Home Biz Advisors Scam? (Or Will They Find You a Real Business?)

Home Biz Advisors Scam?

What is the Home Biz Advisors scam? Is it actually a scam, or is it legitimate?

To tell you the truth:

I don’t qualify it as a scam. Although some might.

Because they’re not collecting any money from you. But what they are collecting is your personal information.

Keep reading my Home Biz Advisors review to see why they do that, and what will happen once you give away your information.

What is Home Biz Advisors?

The Home Biz system video claims that you can live a better life by becoming financially independent. It says that we have to start thinking like a rich people, and rich people don’t make their money through working a 40-hour week.

Home Biz Advisors Scam - work from home with your own business?

Instead, they use leverage.

They start businesses and leverage other people’s time and money.

The video claims we can also start a business without taking out a massive loan or going back to school for a degree. Instead, you can find a home-based business.

The video claims that the two best home-based businesses are network marketing and affiliate marketing.

You don’t have to do all the hard work starting a network marketing or affiliate marketing business. And there’s built-in support because in both of these instances, network marketing companies and affiliate marketing systems only make money when YOU make money.

The sales page claims that you don’t need any special skills or a large sum of money to start a home based business.

No special skills needed!

The sales page also says that what they do is match you up with a network marketing company or affiliate marketing company to work with so you can start your home-based business.

All you have to do is fill out your personal info, and they will call you and / or text you a sales presentation to try to match you up with a company.

You have to give up a lot of info with Home Biz Advisors

That sounds great and all, but let’s see if we can find out a little more and see if Home Biz Advisor is a scam, or legit.

How Does Home Biz Advisors Work?

There isn’t really anything useful here.

What they do is collect your information and then use it to present you with “opportunities”. Take a closer look at the Privacy Policy.

Home Biz Advisors privacy policy

It says they can call you, send you text messages and send you information on businesses. What happens when you fill out your info is that you’re taken to this page:

Home Biz Advisors Scam "Opportunities"

Home Biz Advisors only exists to drive traffic to affiliate marketing opportunities. Why? Because they make money by doing that.

I am an affiliate marketer, and it’s a great home-based opportunity (I’ll talk to you more about that in a little bit), but these guys aren’t offering anything of value. They’re just dumping you onto a page with a few offers.

There’s no training, no explanation of what you’ll be doing…you’re just expected to sign up blindly.

And keep this in mind, once they have your contact info, you are going to be contacted a LOT for other opportunities. You will get opportunities out of the ying yang, trust me on this.

I have a whole email dedicated to these “opportunities” and they never stop.

I don’t like this type of affiliate marketing, and it makes us all look bad.

Is Home Biz Advisors a Scam?

I don’t consider Home Biz Advisors to be a typical scam in the fact that they’re not going to take your money and run.

But it’s a little scammy because they will take your information and send you lots of offers that you probably won’t want.

I also don’t like it because they’re not giving you anything valuable here. They’re not teaching you anything or even showing you the difference between affiliate marketing and network marketing and why someone would choose one over the other.

Home Biz Advisors Review – Pros

  • Affiliate marketing and network marketing are legitimate businesses

Home Biz Advisors Review – Cons

  • There’s no useful information here
  • You’ll be giving up your personal info for no real reason
  • You’ll be bombarded with sales offers
  • You’re nothing but a traffic source and a potential sale for this site

I have done both affiliate marketing and network marketing, and both can be a good source of income if done properly. Let’s talk about the differences and why I personally prefer affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing Versus Network Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is taking someone else’s product and promoting it for a commission. You don’t have to worry about customer service or product inventory. You don’t have to recruit, and you don’t chase sales. You attract people to you through the use of keywords.

For instance, you were interested in learning if Home Biz Advisors was a scam. I know this because I researched the keyword before I wrote this article. There’s not really a product here for me to promote, but let’s say this was a great product and I wanted to recommend it to you. If you bought from my link, I would get a piece of the sale.

You can do that with anything, too. Amazon has a great affiliate program. They sell EVERYTHING. Which means you can promote just about anything to make money. They handle all the shipping and orders and all the hard stuff.

Network Marketing

I am still a member of a network marketing company. They have their advantages and disadvantages too. I think you can make a lot of money quicker with network marketing, but it’s much, much harder to make anything.

In fact, there’s a good chance you’re going to lose way more money with network marketing.

The issue is (at least with the one I’m in) that in order to get full payments, I have to spend about $100 every month on products.

While I love the products, that’s a LOT of products. So you have to get out there and sell, sell, sell right away. And selling it tough because your products are overpriced because they have to pay distributors.

Selling your products isn’t even really the way to make money with network marketing. Everyone knows that you make money by recruiting others into the business. You get a piece of their sales, and a piece of the sales of whoever they recruit, and so on.

The issue is… have you ever tried to recruit people to a business?

Has anyone every tried to recruit you? It’s super annoying.

Some people are great at it, admittedly. I met with someone who lives near me who’s at the tippy-top of the levels. She is GOOD at what she does. She makes 6-figures monthly. And that will likely increase to a high 6-figures and up.

Why I like Affiliate Marketing Better

You can make 6-figures in affiliate marketing too. Per month. Some people make millions a month. But I wouldn’t expect that for a long, long time.

With anything you do, affiliate marketing or network marketing, it takes time and practice to do a great enough job to make a full-time income. The real reason people lose out on either one is because they give up too quickly.

In any case, I like affiliate marketing better because I don’t have to go out and sell or recruit. It’s a much more subtle form of selling. I personally think it’s much, much easier.

I go on my computer (I’m sitting at Starbucks right now enjoying a coffee), and I type up articles. This article that I’m writing right now can eventually bring me income once it ranks on Google. And it can bring me income for a long, long time.

Here’s a story of that happening.

You see, you can build up your income big because your articles that you wrote years ago continue to bring in income. And you continue to write more articles.

Need to leave for vacation for a couple of weeks? No problem. Your articles aren’t going anywhere.

I don’t have to call anyone. I don’t message people unless they’re interested in learning about affiliate marketing. I just write.

With that said, I may use my affiliate marketing skills to get back in the network marketing game. Who knows?

How to Learn Affiliate Marketing

If you want to learn affiliate marketing, I recommend the training site that I am a member of. They taught me how to put this site together step by step, and they can teach you too.

I have to warn you though. It takes some time. You’ve got to put effort into it. But it can pay off handsomely if you can dedicate the time upfront. Here are some affiliate marketing success stories to show you what you can accomplish. This is just a small snippet of the success stories I see in our community.

Here’s one that popped recently. Roope works hard. He’s a great success, but he puts the time in.

I work on my site every day. But I also love it. I think it’s fun. It’s not like work at all. I used to work in cubicles. That was work. It was boring. I hated it.

Now I get to make money by typing articles. It’s not a bad way to live. Try the training out and see what you think. You can join as a free starter member and see if it’s right for you.


While I don’t consider Home Biz Advisors as a traditional scam, it’s also not worthy of your time. They don’t provide you with anything useful. They just send you to a page with a couple of shady-looking offers.

Affiliate marketing is a great opportunity to make money online (it’s my favorite way), but you have to learn how to do it the right way in order to have any success with it.

You can go straight to the training right now and see what you think. You only need your email to sign up.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on affiliate marketing versus network marketing, or your thoughts on Home Biz Advisors. Leave me comments below.

18 thoughts on “Home Biz Advisors Scam? (Or Will They Find You a Real Business?)”

  1. I’m always excited when I hear of an opportunity to earn more money online. However, I’m disappointed to hear that this is just another scam. Though they do not take your money and disappear, they really do not offer anything unique. In all truthfulness, they would end up bombarding our mailbox with spammy emails. Definitely a no-no!

    • Oh yes, Louis. My email is certainly bombarded from companies just like this one. The offers are almost never good. It’s best to skip Home Biz Advisors (and probably the majority of what you see out there).

  2. I prefer affiliate marketing as well. I was once with a network marketing multi-level company that I really loved at one time. You are right the products are over priced, but they were good products I really believed in. The product side of that business I had no complaints about. I was making pretty good money after spending a lot of money in promotions, but that was okay it was all coming back to me and big time. My downline was growing like crazy life was looking good. I was making about 2500 a month in about 6 months of doing it. I thought everything was set up now and only way to go was up.

    Wrong! The marketing side of the comp plan got greedy. They changed the comp plan, people left like roaches when you switch a light on. My whole business collapsed within days. I noticed now that I have gotten back in the internet businesses that affiliate marketing seems way more active right now than multi-level. And the best thing about affiliate market, there is very little out of pocket expenses, and not a lot of product buying. Thank you for your post. It was very insightful and I agree with you whole heartedly.

    • Wow! That is unbelievable. Not a good idea to change your comp plan. Is the company still around? 

      I also love the products in my company, but people don’t love buying them because they’re expensive. The only real way to work it is to sell the business side of it. Some people do that well, no doubt.

      It sounds like you were doing that very well yourself until you got the rug pulled out from under you. 

      That’s another thing I like about affiliate marketing. I have my own site and no one else is really responsible. Of course, Amazon could shut me down, but there are still countless other affiliate programs to join. Your eggs aren’t usually in just one basket in affiliate marketing. (And if they are, they shouldn’t be!) 

  3. Hello Christina,  Thanks for posting this review. I have seen this one floating around for some time now and have wondered myself whether it was an outright scam or a semi-scam.  The points you make in your review are spot on, in that  you get nothing of value in return with many meaningless offers.   Great job in pointing this one out to us! 

    • I’m glad to have helped you sort out whether Home Biz Advisors is a scam or not. Thanks for reading!

  4. Home Biz Advisors is a sure scam! I’ve heard of online business opportunities that attract people by starting out with ridiculously cheap prices, and that in it self is a red flag. 

    So, not asking for money at all, is a ”redder” flag,  if there’s any such word. 

    And submitting your contact for the purpose of being contacted for ”opportunities”, just seems shady, if you ask me. 

    • It is a little shady, for sure! 

  5. Hi, i don’t like the idea of supplying my personal information online like the concept behind Home Biz Advisors. I disagree with the claims on the sales page that says one needs none special skill to succeed in network and affiliates marketing business. Sincerely I have been involved in the two businesses, though I prefer affiliate marketing, and I can say you need skills like sales, human relation, and many others to succeed. I have heard of wealthy affiliates, I would give this a try.

    • Yes, you are right. No matter what you do you need to build up your skills so that you can become better at it. Whether it’s network marketing or affiliate marketing. 

      The network marketing company I belong to does have a lot of training, but it’s all through Facebook groups and it can get a bit overwhelming and disjointed. The affiliate marketing training I recommend is all on one platform, and I find it much easier to follow. 

  6. Hi Christina! I’m glad you have made the distinction that Home Biz Advisers don’t ask for money, but they are still useless for us. We may be very cautious about taking our credit card out or using our PayPal account to sign up. But just because they are only asking for our email and phone, we’re more likely to give them.

    Yes, I understand what will happen with our email afterwards. We’ll get saturated with pitch sales that we not really want.

    • That is the only good part about Home Biz Advisors – you don’t have to pay anything. Then I would certainly call it a real scam. But giving up your personal information isn’t a great idea either here.

  7. Hello Christina,

    Thank you so much for publishing your review on Home biz advisors scam. very helpful and useful article indeed. you have described thorough your article. this will help to escape from fake websites. i appreciate your article and i would like to share your article with my friends also. best regards.

    • Great, thank you for reading and sharing!

  8. Thanks for sharing this article on Home Business Advisor. The first red flag about Home Business Advisor is that the name of the owner is unknown. This is cannot make anyone to have a trust in the application. Secondly taking people’s data and using them to drive traffic to other company’s site. And no training is mentioned any other benefits to members. Personally I don’t have interest in this as am not convinced. Thanks 

    • Thanks for reading my Home Biz Advisor review. I appreciate the comment!

  9. Thank you for bringing this article my way. I have been struggling with the knowledge of differentiating between Affiliate marketing and network marketing. With this article, I have fully gotten a deep understanding of the concepts. However, for me, I choose affiliate marketing like you. This is because it’s easy to make 6 figure a month and constantly having the money flow in even while asleep. Although everything in life takes a bit of time to pull through, affiliate marketing still stands tall.

    I am also a member of the Wealthy Affiliate, four days old in the community and I joined premium the day I knew about WA. The starter package is awesome but I love to be fully integrated into this great community of wealthy affiliates. I encourage others to never wait for any further to join this awesome place. Thanks for this article.

    • I’m so happy you made it into Wealthy Affiliate, and saw the value of going Premium right away! It is a fantastic community and training platform, and there’s a reason why it’s my #1 recommendation, as I’m sure you are seeing. 

      Thank you for sharing!


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