. I have no skin in the game because I haven’t gone through Dan’s courses and I’m not promoting them in any way. I just thought it was interesting that a lot of the complainers (and there were a lot and they were pretty hateful) didn’t go through Dan’s courses.

I posted some of the things above…”I’m pretty sure Dan is a fake guru”, “I think it’s a scam, but I haven’t taken his courses”, “I doubt he was truly rich.”

These people have no idea about anything. And these are the type of people that will just follow along with an idea just because.

This is dangerous and will keep you broke and stuck right where you are.

If there’s one thing I learned looking into Dan Lok, it’s to make sure not to think something just because someone else thinks it.

Use your own mind and come to your own conclusions.

Is Dan Lok Legit?

Looks like this is up for interpretation. Some people say he’s a scam artist, and some people say he’s a solid salesman with great integrity.

I know when I read through the FU Money book, I didn’t think “Scammer!”. In fact, as I mentioned, it felt like Dan was my spirit twin. It’s like he pulled the thoughts out of my head and put them in the book.

From what I’ve read in his book and from the YouTube videos I’ve seen (including the one I posted above), I feel his sincerity, and I’m not sure why he rubs so many people the wrong way.

Believe me, I’ve been scammed. And I also review plenty of scammy products on this website. I know a scammer when I see one.

In my opinion, Dan’s not one.

From the comments I’ve read, people are turned off by his “arrogance” and his lavish lifestyle. He’s really not arrogant if you look more into him and what he teaches. And his lavish lifestyle is a part of what he’s selling. It’s what he’s trying to get others to be more like.

If people are turned off by that, that’s their choice. But perhaps their mindset is lackful and they’re not willing to risk letting themselves dream of having everything that they want out of life? Is that Dan’s fault? Or theirs?

Dan Lok Alternatives

Dan Lok’s F.U. Money book is free as of the time of this writing, so that’s a plus. His other courses are pricey though, as I’ve shown you above.

One of the complaints that people had about Dan Lok is that his courses are so expensive. Of course they are. He’s the self-proclaimed king of high-ticket sales. Why would he sell something that’s low ticket?

Also, as he says, it’s to weed people out who he knows aren’t going to take the course seriously. (And I understand why after reading the negative comments. Most of the commenters are complaining just to complain and they would complain if it was a $5 course.)

In any case, $2500 is a lot to spend, especially if you’re just getting started with your own online business. His courses could be a great way to enhance your skills later down the line.

My #1 Recommendation

My #1 recommendation to learn how to build an online affiliate marketing business is Wealthy Affiliate. Affiliate marketing is a way to sell other people’s products for a commission. It’s my preferred way of doing business because you don’t have to worry about inventory, closing sales, recruiting, or any of that hard stuff.

Wealthy Affiliate will teach you how to build your own affiliate website step by step. For $49 / month, you get access to all the training to get your website up and running, secure web hosting, 24/7 technical support for your site, Live Chat, weekly live trainings and a very active community of over 1 million people.

In other words, you pay much less than Dan Lok’s courses, but you get insane value at $49 / month (or $359 / year).

Try Wealthy Affiliate here.

Other Recommendations

I’m always going to recommend Wealthy Affiliate first because I do believe they have the most value for the money. But I do have other recommendations if that’s not your cup of tea.

These are all different types of courses or products that use different methods to make money. You’ll have to see for yourself which one works best for you:

  • Blog Simple Framework = $1299 one-time fee
  • ClickFunnels = $99/ month
  • Thrive Themes Membership = $19 / month (paid annually) (Thrive has conversion-focused plugins to use on a website, but they also have Thrive University with a variety of incredible resources for learning online marketing.)
  • Udemy = A variety of courses for a variety of costs

Any course or product can work for you – or not work. Yes, the quality of the course is important but more important is you putting the action into what you’re learning.

Many people will get a course and then do nothing with it. (I admit it, I’ve done that.) Some of those people will then claim that the course was a scam because they spent money on it and it didn’t make them money.

Courses aren’t there to automatically make you money.

They’re there to teach you how to do things.

Things that you’re supposed to then put into action.

Just remember that.

And…that concludes my pep talk for today! 🙂


I hope this F.U. Money review gave you some insight not only into the book but also into Dan Lok himself and the courses that he offers.

I definitely recommend reading F.U. Money (if you don’t mind some f-bombs thrown around) because it’s a good book to help shift your mindset about money. This is necessary if you ever want to achieve having F.U. Money yourself.

It’s up in the air whether or not Dan Lok’s courses are worth the high-ticket prices, but from what I’ve seen from reviewers, you get out of them what you put in. (Which is true of everything in life.)

If the high cost of Dan’s courses is too much, but you still want to learn how to run your own online business, you can’t go wrong with my #1 recommendation, Wealthy Affiliate. Read my full Wealthy Affiliate review to see all they have to offer, or just get started right now with a Free Starter Membership.

An Update – A Couple of People Who Feel They’ve Been Scammed By Dan

I just wanted to throw in a couple of interviews of people who feel they’ve been scammed by Dan. I just wanted to show another perspective of Dan and his teachings.

Interview 1:


Interview 2:


To sum it up, their experiences were that they joined High Ticker Closer, were told that they would get jobs after “graduating”, but instead, they were sold more and more programs along the way.

So in their opinion, there’s only one person who’s really getting high-ticket sales.

And that’s Dan Lok.

They both said that his training is extremely low quality and not anything like his YouTube videos. When you’re paying in the thousands of dollars for training, it better be DAMN good.

Of course, what you do with your money is up to you.

I know for sure you will not be scammed if you choose one of my two favorite training platforms.

13 thoughts on “FU Money Review (Is Dan Lok a Scammer?) – Updated Dec. 2019”

  1. Hello Chris, I must say that this article is very helpful and informative. Honestly, I heard about Dan so far but just like other people I was thinking that he is one of those gurus who would lie folks just to earn money. Based on your article I can feel that you are right about him and that reading his courses is definitely worth it. I will check a YouTube video again to understand things better.

    • Dan has a lot of great content on YouTube. I would definitely recommend starting there and then checking out his F.U. Money book. I can’t say if his courses are worth it. They’re just really pricey, and maybe that helps some people work harder to get their money’s worth? I don’t know. 

  2. Dan Lok is one of the very few online personnel that I found very interesting and also in some ways, very annoying. Though I like his approach towards money and his straightforward manner of talking however, his use of language does makes him sound annoying to me sometimes. However, getting this F.U. money would actually help a lot in setting the right mindset towards getting money. Though I don’t have the budget yet to opt in for any of his pricy programs, I would however, love to possess this F.U. money book. Thanks

    • I like his straightforward approach too. I know his language might be too much for some people. I don’t mind it, sometimes it ads a little more kick-in-the-buttedness. lol But yes, give F.U. Money a read. It’s definitely motivating. (Although, if you don’t like the language, then you’re not going to love the book.) 

  3. Hello Christina, on my research about making money online, I met with Dan lol, online ofcourse and I saw some of his videos, like you, he looked really arrogant to me and I had a hard time liking him. Moving away from that, I haven’t heard of the fu money but looking at your review I think I should grab one since it’s free, who knows, I could have a rag to robe story too. Thanks for the review .

    • I actually don’t think Dan is arrogant. Actually, I know he comes off that way in some of his YouTube videos, but I think that’s just kind of his schtick. In any case, I would definitely give FU Money a read and see what you think! 

  4. I finished reading this book last 3 weeks and I have realized just how lazy I have always been, how many excuses I have actually made as to why I’m not financially free. Thanks to Dan Lok for writing this book and giving me the much needed kick in the face that I needed to get my head screwed in right. My goal now is just to do my research and get my business started. This is a great book and I definitely recommend this book to others that want that F.U. money like myself.

    Awesome review!


    • Thanks for your thoughts on F.U. Money, Jordan! I’m glad it gave you a kick in the pants like it did for me. I’ll have to remember to revisit it again when I need another kick in the pants. It’s very motivating! 

  5. Hi, your post is really helpful as it discussed in details about F.U. Money, I have heard of many bad things said about Dan Lok but I am changing my mind based on your review about him.

    For you to be sure about him calling him your twin, this phrase gave me attention to give him a try. 

    As from the beginning of the world, one man’s meat is another man’s poison and the way we see things is different.

    I genuinely like wealthy affiliate there are still some people who will call it s scam and I have tested it and I can say wealthy affiliate rocks.

    • I like your saying, “one man’s meat is another man’s poison.” Very true! That’s true with everything in life. 

      I am glad you are enjoying your membership at Wealthy Affiliate. It’s absolutely the best place to start learning how to earn an income online. And you can’t beat the price for all that they offer. 

  6. Well. His message is quite good and laudable,
    I have read the book very well and it sound good but his training course is much more expensive.
    If he can reduce it to have many poor people joining it would have been better.

    • He is the self-proclaimed King of High-Ticket sales, so I suppose it wouldn’t make sense for him to sell his products for cheap.

      But if you’re going to sell an expensive product, it better be worth it. And I think there are plenty of people who say his products are not worth the price they paid for them.

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