Computer Results Review (Link Posting Scam?)

Welcome to my Computer Results review!

Computer Results claims that they can offer us a proven work from home system that has worked for thousands and that these opportunities are in huge demand.

The sales page makes it seem as if legitimate companies are hiring for these positions.


You have to pay $97 for these opportunities.

We later find out that this has to do with link posting. But what is that?

Is link posting a scam, or is it legit?

Let me take you through how this all works and we’ll find out in this Computer Results review.

What is Computer Results?

I came to find Computer Results through this “news” page:

Fake news

I use the term news loosely, as we’ve already seen this exact page in the Cash Finder System review, where we discovered the entire page is faked.

Of course, now that we see it show up again for a completely different program just proves that point even more. They just swap out one program name for another. Here’s a snippet from the social media comment section:

Computer Results Review - Fake Social Media

The sales page for Computer Systems really isn’t much better. They use a lot of tactics to make them look like a legit work from home opportunity.

For instance, they use this little trick:

Computer Results Review - More tricks with news logos

You can see that it just says that working from home was featured on those programs, not Computer Results. This is just to make you think that this system is more legitimate than it actually is.

The sales page also shows a news clip about working from home, but again, it doesn’t have anything to do with Computer Systems. It’s just a general clip about work from home jobs.

They do set the record straight in the sales page, which is good:

Computer Results Review - Disclaimer

The sales letter talks about this work from home opportunity and we learn that this is about link posting. It says that you can post links online and make about $15 per link.

Since it takes about 4 minutes to post a link, you can post 15 links in 60 minutes and make $225 for an hour’s worth of work.

They even show you a calculator so that you can figure out how much you can make in a day / week / month / year.

Computer Results Review - Calculator to see how much you can make

This is just a tool to get you excited about the possibilities. Unfortunately, it means nothing. Saying that you’ll make $10 or $15 for posting links is silly, and I’ll tell you why a little later.

The sales letter says that companies are desperate for more people to post links from home, and it’s worth it for companies to pay people a lot to post these links because they make more sales too.

The page says there are just 3 easy steps to get started:

  1. Log into your personal account and copy the unique linking code the system creates for you.
  2. Find companies to post links for.
  3. Fill out a few details and submit to create new links.

I’m sure you’re wondering, what exactly is link posting, and is it legit?

Let’s go into this a little more.

How Does Computer Results Work?

Computer Results is a company that promotes link posting. What is link posting about? It’s nothing but a fake work from home opportunity.

The whole page is set up to make you think this is a real opportunity with a real business.

What happens instead is you pay $97 and get some generic, outdated information about affiliate marketing. There’s no real job here (you wouldn’t pay $97 for a real job anyway), and you’re not going to make $15 a link.

This “system” has been around online for a long time. What happens is that whoever started this creates these pages to try to get sales and your personal information.

Then they are called out as scammers by reviewers and customers who complain, close down the site, and start a new one with new branding.

Then it starts all over again.

But, now they also have your email address (and possibly phone number) and they can try to sell you on even more work from home opportunities, which are also likely scams.

Is Computer Results a Scam?

I did not waste my $97 on Computer Results (and I would highly recommend you don’t either), so I can’t 100% say with confidence that this is a scam.

But I can say it with 99.9% confidence.

Computer Results Review – Pros

  • Affiliate marketing is legitimate (but not in the way they’re doing it)

Computer Results Review – Cons

  • Tricking you into believing this is a real opportunity
  • They get your personal information so that they can sell you on more “opportunities”
  • Using generic news stories and logos of news organizations to make you think this is legit
  • Using a calculator to make you think you can make a lot of money this way

More Tricks

These types of “products” also use fake testimonials.

Computer Results review - fake testimonials

You can see that these images are generic stock images and these are not people who have really used the system to make money.

Computer Results Review - Fake Testimonial lady in Google

Fake testimonial guy in Google search

Please stay away from this one. It’s not worth it.

Affiliate Marketing is Legit

They call this job opportunity link posting, but it’s really all about affiliate marketing. Here’s what really happens in affiliate marketing:

  1. You create a website or some other way to deliver content
  2. You sign up for a company’s affiliate program (most major companies have one, including Amazon.)
  3. You deliver content around a certain product that you want to promote
  4. You attract visitors (traffic) to your site
  5. When someone purchases a product through your site, you earn a commission

There’s a little more to it, but that’s the basic version of what happens.

NOTE: Want to learn more about affiliate marketing? Check out my free guide, How To: Affiliate Marketing for Beginners.

Yes, you can technically post some affiliate links on social media, or pay for ad space, however, this is not going to get you very far.

Affiliate marketing isn’t a job, it’s a business that takes time and consistent work to build up. You can’t just throw some links up and make $15 every time you do it.

Affiliate marketing is what I do, and it’s a great business if you have the time and dedication to make it work. Here are some affiliate marketing success stories to see what you can do in this business.


Affiliate marketing is absolutely a fantastic business to get into, but it’s not a job and you’re not going to make a quick buck doing it.

You have to dedicate time and energy to build it up like any other business, but it has benefits like being able to work from home, be your own boss and greatly increase your income over time.

Systems like Computer Results are nothing but a front to try to get you to buy something that isn’t worth it and to collect your personal information so they can try to sell you on more opportunities.

I absolutely would not recommend giving Computer Results any of your information. Instead, if you’d like to learn more about affiliate marketing, and how to get that started, here’s my #1 recommendation for training.

Not only will you get the training that you need, you will also get all the support and tools you need to run a successful business online. Click here  to see everything that you get.

10 thoughts on “Computer Results Review (Link Posting Scam?)”

  1. Anyway, thanks for being honest, it’s not just about the money, people need to have a thorough view of what they are going into, I still can’t tell if the “computer result ” is a scam or not but what I do know is that Systems like Computer Results are nothing but a front to try to get you to buy something that isn’t worth it and to collect your personal information so they can try to sell you on more opportunities. 

    • I guess you do get something for your money with Computer Result. But from what I’ve read, it’s not anything even close to worth $97. So, is it a scam? You be the judge… 

  2. Hello Christina,

    Thanks for giving us a heads up on this.

    There are so many get rich quick programs out there which try to sell you on do less, work, make money quick.

    This offer, unfortunately, looks attractive for many and so they buy into it. Thanks to review blogs post like your, we are able to see those programs for hwta they really are, a scam.

    I like that you honestly stated that affiliate marketing takes a lot of work, so people buying into it know just what they are getting into.

    I have been building an online business for the past 6 months and I tell you, it has been a real hassle, one which I don’t regret at all

    • I’m glad you don’t regret your hassle! lol I know what you mean though. It is a hassle. But one that I truly enjoy!

  3. From the name itself “computer result” I have already known that it’s nothing but one of those crappy products with just nothing to offer. Thank you for reviewing it so that people won’t fall victim to such low quality products. I rather stick to Wealthy Affiliates and learn everything I need to learn about Affiliate marketing and to be successful in it. 

    • I think Computer Result is such a weird name. What does that even mean? But I think it’s because they just have to come up with something because they keep closing down with one name and then reopening with another. 

  4. Christini,

    I am a quick start and have been in the working world for many years.

    I am a bit older than you but have “smarts.” I know about the Wealthy Affiliate and have wanted to join for some time. I still have a small businessbut now need to stay at home to work as my husband is older and is now ill. As I still need to work and have tried allover the internet to find an at home job or work. I kept thinking about Wealthy Affiliate and looked into it. I saw the information about Kyle and Carson. I also saw a question someone wrote to Kyle about how long it takes to get up and running.

    Kyle was very honest as he laid out the information in a factual and seemingly honest fashion.

    I appreciate that as one can only see the “high life” online about being an Affiliate. After reading the answer from Kyle I rethought my decision to go forward. Then, in seeing your online chat about Wealthy Affiliate I can concur that is the right decision for me as you are also being honest.
    I would have liked to go the full route to get to the “working and profitable” side but cannot wait 6 months or a year to get there.As I said my husband is ill and we need the income. He is older (89)than I am and I cannot wait that long to start up a new business at this time in life.

    However, I do think you are a lady with “smarts” and wonder if you know of another way I can search for at home work?
    If you do, please let me know.

    I very much appreciate your blog.

    Thanks and take care.


    • Hi Linda!

      Thanks so much for your comment. I love that Kyle was so honest about how long it takes to get an affiliate site going. I am honest about that too because there are so many get-rich-quick products out there that make it seem so fast and easy. It’s a fun “job”, but definitely not fast and easy.

      What type of at-home work are you interested in? I have some ideas listed on my post here.

      I don’t really recommend surveys because you get very little money for your time. I’ve personally worked with LionBridge in the past. That’s something you can look into. They pay decently but the job is boring. (Some people don’t mind the tedious work and really like it.) You could also try to do some freelance work, depending on the skills you have.

      A lot of companies hire people to work from home now. So, you can even search telecommuting jobs for whatever your background is on the regular job boards like

      You definitely seem like you have some smarts. With a little digging, I think you can find something that will work for you and your situation.

      Lots of luck, Linda!

  5. Thanks so much I almost!!! Purchased it! I knew to keep checking for some type of review before and boom their was your blog. Saved me $50

    • Yes, it’s always good to do a little research before buying something! I’m glad I could help. 🙂


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