Is Rich Janitor a Scam? | Earn a Full-Time Income in a Week with This Software?

Rich Janitor Review

This is the email I received today from Neil Carter. Neil is from the ever-so-popular product Digital Formula.

Rich Janitor Email
Of course, I couldn’t wait to get access to my $11,378.01! I mean, I don’t remember any reason why I would have that amount of money, but hey, I must have gotten it from somewhere.

I clicked to get access to the members’ area, and here’s what I saw:

Rich Janitor Video
Lots of hype! What a surprise. I would have never seen that one coming. It’s OK though. After reviewing a bunch of these types of products, I actually look forward to watching the videos. I find them to be really entertaining. (Usually!)

So, let’s see what we find here. Is Rich Janitor a scam? Does it do all it promises to do in the sales video? Or are we going to be disappointed and sad once again? We’ll have to find out in this Rich Janitor review.

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Here are the areas we’ll explore in this Rich Janitor review:

  • What is Rich Janitor?
  • How Does Rich Janitor Work?
  • Is Rich Janitor a Scam or Legit?
  • Build A Website That Makes Residual Income
  • Let’s Recap

What is Rich Janitor?

Product: Rich Janitor
Cost: $27
Owner(s): Mike Dee (fake name)
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The Rich Janitor sales video was just like all the rest, except that Mike Dee (the fake-named owner of this product) pretends throughout this whole pitch that he’s totally different because he wants to get those “guru millionaires” back for scamming people out of their hard-earned money.

Let’s go through some things I learned from the video:

  • There’s only one proven trigger to force money into your bank account (I still don’t know what that is?)
  • Mike makes HUGE automatic income (and you can, too!)
  • His products uses other people’s efforts (ethically) and he doesn’t even have to talk to them
  • You only need a computer or phone and about 5 minutes of spare time
  • If you have any doubts that this system will work, he’ll pay you $70 (hahaha, wait until you see how he works this in!)
  • It’s nearly impossible not to make money
  • He wants to be a real partner and a real partnership is never a pyramid scheme or “anything shady”
  • This is not a “make millions overnight” system

You get the point. It’s all the same things that we hear in every video. They all say they’re different and yet they are all the same.

Mike then takes us through some “Ugly Truths”:

  1. 99.5% of the systems claiming that you’ll make money online are led by self-proclaimed gurus. All these gurus are just selling hyped-up trash. (You got that right!) Gurus are great at hype – just like a sleazy car salesman!
  2. The selfish millionaires will try to stop the legitimate ways to make money.
  3. Every time we make money with his system, we’re helping to stop these gurus. (Mike calls this a “crazy version of Robin Hood”.)

Too bad Mike is giving us the same hyped-up trash he claims to despise. Oh? Did I type that out loud?

He says he’s uncovered “money loopholes” that are so obvious that it flies under everyone’s radar.

(Side Note: I just thought of something fun. We should play sales video bingo. Look for these words: loophole, guru, scammers, this is different, Lambo, mansion and skeptical. Did you find them all? You win!)

Does Mike have a sob story? You bet he does! He had no college degree and he worked as a janitor. He was scared to open his mailbox due to all the bills piling up. He needed to find a better way! He started buying into these “scammy” programs that promised riches and he got himself into $25,000 debt because of them!

His personal hell got even worse. One day he was really hungry and he grabbed a sandwich from the trash can at school (don’t worry, it was wrapped in plastic!) and got yelled at by his boss for stealing. He was fired on the spot. His wife yelled at him and he went to sleep nearly fainting.

But then his wife got a great idea to use their last $1000 to try something online. This one felt different because they could get access to the guru. But guess what happened?

The guru’s program drained their bank accounts. They got random charges of over $8500 from things they never signed up for! (Um, I thought you had already spent your last $1000?) His wife had a mental breakdown.

After researching this shady guru he stumbled onto a small loophole in his business. That guru just wasn’t smart enough! he left something very valuable behind. After taking advantage of this loophole, Mike made $375 in 3 days! He found another loophole and made even more money.

He decided to invest that money into programmers to create software to automate these loopholes. This software turbo charged everything. In 3 months, he started making $6,000 per month and he was completely debt-free in 7 months. Now he has this big house and fancy car that he just yelled at the “scammy gurus” for showing.

Rich Janitor

Anyway, is this system hard? Oh no! You can fill these loopholes in less than 10 minutes. This software is “really powerful” if it falls into the wrong hands. (hahahaha. That’s a new one!) Mike’s going to take this page down in a couple of minutes because he doesn’t want this to get out!

Lucky for us, this software is ONLY $97. But wait! Remember that $70 Mike promised if we had doubts? Well, he’s sooooo nice that he’s going to put that toward the cost of the program. And now it’s only $27 for us! Yay! Don’t forget to click before it’s too late. You’ll hate yourself later if you don’t start right now!!!

Let’s see how Rich Janitor really works, shall we?

How Does Rich Janitor Work?

Rich Janitor ProductFrom my research, I learned that the Rich Janitor uses affiliate marketing. (Yay!) But, I also found out that the way that it’s used is outdated, spammy and generally not good. (Boo!)

For instance, one of the ways Rich Janitor suggests to make money is to use a set of pre-written articles. These articles will have your affiliate link embedded in them. Then, you share these on Facebook and they’ll go wildly viral and you’ll be rich, rich, rich!

Uh, we know that never works. We learned that from the Viral Cash App. No one is going to click on these articles, therefore they’re not going to go wildly viral.

Another tactic that Rich Janitor uses is spun content. This is the secret money loophole software that he mentioned a dozen times. Spun content takes an article that someone wrote, and kind of rewrites it. I remember using that back in the day. (Like 10 years ago.) It was an OK strategy back then, however the articles were always clumsy.

Using this spun article tactic today would be a terrible, terrible idea. Google will hate you for this. They want unique content. So do people who read stuff on the internet. (Can you blame them?)

Is Rich Janitor a Scam or Legit?

Thumbs DownFrom my research, there were some OK things about Rich Janitor. If you’re new to affiliate marketing, they do have some good basic training on how the whole process works. However, there are way, way too many downsides to this program. It’s not a scam, but the sales video was scammy because it made a lot of promises that the product doesn’t live up to. Would I recommend this product? Hell no! Not at all.

“Mike” seems to do exactly what he claims all those “other millionaire gurus” do. He takes your money and gives you a lemon, just like a sleazy car salesman.

In fact, I found this complaint in the Better Business Bureau website from someone who was having trouble getting her money back. So no, Mike is not any different from any other “guru” out there. Once again, I suggest you keep your money in your pocket and forget this product.

BBB Complaint for Rich Janitor

Learn Affiliate Marketing the RIGHT Way

I have nothing against affiliate marketing, since that’s what I do! And I actually really love it! However, in order to be successful at it, you have to do it the right way. You can’t use some content that someone else created. You can’t just use some generic articles and throw them on Facebook. That will never work.

It’s just never going to be as easy as these guys always say it is. You’re not going to make tons of money in only 10 minutes. You actually have to put effort into affiliate marketing. You’ve got to start from the ground and work your way up. It can be done, and there are lots of people out there making the kind of money Mike claims he can help you make. But you gotta put your time in.

Let me take you through the process with my FREE Guide to Making Money Online for Beginners. I’ll show you the right way to get started so that you don’t have to deal with these shady programs. It’s actually really easy to get started. (This is not hype! It actually IS easy to get started. The work comes after!) Check it out.

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Let’s Recap

Unfortunately, we are left sad and disappointed once again with another product that doesn’t live up to the expectations. I was really hoping for a winner this time. You know, I have to be honest. I actually started to fall for the trap that Mike laid out. I was actually beginning to believe he was going to be different than those self-proclaimed gurus. I started to believe the story.

I should know better by now because all these sales videos have stories as fake as Mike Dee’s name. We have to remember to watch everything with at least a little skepticism.

There was one good thing about this sales video. There were no testimonials! Thank goodness! I was getting a little tired of seeing the same fake testimonial people. It was nice to get a break from them.

Just remember. Stay skeptical, but make sure you don’t lump affiliate marketing into the “it’s always a scam” bucket because it is a legitimate way to make money online. You just have to learn how to do it the right way – from the ground up. Click the button below to view my Free Guide to Making Money Online for Beginners and let me show you the proper way to get started.

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Any questions or comments about Rich Janitor? Have you been burned by Mike Dee before? (Also know as Mike Dougherty from when Rich Janitor first came out. This is also a fake name. Fun, right?)

20 thoughts on “Is Rich Janitor a Scam? | Earn a Full-Time Income in a Week with This Software?”

  1. So basically you a paying for a set of articles that 100’s of other members are using, to spam your friends timeline on Facebook?

    So, so glad I found this review then before I wasted $27 on finding out what was ‘inside the box’. What products are these articles aimed at? Are they mainly low price products or full whack products?

    • Yea, isn’t that fun, Chris? You get to spam your friends with junky articles that they don’t want to read. There were different articles for different topics like weight loss and making money. They looked terrible.

  2. Hello Christina,

    I rarely post comments on the internet, but I couldn’t go without thanking you for this honest and detailed review. After reading it I learned quite a lot about Rich Janitor, and I must say as a newbie who’s searching an easy way to make some money online, I was almost ready to sign up.. but you just saved me! I was definitely lucky to have found your review.. that’s what I call dodging a bullet. 

    Thank you,Nick.

    • I’m glad it helped, Nick! I wouldn’t want you to be getting hit with any of these scammy bullets. Stay away from Rich Janitor. Stay far, far away! Also, stay away from these as well. 

  3. Never heard of Rich Janitor, but appreciate you sharing this article. At least now I know what not to get into. Argh, I hate when they hype up a lot about making a lot of money. Haha, the email they sent you is hilarious and also quite harsh. As an affiliate marketer myself, I know the hard work it takes to make money. Getting free money like that is never really possible, unless of course it’s a scam or false claims. I’ve found that there are so many of these kind of products online nowadays – not scams because you can make money out of it but more scammy because they promise false things and just hype you up to sign up for their program. 

    • There are tons and tons of these products. Argh is my sentiment too. They make us all look bad! Affiliate marketing is such a great business, but people come into it with the wrong expectations due to these untruthful videos. It’s frustrating!

  4. This is an excellent article that thoroughly addresses this Rich Janitor deal. It is well written and the personal touch and comments really make it a pleasant and informative read. I learned a lot about how scammers work and the lingo that is used to grab you and pull you in. With the crazy online world it really is hard to know who to trust–especially when there is a personal sob story attached to pull at your heart strings and build ‘credibility”.

    So many times I have had my finger hovering over the BUY NOW button and this article is a great reminder as to why this is not always a wise idea.

    Thank you for this article definitely offers insight and education on the whole smoke and mirrors approach to marketing and wise and timely warning–Buyer Beware.

    • Hi Nancy! I am right there with you. Back in the day when I first started learning about making money online, I was always hovering over that “Buy Now” button. I even clicked it a couple of times. Now I can see how gullible I was to fall for these types of claims. I’m really hoping to help other people avoid the same mistake. 

  5. Gosh, thank you so much for this review πŸ™‚  This doesn’t look like a good thing at all.  All that money just to find out it’s really nothing?  Yuck!  Looks like he takes you through a lot of… well… dumbness just to take up your time and fill his pocket.

    Not worth getting at all!

    Thank you so much for your review!

    • Thanks for stopping by! Yup, just another waste of time. Nothing to see here. πŸ™‚

  6. This article is about a really serious subject, which is people being scammed, but you make it so fun to read! I was laughing at your comments the whole time!

    It is really sad that these scam artists are out there, but I’m so glad that you are shining a light on this issue, and giving your true, honest, and also, very funny opinion!! 

    I chose to go with Wealthy Affiliates, and I’m so happy I did! Its definitely been worth every penny!!!

    • Thanks so much Janis! If we don’t laugh at these, we might cry. lol 

      I’m glad you’ve found your way to Wealthy Affiliate. They are my #1 recommendation for a reason. Like you said, they’re “worth every penny!” 

  7. When I saw the title Rich Janitor, I thought that it was a program teaching people how to run a cleaning company. But the first sign that it’s a scam is the email telling you that you had $11,000. They gave you your first introduction to the program with a downright lie.

    • I think a program teaching people how to run a cleaning company would be 100% better than this product. I bet it would make loads more money! I mean, it’s pretty easy to make more than $0! 

  8. Great post. I like your style, You had me cracking up with some of your comments. I will play the sales video bingo. LOL πŸ™‚ totally agree this is a risky bet.There are so many better options than this out there including the one you recommend. Anyone considering this silly gig should run for the hills.


    • Thanks, Todd. I actually think these videos are hilarious so I just try to have fun with it. I totally agree with your advice on this one – run for the hills! 

  9. I have lost a lot of money in the past to scammers like these, I no longer go for these easy money programs .Its better I put all my effort  in order to achieve success online. I now know, usually when someone send you a clip of video, claiming he/she can open the doors of success, but at the same time discourage you to send the video to anyone, it’s probably  a scam. 

    Genuine programs encourage its members to spread the news on how it operate

    • I am right there with you. I have been drawn in by these types of videos in the past too. There are so many red flags that I know to look out for now, but I know that’s not always clear to people who are new to this online marketing world. I hope i’m making it easier for them to see the deception. 

      Thanks for stopping by!

  10. One of my pet peeves in life is a hypocrite and this guy definitely sounds like one. What a gyp! It’s all fine and good to teach people about affiliate marketing, but to do it in such a sleezy manner is not okay. Especially with the contradictions and calling out other marketers while doing the exact same thing. Sometimes I think everyone has read the same marketing books on how to impress folks. And don’t even get me started on spun content as a writer! Thanks for warning people about this guy.

    • This whole video was completely hypocritical, but you would never know that as someone new to online marketing. He really seemed like a genuine guy throughout the video. But thankfully we’re on to guys like this. We know better! 


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