What is Oke.io? (Shorten Links to Earn Easy Money?)

What is Oke.io?

If you’re wondering “What is Oke.io?“, then I’m glad you’re here because I’m going to be answering that question.

Apparently, you can make money with it by shortening links.

That seems easy enough.

But does it actually work?

How much money can you make?

Is there a catch?

Is Oke.io a scam, or is it actually legit?

I’ll answer all of those questions in this Oke.io review.

Let’s get it going! 

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Product: Oke.ioCost: Free to joinOwner(s): Unknown, but here’s their Facebook page. Good For: Someone looking to make a few extra dollars here and there. (But you need a traffic source to do this.)

What is Oke.io?

What is OKE.IO?

Oke.io is a website that pays you for shortening URLs.

What is Oke.io - headline

It’s a URL shortener with a twist. You can put your very long URL in to make it shorter, similar to Bit.ly. But, what Oke.io does is show someone who clicks on your newly shortened URL an advertisement before taking them to their final destination.

For instance, I put in the URL of my Resource Guide, which is: https://christinapiccoli.com/resource-guide.

It shortened it to this: http://oke.io/XoSmw4I0

Here’s what happens when I click on the new link:

What is Oke.io - After the links was shortened

After verifying that I’m human, I hit the continue button and was redirected to this ad.

What is Oke.io - First ad

Then I closed out that page, and this is the page I saw:

What is Oke.io - More ads appear

A page with lots more ads!

In order for someone to get to my site, a user would then hit the “Get Link” button.

You get paid when people use your shortened link.

You get paid a certain amount per 1000 views, depending on where you live.


What is Oke.io - the payments you can make

Let’s dive in a little more.

How Does OKE.IO Work?

Advertisers pay to put their ads in front of people, and Oke.io is a way to get those ads in front of eyeballs. Someone who has a product might go to Oke.io and say “Hey, can I advertise on your site? I’ll pay you $x for 1000 views.”

Then, through your shortened URL, you show the ad and you get a cut of the pay.

Oke.io will pay out once you reach $5.

They pay using a variety of different methods, including PayPal, Skrill and bitcoin.

They also have a referral program where they’ll pay you 20% of your referral’s payments for life, which is pretty nice.

They have good reporting. You can see that it already reported a link click for me. (I clicked on my own link to test it, but I’m sure I won’t get paid for my own clicks.)

What is Oke.io - their reporting is good

While getting paid to shorten links is a new concept to me, apparently there are many of these sites out there. From my research, Oke.io is newer to the market with a better interface and fresher reporting.

Is OKE.IO a Scam?

Oke.io isn’t a scam. I personally think there are better ways to spend your time (like building a money-making website, which we’ll get to in a minute), but you could potentially make a few bucks from this.

I wouldn’t personally use it because it wouldn’t make sense for me to send visitors off of my site to look at ads. I guess there could be instances where doing this would make more sense?

Middle Thumb

Oke.io Review – Pros

  • Easy to register
  • Free to join
  • Could be a way to make a little extra easy money

Oke.io Review – Cons

  • The ads look very spammy (not a great idea for a site trying to be professional)
  • You’re not going to get rich doing this
  • You need a source of traffic to click on your links

I’m giving this one my middle thumb because you can potentially make something with it. I just don’t happen to like how spammy it looks. Many people are turned off by these types of ad sites. I also think there are better ways to make money online.

Do You Want to Make a Little Or a Lot?

If you want to just make a little side money here and there, something like Oke.io could be OK. That is, if you have traffic to send to your links. If you don’t have traffic, then it’s not going to work. You need people to see your links. If that’s the case, then I would recommend something like Swagbucks instead.

If you’d rather make a lot of money, then I recommend what I do, affiliate marketing.

Now, let me just get this out of the way. You CAN make a lot of money with affiliate marketing IF you put in the time and the work.

I don’t want you to think that it’s some sort of get-rich-quick scheme that we see all over the internet.

Affiliate marketing is a legitimate way to make money that many, many people have success in. (Here are 11 affiliate marketing success stories for you to enjoy.)

Most major companies have an affiliate program, which is great news for us!

To give you the short version, someone like you or me would create a site, or a YouTube channel (or both) and would promote products. When someone buys those products for our site, we get a commission!

We don’t have to handle inventory, customer service, or any of the “business-y” stuff.

It’s a great way to make money working from home on your own schedule. You can check out my free guide to learn more. How To: Affiliate Marketing for Beginners.

Affiliate Marketing Training

With anything you accomplish in life, you need to have training first, right? You don’t just decide to pick up karate and immediately turn into a black belt.

It’s the same thing with affiliate marketing.

You need the right training to know what you’re doing. That’s why I recommend Wealthy Affiliate.

They’re the site that has taught me how to create this site that you’re on right now. They not only have step by step training, but they also have all the tools and support that you need too.

On top of that, we are a community of over 400,000 like-minded people who are willing to help out every step of the way.

The best part is that you can join as a free starter member. This is great because you can see if affiliate marketing is something you like to do.

While you can stay a free starter member for as long as you like, I don’t recommend it because you need the higher-level training to really understand how to make a great income.

Want to try it out?

Click here to join as a Free Starter Member.


Oke.io is OK if you want to make a little bit of cash here and there. (Unless you have a huge audience that doesn’t mind spammy ads, then you might do a little better.)

If you’d rather learn how to make a legitimate income that can last well into the future, then I recommend building your own site. It’s an asset that can last you forever. Or, you can build it up and sell it eventually.

But it all starts with learning how to set it up.

In fact, you can go right to the training and get started. Here’s Lesson 1.

I’ll see you in there!

14 thoughts on “What is Oke.io? (Shorten Links to Earn Easy Money?)”

  1. From your review on OKE.IO, its actually a cool site and their concept is very lovely. Its good to know according to your review that it is not a scam site and payment is always done at the threshold of $5 minimum. But the question i want to ask is this; How exactly do their credit once account? Is it five dollars for every one thousand comment? Will be glad to here back from you

    • The way I understood it, you get paid for views. Every 1000 views, equals a certain payment. So you need to be sending a good amount of traffic through to get those views. 

  2. I agree with you. Affiliate is probably a much better way to make money than oke.io. i would imagine that people would be sceptical when they get a lot of adds before they get to their site and i feel this could hurt your overall traffic. Affiliate on the other hand seems more legit and you can market the products in a much better way. 

    • There are a lot of scammy looking sites out there anyway, so I suppose they wouldn’t care about sending someone through ads first. Definitely not my style though! Thanks for stopping by! 

  3. Hi, Christina, I must say that this article helped me a lot as this is something that I can recommend to my nephew as he wants to earn some extra cash. Luckily, I have two sites that generate a good amount of traffic so maybe this would be worth to try. Thanks for taking the time to present Oke.io, I will take the time to read more about that.

    • Hey Daniel! That could be a good idea for your nephew. It’s something easy he can do. I’m not sure how old he is, but it’s possible that there may be adult content attached to these ads. Just something to keep in mind! 

  4. I absolutely love what I read in this insightful article because it is full of great information. This is fascinating and interesting to me.okeio is another way of making money in line with ease. Am a blogger with heavy traffic and I wish to register after reading the pro and cons. I will be adding this to my affiliate marketing business. Thanks for the informative article. Best regards

    • Thanks for reading my Oke.io review, and best of luck with it!

  5. Hey there Christina…I enjoyed reading your Post on Oke.io. Although I am sure it’s not for me at this time, I am starting out as an affiliate marketer and enjoyed knowing that you are doing the same. I used to own a sticks and bricks business where I went every day for long hours, dealt with staff, customers, deadlines, bills etc. I am not afraid of work. Now I sit down and create whenever I want and know I can be as successful as the work I put in to it. Thank you for reminding me I am on the right path. Great work.

    • Oh yes, affiliate marketing is great! (In my opinion. I understand it might not be for everyone though.) I’m glad you are giving it a go. It’s much easier than what you did before, I’m sure! 

  6. This is a great informative and educative article.
    You have put everything in perspective for anyone reading this post. From what is Oke.io to how it works to advantages and disadvantages, you can’t possibly be more exhaustive! More importantly you did not paint unnecessary good picture rather you stated the absolute truth – it requires effort, time and seriousness substantial amount with Oke.io.
    Good thing about Oke.io is that you can do other things with it!
    Oke.io is OK if you want to make a little bit of cash here and there, Thanks for sharing

    • Thanks for reading my Oke.io review. I appreciate the comment! 

  7. This article about oke.io is quite nice. I only knew about bit.ly. 

    Although the money that can be made via oke.io is are fragments, there are no doubts that making money from programs like this from here and there can put some cash in your pocket over time. From here, I can see that the only challenge there can be is pulling traffic to click on your oke.io link. 

    However, for me, having to earn just $5 dollars after having your link clicked by 1000 people is quite discouraging to do. Although the fact that it really pays, make the difference. 

    Thanks for this article review. 

    • Well, if you already have a source of traffic and you don’t mind that your link will be sent through the ringer with a bunch of ads, I guess I could see how this would be ok. Otherwise, I wouldn’t bother with it personally. 


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