What is Ecom Cash Code? Can You Make Easy Online Income or is Ecom Cash Code a Scam?

Ecom Cash Code Review


Welcome to my Ecom Cash Code review!

What is Ecom Cash Code, exactly?

Well, I have to tell you:

This is the first of a bunch of different reviews that I did that turned out to all be the same.

Does that mean Ecom Cash Code is so good that they need to spread the word far and wide?


Is Ecom Cash Code a scam?

Not exactly, but there are definitely things to watch out for.

We’ll get to it all in this Ecom Cash Code review.


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Here are the areas we’ll explore in this Ecom Cash Code review.

  • What is Ecom Cash Code?
  • How Does Ecom Cash Code Work?
  • Is Ecom Cash Code a Scam or Legit?
  • Affiliate Marketing is Pretty Awesome
  • Let’s Recap

What is Ecom Cash Code?

Product: Ecom Cash Code
Cost: $47
Owner(s): Teo Vee (Could be a pen name, but Teo is fairly active on Twitter)

I will give Ecom Cash Code a little credit right off the bat before we even get this video started. While the sales video is a little hype-y, they at least put disclaimers in there about the testimonial people being paid actors and that results are not typical. Thank you!! Finally!

Ecom Cash Code Sales Video

Now, let’s see what else we can learn from the sales video:

  • This can involve you making cash from ecom
  • There’s a “secret” ecom code that can produce cash 24/7
  • Profit from sales online without doing the grunt work
  • You don’t need any special knowledge to get started
  • You just need an internet connection, a little know-how and a desire to succeed

We have some testimonials. No sales video would be complete without testimonials! Now, as a reminder, they do have those disclaimers in there. Most sales videos use fake testimonials and DON’T put the disclaimer, so I am impressed that they at least have that in there. I actually feel a sense of relief!

Ecom Cash Code Testimonial

Teo introduces himself and tell us his story. He was a dishwasher at a restaurant in Manhattan. He worked so much but still didn’t have money to pay the bills. (Yea, probably not in NYC!) Out of desperation, he started looking for ways to make money online. Everything was a scam! (Yea, I get that.)

He posted a question on a forum asking about online opportunities. Someone mentioned a code that he uses to make a nice sum of money. That night, he tried it out. He followed the “code” the person on the forum gave him. Then he waited. Nothing happened! Oh nos. He gave up and went to bed. Womp, womp.

It seemed too good to be true, but he wanted results and he wanted them NOW! (So impatient, dude.) The next night he went back to the page and tried following the code again. Nothing still!! He wanted to give up for good. (Um, after 2 nights of trying?) He tried one last time the next day. And when he checked his computer the next morning, he made $213!

He made more money from getting a good night’s sleep than from working for 40 hours! After 2 weeks passed, he made $6,822. (UGH. Here we go. This story just passed the ridiculous mark.)

Ecom Cash Code Sales Video

(Oh come on, man. This did not happen! You’re just not going to make $114,500 in 90 days of doing something new. I mean, unless you’re really, really lucky. Don’t fall for this crap!)

Ecom Cash Code taps into online sales. It’s a site where you can make money. Get the code, follow some directions, get it up and running and make extra cash.

You’re not selling anything directly. You don’t have to worry about shipping or bugging people on Facebook. All the sales are automated. Someone will be by your side to guide you if you need assistance. You’ll get an adviser to make sure everything is working properly. (OK, that’s better than what most products offer.)

Do we actually know what we’ll be doing with Ecom Cash Code? Nope! of course not. The sales videos almost never say. Let’s see if we can dig in a little more and find out.

How Does Ecom Cash Code Work?

Who the heck knows? No one knows because they don’t tell you anything in the video. What I have seen is that people have said that this is possibly a product that will funnel you into another program called My Ecom Club. And that makes sense to me because when I checked out Teo Vee’s Twitter, that’s what his handle is there. (@MyEcomClub)

Because this is an ecom product, it’s likely that there’s training about dropshipping involved here. I decided not to purchase the product so I can’t say 100% for sure what this product is or what it does. Dropshipping is definitely a legit way to make money online, and perhaps they have some good training, but the problem is that there are some red flags. Let’s discuss.

Is Ecom Cash Code a Scam or Legit?

Thumbs DownBecause I decided not to purchase the product, I can’t say for sure whether or not this is a scam. What I do know is that there are plenty of red flags to look out for here:

  • Make “easy” income online
  • Fake testimonials (but yes, at least they admit they’re fake)
  • Saying you can make money after just 3 days (this just isn’t likely)
  • Saying he made $144k in just 90 days

And then there’s the whole My Ecom Club thing. If this product funnels into that, then you really need to watch out. There have been multiple complaints about this site on the Better Business Bureau website. Here are a couple:

My Ecom Club Complaint 1

My Ecom Club Complaint 2If these two products are connected, this is enough to make you want to stay far, FAR away.

I also wanted to mention that there have been several other “products” by Teo Vee that I have since reviewed. They’re not different products. From what I can tell, they all funnel you into My Ecom Club.


This doesn’t seem great, but it’s OK because have another solution for you.

Affiliate Marketing is Pretty Awesome

Unfortunately, I don’t have experience in dropshipping at this time. If this is something you’re really interested in, I would suggest checking out YouTube for more information. I do know that it’s legitimate and people make money online with dropshipping.

In fact, the affiliate marketing training website that I use, Wealthy Affiliate, also has training on ecommerce and dropshipping. There was an entire series of Live Traninings on this very topic! It’s something like I look forward to exploring more in the future.

However, right now I’m enjoying being an affiliate marketer. Why? I get to work from home, write about things I enjoy and wear slippers all day. I even get to pet my cats periodically when they’re not off sleeping somewhere. It’s a dream life! And one that I owe to Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate has taught me absolutely everything about creating a website, monetizing it and getting traffic to it. I followed their step-by-step training until I had this very site that you’re on right now completed! (Well, not really. It’ll never be completed. It’ll always be a work in progress!)

Affiliate marketing is not something that you can do and make money in 3 days. (Um, neither is e-commerce, despite what this product tries to tell you.) You have to work at it, put in a lot of effort, write until your fingers almost bleed…but it’s so worth it! Slippers, man.

You can try Wealthy Affiliate – for free, no credit card required, no strings attached – to see if you like it. I understand affiliate marketing may not be for everyone. But at least see what it’s about because I think it’s pretty darn awesome!

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Let’s Recap

Dropshipping is probably pretty good. I don’t have experience with it yet, but I know that people are successfully doing it. Ecom Cash Code is probably not very good. They may have some training that helps with dropshipping, but I would be worried about getting sucked into My Ecom Club.

I have plenty of experience with affiliate marketing, and I know it’s great. However, there are plenty of scammy products out there trying to suck you into their systems. There might be some good ones, but most of them have way too many red flags, just like Ecom Cash Code.

Now, I do promote Wealthy Affiliate, and yes I will make a commission if you decided to join our Premium Membership (this is my job as an affiliate marketer!). In that way, you can say I’m biased. But, I could choose to promote any product out there. I choose Wealthy Affiliate because it’s helped me immensely, and I know it can help you too! And if you try out the Free Starter Membership and it’s not for you, that’s OK. I don’t do that high-pressure thing because I want you to find the “thing” that’s perfect for you.

I do suggest you to try it out though. Because affiliate marketing has so many benefits and because it won’t cost you anything to check it out. So, why not? You never know. This could completely change your life like it did for me.

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Do you have any questions or comments about Ecom Cash Code? Have you tried it? What did you think of it? Have you tried Wealthy Affiliate? Any opinions on it? Leave me comments below!

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Christina Piccoli

I'm Christina, and I hate cubicles. I started affiliate marketing as a path to freedom from the rat race. My mission is to guide others to that same freedom by showing them how to create an income online. Read more about me here.

  • Mike says:

    Thanks for the great review Christina, it was very well written and informative.  I do not think I will be using Ecom Cash anytime soon. You mentioned you were getting a lot of emails with opportunities to make some additional money online, do you have any recommendations beyond affiliate marketing? 

    • Christina Piccoli says:

      I get ALL kinds of opportunities via email. Most of them are for one of 3 things: 

      1. Affiliate marketing
      2. Dropshipping
      3. Cryptocurrency trading

      I do have a post on other work from home opportunities that I’ve tried. I’ll be adding more to this section as I find them. My preferred way to work from home is affiliate marketing though. I just think it has the most benefits with the least downsides that I’ve tried so far!

  • Juliet says:

    Thanks for this post Christina, I have never heard of ecom cash code. What kind of product is this? How can someone make money by sleeping? No clear explanation is given as to how it works yet there’s money to pay. I now know one more program to stay away from and I’m really happy I’m with Wealthy Affiliate. 

    • Christina Piccoli says:

      Well, I think according to this product, all you have to do is set up the “secret” codes and then money comes in while you’re sleeping! Silly, right? That never happens. 

      I’m glad you’re happy with Wealthy Affiliate. I am too! 🙂 

  • Henry says:

    Hi Christina ,
    I tried many things , but so many scams and so much money lost as a result…but it seems like I have an account with them already. Would it be possible for you give me a little more detail about this, and could I use my same email address and how could I start the entire thing again?
    Please just give me a few details about it all.

    Thanking you in anticipation.

    Henry Hughes.

    • I understand, Henry. I’ve been down that road before too. It’s easy to fall into these traps because they look so promising. Just remember if it sounds too good to be true…

      The good news is that it IS possible to make a living online. But you’ll have to work hard at it. If you’re willing to do that, then you’ll do great.

      As far as your Ecom Cash Code account, I’m not sure what you would need to do. I would think they would have a “lost password” form for you to fill out? Once you get in again, I’d love to hear your thoughts about the program.

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