Is 22 Minutes to Profits a Scam? [Psst. It’s Connected to Another Scam.]

Is 22 Minutes to Profits a Scam? That may depend on your definition of a scam. Will you get something for your money? Yes. Will it make you $300 – $500 a day starting on day 1? Not even a chance. Will you make $300 – $500 a day eventually? I highly doubt you will make even 1 penny with this. 

The bigger issue is that 22 Minutes to Profits is connected to another scam website that has had people saying that:

  • The product didn’t work as advertised
  • They couldn’t get anyone to help them
  • They couldn’t get their money back
  • Multiple charges happened on their credit card

Let’s take a good look at this one and see what it’s all about.

22 Minutes to Profits is a “get rich quick” make money online product. They charge you $47 and claim that you will get a “free” website already set up. From my understanding, it seems you will get a done-for-you Amazon affiliate website.

Recommended? I absolutely do NOT recommend you give this website your credit card information. Firstly, the product will not do what’s promised on the sales page. Secondly, you will likely not be able to get your money back, and you may even incur multiple charges. Third, you will be bombarded with other make money online offers. Please read this article fully to understand what this is all about.

22 Minutes to Profits News Article

I’m not exactly sure how you came across 22 Minutes to Profits, but I saw it embedded in one of these fake news clips.

22 Minutes to Profits Fake News Site.

This “news” article is filled with so many marketing tactics to make you feel like this is a real job that you’re applying for.

For instance, check out those logos at the top from well-known news organizations. That’s just there to make you feel like this is more legit. It just says “online work at home programs seen on…”, but it doesn’t say that 22 Minutes to Profits was seen on there. But it makes you think that it is.

And then they have this section where you “apply” for the job:

Apply for 22 Minutes to Profits?

This isn’t a real job. It’s just a make money online type of program.

There’s also the fake comments:

These comments aren't real.

Notice how the comments are conveniently closed. That’s because these comments are all faked. They don’t want anyone real commenting on this because they know they’ll get called out.

If you scroll to the bottom of this news article, or any other that you see, they usually tell you in the terms (in the tiniest of writing) that this is all fiction.

The one on this page says:

“This is a paid advertisement. This website is not affiliated with any newspaper publication or online news source. The story depicted on this website, including the person depicted in the story, is fictional. The results portrayed in the story and in the comments section are illustrative, and may not be the results that you achieve with the advertiser’s product or service. This website is compensated for clicks and/or referrals that result in sales of the products(s) featured on this website. ”

It goes on to warn you to make sure to read the full terms and conditions of the product because some products charge your credit card monthly and you may not know it unless you really read everything.

You gotta be careful out there!

What is 22 Minutes to Profits?

22 Minutes to Profits is a make money online product that is very similar (actually, the same) as Website ATM, Profit Point Autonomy, Money Sucking Websites and more.

That’s bad news.

I’ll show you how I know they are all the same a little later.

Here’s what the sales page looks like:

The sales page claims you can use a weird trick to make $500 per day.

I already know that there aren’t any “weird tricks” that will help you earn a huge income like this page is suggesting.

The video goes on to tell us that we can make loads of money without doing something like network marketing where you beg your friends to buy.

You won’t be doing any of the actual selling and you don’t need to have any technical experience. The video claims this it not one of those “phony get-rich-quick scams”, but I think we’ll disagree about that one. I’ll show you later why.

The video claims that you will get your own “free” website to get started. (I say “free” because you have to pay $47 for the product, and there are usually additional costs too.)

How Does 22 Minutes to Profits Work?

First let’s talk about what the goal is for a product like this. I always see these types of sites as having 4 main goals:

  1. Get your $47
  2. Get more money from you on upsells
  3. Get your personal information so they can promote even more products to you and make even more money from you
  4. Possibly sell your information to other marketers

#3 is something they mention in their Privacy Policy:

22 Minutes to Profits uses your information to sell you more things.

I’m going to show you something else really interesting in their Privacy Policy a little later in this article. It’s how I know that they’re connected to those other shady products I mentioned above, so stay tuned! You won’t want to miss it.

How Does the Product Make You Money?

To be honest, I don’t know exactly how 22 Minutes to Profits actually works because they don’t show you in the sales video. I thought of spending $47 to find out for sure, but I don’t trust this site one bit with any of my credit card information and I have a feeling that I won’t be able to get my money back once I find out that it’s not worth $47.

I’ll tell you why a little later.

They did give us some clues in the sales video though, so I have some ideas of how this works.

Done-for-You Website

From my understanding, it sounds like 22 Minutes to Profits would give you a done-for-you Amazon affiliate website. This would be a website that is already set up and loaded with products from Amazon.

You would then sign up for an Amazon affiliate account, and add your affiliate links to these products. When someone clicks on a link and makes a purchase from your site, you earn a commission.

Amazon affiliate marketing is a very legitimate way to earn and income online, and I’m actally going to talk to you about it more a little later. I’m going to show you someone who makes a killing from Amazon affiliate sites.

The thing is, these done-for-you sites are NOT a good way to do this. 

You don’t have control over your own site, and you will need to pay for traffic to get people to them. But why would someone purchase a product from your site instead of just going straight to Amazon? The people that you send to your site won’t trust you, and therefore you’ll be wasting money sending people to it.

Believe me, I’ve been in affiliate marketing for a while. Trust is a big factor for people who buy something online. Isn’t it for you?

All hope is not lost though, as I’ll show you later.

Is 22 Minutes to Profits a Scam or Legit?

So, is 22 Minutes to Profits a scam? As I mentioned at the very top of this article, I think it depends on your definition of a scam. I do think you’ll get something for your money. I don’t think that something will make you anywhere close to $300 a day.

I would be surprised if you even made a dime from this product. In fact, you’ll likely lose money since you’ll have to buy traffic to send people to your site.

It’s scammy marketing if nothing else. But keep reading to see what else I found in the Privacy Policy that makes it even scammier in my eyes.


  • Making money through Amazon’s affiliate program is legit


  • Unknown product owner
  • Fake testimonials
  • Huge income claims
  • Done-for-you websites are not very good
  • Shady marketing tactics
  • They will use your information to sell you more things
  • Not a trustworthy site
  • You may never get your money back
  • Connected with other shady sites

I recently wrote an article for Profit Point Autonomy and I noticed in their Privacy Policy that it had a support email address for Well, I found the same address in 22 Minutes to Profits too: was a scam product.

I discovered that was another “make $500 easily” shady scam product that had plenty of complaints. Here’s one that I found interesting: complaint that matches up with 22 Minutes to Profits.

In case you can’t read that, you can find that complaint (plus several others) here.

Many of the people say that they either can’t get a refund at all, or only get a partial refund. Some even say that they have had multiple charges on their credit card.

Be very careful with this!

Red Flags

There are many red flags in the sales video for 22 Minutes to Profits. Let’s go over some of them so you know what to look out for with future products.

Red Flag #1 – Fake Testimonials

You can always tell when a testimonial is fake. They just don’t sound sincere. And the fact that they give you these huge income amounts that they’ve made…you have to use some logic and reason with this.

For instance, the first testimonial guy said he made $567 the first day. That just isn’t possible. You need time to learn anything new and implement it.

Our second testimonial says she’s making $2300 per day.

The testimonials on 22 Minutes to Profits are actors.

Is that possible? Eventually. It usually takes many years to get to that point.

In any case, these people are actors. Some of them I’ve seen on other product pages. You can see a couple of them on my post about Cash Website Success.

This is a huge red flag because any legitimate product will easily find real testimonials to include.

Red Flag #2 – Limited to 150 People

This is another marketing trick where they use FOMO on you. You know, fear of missing out. They tell you that you need to hurry and make a decision because you don’t want to be left out.

This isn’t true at all. They want as many people to buy into this as possible because that’s how these marketers make their money!

Red Flag #3 – Fake Product Owner Name

The person who created this product’s name is Frank Stafford. But not really. That’s a pen name, and we don’t know the real owner’s name. This is a big red flag for me because when someone creates a good product, they WANT to show their name and their face.

It gives them good recognition and helps to make their brand better. If you can’t find a real name behind a product, that’s a sign to run for the hills!

Red Flag #4 – Saying the Other Guys are the Shady Gurus

This is a favorite red flag of mine. It’s the one where the sales video tries to convince you that they’re the good guys and that the “other” guys are the gurus. The other guys have the fake mansions and sob stories. “We’re not like them. You can trust us.”

The other guys are sleazy, but not 22 Minutes to Profits.

If these guys were the real deal, you wouldn’t need any convincing. They could just show you by showing their face and showing you exactly how the product works.

But, this is just like every other shady product out there where you don’t know who’s behind it or what it’s all about without buying into it first.

Red Flag #5 – They Don’t Tell You How You’ll Make Money

The 22 Minutes to Profits sales video gives us some clues about what you’ll be getting when you pay, but you don’t really know until you get in there.

Most legitimate products and services will either let you test it out with a free trial, or a free membership with limited features or will give you a demo.

When a product or service is good, the people behind it WANT to show you everything you’re getting so that you can feel confident that it’s a good thing to invest your money toward. 22 Minutes to Profits leaves it up in the air, and that is a big no-no for me.

Affiliate Marketing is Awesome

If there’s one redeeming quality about 22 Minutes to Profits, it’s that they recommend affiliate marketing. Specifically through Amazon’s affiliate program.

As I mentioned previously, this is a completely legitimate way to do business online. But I really recommend setting up your own website that you have control over instead of a done-for-you site.

First of all, you can do what you like with your own site. You can promote anything you want (it doesn’t even have to be through Amazon as there are tons of great affiliate programs out there) and you’re not tied down to what a done-for-you site has.

Also think about what happens if 22 Minutes to Profits gets shut down for some reason. Your site will be gone!

Plus, when you learn how to set up your own site (which is not hard to do at all), you learn the skills necessary to create a consistent stream of income.

Here’s my review of my #1 affiliate marketing training recommendation. They have all the training, tools and support you need to get started. I am a member myself and have been for quite some time. But you can see for yourself and decide.


In case you like to scroll to the bottom like me and get all the answers, I’ll give you everything here quickly. Is 22 Minutes to Profits a scam? It depends on your definition of what a scam is, but let’s go with yes. #1. You won’t make the money that they claim in the sales video. #2. There’s a good chance they’ll take your money and run.

They do recommend Amazon affiliate marketing, which is legitimate. But I recommend you learn how to do this the right way using my #1 recommendation for affiliate marketing training. You can either read my full review here, or you can check it out for yourself. You can join as a Free Starter Member and you don’t even need a credit card.

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