What is Smart Cash App? | Smart Cash App Review

Smart Cash App Review
My friends at Wealth Academy are really on a roll! Yesterday, they sent me an email with a great new product called Mass Income Machines. (It actually turned out to be OK.) Today they sent me the same darn email. But this time it was linked to a product called Smart Cash App.

Smart Cash App Email

I mean, come on Wealth Academy. Don’t get lazy on me. At least use some different emails!

I clicked on the link and I found us some good hype!

Smart Cash App Video
We’re about to learn how to exploit an error up in here! I’m sure it’s going to be a super simple, automated loophole that will allow you to make money in your sleep with the click of 13 buttons in 4.5 minutes all while petting cats and having thousands of dollars rain on your head.

(Hey, maybe I should be a writer of these sales videos. Hmmm…this could be a career change for me.)

Anyway, let’s find out.. what is Smart Cash App? Can you really make $1,595 per day using this system? Is Smart Cash App a scam? All will be revealed in this Smart Cash App review!

But first!

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Here are the areas we’ll explore in this Smart Cash App review.

  • What is Smart Cash App?
  • How Does Smart Cash AppWork?
  • Is Smart Cash App a Scam or Legit?
  • Build A Website That Makes Residual Income
  • Wealthy Affiliate Versus Smart Cash App

What is Smart Cash App?

Product: Smart Cash App
Cost: $37
Owner(s): Robert Fisher (that’s a terrible choice for a fake name)
[yasr_overall_rating size=”medium”]

As always, I watched the video so you don’t have to! (Although… 1. I could only stand 5 minutes. 2. I added the video below so you can watch it at your leisure. You’re welcome! 🙂 )

After watching the video, here’s what I learned:

  • You are the perfect candidate for Smart Cash App
  • This is *highly* confidential and *insanely* profitable
  • You just need a computer or basic smartphone
  • Make serious money safely and legally online
  • Follow the simple step-by-step instructions to start making money online today

It has nothing to do with:

  • Surveys
  • Blogging (aww, blogging is so fun.)
  • Or the other usual schemes
  • Loopholes (thank goodness. I’m so over loopholes!)
  • Gambling

In the video, Robert said “in the next 3 minutes and 35 seconds”, he’ll tell us everything we need to know about this system. And…here’s exactly what I learned in 3 minutes and 35 seconds. (Yup, I actually timed it!)

  • You can succeed even if you failed before
  • You can start in under 30 minutes and 17 clicks (lolololol I love the 17 clicks thing! Cracks me up every time!)
  • You are uniquely qualified to hear this information
  • This is for your eyes only
  • This is an exclusive invitation
  • Don’t miss the surprise at the end

(Robert mentioned that he would tell us everything in 3 minutes and 35 seconds again – after 1 minute had already passed. Tsk, tsk, Robert. This isn’t good!)

  • This is 100% legally and easily make money
  • Just copy a simple step-by-step system and make money starting today
  • Smart Cash App is unique because it doesn’t matter how old you are
  • This is a controversial new system – you’ve never heard it
  • Copy his online money-making system
  • You can spend time at the Four Seasons, take first-class flights, it’s up to you

So, in 3 minutes and 35 minutes we learned absolutely nothing. These videos are awesome because they just say the same things over and over and over again. It takes 15 minutes to say the same 4 things. Want to torture yourself? You can watch this video. Good luck, and let me know how it goes!


I really could only last a little over 5 minutes. I fast-forwarded to the end though. I wanted to see what that surprise was that Robet mentioned.

Surprise! There was no surprise. What a let down. UGH.

As with all of these types of videos, they don’t actually tell you what’s going on or the process that you’ll take to actually make money. So, let’s see if we can find out ourselves.

How Does Smart Cash App Work?

Smart Cash App Logo

Well, to be honest, I have no idea. I didn’t find anyone who has used this program yet. Want to know why? It hasn’t even officially launched at the time of this writing! I was taking a look at the affiliate side of things to see how they ask affiliate marketers to promote this and to see the upsells, and here’s what I saw.

Smart Cash App Up SellsI was tempted to buy this to check it out of pure curiosity, but honestly, I’m not going to waste my time or money. I don’t think you should either. Do you know why? It sounds exactly like every other product on my Not Recommended list. In fact, it sounds almost identical to the Viral Cash App sales video. It’s even possible that it’s a rehashed version of that product. I can’t say for sure, but it wouldn’t surprise me.

Is Smart Cash App a Scam or Legit?

Thumbs DownI can’t honestly say for sure whether Smart Cash App is a scam or legit, but I’m sure you do get something for your money. Is it going to be high quality? I doubt it. Would I recommend it? I feel comfortable in saying no!

While the product might not be a scam, the sales video used those scammy tactics to try to draw people in. “Different from anything you’ve ever seen.” “Don’t tell anyone. This is a secret system.” “Make money in 17 clicks and in less than 30 minutes a day.”

No. No. No. No. nononononononono!

That is all just talk. None of those things mean anything. And you saw those up sells in the picture above? What these people do is draw you in with their cheaper products and then really get you by telling you that you “need” those additional things in order to really make money.

That’s how they make their money. They don’t make it using their super-secret system. They make it by tricking you into giving them more and more of your money.

Do you really want to learn how to make money online? Then, let’s talk about the right way to do it.

Get Trained in Affiliate Marketing – the RIGHT Way

What I do is called affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is awesome because I get to write these fun posts on my own website and I get to help you figure out which money-making programs are good, and which ones are crappy. If you decide that you like one that I recommend and purchase from me, I get a small commission.

I help promote products that I actually like and think are useful, which helps the companies of those products. I help you by telling you things I think could be good or bad to try. And for helping connect you to a company’s products, I earn money. It’s truly a win-win-win and it’s great.

If this is something that you feel that you would enjoy doing, I highly recommend you get training. GOOD training. Not these “make $1000 in your sleep with our super simple system” kind of training. Forget those. They don’t work. Those are a waste of time and money.

The training platform I used to get this site started is the same one that I still currently use today. It’s called Wealthy Affiliate. Yes, I promote Wealthy Affiliate (because I believe in it and it’s helped me and I’ve seen it help countless others), but the beauty of affiliate marketing is that you can have a website and promote anything you want!

I have more information about how this all works in my Free Guide to Making Money Online for Beginners. Check it out and see if affiliate marketing is right for YOU.

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Wealthy Affiliate Versus Smart Cash App

This chart is slightly unfair to Smart Cash App since I don’t know exactly everything it entails. However, I have a pretty good idea this is exactly what it should look like based on past programs just like this one that I’ve reviewed. If I have updated information once this thing officially launches, I’ll adjust. In any case, no matter what the product is actually like, Wealthy Affiliate will still blow it out of the water with what they offer.

Questions or comments about Smart Cash App? Do you plan to be daring and get Smart Cash App anyway? If you do, I’d love to hear what it’s like for you and if it actually works and does what the sales video says it does. Leave me comments below!

12 thoughts on “What is Smart Cash App? | Smart Cash App Review”

  1. Hi Christina, I really enjoy reading through your content. Very emotional and funny, I was cheered up by you, seriously! I been watching those video saying the same thing and it is limited time and limited spot. but we know that is not trueeeee!! And after that I got their email every day wanting my money for their secret to be revealed. No no nooooo! I will check out your free guide, I am sure it will be a hidden gem. Love your words! 


    • I’m glad my review cheered you up. I always figure it’s better to laugh at these than to cry! lol 

      All of these videos are only here for a limited time with just a few spots to the secrets don’t get out to everyone. UGH. I’m sick of seeing that. I seriously am ready to review more scammy videos with a different message. Switch it up already, you guys! 

      Thanks for checking out my guide! I’d love to hear your feedback on it when you get a chance!

  2. Hi, Cristina,

    It’s great to know that you tried smart cash app and saw it won’t work. Such name is very attractive and it people tend to join in right away for the sake of the promises it makes. I’ve been reading some articles on how to earn online and I saw smart cash app and so I ended looking for reviews. I landed on yours. Thanks for making me and others understand that it isn’t worth a try.

    • Smart Cash App is just another one of those products out there in make money land that *probably* won’t work. I can’t 100% say for sure since it’s not out yet, but you just know by the sales video. I’ve looked at too many of these videos now, and you can see all the red flags in there. Nope! You’re better off keeping your money with this one.

  3. Thank you, this post is great of scamming out one more weed. I really dont understand why scammers are doing it? Is there really people who make decision to try it? Why people think that without hard work and learning there is possibility to acquire money. It is simply not true and this posts show exactly this.  

    • I guess there are people out there who buy into these videos! I assume these guys still do this because it works. They put in a low-quality product, get people to buy into that and then they hit them with upsells to grab even more money from them. I wouldn’t even be mad at it if the products they delivered were good and they toned the sales video down a bit so that people didn’t have huge financial expectations. 

  4. Heey Christina.

    Thanks for saving me the trouble of watching the video. Good to see there are reviewers out there that tell the truth. I remember seeing another review for the smart cash app and they talked about how terrific it was but the thing hadn’t even launched yet. I too started doing affiliate marketing and I have to say it doesn’t dissapoint.

    Great review!

    • It’s possible that there was a Smart Cash App that came out in the past that they’re reusing. (This seems to happen a lot in the make money online world.) Or you saw something from an eager affiliate promoting the product before it’s even released. That’s what happened to me. it showed up in my inbox. Funny! 

      Affiliate marketing is great as long as you have the right mindset. You won’t make millions overnight (or likely even $1), but persistence pays off in this business! 🙂 

  5. Ha ha!  Love your writing!  You’re entertaining as always.  The product does seem a little dodgy.  No, I didn’t watch the video.  I trust your intuition about it.  I’ve also seen enough of those template sales videos that tell you nothing for 15 minutes but you keep watching and hoping and waiting for the juicy info … which doesn’t come … until after you’ve bought the upsell!  

    • What? You didn’t watch the video? You didn’t want to torture yourself? lol I think you just saved yourself 15 precious minutes. Good for you! ðŸ™‚ 

  6. This is really great blog post. If only I had seen this a year ago. I didn’t bother watching the video of the presentation of smart apps. It sounded all too familiar to me. I have been had twice first time I forgive myself second time totally my fault. I think after awhile online you should be able to pick up on scams quite easily. How they get most people is people who are in finacially bad situation. They go against their own intuition that this time it might be different. The old saying “if it sounds to go to be true it usually is” rings true hear.

    I really liked the comparison at the end between wealthy affiliate and this other programs wealthy affiliate offers a lot of great value and I have been part of a few programs.

    • I think we’ve all been down that road, Joseph. We all want these money-making systems to be true. Who DOESN’T want to make thousands of dollars in their sleep while doing no work? I know I would take that option too – if it were actually true. But it’s not. It never will be. It’s a bummer, but the good thing is that you can still make money online. It just takes more work and time. 


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