Real Estate Retirement Plan Review (It’s Not What It Seems…)

Real Estate Retirement Plan Review

Welcome to my Real Estate Retirement Plan review! (Also known as RE Retirement Plan.) 

It’s such a nice idea to think about investing in real estate as a way to supplement your retirement.

And perhaps this plan will teach us the exact steps to do that. 

That would be nice, right? 

The problem is: 

This plan isn’t what it seems. 

It isn’t about the type of real estate you’re thinking of 

Let’s dig into this Real Estate Retirement Plan review and see what it IS actually about. 

Tired of disappointing or scammy products?

I’ve got ya covered! 

Real Estate Retirement Plan Summary

Product: Real Estate Retirement Plan Cost: $97Owner(s): Rick M. (A pen name)Good For: No one unless you love to spend your money for no good reason.

Real Estate Retirement Review

What is Real Estate Retirement Plan?

According to the sales page of Real Estate Retirement Plan, this is the video that retirement planners don’t want you to watch. Why would retirement planners care if you watch this or not? Who knows, but it makes it sound secretive, I suppose.

Real Estate Retirement Plan is not really about real estate

The sales video starts off by instilling a little fear into you…

You’ve done everything right, but you still may not have enough money for retirement. How are you going to be able to afford your current lifestyle when you stop working?

Rick tells us that he’s not a financial advisor, he just wants to show us how he makes his money work for him. He says he’s the President and CEO of one of the top investment firms in the United States. 

But, I’m positive this is just a fabrication. I can’t imagine a CEO of a top investment firm making some cheesy internet marketing video in his spare time. 

The entire sales video is about investing in real estate. As in, actual buildings. 


This is such a trick. 

This product is nothing about that. 

How do I know? 

I’ll show you in a minute. 

The video goes on to say that for $97, you’ll get some great talks from this CEO, and your own investment advisor. In fact, paying for Rick’s coaching services would cost you $5000. He’s trying to say that the price of this program is a steal. 

Meanwhile, “steal” is a decent term. But not because this program is inexpensive. 

Oh no.

It’ll cost you alright. 

Keep reading. 

How Does ​Real Estate Retirement Plan Work?

This might be one of my favorite slides in the whole presentation.

Real Estate Retirement Plan will probably work

That’s not too confident is it? 

There’s a reason for that. 

Their disclaimer (which I actually find really interesting) shows a survey that they did and how people performed. It shows how many people did the training, how many people are paid customers versus free customers (free customers?? I’ll get back to this in a minute) and whether or not people are making money with this. 

93% of participants make under $500


Yes, I’ll get back to that too. 

It does show that most people do not take advantage of using their advisor for help and advice. (And there’s probably a reason for that.)

What’s most interesting about this product is this: 

Real Estate Retirement Plan is really just My Ecom Club

From what I know, My Ecom Club doesn’t have anything to do with real estate investing (unless they’re branching out). Instead, this is all about setting up online stores. 

From what I know, My Ecom Club is a membership site that teaches people how to set up e-commerce stores. So, this product isn’t about investing in real estate in the traditional sense, but more of investing in online real estate. (I guess? Although, that’s a bit of a stretch.) 

That makes this sales video really, really shady and not at all what it seems. 

Is ​Real Estate Retirement Plan a Scam or Legit?

I haven’t invested the $97 to check things out for myself so I’m not going to call this a scam because I don’t know 100% for sure. However, I think it’s really scammy to tell people you’ll be teaching them about real estate investing and then sending them off to a membership site to learn about e-commerce. 

Not only that, but I’ve seen My Ecom Club many, many times before. I’ll talk about that in a second.

Thumbs Down

Real Estate Retirement Plan Review – Pros

  • You *might* be able to get your money back
  • I’m sure there is some sort of training, but likely not on actual real estate investing 

Real Estate Retirement Plan Review – Cons

  • Using a fake product owner name AND saying he’s a CEO and President of a top investment firm
  • Saying this product is about real estate investing when it’s VERY likely not
  • Saying you can be set up for retirement when their disclaimer clearly shows that people make very little money with this

My Ecom Club

This site is likely just a site set up to funnel you into My Ecom Club. We’ve seen this so many times already. Check out the following reviews to see the many times this has already happened: 

I saw another one too called Broke Dishwasher, but I didn’t take the time to review it. My Ecom Club sites are keeping me VERY busy! 

My Ecom Club Complaints

I check the Better Business Bureau out with every product that goes into My Ecom Club because there seem to be quite a few complaints. Here’s a brand spankin’ new one: 

My Ecom Club complaint

From what I can piece together from the complaints and from other research I’ve done, it looks like what happens is that you buy a product like RE Retirement Plan, then your advisor contacts you and they try to upgrade you on higher-priced training. 

Here’s where the issues start. 

First of all, your advisor isn’t there to help you make more money. They are there to sell you into the high-ticket offers. The other problem is that, from other complaints I’ve seen, it’s hard to get your money back. 

Now you saw that most people make less than $500 using this. But I bet those people spent way more than $500 to get their store up and running. 

I’d advise you to save your money on this one. 

You Can Easily Build Your Own Online Assets

I actually like the idea of having your own online assets. Create websites and monetizing them ARE assets, believe it or not. 

If you learn how to build a site, and use affiliate marketing, ads, or other means of monetization, you can then build them up to bring in consistent money, or you can even sell them for a nice profit. 

Is it easy? 

Yes and no. 

It’s easy to get trained on what you need to do to build your sites up. The harder part is sticking it out through the waiting period of when your site actually starts to make consistent income. 

This can take several months. (Unless you use paid advertising. Then you can get faster results, but it’s a little riskier since you’ll be spending some money on your ads and there are no guarantees that they’ll work.) 

Here’s my #1 recommendation to learn how to create these sites. This is where I learned how to put this site together. 


Will Real Estate Retirement Plan set you up for your future retirement? 

I think we’ve established that no, no it will not. 

It doesn’t even seem to be about actual real estate investing. It’s more about online real estate investing. Except it’s not. It’s training to teach you how to set up an online store. But the training prices get higher and higher as your “advisor” convinces you that you need more and more. 

With my #1 recommendation, there are no “advisors” to convince you to upgrade your training because there are no upgrades except from free membership to paid membership.

And with the paid membership, there are no “levels”, so you never have to worry about having to pay for better training or tools. You get everything with one fair price.

Do you have any questions or comments about this Real Estate Retirement Plan review, or about My Ecom Club? What do you think about building online assets? Do you think it’s something that seems feasible and makes sense to do for future earnings?

8 thoughts on “Real Estate Retirement Plan Review (It’s Not What It Seems…)”

  1. Funnily enough I did come across My Ecom Club about a year ago when I was looking into a new online earning opportunity. You’re right – they have nothing at all to do with real estate or retirement plans!

    This system looks nothing more than a typical program to direct you into an affiliate account for the maker (in this case an affiliate of My Ecom Club). Very shady at best, and it makes you wonder how many people have lost their savings to this sort of thing…

    • Oh, I bet a lot of people lose WAY too much money on something like this where you have to buy more and more to get to the “good” stuff. It’s sad. 

  2. Hi Christina, thank you for this review on real estate retirement plan. What I found most bemusing of all the misfits that contributes to the inadequacy of this site is the fact that they make use of a fake name for the creator or owner. That’s very bad! Also, being the fact that they even have the how-to ready for anyone willing to invest on this. At least, if one was to opt for something and decided its not meant for them, the refund should be readily available to them. All the highlighted features and raised issues concerning this RE Retirement plan have really helped to solidify my mind from wasting my money on this kind of schemes.

    • I don’t think I’ve ever come across a really good, legit product or service where the owner hid themselves. If a product is good, they are proud of the work that they put into it. 

  3. I gotta agree with you about the CEO of any company taking the time to make his own cheesy video, I kinda think once your CEO your way past that.  You then hire people to do that for you, one would think.  Gotta love those keywords “probably” put in there to cover their a$$ in case of someone who wants to retaliate after realizing this guy doesn’t actually follow through with what he says.  I personally think that if any company wants to succeed in getting customers they should be upfront about what they offer, no hidden fee’s, no surprises and they will come much further ahead then misleading people.

    • I completely agree with being upfront about everything, but people are people and there will always be people out there trying to take advantage of others, unfortunately. 

  4. Hi Christina!

    Real Estate Retirement Plan is not made like this. You can go into the bank or another investment company and talk to your advisor on the spot. Basically, a retirement plan is easy if you own or know how to buy real estate. There are numerous ways how to do that. Best is to talk to your private advisor or to a real estate agency. Besides, there are also many publications online about the topic. However, if you build your plan properly it can be very lucrative. The real estate market recovered from the “big fall” but in my opinion, the “golden times” before the fall are gone now. For the mass. 

    Thanks for the review.

    Best regards,…


    • Right, I’m sure there are plenty of good ways (as you listed) to invest in some real estate. This Real Estate Retirement Plan is NOT one of them! lol 


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