Is Prime Time Profit a Scam or Can You Really Make $500 a Day with ZERO Work?

Prime Time Profit Review

I don’t even know how I came across Prime Time Profit. Usually one of my friends sends me a nice email trying to help me make money, but I think I just came across this one while browsing online. Immediately when I saw the page that’s promoting it, I thought “Is Prime Time Profit a scam?” Maybe you are wondering the same thing. Let’s find out! What is Prime Time Profit? Is it worth our time?

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We’re going to dig all into that in a sec. But first, I want to give you the opportunity to learn how I make money online. In fact, I put together this Free Guide to Making Money Online for Beginners, and that will take you through everything so you can see what I do.Now I know you want to know alllllll about Prime Time Profit. So, when you click on the link, a new page will open up. I would never want you to miss what’s about to happen down below! lol

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Here are the areas we’ll explore in this Prime Time Profit review.

  • What is Prime Time Profit?
  • How Does Prime Time Profit Work?
  • Is Prime Time Profit a Scam or Legit?
  • Build A Website That Makes Residual Income
  • Wealthy Affiliate Versus Prime Time Profit

What is Prime Time Profit?

Product: Prime Time Profit
Cost: $47
Owner(s): ? It’s a mystery!
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I came across Prime Time Profit somewhere out on the web. I somehow ran into this news-ish looking page.

Prime Time Profit News Page

Wow! That looks official, doesn’t it? Because I’ve been researching these products for some time now, I have seen this “news” article quite a few times. This is used to promote a variety of crappy products out there.

I’ll keep an open mind, but I have a feeling we’ll be looking at one more crappy product that will go straight into the Not Recommended list. There are just red flags sticking out already. We haven’t even gotten to the sales page yet!

I mean look at this. They make it look like a real opportunity working with Amazon. It’s not. This is all tricks.

Prime Time Profit TricksWe could probably shut this thing down right now because I can already tell this is going to be a disaster. But that wouldn’t be any fun, would it? Let’s dive into the sales video and see what kind of promises these guys make.We can already see that there’s a “weird trick” involved here. And it’s “Free” and it can help you make $500 – starting today! UGH. This is going to be terrible. lol

Prime Time Profit Sales Video

Here’s what I learned from watching the video:

  • You can make more money than the 10 richest people you know – combined
  • You do nothing, the system does everything
  • The system uses Amazon
  • They found a way to harness the biggest money-maker ever in history
  • Amazon is taking over the world, and we’re taking over Amazon (hahahaha)

Woo hoo! I can’t wait to get my system that can make me $500 a day! (That’s sarcasm, folks. In case you didn’t pick up on that.)

Prime Time Profit $500 a day system

I have to enter my name, email and phone number to get to the next portion of this program. Of course, I have an email specifically for these videos. But hell NO am I putting in my mobile number! I always find a scammer’s number to put in there. Unless you want texts about opportunities forevvveeeerrrr, I recommend you don’t add your number to these types of programs!

Onto the next video…

Their clients are making $10,000 a day. How?

Top Secret Backdoor to Amazon

(This is SO dumb! There is no backdoor to Amazon.)

You can sweep in, completely unnoticed. And you do absolutely nothing. You income is unlimited. As long as Amazon is making billions, you’ll be making millions.

Prime Time Profits looks and feels like magic

(I wish Prime Time Profits would disappear into thin air.)

Oh yes, it’s fake testimonial time! Not only are these claims ridiculous, but we’ve seen all these testimonials before. These are just some hired actors pretending that they’ve made money from this system.

Testimonial Guy 1

Testimonial Lady

We saw this guy in the Real Profits Online review:

Testimonial Guy 2

Some more interesting “facts” about this system:

  • It’s automated
  • You don’t need any computer skills
  • Flow with the profit stream on the Amazon river (Huh??)
  • After years of searching, you finally found the one product that actually works (hahahahaha)

This person made over $700 his first day with zero work.

Prime Time Profit ridiculous earnings claim

Alright, we’ve definitely seen enough!

How Does Prime Time Profit Work?

I couldn’t finish watching the video, but my guess is that we have no idea how this actually works from watching the video. It’s rare when one of these sales presentations will actually tell you what you’ll be doing to make all this money. Oh, but wait, I forgot that you need to do zero work. (lol)

My guess is that this is either a program related to affiliate marketing, or possibly drop shipping. I actually read that this program will just funnel you into another terrible program, Money Sucking Websites. (Our fake testimonial people from this system show up on that sales page too.)

Since we don’t really know what’s happening here, let’s move on.

Is Prime Time Profit a Scam or Legit?

Thumbs DownI didn’t purchase the program, so I can’t call it a scam without really diving into what they’re selling here, but their tactics are SUPER scammy. Let’s play a game! It’s called How Many Red Flags Can We Find? lol

Red flags:

  • Trying to use Amazon to make this look legit. Jeff Bezos would NOT approve, I’m sure.
  • Making this look like a legitimate job opportunity
  • Implying this is free
  • Saying this system uses a “weird trick”
  • Making huge income claims
  • Using fake testimonials
  • Saying you need to do zero work to make all this money
  • Not telling you what you’ll be doing once you hand over your money

Do I recommend this product? Oh, hell no! There are way too many tricks, red flags and fakery going on here! I’m not calling this one a scam, but I sure want to! 😉

Cure Your Shiny Object Syndrome

Looking at all these make money fast programs is what we call “shiny object syndrome” in the online marketing world. You see these promotions coming into your inbox and they just seem so good. I get it. I really do. I used to have shiny object syndrome too!

The thing with these shiny objects though is that they are never what they seem. The sales videos are just smoke and mirrors and what you really get when you buy into them are usually just some crappy product. You’re always left with less money in your pocket and you’re still not making money online.

Some of the programs even have some training. But they either have outdated training, terrible strategies or the training is incomplete. There is a way to cure your shiny object syndrome AND learn how to actually make money online.

That is to learn how to build your own successful affiliate marketing website. But, learn how to do it the RIGHT way. If you do that, you won’t have a need to continue looking at these programs.

Not sure what affiliate marketing is? Let me show you how it all works in my Free Guide to Making Money Online for Beginners. I’ll take you through the whole process. Just click the button and get rid of shiny object syndrome for GOOD!

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Let’s Recap

Will Prime Time Profit actually allow you to make $500 a day with zero work? Um, no. It won’t. I wish it were true, but that’s just not how things work online. In fact, that’s not how things work anywhere.

Anything worth doing takes time and effort. You always have to put some level of work into it. Do you remember the time when you learned how to drive a car? That took time, effort and work, right? But was it worth it? Hells yea it was! Now you can probably drive a car without even really thinking about it.

The same goes for making money online. You put in the time and effort now and reap the rewards later. Imagine having your very own piece of the web and learning how to bring people to it. Imaging learning how to turn those people into buyers on your site.

You CAN do that. It’s not hard, but it does take work. But imagine doing this work and being able to do it on YOUR time. That’s why it’s so awesome! Let me point you to my Free Guide to Making Money Online for Beginners again. Because this will walk you through how it all works. This is not another get-rich-quick scheme. Aren’t you tired of those? I know I sure am!

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Do you have any questions or comments about Prime Time Profit? Have you come across this one before? Have you purchased? I’d love to hear your thoughts! Leave me comments down below!


10 thoughts on “Is Prime Time Profit a Scam or Can You Really Make $500 a Day with ZERO Work?”

  1. I appreciated reading your post and thought it to be very well researched and presented in a fun and uplifting manner despite the fact that you are exposing a shady online scam – It is great that you are creating posts like this, because anyone new to the online world and wanting to start their own affiliate business can be drawn into the “shiny object syndrome” and not understand the consequences of buying into a promotion like this.  I have experience of Wealthy Affiliate and love the alternative recommendation you provide to add value and provide a genuine route to success for those interested in building up an online business.  Great post!

    • Thanks so much for your thoughts and your compliments! These programs are so shady and annoying to deal with that I try to have some fun with it. Better to laugh than to cry, right? lol 

  2. Hi Christina – thanks for sharing this useful post. I had not heard of Prime Time Profit before, and now I know to avoid it. I can understand how people fall for this type of scam, the tie-in with Amazon looks official and genuine. So funny that the same guy keeps offering fake testimonials! I will stick with what I know, the Wealthy Affiliate programme, which provides real opportunities. All the best, Diane

    • I have a feeling Jeff Bezos would be SO annoyed about them using his name and his site to promote this! I know I would. I’m sure he has better things to do than to worry about it, but I still don’t think it’s right. 

      I’m glad you’re a member of Wealthy Affiliate already! It’s such a great place to learn, right? Of course I know I’m biased toward them because I promote them, but it’s only because I truly believe in the training there. i could promote ANY program. But I choose Wealthy Affiliate because it WORKS. 

  3. Hi Christina,

    Prime Time Profit is not proven to be a scam. But, I wouldn’t recommend it either because if several red flags that do not sit well with me.

    Number 1: 

    Where in the world  do you make $500 a day without doing any work? The answer is NOWHERE!

    Number 2:

    Why are they linking to Amazon through the back door? Legitimate business do business through the front door.

    Number 3:

    Why all the fake testimonials? This is probably to promote a fake system.

    These are enough reasons for me. Definitely, Orime Time Profit should not be recommended to anyone.

    Thank you Christina for saving me from making a bad decision. 



    • Maxine, you hit ALL the nails on the head! lol The worst one for me that drives me the MOST crazy is earning money with zero work. What in the world? How is that possible? If it was, everyone would be signing up! Including ME! haha

  4. Wow, I loved it!  Offering up WA without even a mention of the name.  I know that it is no scam.

    I have to question any and every company that promises you riches and fame without any sort of effort.  Back in the 80’s I answered an add that was pretty much the same in saying, “For a one time small investment, we will set you up with your own website using an already proven method, and all you will need to do is cash your checks when the profits start rolling it!”  They were not happy about returning my investment when the site was up and I saw it.  But they did.

    Legally speaking, this was not a scam because they required no effort after the site was up and there was immediate return, however, I really wanted nothing to do with on-line gambling or dating services. 

    Thanks for your blog.

    • Oh wow, I’m glad you were able to get your money back with the ad that you responded to. I’ve certainly been there, done that before too. I know what it’s like to get sucked into these sales videos. You WANT to believe they’re true. But, they never are…! 

  5. Hi Christina, thanks for this review and your POV about prime time profits. You pointet out quite clearly, that this program most likely is scam. 

    What‘s still fascinating to me is the fact, that there are so many of them out there. While quite obvious many people smell the crappy character, we must have a very deep rooted pattern that keeps us asking „What if ….. it is true?“. 

    I don‘t know the exact psychological reason, but this bell rings everytime I read some get-quick-rich ad. Rationally I read the scam signs (as you described), but still somerhing inside is curious. 

    Fortunately, my experience-based ratio outweighs curiosity. Does this sound familiar to you? What are your thoughts on this?

    • Yes, that sounds very familiar to me. I think you’re right that it’s just in our nature to be curious about what’s “inside” that sales video. I always think when I’m watching them “Maybe this one is ACTUALLY something good?” But, like you, I’m experienced with these things now and I always know when something smells fishy. 


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