Is Traffic Authority Legit, or Is It a Pyramid Scheme?

You may have come across Traffic Authority and now you’re wondering if it’s legit? All I know is that when you type “Traffic Authority” into Google, the Better Business Bureau website comes up first and it doesn’t have good things to say about this business.

That’s never a good sign.

But we’ll talk about the BBB a little later. We’ll see why it gets such a bad score there.

For now, let’s dive into Traffic Authority and see if it’s still worth it to join.

What is Traffic Authority?

The sales video says that rich people are becoming richer and poor people are becoming poorer, but they are actually doing something about the problem by helping more people to become millionaires.

The video quickly moves to some testimonials. One guy in particular said he made over $11,000 in one week after just getting started with the program.

Be careful of these high income claims. Either they aren’t real, or there’s a catch.

We’ll figure out which one it is a little later.

The Traffic Authority sales video assures us this is not one of those scammy get rich quick schemes.

The video says you need just 3 things to make this work for you:

  1. At least an hour per day of free time
  2. The ability to follow simple directions
  3. A willingness to learn and take action

The video says that their sales funnel is generating millions of dollars on complete autopilot. And I’m sure that’s true. For the owners of this system. I’ll show you why a little later.

The video goes on to say there are just three easy steps to get started in this business:

  1. Turn on your Traffic Authority system & business center
  2. Complete your business plan
  3. Get traffic to your website

If you follow these three easy steps, you can make $10,000 in your first 30 days – without selling anything!

Seems a little too good to be true, right? We’ll see!

The video then says that you’ll be selling the one thing that every business needs – traffic! People will be ready to buy your traffic packages because everyone needs traffic.

That’s an overview of this system from the sales video’s point of view. Let’s see if we can figure out how this actually works.

How Does Traffic Authority Work?

Unfortunately, the sales video doesn’t tell us how Traffic Authority works, or how you make money with this system, so we’ll have to do some digging to find out what’s happening here.

The only thing they mentioned is that it will cost you $47 per month. What will you get for your $47 per month? This is a reseller license so you can resell the Traffic Authority system.

There was one phrase in the video that gives me another clue.

Compensation plan.

There’s one main type of business that uses a compensation plan, and that is multi-level marketing (MLM).

If you’ve been on my site at all, you know how I feel about MLMs.

Not. Good.

You can read my article on MLMs versus Affiliate Marketing to get an idea of why I don’t like MLMs.

But let’s get back into how Traffic Authority works and we’ll discover if they use MLM.

What’s Inside the Traffic Authority Membership?

To be upfront, I didn’t spend $47 to see what’s inside Traffic Authority. In fact, I wouldn’t even try it because of some of the complaints on the BBB website. (We’ll get to that soon.) Also, it’s $47 a month for the reseller license and then an additional $27 per month for the membership.

I’m piecing together information from others who have purchased and are in the membership.

There are a few different packages you can buy once you’re a member:

  • Traffic Academy: $97 / month
  • Traffic Store (get web traffic to your site): $220 – $8k+
  • Traffic Optimizer: (Tools to help optimize conversions and manage traffic): $27 / month

The Traffic Packages that can be purchased are:

  • Basic = $220
  • Bronze = $440
  • Silver = $660
  • Gold = $1097
  • Platinum = $2197
  • Titanium = $4297

I’m not exactly sure what these packages get you, but from what I’ve read, you’ll be paying somewhere close to $1.60 per click. That’s pricey.

The thing is, we don’t even know what the quality is of these leads. You may spend $1097 on the Gold package and the clicks might be fake.

The Traffic Authority Compensation Plan

The Traffic Authority IS an MLM, as the main way to make money with this is to recruit people and have those people buy into the membership and packages.

Here’s what affiliates get paid:

  • Traffic Optimizer tools = $27 / month
  • Traffic Academy = $$50 / month
  • Basic traffic package = $100
  • Bronze traffic package = $200
  • Silver traffic package = $300
  • Gold traffic package = $500
  • Platinum traffic package = $1000
  • Titanium traffic package = $2000

In order to qualify for commissions, you must either buy the product or package yourself, or sell it three times. Until you qualify, any sales you make will go to the person that referred you.

Like other cash-gifting schemes that I’ve reviewed here, the higher traffic packages allow you to qualify for commissions on the lower traffic packages.

For instance, you if buy the Bronze traffic package, you can earn commissions on any Bronze or Basic traffic packages that you sell.

If you buy the Titanium traffic package, you’ll be able to earn on all the levels. You can see how this would make you feel pressured that you’re going to miss out on sales if you don’t get the higher packages.

These guys want you to feel that way so that you spend more money. That’s how they make money. They make money off of YOU.

It’s a sad fact for MLMs.

Traffic Authority Used to Be Infinite Leverage System

Here’s something that’s a big red flag. Traffic Authority used to be known as Infinite Leverage System. Why would they need to rebrand if the company was doing so well?

They really wouldn’t.

The problem with MLMs is that most of them are very close to being pyramid schemes (or, they are actually pyramid schemes), and pyramid schemes always collapse eventually. Is that what happened with Infinite Leverage System?

Here’s BehindMLM’s review of it and what they think.

Here’s a couple of quotes from the article that sums it up nicely:

“In any event, what usually happens in lead generation MLM opportunities is that the lead generation platform is simply used to generate leads for the attached income opportunity itself.”

“BurnLounge, operating along the same lines as Infinite Leverage System was shut down in 2007 for being a pyramid scheme.”

Is Traffic Authority any different from Infinite Leverage System? In my opinion, not really. There’s not really a way to sell these packages retail. Whatever is being sold, is being sold to affiliates.

Traffic Authority Complaints

Finally, we circle back to the BBB website. As I mentioned in the intro of this article, I only typed the words “Traffic Authority” into Google, and the first result that came up was the Better Business Bureau.

This is never a good sign.

The BBB gives Traffic Authority a D- rating.

There are only 3 reviews. Two of them simply state they like Traffic Authority. The third review says this is a nightmare, they were pressured into spending a $660 package and the traffic doesn’t convert. Now they want their money back but they can’t get a hold of anyone at the company.

There were 14 complaints filed in the last 3 years. The complaints say things like:

  • They charged me $398 two times
  • My husband signed up for this for $149, but they also took another $982 out of his bank account
  • I was charged $144 twice and I can’t get a refund
  • They withdrew money from my personal checking account without my consent
  • This is a pyramid scheme

Here’s one such complaint from someone at the BBB:

“I joined this co on Nov 13th. i had issues on step 3 sent several mess to Traffic Authority support team, to **** ********, just about every way to contact them. None of the phone numbers work. It has been a month now with no response. the only response I ever rec was one from **** when i asked to have membership cancelled. All he asked was which one did i joined. Never heard back. They have a 30 day money back guarantee so I wanted a refund for Nov. since i was unable to finish sign up . They should be able to look at my account and see there has not been any activity on the account since mid nov. In dec they charged my bank another 47.00 for dec membership. Evidently **** ******** did not honor my cancellation request. There is no way to contact a human being for help. I am at wits end.”

This is why I wouldn’t even trust giving these guys any of my money. They seem to charge people for things they didn’t ask for, and it’s extremely hard to get a hold of anyone to get it fixed. Or to cancel.

Is Traffic Authority a Scam or Legit?

Now we get back to the main question(s). Is Traffic Authority legit? Or is it a scam? Is it a pyramid scheme? In my opinion, I would stay as far away from this as possible. I think it’s very much teetering on the edge of pyramid scheme territory, which means you are very, very likely to lose a lot of money by joining.


  • You could potentially make a good amount of money with this


  • You are very likely to lose money
  • This was already a different company that collapsed
  • The traffic packages are extremely high priced
  • Because the traffic packages are so high priced, it will be almost impossible to sell them retail
  • You will feel pressured to buy into higher-priced packages because you will qualify for more commissions
  • It’s almost impossible to get a hold of someone if you have an issue or want a refund
  • People have been charged for more than what they ordered
  • Almost all sales are going to be to affiliates, which makes it very, very close to being a pyramid scheme

Obviously, you can do whatever you like with your money. However, buying into Traffic Authority just seems like a bad bet.


Is Traffic Authority legit? In my opinion, it’s not. It’s not much different from the many MLMs that I cover, or even the many cash-gifting schemes I’ve reviewed such as Club Cash Fund, The Fearless Momma, or 30 Day Success Club Formula.

If you want to make money online, I completely understand. But let me recommend affiliate marketing to you instead. There aren’t any downlines or uplines. There aren’t any starter packages that you need to buy into. It’s a much better (and a much more legit) way to do business online. You can read more about it with my free affiliate marketing guide here.

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