Quick Home Websites Review [Why This is Not the Best Idea]

Quick Home Websites Review

Welcome to this Quick Home Websites review!

The promise of this product is that you can easily copy a website and have it start making money for you almost immediately.

The problem is:

That just doesn’t happen.

In online marketing (and really, anything), it takes time to learn new skills and put them into practice. Let me show you what’s promised here and why you’re better off doing things a different way.

Let’s dive into this Quick Home Websites review.

Tired of disappointing or scammy products?

I’ve got ya covered! 

Quick Home Websites Summary

Product: Quick Home WebsitesCost: $37Owner(s): “Jake”Good For: The product owner

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What is Quick Home Websites?

Here’s the headline on the Quick Home Websites sales page:

Quick Home Websites review - headline says you can make $1k starting today<img alt=”Quick Home Websites review – headline says you can make $1k starting today” width=”654″ height=”99″ title=”ced6b7738717ebe39b1b738b08075594_cropped_optimized” data-id=”5125″ src=”https://christinapiccoli.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/ced6b7738717ebe39b1b738b08075594_cropped_optimized.jpg” style=”width: 100%;”>

We’ve seen these “weird” tricks before. In fact, this is the same exact headline (and sales video) from another product I’ve reviewed called Your Dream Websites. Why would they clone the Your Dream Websites sales page and come up with a new name? I’ll explain a little later.

All I know is that I haven’t yet found a weird trick that will make me $1000 starting today. If you actually find one, leave me a comment below so I can sign up!

The sales video starts off by “Jake” (I’m putting his name in quotes because this is a pen name) telling us that he’s set up an account for us and it’s going to start making us money while we watch the video. He calls it “live proof.”

Of course, this is just silly. Everyone who watches isn’t going to have their own account from Jake making them money. Please don’t fall for these kinds of marketing tricks.

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Jake says that the doors to this opportunity won’t be open forever and people are “begging” to use his websites. He claims that if we leave, the next person in line will get the money that our account is already making. Lies and tricks.

Jake says he’s been able to make over $10,000,000 from four years of being in internet marketing, and now he’s allowing us to copy his exact system.

(Note: the $10,000,000 may be true. We have no way of knowing for sure. But people do make serious money in this business. He said it took him 4 years. If it is true, that goes to show you that it takes time to grow an online business.)

Jake says that he’s had students sign up recently and they’re already getting paid:

Quick Home Websites testimonials are not real<img alt=”Quick Home Websites testimonials are not real” width=”488″ height=”276″ title=”0fb0817c721f381b9c80972f06c017f3_cropped_optimized” data-id=”5126″ src=”https://christinapiccoli.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/0fb0817c721f381b9c80972f06c017f3_cropped_optimized.jpg” style=”width: 100%;”>

But you can see that these are made up. This woman’s image is a stock photo. She’s not actually making money with this system.

Jake says that he takes care of all the work for his partners and that you don’t even need a computer. You can do this from your cellphone if you want, and you don’t even need any technical skills. All you need to do is check your account to make sure your money is coming in.

This is all just a bunch of nonsense, so let’s move on.

How Does Quick Home Websites Work?

I don’t totally know how this product works since I’m not about to waste $37 to figure it out. My guess is that it’s similar to other products I’ve reviewed such as Five Minute Profit Sites, where you’ll get a done-for-you website that already has affiliate promotions within the site.

Those promotions would be tied to you and if someone purchased, you would get a commission. Affiliate marketing is a legit business (it’s what I do), but this is not the right way to do things. We’ll discuss that a little later…

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The real purpose of this program is to:

1. Get your $37 2. Get your email address so that they can send you more “opportunities”

Your email address is worth a lot to these marketers. Some of them even sell your information to other marketers. (I’m not saying this site does that. In fact, their Privacy Policy says they don’t. However, that doesn’t mean you still won’t get bombarded with emails. Oh, you will. I assure you that you will.)

Is Quick Home Websites a Scam or Legit?

Since I didn’t buy Quick Home Websites and I didn’t go through it myself, I am not 100% confident in calling it a scam. You probably do get something for your money. I assume you get a done-for-you website and probably a bit of training.

What’s scammy though is the sales video and the big promises they give you. Let’s talk about those a little more below.

Thumbs Down<img alt=”Thumbs Down” width=”500″ height=”500″ title=”Thumbsdown_Black” data-id=”3634″ src=”https://christinapiccoli.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/Thumbsdown_Black.png” style=”width: 100%;”>

Quick Home Websites Review – 

Pros & Cons


  • Uses affiliate marketing, which is legitimate
  • They have a 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Fairly inexpensive


  • Saying you can use a weird trick to make $1000 starting today
  • Using fake testimonials
  • Saying you won’t need to do any work
  • Saying you can make money quickly
  • Unknown product owner

The Downsides of Done-for-You Websites

It seems like a done-for-you website would be a good thing. It would save you the time of building up a website from scratch, and it already has offers on it, so what’s the problem?

There are several.

1. It’s not unique content. Because these sites are copycats, the content between them all is not unique. Because of that, Google and the other search engines won’t rank them. That means you won’t be able to get free visitors to your site. Which means you’ll have to pay for traffic. That can get expensive.

2. They don’t look professional. These sites are full of promotional products. There’s not really much content on there that will be of value to people coming to your site. Do you think it will look trustworthy enough for people to get their credit cards out? Just put yourself in the shoes of a customer making a purchase online.

3. You don’t get to choose what you want to promote. You get what you get with these done-for-you sites. It’s not like you get a choice about what goes on your site. If you create a site and build it from scratch (I’ll tell you how you can easily do that in a bit), you can choose whatever topic you like.

4. If the owner closes down his site, your site is also shut down. Let’s say you buy some traffic and your site is actually doing really well. What happens if the owner of the original site (who you don’t even know) closes up shop or gets his sit shut down for some reason? You have no control over this, and your site will go down with it.

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So while done-for-you sites are easier and may be tempting to go with especially if you’ve never created a site before, there really are a bit too many downsides in my opinion. And honestly, it’s not hard to make your own site. If I can do it, I KNOW you can.

Why They Re-Brand and Put a “New” Product Out

Remember above when I said that this sales video is an replica of the one from Your Dream Websites? This actually happens a lot in online marketing. And there could be a couple of reasons why this happens.

One more positive thing that could happen is that they want to test the sales copy and video to see what works better.

But more likely, the reason is that they were either kicked off their affiliate platform for violating the terms, or they got too many negative complaints or returns and no one was buying.

Then, the product owner can just re-brand, re-launch and stick a “new” product back out there that will bring in more sales for a little bit until the same exact thing happens again. It’s an endless cycle.

How to Build YOur Own Website (It’s Easy) 

Building your own website is surprisingly easy these days. With today’s technology, you can have a site up in mere minutes. Learning how to monetize it with affiliate marketing is easy too, especially when you have the right step by step training.

Here are the basic steps of how this all works:

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1. Think of a topic 2. Grab a domain name (or use a free one to start) 3. Grab a website theme that you like (this is the design and how it’s laid out. You can always change this later.) 4. Push your website live 5. Sign up for affiliate programs 6. Create helpful content for visitors 7. Make commissions on the products you promote Of course, these are just the very basic steps. There are quite a few ins and outs and that’s why I highly recommend that you get the right training. Can you piece everything together from YouTube? Maybe, but it’s going to take you forever. You’ll likely get too frustrated before you get very far.

You’ll be so much better off if you can follow a proven system. One that over a million people have used! 1.2 million people cannot be wrong!


Is Quick Home Websites going to be the solution to all of your money problems? I’m sorry, but no. In fact, buying into this will likely add to your money woes because you’re going to spend $37 and be right back to square 1 anyway.

Why not take the time and learn how to create your own affiliate marketing website instead? You’ll just never get far with these get-rich-quick schemes. Instead of wasting time and money on those, do it the right way, and be hugely rewarded for it for years to come.

Have a little patience, and it’ll pay off for you. Big time.

Let Me Show You How to Make Money Online

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14 thoughts on “Quick Home Websites Review [Why This is Not the Best Idea]”

  1. I don’t blame you for not trying out this system. The weird trick to make $1000 sounds a bit fishy to me to. 

    The other red flags were definitely the stock photo’s used, the fake testimonials and of course most importantly not knowing who owns the business that you are buying into.

    I would rather as you say, learn to do affiliate marketing the right way from the start with my own original website, not a clone that many others also have a copy of. There are no shortcuts to earning a living online, it takes lots of training and work before you will see results.

    • Absolutely true, Michel – there are no shortcuts to earning a living online. You’re seriously only shortcutting yourself when you buy into these products. 

  2. The Quick Home Websites is a scam..no question about it.  I have paid out monies in the past to similar scammers and their promises are over the top and there are essentially no results of any significance.  So you’re out the money  you paid for the promise and since you signed up and paid, you can bet they’ll back with another fictitious product in a few weeks or months..it is a scam cycle. 

    My experience with the best of the best is with Wealthy Affiliate. I joined them in April and I’ve made significant progress in getting my site up and running. I’ve learned so much and have relied on the great network of people they have to learn even more from their experience. 

    Don’t waste your hard earned money on scams, you’ll be very disappointed.

    • Thank you for stopping by and sharing your thoughts! I’m glad you’ve found your way to Wealthy Affiliate and that you’re making lots of progress. Keep it going! 

  3. Great article on Quick Home Websites. I have searched for a long time on work from home opportunities and I run across dozens of website programs just like this that have big promises with little return. I have never tried this program but have tried a few others out there that are very similar and I have gotten little to nothing in return. I have noticed that the pitch is always the same in that you get all these big promises and the pitch is so long that by the time you get to the end of the page you forget what exactly you are buying. 

    • It’s not even that you forget what you’re buying, but they almost never tell you what you’re buying. That’s another red flag for me. Most legitimate programs give you a look into what you’re actually getting before you spend your money. 

      It’s like they’re actually proud of their product because it helps people. And they usually give their name when they’re proud of their product. Weird, right? lol

  4. Thanks for posting such a great review. I have never heard of Quick Home Websites before seeing this and I’m so glad you   provided such good information about it. You’ve done a real service here because not only would people lose their money here the thought of innocent people ending up on that kind of a mailing list is frightening.

    There’s no free lunch out there but there are definitely powerful ways to make money online when you get educated the right way and apply some solid work to it.

    • Oh, the mailing lists are “fun”. lol I sign up to them to find new products to review and because I like to see what happens. It doesn’t take long for me to get upwards of 500 emails in about a week. Good times! 🙂 

  5. Thank you for this great review.  I have not run across Quick Home Websites, but I will be ready for them if I do!  I appreciate the fact that you did not beat around the bush.  I also appreciated the transparency on your profile page.  I do believe that you have your readers’ best interest at heart and that gives me confidence in your reviews.  I haven’t fallen for any of these get-rich-quick schemes, mainly because I’m a tightwad.  

    Your review of Wealthy Affiliates was one of the most comprehensive reviews I have read on anything.  It answered every question I had and I am really going to look into it.  Thanks again and I look forward to reading more of your interviews.  Beside Wealthy Affiliates, are there any other affiliate marketing programs that you recommend?

    • Haha, I love how you admit to being a tightwad. Nothing wrong with that as long as you also realize that investing in yourself is sometimes necessary and it’ll pay off in the future! However, you obviously want to invest in the RIGHT things, not these get-rich-quick products. 

      I’m glad you enjoyed my Wealthy Affiliate review. I tried to answer as many questions as possible because I know that people like yourself may be skeptical and I wanted to be as transparent as possible so that everyone can make the best possible choice for themselves. 

      I have recommended reviews here of other products that I find to be useful. I do think there are other good training platforms out there besides Wealthy Affiliate. The one thing that makes them stand out though is the community, and I haven’t come across any training that also has a really active community. 

  6. Good afternoon Christina,

    Strange to read that Quick Home Web Sites suggests you copy a website? Where is the personal touch? Doing this the internet would be soon filled with clone web sites. I do not think that would look good or really function.  As you rightly point out sites like that cannot rank.

    Fact is from doing nothing comes nothing. I agree with you this whole thing looks like complete nonsense.

    What I find very suspicious is the fact the real creator of this product is nowhere to be seen. Fake promises and fake testimonials, these are lots of red flags to me.

    Thank you for the warning, I will not fall for it.

    Regards, Taetske

    • I understand that sometimes people online want to use a pen name instead of revealing their identity. But when it comes to products that are supposed to help you earn a living online, it just makes me a little suspicious when you don’t even have a hint of a real person. 

      From what I’ve seen in my time being online, the product creators who create great products are happy to reveal themselves because they aren’t in it just for making a quick buck. They truly want to help people, and they make it easy to reach out to them. 

      Just take a look at Wealthy Affiliate. I have reached out to Kyle with questions (one of the co-founders) and he gets back to me. He’s running a huge operation but he still takes time to connect with his customers. You can’t do that if you’re in hiding. And then what happens when you get stuck on something? 

  7. Hi Christina! I have bookmarked your site and everytime I have some spare minutes I come over to your posts to read. I have been learning a lot here. I can sum up that your posts have taught me two import things: 1. A lot about affiliate marketing 2. And also how to distinguish a scam from a legit program.

    Expressions like they are going to teach us some “weird tricks” or that we’ll be able to make money without working are recurrently used by scams. So I’ve learned to avoid those sites that take this approach. And Quick Home Websites falls into this category. Thank you for your helpful posts.

    • Thanks so much for stopping by Henry and sharing your thoughts about this Quick Home Websites review. I appreciate it, and I’m glad I’m helping get the word out about the things that will likely work, and the things that likely won’t. 

      Building an income online is no different than building an income offline. You need to learn new skills, practice, fail and practice some more until you hone your craft. These “Weird tricks” just aren’t going to cut it. 


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