Traffic Xtractor [Review] – What the Other Guys Don’t Show You

Traffic Xtractor Review

Welcome to my Traffic Xtractor Review!

Do you want more traffic to your website?

Don’t we all!

It’s never enough, right?

Traffic Xtractor promises to help you do just that. Get more traffic.

But does it really work?

Does it do what it says it’s going to do?

We’re going to take a look at this program and find out if it’s worth purchasing.

I’m going to dig a little deeper and show you what the other guys aren’t seeing.

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Here are the areas we’ll explore in this Traffic Xtractor review.

  • What is Traffic Xtractor?
  • How Does Traffic Xtractor Work?
  • Is Traffic Xtractor a Scam or Legit?
  • You CAN Find Long-Tail Keywords Easily

What is Traffic Xtractor?

Product: Traffic Xtractor
Cost: $23.95
Owner(s): Art Flair, Declan Mc, Alex Krulik

The premise behind Traffic Xtractor is that most people quit online marketing because they can’t get enough traffic to their website. And without traffic, you can’t make sales.

Traffic Xtractor Header

Paid traffic is expensive and doesn’t convert that well. Most free traffic methods take forever to start working.

Art says that they know the struggle of getting high quality traffic to your site. They ask if you would be able to make more sales if you could get more free traffic?

Traffic Xtractor Sales Video

And all with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Alex came up with an idea to get more traffic from really simple little videos. These are videos that anyone can make in a few minutes.

Traffic Xtractor uses small videos to get traffic

Alex made thousands of dollars this way and they consider this to be a “set it and forget it” method.

They recognized that this was a great idea, but there was a big problem. Finding low-competition long-tail keywords manually was really time-consuming.

They decided to create a software that did all the heavy lifting of finding these long-tail keywords.

They said they used their new software system that found them 50 keywords that they could use quickly. Then they created some simple (and ugly – their words, not mine!) videos and…

within 20 minutes:

they made their first sale!

Traffic Xtractor save countless hours

They say that this software includes video training so that you can learn how to get started right away.

Then they make this big promise:

Automate Traffic Xtractor so you can work less

As with any good sales page, they repeat many of the same things again and again.

Traffic Xtractor sales page

This sounds pretty good and all…

But is it?

Is it actually worth buying this to save you some time?

Time is money, but:

I’m not so sure.

How Does Traffic Xtractor Work?

I give this video credit for actually telling us what this product is about.

We don’t know all the nitty-gritty details, but we almost know enough to make an informed choice of whether to spend our money.

Most of these sales videos don’t give you a CLUE what you’re about to pay for.

However, it did take a little more research to find out if this is something I would personally buy.


I was disappointed.

As an affiliate marketer, I’m always looking for more traffic for this very site. But I don’t really like the way they do it.

I’ll tell you why in a bit.

But let me show you this:

You see, they give these examples of how the system can rank quickly for you. Here’s one of their examples I pulled off of their sales page.

Traffic Xtractor results from Google

As they mentioned, the software finds a long-tail keyword and then you create a video and it ranks quickly. For instance, I can see that they targeted the keyword phrase “how to make moscato wine” here in the above example.

I went to Google and typed it in. The video is ranking nicely! So far, so good.

Traffic Xtractor Results

Now let’s head over to that YouTube video. (This video is 5th on YouTube as of this writing.)

Now let’s take a look at the actual video.

Um, what?

This video doesn’t provide ANY value. It just talks about a Facebook group that you can join. (There’s not even a link to the group, so I have no idea what the point of this is.)

You can see the complaints from the people who watched this video.

Traffic Xtractor YouTube complaints

Maybe there’s an actual method behind this madness, but to me it seems like producing junky content to trick someone into something.

I’m not a fan of that.

Is Traffic Xtractor a Scam or Legit?

Thumbs DownAfter doing this Traffic Xtractor review, I definitely wouldn’t call it a scam. It’s not. I’m sure you get software that pulls out these keywords, and I’m sure you get training on how to use it all.

(By the way, Jamie Lewis has a very similar program that I reviewed called Profit Injector.)

I just wouldn’t personally use this software or training, therefore I also wouldn’t recommend it.

Traffic Xtractor Review  – Pros

  • Easy to use
  • Money back guarantee if you decide you don’t like how it’s working
  • You will get fast results
  • It’s inexpensive

Traffic Xtractor Review – Cons

  • They talk about quality traffic in the sales video, but I can’t see how that’s possible with this system
  • You can find long-tail keywords pretty easily with a keyword tool. (It doesn’t take hours.)
  • The example content they show don’t provide any value
  • I can’t see how these long-tail keywords will result in lasting sales

I swear these internet marketers get together and they say “let’s come up with a product so that we can launch it and make a lot of money!”

Product launches do make tons of money. And perhaps that’s why they don’t care if their videos don’t provide any value. Because they’re just using them as proof that this works to that they can promote this product.

But where does that leave YOU when you try this software?

I can’t say for sure since I didn’t try it myself, but to me, I can imagine that you are left with some junky videos that rank well but don’t actually bring in traffic and sales.

I could be wrong, and feel free to let me know in the comments if you’ve used this product successfully.

You CAN Find Long-Tail Keywords Easily

Finding long-tail keywords isn’t that hard if you have the right tools. You really just need a decent keyword tool. Another reason I wouldn’t purchase Traffic Xtractor is because I already have access to a good keyword tool.

It’s called Jaaxy, and I get it as a part of my Wealthy Affiliate membership. Let me show you.

For fun, I just typed “long tail keyword” into Jaaxy. Here’s the results.

Long Tail keywords in Jaaxy

“Long tail keyword tool free” is an awesome keyword. I see that is has good traffic, low competition, and it should be easy to rank in the search engines. I could write an entire article on this keyword (or make a YouTube video).

Do you know how long it took me to find this? Literally about 5 seconds. If I go deeper into Jaaxy and “Brainstorm” this keyword, I could find plenty more. It would only take me a few minutes.

Try it yourself.

There’s a training on how to use this keyword tool effectively. I know it personally helped me find a BUNCH of long-tail keywords in just a matter of minutes. I don’t need any other special tools to do it for me.

I always recommend signing up with Wealthy Affiliate because there are way too many of these one-off products and it can get so overwhelming. Worse is that most of them don’t work as expected when you buy into them.

Wealthy Affiliate has all the training, tools and community support you need to get a website off the ground, getting traffic and getting sales.

Premium Members have access to learn how to build traffic. And you’ll learn how to do it the right way from the start so that you don’t need to look at all these programs.

You can start a free membership to see what you think.

Your choice!

Start a free account

Do you have any questions or comments about Traffic Xtractor? Have you used this system with any success? I’ll amend my review if so. Leave me comments down below!

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Traffic Xtractor Review

10 thoughts on “Traffic Xtractor [Review] – What the Other Guys Don’t Show You”

  1. Great post and good info.

    It doesn’t sound as a scam, but I’m not convinced about this program. 

    I prefer to do things manually with Jaaxy than with this, because it doesn’t look like it is 100 percent sure that you can have a very good keyword. 

    Thanks for reviewing this, because this saves me money and I can look for alternatives. 

    • My pleasure, Emmanuel. I’m glad this Traffic Xtractor review helped you make an informed decision. 

  2. I just came up with a discovery that free traffic is efficient to a great extent relative to the paid traffic. So most sites require the right amount of traffic to be generated for one particular reason or the other, now in a bid to meet up, a lot of ups and downs are greeted along the way.

    • Yes, free traffic is definitely efficient, it just takes a long time. That’s why some people like to pay for traffic, but then that can cost  you a lot of money. I mostly use free traffic (like 98%) and it definitely takes time, but it’s worth it in the long run! 

  3. Great post. You did your homework. I always approach these types of claims with a healthy dose of skepticism, and work backwards from there. The pros and cons list immediately helped me determine whether or not Traffic Xtractor was worth a look or not. 

    I use Jaaxy quite often, in keyword research and execution. I will research more long-tail keywords for my content! Thank you! 

    • Great, Trent! I’m glad I was able to help you with this Traffic Xtractor review. 

  4. So far, the Xfactor Tractor guys may be legit about but their keyword magic. Do they really sell their keyword tool, or basically  you pay them to get help in ranking your website organically with the tool to help you get conversions for your products pen Do these guys actually get paid for the tools and teach you how to use the tool?

    • They don’t sell a keyword tool, they sell a software that grabs keywords for you so that you don’t have to use a tool. However, I just don’t think this is necessary, and I’m not a fan of the way they teach you how to rank using these keywords. 

  5. After reading your review this product does not look as bad as it looks because if we can find long keywords and create a video that will be in the first places in google and youtube it is up to us to create a video with very good information and value for our visitors, I definitely will look for more information about traffic xtractor and see if is for me or not.

    Thank you for sharing this review you gave me an idea of what to expect from this product.

    • It’s not a terrible product, I just don’t think it’s going to be all that great. Sure, you can rank for these long-tail keywords, but it looks like they’re trying to squeeze offers into these videos that don’t really match. That’s not going to bring in quality traffic like they promised. 


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