Is Passive Profit Pages Legit? [Shocking Discovery!]

Have you come across this new opportunity and now you’re wondering…is Passive Profit Pages legit? I’m happy that you’re researching this and not just going for your wallet.

I know it’s only $9 for it, but let me spend that money first so you can see if it’s worth it.

I bought the product and you and I are going to see what it’s like together.

(Pssst. Since I’ve already seen it, I can tell you there’s a shocking discovery in there!)

I’ll also give you all the scoop on their sales video and I’ll show you some red flags that you may want to watch out for.

Is Passive Profit Pages legit? I think I’ll be able to answer that question for you in this article, no problem!

Let’s get into it!

What is Passive Profit Pages?

Passive Profit Pages

The sales video starts off by telling us some people from different states made some money using Passive Profits System. And it’s due to this one secret method:

Passive Profits System uses a secret method

The video goes on to say it’s easy to make up to $25,000 a month when you know how.

And you barely have to do any work. You just need an hour a day.

The next part of the sales video shows us some testimonials. For instance, this guy says he easily makes as much as the bankers and Wall Street guys and that he’s made over $200,000 in 8 months.

This testimonial for Passive Profit Pages isn't legit.

I know it’s not true though, and I’ll show you why a little later.

Moving on…

The video says that you can use Passive Profit Pages using a phone, tablet, computer or laptop and you don’t need any special skills. Anyone can make money with this secret method.

In fact, they will make your Passive Profit Pages for you.

Our product creator, Bill, says that he learned this system and within the first week he made over $5,000. In fact, he made over $100,000 in just four months.

Is Passive Profit Pages legit?

You know that saying, right?

If it sounds too good to be true…

There’s just no way that happened. But OK. Let’s keep an open mind. We’ll discover for ourselves what this system is about next.

How Does Passive Profit Pages Work?

So I wanted to take a look into Passive Profit Pages for myself, so I bought the course and I recorded myself as I explored the inner workings of this product.

Here’s the video if you’d like to see it:

Some points I make in the video are that:

  • As soon as you purchase the product, you’ll get hit with upsells. Maybe the upsells are good but I’m not about to spend $100s of dollars to find out.
  • There are a few training videos. I didn’t look deep into them because I didn’t want to show too much content that’s not mine.
  • The basic premise of this product is that you get a done-for-you website template, and you add your Clickbank ID and poof! You make loads of money. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy. And I’ll explain why a little later in this article.
  • I wanted to show the test websites, but all of the links were broken! SHOCKING!! That’s NOT a good sign!
  • They had an affiliate offer for John Crestani’s product within the member’s area. I see this all the time. I love affiliate offers (that’s what I do!), but it’s not good practice to send someone to another program when they just bought YOUR program. UGH.

The main purpose of these types of products is:

  • To get your email address so they can send more crappy get-rich-quick schemes to you
  • Try to get you to give more money via the upsells
  • To get you to buy their affiliate offer (John Crestani in this case)

Be careful because some of the terms and conditions of these types of products also allow them to sell your information to other marketers!


I had a done-for-you website built for me. See what it looks like. It’s pretty funny!

Is Passive Profit Pages Legit Or a Scam?

I wouldn’t exactly call Passive Profit Pages a scam. It’s scammy that they tell you that you’re going to make tons of money with this, which isn’t even close to reality.

Is Passive Profits legit? Well, that’s another question, isn’t it? The concept itself is legit. Affiliate marketing is legit. I just don’t think this product will help you to get to where you want to be, and it’s mostly due to the done-for-you web pages that they give you.

(I’ll talk to you about that in a minute.)

You can definitely make a lot of money in affiliate marketing for sure, but this is not the way to do it.

I have been around the affiliate marketing block for a while. You can’t shortcut your way to success. Believe me. I wish we could!


  • It’s inexpensive
  • You can get your money back if it doesn’t work for you
  • It’s easy to get a page built
  • Affiliate marketing is a legitimate way to earn an income online


  • Unknown product owner. “Bob” is just a made-up character
  • The income claims are outrageous
  • The testimonials aren’t real (see more about that below)
  • There’s some training, but not enough to really teach you affiliate marketing skills
  • There’s not a lot of focus on traffic (I’ll show you part of a document they provide about this)
  • The product is out-of-date and has dead links
  • Done-for-you websites (especially these) are not that great to use

Done-For You Websites

Let’s talk for a minute about done-for-you websites. According to the sales video, you’ll get five different done-for-you websites when you sign up for Passive Profit Pages.

You get 5 done-for-you websites.

But actually, when I went into the member page, none of these were available.

The only thing available is a keto website. At least that’s the subdomain I got to choose from.

There’s not even a keto website in the previews (even though the previews don’t work anyway), so it’ll be interesting to see what I get. If I get anything because it seems like this product is kind of dead.


The reason I don’t like these done-for-you sites is for a few main reasons:

  1. They look scammy and untrustworthy. Who’s going to buy from these??
  2. Google will suppress these sites and you won’t be able to get free traffic from them.
  3. You don’t learn the skills to really be a successful affiliate marketer.

These types of products don’t focus enough on how you’re supposed to get traffic. You need people to come to this website in order to make purchases.

As I mentioned, there is a document in the member’s area that does talk about traffic. It’s a whopping 2-page document. And they mainly tell you to use social media to send traffic to your site.

But they don’t tell you this secret:

No one on social media will care about your scammy-looking website!

Also, it’s outdated:

Is Passive Profit Pages legit? Not according to these dead links.

I understand the desire to get something up and running quickly and start making money fast. But unfortunately, it just doesn’t work that way.


Passive Profit Pages Red Flags

Let’s take a look at the red flags with Passive Profit Pages. I love going over these types of things so you know what to look out for when you’re reviewing other products and opportunities.

Red Flag #1 – The Secret Formula

This one’s easy. There’s no secret formula. Ever. There are steps and paths that other successful people have taken that you can follow, but they’re not secrets.

You can probably find everything you need online. It might be more annoying than just getting a course or some training, but it’s there.

No secrets.

Red Flag #2 – It Takes Minimal Work Each Day

This is silly.

You can’t just expect something for nothing. This is a bad mindset and it needs to go. I’m not saying you have to hustle, hustle, hustle until you’re practically dead, but you have to put some work into things that you want to succeed.

Plus, doesn’t it feel good when you put some work into it? Doesn’t it feel like an accomplishment?

Red Flag #3 – Fake Testimonials

How do I know the testimonials are fake? Well, I’ve seen some of these actors from other products I’ve reviewed. I’ve seen tis guy many times. He’s from the freelancer website

Fake testimonial

No hate to him. He’s just doing a job. It’s disingenuous for the marketers though. They’re pretending their product is better than it is.

And if it really worked, they’d easily be able to find plenty of real testimonials to say good things about it.

Red Flag #4 – Unknown Product Owner

In the sales video, the person speaking says his name is Bill. But who is Bill? He’s no one really. A lot of these get-rich-quick kind of products use a pen name.

In some ways, I understand using a pen name. Not everyone wants their name blasted all over the internet.


I can’t think of a single case where I bought a product that I loved and didn’t know who created it. When I see a product like Passive Profit Pages, and I don’t know who created it, it makes me think that’s because they know their product isn’t that good and won’t work so they don’t want to put their name out there.

Passive Profit Pages Alternative


I love the idea of making money online.

Actually, no. Forget the idea.

I love making money online! 

And I love doing it through affiliate marketing. It’s my preferred income choice.

The thing is, you’re not going to do it with these cheapie get-rich-quick products. Can you get that out of your head? If you can, then you can succeed. Because all these products do is take your time and money. They don’t actually help you.

What helped me was finally saying, “OK Christina. You have to stop chasing easy, and learn how to do this the right way.”

That’s where my favorite training platform comes in. I have been a member for quite some time, and they taught me how to FINALLY earn a consistent income online. And they can teach you too.

It’s all step-by-step with a combination of videos and text. And there are weekly live trainings. And we have a HUGE community that can help you out any time, day or night. Here’s my ultimate review so you can see what it’s about for yourself.


Is Passive Profit Pages legit? I hope I answered that question for you by now. Obviously, it’s up to you to do whatever you want with your money. I ain’t stopping you.

But I honestly don’t think you’ll get very far with this product. And even if it’s only $9, I don’t think it’s worth it. (In fact, I don’t even know if the website I requested will be set up because everything is so outdated!)

There are other ways to do things.

The right way is the best way.

This is the training platform I most trust to teach people how to make an affiliate website that pays you over and over again. And the best part is that you can check it out with a free membership (no credit card required).

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