What is 30 Minute Money Methods? [You’ll Definitely Want to See This]

What is 30 Minute Money Methods

What is 30 Minute Money Methods?

That's a question I will help you answer in the article below. I don't even know how I became aware of 30 Minute Money Methods, but it was likely through an email.

I have an entire email list set up for make money products so that I can see how these products are marketed. Looking at the type of email you get is one clue about how high quality a product is going to be (or not).

This one is interesting because it claims that there are "secret" methods out there that can help you make $500 in just 30 minutes.

But is that really true?

Let's find out.

(Please note that I did not purchase this product and this article was put together through research and personal experience in the online marketing world. Everything in this article is my opinion only.

Also, after going through this whole article, I came to find out the product is no longer available. Let's go through it anyway so you can see what to avoid in the future...)

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What is 30 Minute Money Methods?


The quality of this program is very, very low. You get 4 simple PDFs that have a brief overview of each of the "secret" money methods (which are not even close to being a secret). This program is a perfect example of a low-quality "get rich quick" product.


Making money with this would not be easy because you don't learn enough information to actually make it work for you. There's not enough detail in the PDFs to show you how to truly make money with each of the methods. 


Relatively speaking, the cost of the front-end product isn't a lot, but it's a lot for what you get. Not only that, but you will be hit with upsells after purchasing. This is typical of these types of products. It's not necessarily a bad thing, but it's something to be aware of. 

Summary: 30 Minute Money Methods claims that you can make $500 in just 30 minutes of work and that members are making upwards of $600,00 a year. This is all a fabrication from what I can tell because the "secret" methods aren't actually secret and there isn't even a real way to make money with this program. There is some training in the member's area, but you're going to discover that it's not worth much.

  • Fairly inexpensive 
  • You can get your money back with ClickBank's policy
  • The secret methods aren't actually secret at all 
  • The training you get is some short, low quality PDFs 
  • You'll be pushed into buying into the upsells
  • There isn't much of value with this product
  • Shelly is a pen name and we don't know the real owner of the product 
  • The testimonials are fake 
  • The comment section on the sales page is fake


Thumbs Down

It is my personal opinion based on my experience with all different kinds of make money products that 30 Minute Money Methods is too low quality to get you very far with making money online. I would not recommend you spend money on this program.

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What is 30 Minute Money Methods?

0 Minute Money Methods is a ClickBank make money product by Shelly West (likely a pen name) where you can use "secret methods" to earn $500 in 30 minutes. 

30 Minute Money Methods homepage

The sales video goes on to say that it's easy to make up to $50,000 from the comfort of your own home, and you can even make up to $600,000 this year.

Here's the proof that is being offered, even though this doesn't prove anything because it can be easily faked:

This proof isn't proof at all.