DMM System Review [Guaranteed $2700 Per Day Income?]

Welcome to my DMM System Review!

This is an interesting system because you’ll see in my review below that there about 3 other different names used for this system.


That gives us some clues what this is all about.

DMM System Review

This system “guarantees” that you’ll make money. Yet, they really don’t guarantee that at all.

In fact, there are a lot of tricks involved here, and I’m going to show you all of them.

Let’s dive into this DMM System review!

Tired of disappointing or scammy products?

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DMM System Summary

Product: DMM SystemCost: $97Owner(s): “Matthew Dixon”Good For: The product owner

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What is DMM System?

Here’s the headline on the DMM System sales page:

DMM System headline says you can make thousands after watching the video.

So all we need to do is watch the video and we can start getting paid up to $5000? We’ll see about that! Also, do you see how it says there are 8 spots remaining? That’s a marketing trick to make you think that you don’t have much time left. If you refresh the page, it goes back to the original number.

The sales video starts by congratulating us for qualifying to be a part of a system that can make us up to $2739 per day.

There is a disclaimer that says results are not typical.

They do have a disclaimer here that says: “Results not typical. Please see the earnings disclaimer for typical results.” I checked out the earnings disclaimer and it’s pretty typical.

It just says your results are based on your level of activity. The product owner uses a pen name for privacy reasons. (It’s funny though because most -if not all – product owners who have a good product that actually works are proud of their product and do not want or need to keep private.)

Fake Testimonials

The video gives us some fake testimonials right away. The first guy said he just made over $10,000 in a day. The second guy said he made over $11,000 in one day. The next two testimonials also give us ridiculous amounts of money.

You can tell that they’re fake because:

  • The amount of money they say they’ve made is always very large
  • Not only is the amount of money large, but they all do it in a short time period
  • The people just sound like actors

In fact, these people are actors and you can find them on one of the popular freelancer sites (usually

This image of some of the testimonials was also used in another product I just reviewed, Home Income Millionaire.

These testimonials are actors

Can you actually make $10,000 in a day working from home with online marketing? You can. I’ve seen people legitimately post about it. But it takes time and practice to get there. It will likely take several years to get to that point.

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Guaranteed Cash in 21 Steps

The sales video goes on to say that you’re guaranteed to start making up to $5500 cash after watching this short presentation all the way to the end. That’s interesting that they “guarantee” it because they clearly stated that they don’t guarantee results in the disclaimer.

They hope that you don’t read the disclaimer because they want you to get excited about the possibilities of making this kind of money. You’ll be more likely to shell over $97 to find out how to make this kind of money.

The video then goes on to ask how long we think it would take to start making enough money to become a millionaire? It then says that we can do it in 21 simple steps.

21 Simple Steps to making money?

You can master these steps in as little as 30 minutes a day, and all the hard work will be done for you.

My Online Profits Breakthrough?

The video says we can use a system to learn how to make loads of money online called My Online Profits Breakthrough.

My Online Profits Breakthrough is another name for this program?

Wait. What??

I thought this was called the DMM System? You see, what happens a lot of times is that these products come out, and maybe they get bad reviews, or they get a lot of complaints, or returns, or maybe they’re just testing different sales copy, but they’ll re-brand the products and put them back out with a different name.

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I think the main benefit is that the person behind these products gets to relaunch them, and it makes them more money. (Oh, do you think they’re making money using their actual system? Maybe a little, but where they really make money is through selling these products to people like me and you.)

My Online Business

Another testimonial pops up and this guy, Joe, calls this system “My Online Business”. I mean, this is getting really confusing. This is the third name used for this one system.

What’s interesting about this testimonial guy is that he says that My Online Business is helping him get payments of $1000, $3000, $5000 and even $10,000.

This actually gives us a little bit of a hint about what’s going on here, which we’ll discuss a little later.

Private Elite Club

According to the video, there’s an elite group of internet marketers and they have the secret to earning $2739 per day. And that secret involves real, ethical products that pay huge commissions – all the way up to $13,500. And this system sells these products for you.

No one, except for these elite members, have access to the 21 Simple Step system.

21 Step System

If you’re keeping count, that’s the 4th different product name that we’ve seen so far.

Matthew goes on to say that there’s no way you can possibly lose money, and in fact, you’re “guaranteed” to make money. First of all, let’s remember what the earnings disclaimer said. They can’t guarantee that you’ll make money. Yet, the video guarantees it. Hmmm….

Secondly, there’s a way you can lose money with this. And you can lose it big time. Keep reading…

How Does DMM System Work?

According to the video, this system is almost effortless. You just turn on the traffic, point the traffic to your offer, and you can make up to $13,500 in commissions. Easy, right?

Sure, if it were that easy, absolutely everyone would be doing this. It’s not exclusive, it’s not a secret and there aren’t only 3 spots left, so let’s clear all that up right now.

After you pay $97, what happens? Well, heck if I know (I kind of do know) because the sales video never explains. They only say that you’ll be promoting high-end products to people who can afford them. And you only need about 50 website visitors a day to get to a million dollars.

If only it were that simple!

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High-Ticket Offer

Even though we don’t completely know what this system is all about, we are left with some clues. First of all, since this presentation is very, very similar to Home Income Millionaire, you can read my review on that and get a great idea of what DMM System is.

I’ll give you an idea here.

The biggest clue we got in this sales video was when Matthew mentioned the “21 Step System”. In the Home Income Millionaire review, I discovered that there was something called the 21 Step Millionaire Coach, which was a funnel into the high-ticket program called MOBE, which was recently shut down by the FTC.

Since MOBE is shut down, I can only offer a guess that there’s another new high-ticket offer that you’ll be redirected to.

So, how do you make (or lose) money with this? Let’s discuss in the next section.

Is DMM System a Scam or Legit?

I’m not 100% going to call this a scam because I didn’t spend $97 to really find out what this is all about. Also, you likely will get some training for your money.

However, I still wouldn’t recommend it and there are several reasons for that. 

Let’s go over them…

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DMM System Review – 

Pros & Cons


  • Likely uses affiliate marketing, which is legitimate
  • You could potentially make a good income with this


  • Unknown product owner. Matthew Dixon is a pen name and we don’t know anything about the person who runs this program
  • We don’t know what we’re getting with our $97
  • Testimonials are not real and are played by actors
  • Saying you’re guaranteed to make money when clearly they cannot guarantee that
  • Saying there’s no way you can lose money, even though you can lose a LOT of money
  • Using several different names for this one program
  • Saying you can make up to $13,500 per sale with just 30 minutes of work per day
  • Saying you only need a few visitors to your offer to become a millionaire
  • Your information will be sold to other marketers (see the next section)

Look in the Privacy Policy

Whenever you’re not really sure about a product, I recommend looking at the disclaimer and especially the Privacy Policy. Most legitimate companies ensure that your information will not be sold.

However, I’ve seen this with a lot of these shadier products:

DMM System Review - Privacy Policy states your information may be sold.

This means that as soon as you sign up for this program, you will almost immediately begin receiving many, many, MANY more offers for other products and systems.

What Will Happen After You Sign Up?

Again, I didn’t go through the process of buying into this program, but I’ve seen enough of these sales videos and I’ve done enough research to have some ideas of what’s going to happen with this one.

  • You’ll spend $97 to get access to some training
  • You’ll get funneled into a high-ticket program and you’ll start receiving calls from a “coach” that will try to sell you on the higher-priced trainings
  • You’ll realize in order to make those big commissions that the sales video mentioned, you’ll have to pay thousands of dollars yourself to qualify
  • You’ll try to make that money back by selling the same system to others

Are high-ticket programs a problem? Not necessarily. If you can afford the large costs, there can be benefits there. You just have to be careful because affiliate marketing isn’t as simple as sending a few visitors to a website and collecting cash. I wish!

So that’s where you can end up losing a LOT of money. You may buy into the high-ticket offer but never sell the high-ticket offer yourself. Then what?

I have an alternative suggestion for you

Learn Affiliate Marketing 101 First

Affiliate marketing is absolutely legitimate and it’s what I do. Most big businesses out there have affiliate marketing programs, such as Amazon, Walmart, Target and many, many more.

What this means is that they will pay commissions for affiliate marketers (people like me) who promote their products. The affiliate marketers are not employees, they work independently.

It’s a fantastic business because you can learn how to promote just about anything you want. You have the freedom and flexibility to work on your own schedule and there’s not really any limit to how much money you can make. (It’s only limited by your time, commitment and abilities.)

What I would recommend is starting a little smaller in regard to affiliate marketing. Learn the basics, build a solid foundation. Learn how it all works before trying to jump into high-ticket promotions.

If you try to jump into those high offers too soon, you’re not going to know how it all works, and you’re going to end up losing money big-time.

Instead, I recommend you learn how to build an affiliate marketing website step by step and start a little smaller. You can learn how to earn and get your feet wet and THEN decide if these high-ticket programs make sense for you.

Of course, you’re free to do whatever you want, I’m just trying to help you get to where you want to go financially without the huge risk.


I hope this DMM System review made it clear what will likely happen if you buy into the program. While I can’t say with 100% certainty that you’ll be funneled into a high-ticket offer since I didn’t try it out for myself, all clues point to that happening.

You can certainly take that risk if you’d like. It’s your choice.

However, if you like the idea of affiliate marketing and making money from home, I recommend building a solid foundation and learning what it takes to be a successful affiliate marketer first before diving into those expensive offers.

You can easily learn everything you need to know step by step with my #1 recommended affiliate marketing training. This is the place that taught me how to put this website together, and they can teach you exactly the same thing.

What’s even better is that you can choose to promote anything that you’re interested in. That way you can learn, earn and do it in a way that’s less risky and way more fun.

Let Me Show You How to Make Money Online

Let me give you my Free guide, 4 Steps to Affiliate Success. You’ll see that there really are just 4 main steps to making money with affiliate marketing.

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4 Steps to Affiliate Success<img alt=”4 Steps to Affiliate Success” width=”375″ height=”533″ title=”4_steps_Cover_new” data-id=”4810″ src=”” style=”width: 100%;”>Do you have any questions or comments about this DMM System review? What do you think of high-ticket offers? Is it worth spending $10,000 on something if you can make $5000 per sale after? Leave me your thoughts down below!

6 thoughts on “DMM System Review [Guaranteed $2700 Per Day Income?]”

  1. What? Get paid $5,000 after watching a video? This is obviously a wild claim to trick innocent newbies in. And by the way, what does DMM even stand for? Why do I feel like I’ve heard the 21 steps from somewhere? I remember MTTB to be a 21-Step program too. Is that a coincidence, or are they related to each other? And oh, My Online Business… Education? Also known as MOBE? Now this biz opp is surely creeping me out!

    Whatever it is that bothers me about DMM, it’s definitely signalling me to put on my running shoes and sprint as far away as possible from the program. The hype, the fake proofs, the hidden founder, and the different names combined should make everyone skeptical as this is not a good sign.

    Besides, starting an affiliate marketing business does not have to be costly. Like you, I feel that it really has a price tag on the back-end. Obviously, the sales video wanted the newbies to see that they can earn a $13,500 commission, but NOT the price it will cost them.

    • Looks like MTTB was another MOBE product, so yes, they do seem to be related! Since the FTC shut MOBE down, I’m not exactly sure what program you get funneled into with DMM System. (DMM stands for Digital Millionaire, I believe.) 

      Yes, earning $13,500 commission is tempting, but you’re going to have to pay probably double that in order to get it. You’ll basically have to shell out money that can buy a decent car in order to make those types of commissions. And then you’ll need to find others willing to shell that out in order to make your money back. 

  2. I wonder why people would even involve themselves in these kinds of things. I get desperate people and people who have recently just got internet access (3rd world countries?) that are naive, but even then, any mature person will stay away
    from these kind of programs. You’re definitely right when you say that it looks strange and shady, let alone downright unprofessional. If they had so much money, couldn’t they afford to atleast try to look more legit?

    “When I see a bird that walks like a duck and swims like a duck and quacks like a duck…”

    • The fake testimonials are always a big clue for me. Why not get real testimonials if your program is legit and people are actually making money? It would be easy to find them…

  3. That’s an awesome review. I have listed DMM system among the top systems available, as someone suggested me this. But, I’m glad that I get to read it’s detailed review from your website. Though it’s a bit surprising for me, but it’s great that I get to know it’s detail. Now I’m no longer left with any more doubt about it. And, of course, I’ll never suggest this system to anyone. 

    Anyways, Would you say that it is good for nobody, whether beginner or advanced? 

    Also, It seems like they have a great privacy policy, working legally for them!! Thanks for sharing this useful review. And, thanks for guiding with your no. 1 recommendation

    • DMM System may have some training, but it seems that the main purpose of this is to funnel people into a higher-ticket offer. I would suggest those with experience would do a little better with it because you’re going to need to know how to buy ads in order to get traffic. (By the way, that’s more money that will need to be invested in this.) 


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