The Science of Getting Rich and the 2 Rules You Need to Follow to Get Rich with Affiliate Marketing

The Science of Getting Rich

I am going through my second listen of The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles. This short book is full of gems and it’s worth reading or listening to it several times. The first time I read it, it inspired this blog post. Now I want to focus on another part of the book.

In fact, this part of the book is so important and will now be completely integrated into this site. I don’t want to just promote affiliate products and send you off. I want you to be a SUCCESS. This teaching from Wattles will help you with that.

This was actually initially inspired by Bob Proctor. I was watching one of his videos where he mentioned this quote:

You get rich by doing things in a certain way.

To me, this explains everything that I’m trying to accomplish here. I promote getting rich through affiliate marketing. That’s what this site is about. So when I look at this quote, I see it in two ways that are both important:

1. Your thoughts have to be a certain way.

2. Your actions have to be a certain way.

Let’s go into it further.

1. Your Thoughts Have to Be a Certain Way

This is what Wallace Wattles emphasizes in The Science of Getting Rich. This is the theme of his entire book. You get rich by doing things in a certain way. He’s talking about training your brain to focus on thoughts of things that you want.

It sounds easy, but it’s actually pretty difficult to hold the thought of what you want long enough for it to come into physical form. This is the real work that we’re here to do!

And this is why people bash Law of Attraction. They don’t fully understand it. It’s not just about wishing for something and waiting for it to fall into your lap. There are actually 3 steps to attracting what you want.

The 3 Steps to Attracting Anything You Want In Your Life

I’ve been studying and applying the Law of Attraction for many years now. From my understanding and what I’ve personally experienced, the process works like this:

1. You visualize what you want.

2. You “listen” for nudges or inspirations.

3. You act.

Visualizing what you want is not easy because you have to be crystal clear and know exactly what you want. And you have to continue visualizing until it comes into being. A lot of people lose faith and give up. “Eh, that’s not going to come. What am I thinking?”

And that’s exactly what you’ll get. You’ll get the thing “not coming.”

When you sign up to get my Free Guide, 4 Steps to Affiliate Success, you’ll be sent a series of emails that talks about these steps. Most marketers don’t do that. They give you the step-by-step requirements of building a website. (This is important too, and what I’ll be talking about a little later.)

But they don’t teach you to put your mind in the right order first. If you can’t visualize yourself being successful at affiliate marketing, you never will be.

I want you to be rich. I want you to accept that it’s OK to be rich. You can do so much more for yourself and others when you have money. Be excited to have riches come into your life. Use it to grow yourself, and to help others grow, too!

You see, when most people start affiliate marketing, they get excited at first, and then they just kind of quit. I don’t want you to do that. If you get your mind in the right place, you will be excited every single day, and you can’t NOT be rich.

Won’t that be fun? 🙂

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We’re Here to Create

According to Wallace Wattles (and other teachers I’ve heard), we’re on this planet to create. Creating is the way that God / The Universe expands through us. I believe expansion is the whole purpose of the Universe. Otherwise, why even exist? (Deep thoughts, I know! lol)

So we do our part by expanding ourselves. There’s a reason we want to be rich, we want the latest gadget, we want to travel, etc.. All of these things let us expand and grow.

It’s not bad to want more and more and more. We’re not satisfied because it’s our purpose to expand! Be extremely grateful for all that you have, but NEVER be satisfied! That’s the opposite of what your mom told you, right? In fact, I’ve told my own son to be satisfied with the mountain bikes he already has! lol But I guess I can’t blame him for wanting more!

I’m not saying you should aim to collect a bunch of useless stuff in your life. But the point of expanding is that once you experience something, you want to experience something MORE.

Let’s go back to my son and his mountain bikes for a second. He had a really nice bike. He joined the mountain bike team. He realized he could learn more and do more on a different bike.

Now he has an even better bike! But he also knows that he can do MORE and learn MORE from other bikes, too. That’s what life is. It’s experiencing ALL that we can while we’re here! And we experience all that we can by creating the thoughts in our minds and then bringing those thoughts into physical reality.

Holding a thought long enough for it to come into physical form is creating. Don’t think it really happens that way? Look all around you.

That chair your sitting on? That was once just a thought. Your iPhone? A thought. Your TV? Also, a thought. The pencil you use to write? That was also a thought.

Everything HAS to start as a thought. That’s where the creative process begins.

Isn’t that exciting though? This is proof that Law of Attraction and using your thoughts to create DOES work. That means YOU can create what you want in your life by using your THOUGHTS.

3 Ways to Keep Your Thoughts Focused

As I mentioned, keeping your thoughts focused on what you want is the real work you have to do. I have three ways to help you stay focused. You’ve probably heard about all of them, but let me remind you.

1. Vision Boards.
Vision boards are powerful because we “see” in images in our minds. When we have a thought, we see a picture of it. So creating vision boards allows those pictures to form more rapidly. When we see ourselves “in” those pictures, it causes us to feel excitement. Connecting your emotion to your vision is essential to attracting what you want.

2. Write it down.
Writing down what I want is my absolutely favorite way of focusing my thoughts on what I want. (I’m a writer, so that makes sense! lol) I’m telling you, there is something magical that happens when you write down what you want. I recommend the book Write It Down, Make It Happen to give you more details about this process.

3. Affirmations.
After you write your things down that you want, say them out loud. I know, I know. I feel stupid too. But there’s something about saying something out loud that connects to your subconscious mind that makes things come to you more rapidly. I know that even when I say something out loud like “I’d love to win tickets to Hershey Park.”, it’s more likely to happen. (That did happen, by the way!)

Another thing that’s good about this is what Bob Proctor likes to say “If read a lie on a card enough times, you begin to believe it.” (Bob Proctor suggests writing down your desires on a note card and reading it several times a day.) And once you believe something, it HAS to come to you.

2. Your Actions Have to Be a Certain Way

As I already mentioned, in order to be successful at affiliate marketing, you have to KNOW that you’ll be successful. That’s why I’m different from the other “gurus” out there. Most of them barely focus on mindset, if at all. They just care about getting the quick sale. They don’t actually care if the person behind the sale actually succeeds.

I am different. I want the people who come to this site to BECOME FREAKING RICH through affiliate marketing. I want you to be excited about the endless opportunities that affiliate marketing holds. I want you to be so successful that you blow me out of the water.

I want you to stay focused on your dream of working from home, having anything you want and having more time to do whatever you want to do to enrich your life. And I hope that when you’re RICH that you’ll pay it forward and show others how to do it too!

There is no competition in affiliate marketing. Oh, others might say there is. But there’s enough room for everyone to be creative and become rich. There are tons of opportunities for you. Do NOT let the thoughts of others ruin your vision. That is a surefire way to lose focus and NOT be rich.

Take Action – The RIGHT Action

OK, now that you know why getting your thoughts in order FIRST is so important to your success as an affiliate marketer, there is another step.

Your ACTIONS have to be a certain way in order to become rich. Remember, we don’t just wish for things and hope they fall from the sky onto our laps. Oh no, no. We are physical beings for a reason. We take action.

If your thoughts are focused in the right way, you will be led to the RIGHT actions to take at the right time. You will be led down a path that will make complete sense as you’re going down it. As you learn more things and you grow, you will be led to even bigger and better growing opportunities, and bigger and better experiences.

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel though. You just have to follow those who have come before you and have already laid the path. There are people who are successful at affiliate marketing and they know the right steps to go from point A to point B.

This is Where I Hand It Over to the Experts.

I do know how to set up a website and create content and search for keywords and all that good stuff. But I feel that it’s better that you learn from the real experts who taught me everything.

Wealthy Affiliate will lead you down the path to becoming rich through affiliate marketing. They have step-by-step training that will lead you in the right direction. That’s all you need. You just have to get started following the path and you’ll see it start to all come together in the most perfect way.

The people who follow the training and then expand and learn from the success of others who have ALSO followed the training, are the MOST successful.

Look at these Success Stories and see for yourself.

I believe you showed up on this page for a reason. I don’t believe in coincidences. I know a lot of people do, and that’s fine. I just happen to believe that this site is part of the path that you were led to.

You are MEANT to succeed. You are MEANT to be happy. You are MEANT to be rich.

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What do you think about this? Can you get rich by focusing your thoughts? If you don’t think so, then we need to work on you! lol Leave me comments below. I’d love to hear your opinions about this subject.

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The Science of Getting Rich

4 thoughts on “The Science of Getting Rich and the 2 Rules You Need to Follow to Get Rich with Affiliate Marketing”

  1. Great information Christina!  I am an affiliate marketer, I can’t say that I am “successful” yet, as I am really not making what I want to be …. yet.  I am going to get your free ebook and see if there are any ideas in there for me to help with my affiliate marketing.  I am not getting discouraged, just trying to figure out how to capitalize more on my blog. 

    • As I mentioned in the post about 100 times probably (lol), make sure you visualize exactly what you want. Where do you see your site in a year from now? What are your BIG goals that are exciting? 

      I know when I have questions about the direction of my site, or something I’m stuck on, the answers usually just come to me when I’m out for a walk or a run. If you ever get stuck, exercising is one of the best things you can do to clear your mind and get the juices flowing! 

  2. Thank you for sharing this information. I’m a type of person who like to visualize my goals years ahead. The problem is I sometime don’t really know about what should I do to get there, especially for becoming reach.

    I’ve heard about affiliate marketing before and interested to try it. Is Wealthy Affiliate a kind of school for affiliate marketer? Where does it located? I hope it’s not too far from my place 🙂

    • You’re very smart for visualizing your goals years ahead. You don’t need to know how you’ll get there. If you just keep visualizing, the path will be laid out for you.

      Wealthy Affiliate is similar to a school for affiliate marketers. You can learn how to build a website step-by-step, plus get all the tools, support and advanced information you need to understand the process of making money online. It’s located online, so not too far from you at all! lol 


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