What is EZ Bay Payday? EZ Bay Payday Review

EZ Bay Payday Review

Martin from Kindle Sniper is at it again. He sent me an email that I could just not resist to open. I mean, I can make 1 Million in 12 months! It’s INSANE. I’m not supposed to share with you because it’s confidential, so shhhh. Don’t tell Martin I told you, please.

EZ Bay Payday Email

Once again, we’re already off to a “good” start with this one. The email is your typical, generic spammy-type message. It doesn’t tell you anything about what’s being promoted. I clicked on it anyway. For you, dear readers. For you.

We’ve got our typical hype-y headline ready to go before we watch the video.

EZ Bay Payday Video Hype

I’m not going to totally write this one off yet. I’ve actually been surprised by how much hype the headlines have and how little hype the videos have in some cases. But, I have to say, it’s not looking great. Let’s get down to business and find out what is EZ Bay Payday? Is it a scam? Is it legit?

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Here are the areas we’ll explore in this EZ Bay Payday review.

  • What is EZ Bay Payday?
  • How Does EZ Bay Payday Work?
  • Is EZ Bay Payday a Scam or Legit?
  • Real Training for a Real Way to Make Money Online
  • Let’s Recap

What is EZ Bay Payday?

Product: EZ Bay Payday
Cost: $37 + Upsells
Owner(s): Steve Richards (that’s a fake name, by the way)
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As always, I watch the sales video so you don’t have to. But, I have to say, they can be quite entertaining, so you might want to check it out sometime. Just don’t let them suck you in with their “easy to make money”, “make thousands a day” stuff. Because that just isn’t ever true.

Anyway, let’s go over the video. Oh, before we get started, here’s a nice trick that marketers use to make it seem like:

  1. There’s a shortage and you need to get in before all the spots are gone!
  2. That people are already making money with this system.


EZ Bay Payday Tricks

These are just tactics. They’re not true. Please don’t fall for this.

Now, let me tell you about this video. First of all, this is probably the worst video I’ve had to sit through so far. You’re welcome! lol I do the tough things so you don’t have to. 🙂

Steve Richards is the owner of this system and he basically said the same things over and over and over again. He followed the basic structure of the generic sales videos. You have your testimonials, your sob story, the ol’ I ran into someone who is making loads on the internet and “I should chage thousands but instead you get this for $37.”

You know, same ol’ same ol’.

This one also had the whole “only a few spots left, this will be taken down soon” thing going for it. Oh, he says that about 1,343,566 times. I almost had to turn the video off because it gets really irritating to hear that so many times.

Here are some of the details:

  • You’ll get paid completely passively. You don’t even need to be near your computer!
  • Some of his students took action yesterday and they’ve already made at least $500!
  • You can make up to $500 starting now, but hurry! Places are filling up fast!
  • You can automate the income.
  • You only need to do 20 minutes of “so-called work” per day.
  • This is an EASY $500 a day.
  • Take a slice of eBay’s $20 billion pie!
  • Just log in, choose the niche you want to make money in and BOOM. Simply click and few buttons and get paid.
  • Once all the spots are gone, this page will be taken down.

You get the picture. This video was so full of complete and utter nonsense! One thing he harped on over and over again is that you won’t need to work a 9-5 anymore, you won’t have to answer to an idiot boss, and you can buy fancy cars and houses.

At the same time, he also says this isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme, you won’t make millions of dollars (but how will I pay for that mansion you mentioned, Steve??) and this isn’t some product that overpromises and underdelivers.

He also says about a gazillion times that it takes just 17 minutes to set this up and you’ll be making $500 by tomorrow. He says this is too complicated unless you have the right foolproof sytem. This product guarantees your successI Big words, Steve.

My favorite part of the whole video is how he thought of this product. He said he was drinking one night by himself because he was so distraught over his finances. He needed to sell things around the house. So before bed, he listed something on ebay. When he woke up the next day, his listing had gone viral! He then spent the next 6 months tweaking what he did until he made a consistent $500 daily.

I mean, come on! This story is so ridiculous. Do listings on eBay even go viral? I feel like the only ones that do are those joke ones like “Buy my ghost in a jar” or “My wife’s for sale.” Also, how would this even help us? I don’t think Steve’s product is geared around selling items around our house. If only he would actually tell us!

He says several times in the video he’s going to show us exactly how this works. But then he goes back to talking about not working a 9-5 and going on fancy vacations.

The closest he gets to telling us what this is all about is saying that you just need to follow these 4 steps:

  1. Log in
  2. Pick a niche that you’re interested in
  3. Connect with the EZ Bay Payday system
  4. Make money

He also says you don’t need a website, seo or hosting. And of course, you need 0 experience. You get paid when other people buy stuff on ebay. “All those trashy items on ebay become gold.

Of course, he should be selling this for $1997, but you’re getting a bargain at $47 because Steve is a “philanthropist” and an “activist”. But only if you act fast. Act now! The spots are almost gone! You need to act quickly! Like, now!

UGH. Enough already, Steve!

OK, now that we got that over with, let’s see if we can figure out what’s really going on here.

How Does EZ Bay Payday Work?

EZ Bay Payday is a product that’s focused around drop shipping on eBay. You get some videos about drop shipping when you log into the course, however, they are very basic and can likely already be found on YouTube for free.

But before you can even get to the eBay course, you’ll be presented with other offers. This is how it goes when you log in:

  • Step 1 – Video Introduction
  • Step 2 – Super Charge Your Income. This links to a webinar for another marketer, John Crestani. If you also buy John’s program, Steve will make more money off of you. This is affiliate marketing. I’m also an affiliate marketer, but I don’t like how he’s doing it here.
  • Step 3 – Claim Your Free Website. You can get a free website, buuutttt… it’s not really free. The domain and setup are free, but you have to pay for hosting. That will be an additional $143.
  • Step 4 – Here you’re introduced to another affiliate product. Which means more money for Steve. This is likely how he’s really making his money. Not from drop shipping on eBay.

You have to get through all of that before you even get on to the eBay course, which again, is all basic information.

After that course, there’s more information on different ways to make money online. These are just YouTube videos that you can easily find yourself – for free!

Is EZ Bay Payday a Scam or Legit?

Thumbs DownI’m always hesitant to call something a scam, but I’m wavering on this one. I can’t completely call it a scam because you do get some training courses for your $37. Do I recommend it though?

Hell. No.

I did not like this product from the moment I clicked play on that video. It doesn’t matter what you do. Anything new that you start online will have a learning curve. You’re just not going to spend 17 minutes setting up a system and then collecting $500 a day from then on.

I don’t know much about drop shipping, but I’m pretty sure you need to find products and you have to build up a reputation and a trust so that people know that you are safe to buy from. Also, I’ve read that you need to have upfront capital in order to purchase the products that you’re going to drop ship.

You’ll also need to deal with customer service for these products. That can be a hassle. I’m not saying drop shipping is bad. I’ve never done it, personally. I’m just saying it’s never as easy as these guys make it out to be.

REAL Training for a REAL Way to Make Money Online

As I mentioned, I’m an affiliate marketer. This site is an affiliate marketing site. How I do things is that I review products for you. If I think they’re good, I’ll put them in the recommended section. (Not many there yet.) If I think you’d be much better off saving your money (like with EZ Bay Payday), I’ll put them in the not recommended section.

If you like something that I recommend and you purchase from my link, I’ll get a small commission. That’s how affiliate marketing works in a nutshell.

What’s great about it is that you can have a website (or YouTube videos) on any topic of your choosing. Do you like dogs? You could focus on the best toys for dogs. Do you like roller skating? You could have a website dedicated to roller skating and the best equipment. It really doesn’t matter because there will always be a way for you to promote products.

Now, I went down the same road as you. I was looking up different ways to make money online, and I bought some training products in the past. Some were pretty good. Some were terrible. But I finally found the BEST training. It’s what got me started and what I still use today. (I recommend you keep up with training because things move quickly online.)

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Let’s Recap

EZ Bay Payday not *quite* be a scam, but it’s pretty darn close if you ask me. There’s absolutely no reason to waste your hard-earned $47 on this product.

If you’re really interested in learning how to drop ship on eBay, here’s a basics video I found. I’m sure there are even more helpful videos if you just do a simple search on YouTube.

If you’d like to look into affiliate marketing, I do think it has some advantages over eBay drop shipping (at least from what I know about it, which is, again, not much).

  • You don’t deal with inventory because you’re promoting other people’s / companie’s products
  • You don’t deal with customer service. The owner of the product worries about that.
  • You just have very smal upfront costs for training and a website.
  • You don’t always have to be actively selling. A post you made a long time ago can continue to bring in sales.

I’ve already pointed you to my #1 recommendation for training above, and now I want to offer you my FREE Guide to Making Money Online for Beginners. This will show you how easy it is to get started. (Easy to get started. Then the real work begins! Don’t worry though, it’s fun work!)

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Do you have any questions or comments about the EZ Bay Payday system? Leave them for me below!

11 thoughts on “What is EZ Bay Payday? EZ Bay Payday Review”

  1. These days many people are becoming passive and lazy but they need easy money which is not good. From this , scammers are not sleeping , they are very tricky and they are stealing people using internet. I will never fall for their tricks because i got Wealthy Affiliate. My late mother always told me work hard and get what you want but when you sleep you get nothing. Ebay itself is not a bad company but people can use its name and con people.

    • I always think the people who create these programs are not really bad people. They just want to make money quickly (like they tell others they can do) and so they put out an inferior product. 

      If they worked just a little harder on their products and if they actually provided some help to someone…but no. It’s like they come up with an idea, do a half-hearted attempt at putting it together and then try to get people to buy it even though they know it’s no good. 

      I’m sure they’re making money off of some poor souls though, so they don’t really have a reason to do anything different. 

      I like your mom’s quote. “Work hard and get what you want but when you sleep you get nothing.” That’s very true. 🙂 

  2. Hey there! Thanks for writing this detailed review about EZ Bay Payday. I was just looking into this myself and agree that it is definitely not going to deliver on the promises it makes. Affiliate marketing is definitely the way to go and with hard work, consistency and perseverance, you can make very good money doing it!

    Thanks for spreading the word!


    • Did you sit through the marketing video? I really hope you didn’t have to! lol. It was just so painful! I usually like sitting though them, but this one was tough. I’m glad to be out there helping to spread the word. Hopefully I can help some people save their time and money on these products. 

      Thanks for stopping by! 

  3. I love how you mentioned that he says you don’t need a website or to know about SEO, but Step 3 is “claim your free website” LOL Thought you didn’t need one Steve!!  Was the $37 a one-time free or a reoccurring monthly fee?  He definitely makes it sound easy to make money online with eBay.  You probably have to sell only certain products that he gets commission on as well.  Silly scammers lol  

    Great review though.  I wonder how long this company will stick around 🙂

    • I thought that was funny too, Nicki with the website. I guess you don’t need it, but they’re going to push you to have one to make it “easier”. I’m sure they make affiliate sales on the hosting for the website. 

      They make it sound SO easy to just plug into their system and start raking in the cash. I wish it were true. I wish!I 

      I doubt this one will stick around long. It’s just seems so terrible and unhelpful.

  4. Wow!! I can make $1 million in only 12 months.  That’s great. How come I don’t have friends like that?  You must be very special to have people like Martin Price in your life.

    Drop shipping via ebay is actually quite a complex business. You need to be involved with customer service and product returns etc. and there are fees, after fees, after fees with drop shipping.  Many products come out of China (different country anyway) and they can ship an incorrect item.  You need to make a decision to pay twice and ship the correct item or give a full refund or walk away….. your reputation is too valuable to waste dealing with “clowns” online. In truth it’s actually quite a process to sell enough to make enough commission to earn a worthwhile sustainable profit.

    I agree with you that affiliate marketing is actually a much better way to go about things.

    • Yes, I am so, so lucky to have Martin. He sends me so much fun mail! 😉 

      Thank you for explaining the drop shipping process a little more. It seems like it’s a fairly popular way to make money online, but it does sound fairly complex. What I love about affiliate marketing is that you don’t have to deal with any of that customer service stuff. And you don’t have to deal with products at all. That just seems so much better to me. But, I guess there are people out there that are good at drop shipping and probably doing ok for themselves. I’m sure they didn’t learn from EZ Bay Payday though. lol

  5. I loved your review! You got me so hooked in the story. I haven’t been scammed so far – hopefully it won’t happen in the future but I always enjoy reading about these scams. Unfortunately, there are still people who don’t know better and fall for these. 

    Thankfully, there are people like you who try to protect us. Thanks a lot!

    P.S.: I remember a video I saw online about a guy who got an email like this and he decided to play along. He pissed off the scammer so much that they sent them an email: “Please stop emailing us!” It was hilarious!

    • Oh my gosh, now you’re giving me some ideas about the email… hahaha

      I actually enjoy getting Martin’s emails. Now I’m getting them from my other buddies at Wealth Academy and even from Steve from EZ Bay Payday. Those three have given me enough material to keep me busy for a while!

      I’m happy you haven’t been scammed yet. Keep reading reviews and stay diligent!

      • That’s what I’ll do! Thanks again. 🙂


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