Is Cloud 9 Life an MLM? [Worth Joining This New Company?]

Is Cloud 9 Life an MLM? Yes, it’s a health-based multi-level marketing company. I’m guessing someone has contacted you about it and maybe asked you to join? Maybe they even told you it’s a “ground-floor” opportunity? But now you want to find out for sure…is Cloud 9 Life a pyramid scheme? Or a scam? Is it a legitimate company?

I’m going to take you through this opportunity so we can figure it out together.

If you’ve been on this blog at all, it’s no secret.

I’m pretty anti-MLM.

But, my mind can always be changed (it often does), so let’s see if this is a great opportunity or a waste of time and money.

What is Cloud 9 Life?

Cloud9Life Homepage

It’s interesting.

I just went to the Cloud 9 Life About page, and the page is all about how this company works virtually (in the “cloud”) and there’s not anything on there about their products.

Cloud 9 Life is another MLM with health products. As if there aren’t enough of those already!

So you would think their About page would mention something about health. Something like, “oh we started this company because we believe in health and wellness for all!”

But instead, it’s all about how they work virtually.

This is just an observation. It does make it seem like their products are not the most important part of the company, but maybe that’s just me.

Cloud 9 Life started in January 2020. The CEO is A.K. Khalil.

Cloud9Life CEO

A.K. Khalil was formerly the CEO of another MLM, Gold Canyon Candles, which recently closed due to “insufficient funds.”

Better luck this time, A.K.!

Cloud 9 Life Products

Let’s take a look at some of Cloud 9 Life’s products and see how their prices compare to non-MLM products out there. There are currently only 10 products on the site, so I’ll list everything below.

Cloud9Life Products

  • Quench – 30 packets: $49.99
  • Great Greens – 30-day supply: $37.49
  • Mission Control – 30 packets: $49.99
  • Secret Weapon – 30 veggie cloudcaps: $49.99
  • Focus Fix – 60 veggie cloudcaps: $49.99
  • Higher Ground – 20 packets (Super-Infused coffee, whatever that means): $24.99
  • 3-in-30 System – contains a 3-day supply of Moxy Body and a 30-day supply of Moxy Builder: $62.49
  • Improve Focus Repair Bundle – contains Quench and Focus Fix: $94.99
  • Increase Energy and Immune Support Repair Bundle – contains Great Greens and Quench: $83.99
  • Weight Control Repair Bundle – contains Mission Control and Secret Weapon: $94.99

I don’t know the exact formulas for these products, but I assume they’re just like most supplements out there. For instance, Quench is an electrolyte drink.

Here are a couple of different options that you can get on Amazon for much, much less:

Alternative Cloud9Life products

Or, just drink water! That’s free!

And how about those Great Greens? Cloud 9 Life’s is $37.49 for a 30-day supply. Here are alternatives that are on Amazon for less:

Green Greens alternatives

Or, you can just eat veggies. (Which I recommend over these because I’ve used these powders before and they taste awful!)

When it comes to MLM products, there’s almost always an alternative that’s much less. MLM products can be pretty good, I’m not dissing them there. But they’re more expensive.

And that’s because there has to be a way to pay on the compensation plan.

How Much Does it Cost to Join Cloud 9 Life?

In order to join Cloud 9 Life and become an Independent Executive, you’ll need to purchase a Business Starter Pack. There are three to choose from at the time of this writing.

Cloud9Life Starter Packs

These Cloud 9 Life Starter Packs are:

  • Fast Start Pack = $100 with EZ Ship or $110 without
  • Weight Control Value Pack = $190 with EZ Ship or $200 without
  • Builders Pack = $470 with EZ ship or $480 without

What is EZ Ship?

EZ Ship is Clou9Life’s monthly autoship program. If you choose to be on EZ Ship, you will select a bundle of products to be sent to you every four weeks. You will also get a 10% discount on future orders.

EZ Ship Products

The EZ Ship product bundles include:

  • 3-in-30 System = $49.99
  • Improve Focus Repair Bundle = $$123.19
  • Increase Energy and Immune Support Bundle = $111.98
  • Weight Control Repair Bundle = $123.19

So the minimum cost to join Cloud 9 Life is $99 (plus tax and shipping). Prices go up from there. You also have to take into consideration some other expenses that may come up.

Some of these additional optional expenses may include:

  • Traveling to and from places to meet potential customers
  • Business cards, brochures, and other marketing materials
  • Traveling to the company’s convention
  • Additional products that you may want to try yourself
  • Additional product purchases to give away as samples
  • Table fees if you set up at fairs or conventions

Here’s an interesting note from this report posted on the FTC’s website:

“In 1994-5, I put Nu Skin, a leading MLM program, to the test for a year, devoting all my time to climb to the top 1% of participants (counting ALL participants, including dropouts). During that year I kept careful records of my spending and wound up with expenses of over $1,500 per month including products and services from the company, plus all operating expenses, such as travel, telephone, computer supplies, advertising, meeting rooms, etc. My commissions totaled only about $250 a month, netting an annual loss of approximately $15,000.”

Just something to keep in mind for any MLM you may consider joining.

Cloud 9 Life Compensation Plan

The Cloud 9 Life compensation plan can be found here. I’m not going to go into a lot of detail because compensation plans are confusing, and because – I’ll be honest – I’m not going to recommend that you join Cloud 9 Life so there’s no need to go over the plan in detail.

But, if you want more details, I always like pointing to BehindMLM because they do a great job of explaining these. BehindMLM concludes that there isn’t anything that stands out with this plan, good or bad.

There isn’t anything wrong with it, but there’s also nothing special about it.

You can also watch this video about the Cloud 9 Life Rewards plan if you so choose:

It’s exciting stuff for sure.

(I’m being a little sarcastic.)

Cloud 9 Life Income Disclosure

Since Cloud 9 Life is brand new, they do not have an income disclosure. However, I’ve seen enough income disclosures to know exactly what it would say. It’s what they ALL say.

I don’t care how new a company is, how “different’ they claim to be, how great the products are, all income disclosures show the same thing.

Almost no one makes a decent living in an MLM.

I have two reports to show you. First, this is from the same report on the FTC’s website that I mentioned above. More than 99% of participants in an MLM lose money.

“The loss rate for MLMs is at least 99%. This means that less than one in 100 MLM participants make a clear profit, and at least 99 out of 100 participants actually lose money! In fact, classic no-product pyramid schemes are ten to one hundred times as likely to result in profits as are product-based pyramid schemes, or MLMs.”


My friend Mike put together his own study and found that over 92% of MLM participants lose money!

That’s not much better.

Cloud 9 Life Complaints & Positive Reviews

I wasn’t able to find any Cloud 9 Life complaints or positive reviews. The company is just too new at this point. And I don’t think it’s very popular. At least not yet.

We’ll have to keep an eye out for reviews if and when it gains more popularity.

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Is Cloud 9 Life a Pyramid Scheme or a Scam?

I wouldn’t consider Cloud 9 Life a scam or even a pyramid scheme. At least not yet. As long as there is a bigger focus on retail sales versus recruitments, it keeps the company more legitimate.

But there’s bad news with that.

I haven’t seen an instance where you can make more money through retail sales. The big money is in recruiting. You can certainly make some money with retail sales. But not the big money. And that’s when things go awry and when we start headed to pyramid scheme territory.


  • This is a new company, so less competition for now
  • The start-up cost is pretty reasonable


  • Because this is a new company, there’s a higher chance of it folding
  • People do not trust MLMs, generally speaking
  • It’s extremely hard to make money in an MLM, over 99% of people lose money in them
  • You can make retail sales, but it will be hard to make a lot of money that way
  • Recruiting will make you the most money, but then you head into pyramid scheme territory if it becomes the company’s main focus
  • In order for you to make money with recruitment, it means people below you have to lose money

With the internet, I see two camps of thought when it comes to MLMs.

1. They are easier to work because you can just “run your business with your phone”, and people are attracted to that.

2. More and more people are researching these companies and they are finding out they are not all they’re cracked up to be. Therefore, it will be a harder sell for people.

I don’t know which side will win out, but I’m mostly team anti-MLM. This is through research and through personal experience from being in one. I would rather see you succeed versus being almost guaranteed to lose money.

An Alternative to Cloud 9 Life

If you like the idea of selling people’s stuff for a commission, then I must introduce you to affiliate marketing. It’s my preferred way to earn an income online these days.

There are a couple of similarities between affiliate marketing and MLMs, but not really.

It’s my personal opinion (I’m sure some people will disagree!) that affiliate marketing is far superior. In fact, read my article, MLM versus Affiliate Marketing to get the full scoop.

But, I’ll just give you a few ways that affiliate marketing is better:

  • No recruiting
  • No uplines
  • No downlines
  • No training new people
  • No need to stick to 1 product, or 1 product line
  • Things that you work on today pay off in the future over and over again
  • No cold messaging
  • No warm messaging
  • No bothering your friends or family

Read my free guide on affiliate marketing and learn all about it.


To recap, yes Cloud 9 Life is an MLM. No, it’s not currently considered to be a pyramid scheme. (The FTC can change its mind about that at any moment, as we’ve seen with other companies.) No, Cloud 9 Life is not a scam, but MLMs are generally considered to be scammy by a good portion of the population.

Yes, you can sell products retail. But many people will find ordering health products from Amazon or their local health store will be easier and cheaper. Recruiting is the best way to make money in an MLM, but then it’s more of a pyramid scheme.

What a conundrum!

This is why I prefer affiliate marketing. You can learn everything step-by-step just like I did and build yourself a site that will pay you over and over again.

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