Instant Cash Solution Review (Instant Solutions Won’t Get You Very Far)

Instant Cash Solution Review

Welcome to my Instant Cash Solution review!

When I hear a name like “Instant Cash Solution”, my spammy senses start to go off. There isn’t any such thing as instant cash, unless your rich uncle dies and leaves you loads of money, or you win the lottery.

Both of those things are about as likely to happen as you making a bunch of “easy” money from Instant Cash Solution.

Was that a spoiler alert?

This may not be a scam:

But, keep reading this Instant Cash Solution review to see why I think this whole thing is kinda weird.

Or, just go straight to my #1 recommendation and see the site that has shown me how to work from home (in my slippers, usually)!


Product: Instant Cash SolutionCost: $100, $200, $300 or $500  Owner(s): Rich Meyer (Not sure who this is, but probably not any of these guys.) Good For: No One

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What is Instant Cash Solution?

The sales page for Instant Cash Solution says that you can make $100 – $500 per day with their “Simple Copy & Paste System”.

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The video claims that all you need to do is post pre-written ads on classified sites and all over social media. People will click on your ads and be taken to your replicated website. (This means that anyone who is signed up for Instant Cash Solution will have the same website.)

Apparently, prospects will see the same simple video that I watched, and they’ll buy into the program. You’ll earn $100- $500 per sale.

Earn $100 - $500 per sale<img alt=”Earn $100 – $500 per sale” width=”656″ height=”378″ title=”InstantCashSolution_Vid1″ data-id=”3535″ src=”” style=”width: 100%;”>

The video goes on to say that you don’t need computer skills or lists, and you don’t need to sell or explain anything.

You’ll *just* pay $100-$500 (depending on the level you choose. We’ll get back to this.), plus a small admin fee. You’ll only need to work 20 minutes – an hour per day.

Things are never as simple as these videos say!<img alt=”Things are never as simple as these videos say!” width=”649″ height=”368″ title=”Instant_Cash_Solution_Review_Vid2″ data-id=”3534″ src=”” style=”width: 100%;”>

It sounds easy!

But things are never as simple as they seem, are they?

How Does Instant Cash Solution Work? 

According to the video, you just take their pre-written ads and blast them all over social media. Then the sales pour in after that! (Haha, good one!)

How this works is that you are essentially selling the Instant Cash Solution system. You are putting out ads on social media that will link to the Instant Cash Solution sales page. If someone signs up from that page, you’ll earn a commission.

It’s similar to affiliate marketing, but it’s a little different because you have to pay to play. (I’ll explain why “normal” affiliate marketing isn’t like this in a bit.)

Here’s what I mean:

There are four different membership levels.

  1. Bronze – $100
  2. Silver – $200
  3. Gold – $300
  4.  Platinum – $500

The different levels available<img alt=”The different levels available” width=”1011″ height=”454″ title=”Instant_Cash_Solution_Review_CompPlan” data-id=”3532″ src=”” style=”width: 100%;”>

Let’s say you buy the Bronze membership at $100. You can now earn money on other Bronze memberships. So, if someone clicks on your website and joins at the Bronze level, you’ll earn $100.

Now, if you spend $500 for the Platinum membership, you can collect payments on ALL of the levels. If someone joins as a Platinum, you’ll get $500. If they join as a Gold member, you’ll get $300.

Let’s say you’re a Bronze member and someone buys into the Platinum membership.


You don’t get $500. That rolls up to whoever referred you.

You’re going to feel some pressure to get that $500 package because you’ll have FOMO. (Fear of Missing Out.)

But are you really going to be able to sell enough memberships to get that money back? Is it really going to be as easy as blasting out some ads? Hmmm…

What Do You Get for Your Money?

At each level, you do get a certain amount of training and tools. For instance, the Bronze membership gets you this:

  • Classified Ads Training Course
  • Classified Ads Sites: Directory
  •  Display Ads
  •  ICS Marketing System
  •  Multiple ICS Capture Pages
  •  Multiple ICS Landing Pages
  •  Built-In Autoresponders
  •  Contact Management System
  •  Genealogy Tree
  • 24/7 Member Back Offer
  •  Weekly Training
  •  Training Videos Library

Each level from there has additional training and tools.

For instance, some of the the upper levels also have Facebook ads, Facebook Marketing Training, and Social Media Marketing Training.

But let’s face it, if you buy into this, you’re not buying into it for the tools and training. You’re buying into it to make money by selling this system to other people.

You buy the system that you then sell to others and then they sell it to others, etc.

That’s why this whole thing is a little weird to me.

Is Instant Cash Solution a Scam or Legit?

Technically, Instant Cash Solution isn’t a scam because you do get some training for your money.

But training isn’t why someone would buy into this. Someone would buy into this so that they can collect on the sales of the people who then buy into this.

Thumbs Down<img alt=”Thumbs Down” width=”500″ height=”500″ title=”ThumbsDown_Pink” data-id=”1896″ src=”” style=”width: 100%;”>

I actually got caught up in something JUST like this a long time ago. I never learned any real skills. I just learned how to market the system that I was learning from. I gave up on it almost immediately because I felt like I had been duped.

I think the people who buy into this will also feel duped.

Instant Cash Solution Review – Pros

  • Easy to set up and understand
  • You get some training for your money

Instant Cash Solution Review – Cons

  • It’s not going to be easy to get people to click on your ads
  • You’re spamming out ads to social media networks, which could get you in trouble
  • Pricey if you want to get the highest payouts
  • There’s really no purpose to this?

What’s the Point?

The main thing I think about with this type of program is, “What’s the point?” This doesn’t help ANYONE. It doesn’t help solve a problem. It’s just something that’s there that some people can take advantage of. I don’t envision a system like this lasting very long.

There just isn’t a purpose for it.

If you want to make money online, why not do something that will be long-lasting and also serves a purpose?

How Affiliate Marketing Really Works

Affiliate marketing is a way to connect people who are searching for something with the thing they’re searching for. For instance, you were looking for Instant Cash Solution reviews. I provided you with a review.

Recommended –> How To: Affiliate Marketing for Beginners.

If I were promoting Instant Cash Solution (Rest easy, I wouldn’t! ), and if you purchased from the link on my site, I would earn a commission.

That part of Instant Cash Solution is the “normal” affiliate marketing part.

What’s not normal is having to spend money to make money. That’s more like what MLM (multi-level marketing) and pyramid schemes do.

With affiliate marketing, the idea is that you can sign up for affiliate programs (for free) and then promote those products or services on your website. When someone buys a product or service through you, you’ll get a commission. But you don’t have to buy anything first.

I do have to say that sometimes with membership sites, you do have to pay for the membership in order to promote it and make a commission from it. That’s what I do with my #1 recommendation. But it’s still different because I’m getting the benefits of the membership with my payment. And there’s a LOT to the membership.

Also, I don’t have to promote the membership site in order to make money, I just choose to do it because that’s what I like to talk about.

With Instant Cash Solution, as mentioned, you get some training but the training is only on how to sell the same training. Do you see what I mean? There’s no substance to it.

It Never Pays to try to Do Things Instantly

What I’ve learned as my time as an affiliate marketer is that is NEVER pays to try to do things instantly. Whether that’s trying to make instant cash, or rushing through a process that generally takes time, it just doesn’t pay off in the end.

You will be so much better off in the long run if you take the time now to learn how to do things the right way from the start.

Forget these “Instant Cash Solutions” and other “get-rich-quick” schemes. Forget them all. I know it’s tempting. I get it. I was there before myself.

But you know what happened when I bought into them?

I wasted my time.

I wasted my money.

Now that I’ve learned how to do things the right way with my #1 recommendation, I am setting myself up for success for the future. Not just for right this moment, but for far, far into the future.

What’s your goal?

Do you just want to make money RIGHT NOW?

That’s not going to happen.

Do you want to make enough money to work from home, travel, live comfortably, retire easily? Then do this the right way! It’s not hard. You just have to follow the steps that others have followed.


You’ve heard that saying, right? Slow and steady wins the race.

I know you’re here for a reason. You want to learn how to make money online. You CAN.

Of course, it’s your choice how to do it, but I recommend that you set yourself up for LASTING success.

It might take a little more time now, but you will be FAR ahead of the people who tried to rush their way to success.

Sow the seeds of success that can sustain you for a lifetime.

Do you have any questions or comments about this Instant Cash Solution review? What do you think about “Pay to Play” models? Do you think they’re scammy, or legit because you still get training and tools? Leave me comments below!

20 thoughts on “Instant Cash Solution Review (Instant Solutions Won’t Get You Very Far)”

  1. Your Instant Cash Solution review is very explicit and easy to understand, it leaves one with a clear understanding thereby leaving one with the necessary guidance on whether to buy into it or not. Reading from your post, its clear that Instant Cash Solution isn’t really recommended,by you considering even its cons, being very much compared to the pros. Though i think even if one feels duped on buying into it, one will still learn a few things from their trainings. Thanks so much for this honest review

    • Thanks for commenting on my Instant Cash Solution review. I appreciate your thoughts!

  2. The instant cash solution already smells suspicious, even from its name. After reading your post, I wouldn’t say it’s a scam, after all it teaches you one or two things. I’m not comfortable with the link sharing and social media spamming to get people to click your link. In all, though it’s not a bad program, I won’t still be signing up for this because, I’ll be getting almost no value for money. Thanks for sharing, very warm regards

    • Thanks for your thoughts on my Instant Cash Solution review, Louis! I totally agree about spamming social media accounts with this nonsense. I’d never want to do it on my accounts that i have now. 

  3. Thanks for this informative review on instant cash solution On one hand, Income Cash Solution is not a scam because you do technically get something in return for your money. And it is possible to earn money with the system.

    On the other hand, this business model is not something I recommend because if everyone is posting these same ads, the ads themselves will become less and less effective over time, in my opinion I think there are other options to consider.

    • That’s a good point about the ads, Seun. How many ads do people want to see of the same thing? (That’s IF you can even get them approved somewhere.) 

      Also, since the sites are replicated, that means they would be considered duplicate content. That means that they won’t rank in Google, so you also won’t be able to get free traffic. 

  4. Thanks for this review on instant cash solution.starting from the beginning of this article I already know is not going to be a thing to recommend because the owner is unknown in which in my own point of view it is a red flag and a stay off sign for me. It may not be a scam but there is high possibility that the program is not going to be of what you expect.

    I have checked your number recommendation and I can say it is good which is wealthy affiliate, I have been part of the program for sometimes now and I can say it been great all through the learning process 

    • Thanks so much for reading my Instant Cash Solution review! I’m glad you enjoyed it and now know to stay away from this one. 

      I am happy to hear that Wealthy Affiliate is working out great for you and that you’re learning a lot from it. 

  5. Such programs are meant to serve as traps to newbies who are just starting online. It may sound ridiculous, but some newbies still believe that there is some magical button you press on your computer to spill out cash at will.So when they see programs like “Instant Cash Solution,” they are easily enticed and fall for the trap. I always feel uneasy when I hear programs promising that you can make a fixed amount of money daily by simply copy & pasting. In my opinion, this is simply a Ponzi scheme disguised as an affiliate program. I would never want to be associated with or promote such a program

    • I really, really get the allure of these types of programs. I fell victim to it before too. You want it to be true so much that you’re willing to give it a try. 

      I know I always ended up disappointed when I fell for it, and I’m sure others who buy into this will too. 

      There just isn’t any instant cash solution. Even the people that I saw promoting it put in a LOT of work on You Tube and making bonuses and landing pages. They weren’t just copying and pasting ads and rolling in the dough! 

  6. Wow, Instant Cash Solution is pricey! They are macking cash from us instantly that is for sure. The instant cash solution looks like a MLM business. It seems that we can only promote them and they tech a so so lessons where you can probably them in YouTube, who will want to pay for that? Thank you for the review, i will be on the lookout. 

    • I think you hit the nail on the head. Whoever started Instant Cash Solution is the one making the instant cash! It’s not going to be us making it though.

  7. Hi there. Thank you for this wonderful review. I really love how you broke down all your points about this Instant Cash Solution. I have always say this, that, there is never and there will never be a shortcut to success. Success and wealth are not the things we get instant. It takes time, hard work and consistency before Success can be attained. I don’t really believe in this Instant Cash Solution if you truly want to be financially free 

    • Hey, I’m all for instant success if it actually existed! lol Unfortunately, it doesn’t! Just like you said, there are no shortcuts to success.

  8. There is no free money anywhere. Instant cash can never give anybody instant cash by mere posting or copy and paste ads or links or whatever. Whenever I see things like this, I already know it’s all fallacy. Wealthy affiliates has taught me a lot in the online world that you must work before you can start making money online. 

    • I WISH there was an Instant Cash Solution that actually worked! lol I would probably take advantage too! But, no. there’s nothing that’s ever instant or easy that’s actually worth it. Not that I’ve found anyway!

  9. Hi Christina,The title itself that says ” instant cash”  is something that you need to be wary of. Like you said you only get that when you win the lottery or inherit big money form your parents maybe.I also agree that there’s no real purpose in their platform, just selling it after paying some amount. 

    You don;t learn anything from their trainings except how to sell again so you can get back the money that you spent and more, if you’re lucky. You’re not giving out valuable information or solving problems in anyway, like when you have a website and do affiliate marketing to monetize it.I’ve been building my website for awhile and I know that monetizing it needs hard work, there’s no instant cash from it.Thanks for this review.Marita

    • Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting on my Instant Cash Solution review. So funny that it’s called that because they really don’t offer solutions. I’m glad you see that it’s kind of pointless. I guess you can earn some money from it, but it’s not even going to be easy, and how long will a program like this last? 

  10. I am just reading up on these things before I sign to any


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