What is 30 Day Success Club? Can You Really Make Money in 30 Days?

30 Day Success Club Review
My best bud Matthew from Viral Cash App keeps finding me some great new products to look at. He really wants me to be rich! I think he’s soooo nice to think of me like that. He’s sent me about 20 emails about 30 Day Success Club. He must really want me to see this one!

When I clicked the link in the email, I saw this. Not too bad. Not a lot of hype here. Just some money raining down.

30 Day Success Club Sales Video
I’ll explore the video and see what I can find out. We’ll learn…what is 30 Day Success Club? Is it going to be a powerful new software? A money-making loophole?! Will it actually work?!? Or is 30 Day Success Club a scam?

But first!

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Here are the areas we’ll explore in this 30 Day Success Club review.

  • What is 30 Day Success Club?
  • How Does 30 Day Success Club Work?
  • Is 30 Day Success Club a Scam or Legit?
  • Build A Website That Makes Residual Income
  • Wealthy Affiliate Versus 30 Day Success Club

What is 30 Day Success Club?

Product: 30 Day Success Club
Cost: $37 (for “hosting” your website)
Owner(s): Debbie Jovan (fake name)
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So, I was a little hopeful because there wasn’t a lot of hype on the sales page, but as soon as I hit the play button on the sales video, the nonsense started right away. Do you have $4,000,000 in your bank account? Do you have cars like these?

30 Day Success Club Fancy Cars

Anytime I see these fancy cars, my scammy senses go up. These videos love to draw people in with the fancy cars and houses.

Here’s what I learned from this “Free, short video”, as they say. It BETTER be free. Someone should pay US to watch these damn things.

(By the way, this video is 44 minutes. 44 minutes. I don’t know about you, but I’m not going to waste 44 of my precious minutes on this. So I’ll give you the most important parts and I’ll link the video below for you to watch if you love torturing yourself.)

Here’s all the super important things. You know, the things that are said in EVERY. SINGLE. VIDEO.

  • Discover a little known secret that people are using to generate millions of dollars every year
  • It’s so simple it will blow your mind
  • Only 1% of the population knows about this
  • You’ll get this exact system absolutely free.
  • This is not a get-rich-quick scheme.

No “real” sales video would be complete without some fake testimonials. Testimonial guy 1 said he made his first money online after trying out the course. Testimonial guy 2…hey, he’s back! We’ve seen this guy already in our AZ Formula review and our AZ Sniper review. Where in the world will this guy show up next?

30 Day Success Club Testimonial Guy

Testimonial Guy 3 says that everything’s he’s come across online have been scams. Until 30 Day Success Club came along, that is! (hahahaha) He already received his first paycheck and he thinks he’ll be able to quit his day job soon!

After the testimonials, we get a nice sob story from someone named Debbie Jovan. Military came knocking at the door. They told her that her husband had been gravely wounded while in combat. She was completely broke and “in the utter depths of despair”. Thankfully, she found 30 Day Success Club! She turned herself into an internet millionaire in just 90 days. Woooowwww, right? I’m SURE this is a true story!

Debbie’s going to give us her methods for free. But only until October 27! (Ooops, looks like we missed the deadline, Debbie! It’s already November 5th.) A TV show wants to re brand this method and sell it for at least $1997 a person.

Debbie goes on to tell us that she was starting to feel normal again when she got a depressing phone call. Her husband had an outstanding loan. Debbie owed $85,201.52 due to her husband’s poor entrepreneurship skills. And then she found out her husband put the house up for collateral. (I mean, seriously?! No husband is going to do this without talking to his wife first. Come on with this story!)

Anyway, she told the debt collector she would take care of the loan in the next few weeks. She was flipping through the paper and saw an ad giving away free samples for detergent. And then another ad for a sample for frozen dinners. She needed this now since every penny counted. She saved 40% on her grocery bill! She became the free sample queen.

Then she had an idea! Why not find free sample coupons online?? And then she also found a work-from-home job for a Customer Service rep for a free sample website. Wow, what luck! But all the positions were taken. Boo!

Debbie goes on to talk about the free sample and coupon industries and how they’re really huge. She wanted to start her own free sample site but she doesn’t know any techie stuff. Thank goodness for her techie brother, Steve! He got her website up and running and it was earning her $10,000 profit within 3 months!

OK, we got the full story and background of this product. Let’s see if we can find out a little more about what it does. By the way, here’s the full video if you want to watch it. Remember, it’s 44 minutes. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

How Does 30 Day Success Club Work?

The sales video included a demo of the product, which is nice to see. A lot of these videos just hype up the product and you never know what it’s about until you buy it. So, I’ll give them 1 point for that.

With the software, you put in a domain name and your ClickBank account and then the system builds a website for you. Here’s what it looks like:

30 Day Success Club Website

Each of these offers is connected to your ClickBank affiliate link, so if someone clicks on an offer and purchases, you’ll receive a commission. It seems amazing and easy right? Well, let’s talk about it.

Is 30 Day Success Club a Scam or Legit?

Thumbs Down30 Day Success Club is not a scam. You get something for your money. They will really build a website for you. I give them credit for showing how the system works, but now I understand why they usually hide it. This whole thing is a bad, bad idea. This is very similar to the Five Minute Profit Sites review I did recently.

This will never work.

Put your money in your pocket and walk away. In fact, run away! This won’t work for a few reasons:

  • That website is just full of scammy looking offers. It doesn’t provide any useful content.
  • Your website will look just like other people’s who use 30 Day Success Club. Google will never rank this because it’s duplicate content. (And they won’t rank it because it’s not helpful content. At all.)
  • You will have 0 traffic coming to this site. You can’t pay for traffic because it won’t be approved. You won’t get free traffic because it won’t rank in any search engines. So, who’s going to see your offers?
  • You could post on social media, but it’s so spammy looking that no one is going to click on it and you’ll just end up annoying people.
  • This website is not truly your own. If 30 Day Success Club goes down, so does your website.

The biggest thing is that you won’t get traffic to a site like this. No traffic means no sales.

Instead of trying to take a shortcut and doing things the easy way, why don’t you build your own website, attract traffic to it and then monetize it? How do you do that? Let’s talk about it.

Build a Real Website of Your Own That Makes Money

I know it may seem like a challenge to build a money-making website. It’s tempting to go to something like 30 Day Success Club because they make it so easy for you. But you’re just cheating yourself if you go the easy route like that. You’ll be left with one crappy website and $37 fewer dollars in your pocket.

Meanwhile, it’s actually not hard to make a website of your very own. You just need the right training. I learned everything I know about how to build an affiliate marketing website through Wealthy Affiliate. (And I still learn new things every single day there.) They have a step-by-step training platform that will show you how to build a content-rich website and that you can then monetize.

You will learn how to do this the right way, little by little. No, you won’t make thousands overnight, but over time if you stick with it, you can build up a great, consistent income. It takes a bit of time and patience, but anyone can do it. You can create a website on anything that you like. That’s way more fun than building a crappy website from 30 Day Success Club and spamming it out to your social media.

Oh, by the way, you can build your website right within Wealthy Affiliate’s platform, very similar to 30 Day Success Club. It just takes a few minutes to get it all set up. It’s just as easy!

Let me take you through the whole process in my Free Guide to Making Money Online for Beginners. I’ll show you how it all works.

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Wealthy Affiliate Versus 30 Day Success Club

You can see from the chart that Wealthy Affiliate has everything you need to get started with affiliate marketing. If you’re interested in this business, then do it the right way so that you have lasting income.

Do you have any questions or comments about 30 Day Success Club? Have you used this system before? Did it work for you? I’d love to hear all about it. Leave me comments below!

12 thoughts on “What is 30 Day Success Club? Can You Really Make Money in 30 Days?”

  1. Marvellous and hilarious review on this 30 Day Success Club. As I continue to read your review, I already knew this is definitely something too beautiful to believe in. Building a site is easy but promoting, drive traffic and monetize are those that require skills. Wealthy Affiliate seems like something interesting. Are there many success stories from this program? 

    • I love how you say 30 Day Success Club is too beautiful to believe in. That’s perfect because all these sales videos are just a little too slick. The programs sound a little too perfect, a little too beautiful. 

      Wealthy Affiliate has many, many success stories. Here are just some Wealthy Affiliate success stories

  2. Making money is part of life.  It is like getting dressed, going to bed, showering etc.  This club is very interesting. I personally don’t have an income but I think we all should. Even if one is married,  one should have a little bit set aside. So one wont always depend on the spouse.

    • I totally agree, Linda. What if something happened to my husband? I need to be able to provide for my kids. Also, it’s always better to have more money for investing, saving, helping with college expenses, going on vacations, etc. 

      I think money is a wonderful thing to have and can make your life a lot easier. Plus, you can do more good when you have more money. That’s why I love affiliate marketing so much. I can create another income for my family, and still be at home with them when they need me. 

  3. thanks Christina, the proliferation of these so called easy to get rich web sites is daunting.  And, its amazing how many people believe the hype (I got hooked into one when first getting started, but minor loss).  Have you ever determined what % of the sites out there are of this caliber?

    • There are so many of these programs and new ones pop up daily. It’s crazy. I think what happens too is that there will be a program, and then people like me and others will do negative reviews on it, so these guys will go back and rename the product and put out a new sales video and try to sell it under a different name. So it just keeps going and going…

      I’m not sure what the % would be, but it feels like 99.9% are scammy, or at least unhelpful products. I have come across a few decent ones so far. And there’s always my #1 recommendation, which is great. 

  4. Hi Christina,

    Thank you for this review, I will tell you right away that I didn’t bother with the video as like yourself I have better things to do with my 44 minutes. 

    I certainly think that this is 30 Day Success Club is one to avoid. It sounds legit but dodgy at the same time. What happens if you don’t have a Clickbank account, is that you snookered then or can you use something else. 

    I will stay with Wealthy Affiliate any day. Thank you again for the warning. 

    • What? You didn’t want to watch the video? You had better things to do with your time? I will give an award to anyone who can sit through all 44 minutes of it! These videos just keep saying the same things over and over. It gets to be really annoying. 

      I think you have to have a ClickBank account for this one to work. It is free and easy to sign up, and I do recommend it as an affiliate marketer, but I do not recommend using ClickBank the way that 30 Day Success Club suggests. It’s a bad, bad idea. 

  5. Hey Christina,

    Thank you for bringing another shoddy program to our awareness. All these programs are using the same modus operandi with hyped up sale video/page, fake testimonials, unknown owner, automated income generate system, etc. They are clever to lure you in with their low entry fee but once you locked in, l don’t know how many upsells they are going to throw at you. It’s totally disgusted. 

    You did a great job in comparing Wealthy Affiliate Vs 30 Success Club, and l had no hesitation in recommend Wealthy Affiliate if you want to succeed in your online business, not just buying a $37 crappy website that won’t work.

    Best regards. 

    • Thanks Zayn! I’m sure all of these shady tricks work, otherwise they wouldn’t keep doing it. It’s sad though because people fall for this actually thinking they’re going to make money. And it looks so easy too! But really they’re just wasting their money. I really hope people read these reviews and reviews by others before making a decision. 

  6. What is it with all those online money making products and the number 37? Almost everytime I scroll down to the price of these programs on their respective funnel pages, it’s $37. Must be a well research number that’s been split-tested to death to convert the best. 🙂

    It’s so funny to see Testimonial Guy back in action. He must make loads of cash or have a few Oscars… 🙂

    I love to read your reviews as you always add a humoristic touch in them, so I can’t wait for the next life changing deal your friend 😉 Matthew is comming up with. 🙂

    Another scam revealed!

    • It’s either $37 or $47. Those must be their lucky numbers. Testimonial guy is popping up everywhere. I’m actually excited to see where he’ll be next. At least he’s getting a lot of work. And don’t you worry, there are plenty more programs to review. My friends are so generous because they keep sending me tons and tons of mail every day. 🙂  Thanks for stopping by! 


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