Instant Email Empire Review (I Almost Bought Into It)

Instant Email Empire Review

Welcome to my Instant Email Empire review. Today we’ll be looking at a product that practically guarantees our success. But is it really true, or is Instant Email Empire just another scam?

To be honest:

It’s not a scam, but it’s kind of shady.

And I *almost* bought into it myself.

This one sounded really good, I must say. But thankfully you’re doing your research before spending your hard-earned money.


It’s actually NOT all it’s cracked up to be.

Read my Instant Email Empire review below and you’ll see what I mean.

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Here are the areas we’ll explore in this Instant Email Empire review.

  • What is Instant Email Empire?
  • How Does Instant Email Empire Work?
  • Is Instant Email Empire a Scam or Legit?
  • Learn How to Make Money Online Legitimately
  • Conclusion

What is Instant Email Empire?

Product: Instant Email Empire
Cost: FREE! Er, no, it’s $34 for a 30-day “trial”
Owner(s): “Bobby”

Before you even get to the sales page for Instant Email Empire, you’ll have to give up your email. Since this product is all about email, this actually makes sense.

Email lead capture page

The headline on the sales pages claims that we can duplicate this system – for free (but there’s always a catch) – of sending simple emails from home to make money.

Instant Email Empire headline

It’s nice that we see an actual person on the sales video. Many times you never know who’s behind these products.

Instant Email Empire's creator, Bobby

Oops! He’s actually an actor.

While I couldn’t find him on Fiverr (he may not be on there anymore), he was spotted there by others who have reviewed this product. Oh well. It was nice to think this was a “real” person.

Moving on:

Bobby says that this is an opportunity of a lifetime to partner with him and start earning money immediately – for free. He says that he’s made millions of dollars using email marketing.

He claims that he’s not just going to show us how he did it, but he’s going to partner with us and give us everything we need to duplicate his success.

Bobby says he’s been working in online marketing for 19 years. He tells us about his huge house, his lavish vacations and his Bentley. He says that he doesn’t want to impress us, but rather impress upon us that this is something real.

(Don’t forget, Bobby is an actor.)

He then goes on to tell us that every successful company uses email marketing. He tells us this not a scam, not about starting a new website, not about learning new traffic secrets, and not about learning how to write and publish blogs.

He reiterates that this is completely real and completely free.

Bobby says that they can’t send all the emails that need to be sent and that’s where he needs help. The email service providers won’t let him because he has too many people on his list.

The only downside is that he can only work with a limited number of people – only 100. We see that’s not really true later in the second sales email.

They actually need a lot of e-mailers
He says that he’s not going to charge us because he’ll make money when we make money.

He says that he’s going to give us the email subscribers (the hard part). He’s going to set up an email account for us, give us the offers and teach us how to put it all together. After we make money, he’ll split the profits with us.

It’ll take about 10 minutes a day to send out the emails.

He says we can keep the email subscribers that he gives us.

This is hands-off to start. Then you can manage your account after that.

How Does Instant Email Empire Work?

Of course, since this is completely free (well, kind of – I’ll tell you about the catch later), I decided to sign up and see if I can get more information. Is this really that easy?

I filled out my information and was then sent to a site called Copy My Email System. Here I am shown another sales video and there’s also that banner below that says I can earn my first $100 in the next 10 minutes. For free, I bet. (Wink, wink)

This is a partner-driven system. When we make money, they make money.

Apparently, after you send out the emails, you’ll get paid for every click, whether a sale is made or not. They work with a company called In fact, ClickAggregators is really the company that will send you commissions.

Here’s a little about them from their site:

Click Aggregators About page

This seems to be their main talking point about their email list and why they have this system:

Their email list is too big and needs to be broken up into smaller lists

I have to say, my “real” job used to be as an Email Marketing Manager, and this is actually true. When we had big lists, it took a very long to send them out. And we were using BIG Email Service Providers (ESP). Bobby and his crew are probably using a much smaller ESP.

And now we come to the catch. You’ll need to sign up for an email sending account.

You'll need to sign up for an email service provider

In the sales letter area, they do say that you can get a 30-day trial for $30. If you’re not making money with this system by then, you can cancel.

The email service provider is $30 for a 30-day trial

$30 actually seems like a lot for a trial. It makes me wonder if this is really for an email trial. Or perhaps you have to pay for leads. If that’s the case, then this is really cheap. (Not necessarily a good thing and you may need to pay more and more for leads…)

I couldn’t find any more information on what happens after the trial.

Here’s an example of what the emails that you would send out look like:

Instant Email Empire Email Example

OK, I was pretty good with this up until this point. Let’s see if this is a scam or not.

Is Instant Email Empire a Scam or Legit?

Thumbs DownInstant Email Empire is not a scam, but there are things about it that are definitely shady, and I would beware. You know, I almost fell for this one myself. Even though I’ve been reviewing products like this for a while not, this one almost got me.

Good thing I dug into it more before plunking down my $34.

Instant Email Empire Review – Pros

  • Easy to use, good for beginners
  • Multiple ways to make money

Instant Email Empire Review – Cons

  • Actor pretending to be the person behind this system
  • Saying this is free when, in fact, you have to pay for email leads
  • Not knowing where these email leads come from
  • Likely low-quality leads

The biggest issues I have with this product are:

  1. The email leads
  2. The emails themselves

OK, we have NO idea where these 500 emails are coming from. You’re paying $34, but the quality of the leads is unknown. In fact, I have been on several sites where – in tiny print so you don’t see it – they say they will sell your information.

I have a BAD feeling that’s where these leads come from.

Which means these people are not going to be interested in buying whatever is in your email. Not only that, they may even report you for spam, and you (and Instant Email Empire) will be swiftly shut down and possibly fined.

The other issue I have is with the emails themselves.

They look like crappy spam emails that we all get in our inboxes every day that we immediately chuck. They just don’t look legit.

Now you’re paying $34 and there’s a great chance that you won’t make anything from your 500 leads because of these two issues.

Or, perhaps they give you good leads first so that you make a little money, and then the more you buy, the worse your leads get. I can see that happening too.

In either case, I’d be really careful with this. I do NOT recommend this one.

Learn to Make Money Online Legitimately

Listen, you don’t have to use trickery to make money online. So many of these shady products do just that. Not only do they trick YOU (and almost me this time!) in the sales pitches, but then they use trickery to try to get people to click on their dumb emails.

This is not necessary and taking the easy way out always leads to more work and more problems.

Instead, if you want to make money online, why not learn how to do it legitimately – with integrity so that you don’t have to worry about being shut down for breaking email rules?

It’s really not that hard, especially if you get the right training and learn how to set everything up properly.

It does take some time and effort, but doesn’t anything that’s truly worth it? If something doesn’t take time and effort, there’s a reason for that. (Probably it won’t actually work.)

It’s actually very easy to set up your own website and learn how to promote affiliate products, which is essentially what Instant Email Empire is doing, except they do it exclusively through emails.

You can learn how to send emails too – but learn it the RIGHT way, please! You will save yourself time and headache.


Unfortunately, this Instant Email Empire review left us with some disappointment. But no need to stay disappointed because real people ARE making great incomes online.

But the people who are really doing a great job have a lasting and growing income stream because they learned the right way to do things.

Check out these affiliate marketing success stories and see for yourself.

All of those successes came out of my #1 recommended affiliate marketing training. In fact, I’ll send you off to the first lesson in the training right now. (Don’t worry, it won’t cost you anything.)

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Do you have any questions or comments about this Instant Email Empire review? Did you think this was too good to be true, or were you thinking it was going to be good like I did? Leave me comments down below!

6 thoughts on “Instant Email Empire Review (I Almost Bought Into It)”

  1. Hi Christina,

    I have read your article on instant email empire review and Unfortunately, this Instant Email Empire review left me with some disappointment. But the people who are really doing a great job have a lasting and growing income stream because they learned the right way to do things. It’s actually very easy to set up your own website and learn how to promote affiliate products, i think Instant Email Empire is not a scam, but there are things about it that are definitely shady, and I would beware. thanks for the review.

    • I’m sorry that you were disappointed by Instant Email Empire as I was! It seemed like it could have been really good, but alas…it’s not as good as I was hoping. 

      It’s definitely much better in the long run to do things the right way from the start. 

  2. You have done an excellent job of guiding us through the Instant Email Empire review.

    I am disappointed to learn that email leads are not of a high quality and are from dubious sources and will not generate the response that we require. 

    To my way of thinking, to get started you need to sign up for an email sending account, which costs $30.00 for a 30 day trial, which is an astronomical amount just to be sending off emails!  This is way over my budget and certainly not affordable for me.

    My conclusion is that the scheme seems a bit dubious and I don’t think I would invest in it.

    Thank you for advising us of the pitfalls of this opportunity helping us to make a calculated, accurate and informed decision.


    • I’m glad my Instant Email Empire review helped you! Thanks for stopping by and commenting. 

  3. Online business, blogging or affiliate marketing is an integral part of the modern era. I myself intensely involved with it. So if I want to do well in this sector, there is no alternative to training, honesty, and patience. And for this, Instant Email Empire will hopefully help me. Although it is free, I think it would be better if we set a slight price for it. I’ll share it with my acquaintances. Thanks for writing such an article that is very useful for earning money.

    • Thanks so much for stopping by and reading my review of Instant Email Empire. I would just use caution if you do try it. However, if it works for you, come back and let me know! 


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