10 Minute Paydays Review [I’ll Show You What’s Inside]

10 Minute Paydays Review

Welcome to my 10 Minute Paydays review!

Just the name of the program has my scammy senses up, and for good reason, as you’ll read about below.

When I read the headline that says “Bank Up to $5000 With Just 10 Minutes of Work Per Day”, I already knew this was going to be a low-quality, “get rich quick” program.

I’m glad you are doing your research because $9 is too much to spend for this one.

So, put your wallet away and read my full 10 Minute Paydays review below.

I’ll take you inside the system so you can see exactly what you would get for your money.

Let’s get to it!

10 Minute Paydays Review


The quality of this product is extremely low. Since it’s just a few PDFs, there’s nothing here that can really help you make money online.


It will not be easy to make money from 10 Minute Paydays because there isn’t enough information to get you started in any one subject that they have listed.


The cost is low at $9, but they will try to hit you with upsells right away. Even if you don’t buy into those, this product isn’t even worth $9.

Summary: 10 Minute Paydays is a “get rich quick” make money product hosted through the affiliate network ClickBetter. The sales video claims that you can make $5000 a day with just 10 minutes of work. However, you’ll see from my review below that this is completely fabricated.

  • Inexpensive 
  • You can get your money back
  • Unknown product owner 
  • The sales video is highly misleading 
  • The “product” is just a few basic PDFs
  • You won’t make any money with this
  • Fake testimonial


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After taking a look inside the member’s area (see below for details), I would not and could not ever recommend 10 Minute Paydays. There is no point to this product except to collect money from you. You won’t learn enough with the PDFs to even make one penny, let alone $5k.

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What is 10 Minute Paydays?

10 Minute Paydays is a make money online program hosted by ClickBetter which claims, according to their header, that we can make $5000 with just 10 minutes of work per day.

10 Minute Paydays Header

We don’t need any special skills or qualifications to make this amount of money. This $9 product will give us the life we’ve always dreamed of, according to the sales video. We can spend just 10 minutes a day working and then spend the rest of the day at the beach.

Of course, our narrator says he’s going to explain exactly how we can make this work. But the funny thing is, he never tells us. (Don’t worry, we’re going to take a look inside in a bit…)

The sales video claims that the only way to make money online is if you have a bunch of money to spend, if you have a University degree or if you have a mentor to help you.

Or, of course, if you have 10 Minute Paydays.

How Does 10 Minute Paydays Work?

I decided to purchase 10 Minute Paydays to have a look inside and see what it’s all about. After paying the $9, they tried to get me to buy into some upsells:

  • Upsell 1 = $197, downsell to $97
  • Upsell 2 = $147, downsell to $47

I finally got into the member’s area of 10 Minute Paydays and, as typical with these kinds of low quality products, the first thing you see is a webinar for John Crestani’s product.

10 Minute Paydays Member's Area

The first thing you see in the 10 Minute Paydays member’s area is an affiliate offer.

This is an affiliate offer and another way for them to try to make more money off of you.

There’s nothing wrong with affiliate marketing, it’s actually what I do. I just don’t like the way that these guys do it. You don’t want to see an affiliate offer before you even get to the training after buying a product. 

The 6 Different Methods to Make Money Online

There are 6 different trainings in the member’s area: 

  • 10 Minute Paydays Method 1 (Online Voiceovers)
  • 10 Minute Paydays Method 2 (Selling Stock Photos)
  • 10 Minute Paydays Method 3 (Freelancing)
  • 10 Minute Paydays Method 4 (Online Gaming)
  • 10 Minute Paydays Plus (Finding freelance jobs, then outsourcing the work)
  • 10 Minute Paydays Secret Method (Getting social media work)

Each one of these has a downloadable PDF guide, each one about 18-22 pages long. They’re all very generic PDFs and just over the basics of each of the items above.

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This is your classic “get rich quick” scheme that does not deliver at all. You will not make $5000 a day with this product. You will not even make $1 because it doesn’t teach you how to do anything.

While all the above ways of making money are legitimate, you don’t learn enough in 10 Minute Paydays to put any of them into practice.

How 10 Minute Paydays Really Works

Here’s the real purpose of 10 Minute Paydays. In fact, there are a few:

  1. Get you in the door with the $9 offer
  2. Try to get you to buy into the upsells
  3. Get you to buy into John Crestani’s product
  4. Get your email address so they can promote more offers to you

10 Minute Paydays is just trying to get you in the door with the $9 product offer. Because it seems like a great deal. And you may think, “Eh, it’s just $9. What do I have to lose?”

But now they have you hooked because they can use your email and promote more and more things to you. And if you buy into any of their upsells, then they’ve really made it with you.

These guys do not care one bit if you make money with this or not. They are just looking to get as much money from you as possible.

Online Reviews / Complaints

This program is really new, and so I didn’t find anyone who has actually used the program successfully or unsuccessfully. However, we’ll never find anyone who uses this successfully because there’s not anything here to use. 

Is 10 Minute Paydays a Scam or Legit?

So is 10 Minute Paydays a scam? I wouldn’t call it a scam because:

  • you get something for your money (even though it’s terrible)
  • you can get your money back through ClickBetter

However, the tactics they use in the sales video are super scammy and the fact that the product won’t produce anywhere near the results that it claims is also highly, highly misleading. 

Let’s go over some of the red flags to watch out for in this sales videos and in any future ones that you watch.

Red Flag #1 – Fake Testimonial

Our first testimonial says it’s only been a month since using 10 Minute Paydays and she’s already made over $157,000. Besides this being utterly ridiculous, I’ve reviewed 100s of make money products by now, and I can spot an actress when I see one.

This testimonial isn't real.

Many of these get-rich-quick products don’t have any successful users so they have to go out and hire some people to pretend like they’re making money. Many of the ones I’ve seen come from the freelancer site Fiverr.com.

Red Flag #2 – Unknown Product Owner

Greg Price is a made up character. Many of the lower-quality make money online products have unknown product owners. From my time of doing these reviews, there’s one thing that they all have in common.

If a product is actually good and can really help people, then the product owner is known. They are proud to share their product with the world and don’t need to hide behind a fictitious character.

If a product is not very good, there’s always a pen name used. Why is that? Do they known the product won’t actually help anyone? It’s just something to think about…

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Red Flag #3 – Huge Income Claims

It almost goes without saying that the income claims in the sales video are outrageous, especially considering what the actual product is. Whenever you see big income claims like that, remember the old adage, “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.”

I’ve been in online marketing for some time now, and there’s never ever ever been a time when these income claims have been true. It just doesn’t happen that way.

You can earn an income online. And you can earn a BIG income online, but not right away and not with just 10 minutes of work per day. I think you known this deep down.

Red Flag #4 – Support Email Doesn’t Work

After purchasing 10 Minute Paydays, I was given an email to contact if I needed any help. I always like to take a look at these and put them in my handy-dandy email checker to make sure that they’re real.

The support email doesn't actually work at 10 Minute Paydays.

The support email doesn’t actually work at 10 Minute Paydays.

And what do you know? This email doesn’t work. HUGE red flag.

Red Flag #5 – Same Product, Different Name

When I saw the PDFs and what each of them was about, I remembered that I just reviewed a product like this recently. And, in fact, it was 30 Minute Money Methods. While I didn’t personally purchase that one, from my research, I known that the money-making methods are exactly the same.

Therefore, my conclusion is that it’s the same “product” with a different name. And there could be more out there.


I hope this 10 Minute Paydays review gave you enough insight into the program to make a wise decision for yourself about whether or not to buy it. I strongly recommend that you do not waste your $9.

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