Is Tap2Earn a Scam? [Fake, Fake, Fake]

Is Tap2Earn a scam? The quick answer is yes, this is a scam. There have been several websites just like it that have been put up and taken down, and Tap2Earn is just the latest one. In my opinion, and from what I’ve seen from the other websites, they will not pay you and they may even take your data and sell it.

For the longer answer of why they’re a scam, keep reading.

I’m going to show you exactly what this is all about.

Let’s dive in!

What is Tap2Earn?

Tap2Earn Scam Homepage

Tap2Earn is a website that says you can use your influence on social media to sign your followers up and earn $10-$15 per referral.

I decided to join to take a closer look at what’s on the inside.

When you first join, you get this pop-up box that says you can earn $2 every time someone clicks on your referral link.

You can earn $2 for anyone who clicks your link.

That’s already a huge red flag. No company is going to pay someone $2 for a click. It’s unheard of.

I find this Fraud Policy interesting. This is how they get out of paying you. We’ll talk about it a little more later.

This fraud policy is how they get out of paying you.

By the way, when I try to click on the link for the Fraud Policy, it goes to a 404 page. They didn’t even set that up correctly.

There’s a community chat, but it’s locked for “scheduled maintenance”. Right.

The chat is fake.

This is just fake nonsense.

They ask you to add your payment information.

Don't give them your payment information!

I highly advise you not to do this. Do NOT give them this info. There’s a good chance they will try to hack into your account(s) and steal your banking information.

Apparently you get an account manager:

Account Manager is fake.

But this is fake too:

Google search results for photo of Jesse.

The Task Wall is where you can supposedly earn $50 for completing each task:

Tap2Earn scam task wall.

But these are those kinds of tasks that take you from one page to the next and the next and the next and you can never complete them.

I tried it when this scam was Kids Earn Cash.

I probably have already convinced you that this is a scam, but let’s keep going anyway. I have even more evidence and nonsense for you.

How Does Tap2Earn Work?

According to their website FAQs, Tap2Earn says they earn money from sponsor’s advertising and that’s how they are able to pay their members. They say that when you invite your friends, you help build their traffic. And when they get more traffic, they get more sponsor advertising.

That’s true to a certain extent. More traffic does generally mean more money in the online marketing world. However, no GPT (get paid to) site pays $10-$15 per referral.

Legitimate survey and GPT sites like Swagbucks pay a few bucks at most for referrals.

It sounds enticing to be able to earn that amount, but even if you got through all of their hoops to make the minimum amount to get paid, they won’t pay you.

I’ll show you a little later.

I believe how this really works is that they try to collect your data to sell to other scammers.

That’s kind of scary.

I’ve already shown you how much of what’s on their site is fake. Actually, let’s be real, it’s all fake. In fact, even their testimonials are fake, and I’ll you that a little later.

Tap2Earn Complaints

Because Tap2Earn is just the latest scam, there aren’t any complaints yet. However, there are plenty of complaints from their previous iterations.

For instance:

Notion Cash, which is the same scam with a different name has plenty of complaints. Some of them say:

  • I earned $545 and they said they were going to pay me but never did
  • I earned $350 and Notion Cash stopped all communication with me
  • I was supposed to get paid and they said there’s a problem that will be fixed
  • I cashed out $250 and it was supposed to be in my PayPal. It says I was paid but it’s not in there.

And for Kids Earn Money (again, same scam, different name), there are the same types of complaints:

  • It’s a complete scam
  • It was time for me to get paid but they said my clicks were fake
  • I got up to $900 but they couldn’t verify I was human
  • They never paid me
  • I was due to get paid on the 28th and they canceled my account on the 29th

These complaints came from the BBB. I guess they got bombarded enough that they created a post about these scams. You can read that here.

Is Tap2 Earn a Scam or Legit?

I think we’ve already answered this, but just in case you scrolled right to this part, or in case I wasn’t clear enough…

Tap2Earn is the biggest scam and they will steal your data!

I really encourage you not to sign up with this site, or any site that looks like it. They often shut down one and come up with a new name and new branding and put up another. They continue to do it over and over again.

So, if you see a site the promises you $500 a day and $10-$15 per referral, run away.

Run far, far away.


  • None. Don’t do it.


  • This whole site is fake and a scam. That’s all you need to know.

In Case You Need Even More Evidence

I feel like I’ve already given you quite a bit of evidence, but in case you need more, I have a couple more for you. First, the video testimonials are just actors that were hired from a freelance website.

This guy has been in several testimonials of products I’ve reviewed:

Tap2Earn has fake testimonials

You can see him here at

I’m sure he’s a nice guy and all, but he’s not making money with Tap2Earn, or any of the other countless products he’s promoted.

Now let’s look at Tap2Earn’s email address.

I put their email, into my handy-dandy email checker and voila!

Tap2Earn's bad email address.

Bad email.

Just more evidence that this is all fake, fake, fake!

Other Similar Scam Sites

There have been quite a few other scam sites just like this one that I’ve reviewed, and you can check out the list to see how they’re all similar.

They are:

I also mentioned Notion Cash, which is one I didn’t review for my site. And I’m sure there are many more out there. If you’ve already signed up for one of these, just make sure to change your passwords for any sites that used the same password as the scam site.


Is Tap2Earn a scam? Absolutely 100% yes. This is a scam. Even the BBB recognizes these sites as data harvesting sites and advise you to stay away.

I understand when you’re first looking at it, it looks innocent enough. You may think it’s OK to sign up since it won’t cost you anything. But unfortunately, it may cost you your data.

If you’re really looking to earn an income online, I suggest ignoring “easy money” because it’s never easy. These get-rich-quick schemes never work. My preferred way to earn an income online is through affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is earning a commission for promoting someone else’s stuff.

I walk you through it how it all works here.

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