What is CoinChest? Is it a REAL Way to Make Money or is CoinChest a Scam?

CoinChest Review

Neil Carter from Digital Formula is back with another product for me to check out. Gee, thanks Neil! I bet this one is going to be as good as your own Digital Formula! (If so, we’re in trouble!)

The emails that my friends send me are seriously so terrible! Do people actually click on these? Look, if you see this kind of stuff in your inbox, it’s best to unsubscribe and move along with your day. Of course, I’m going to click on it because I have to do very serious research on these products. Yes, yes, you’re right. i AM taking one for the team. You’re welcome! lol

CoinChest Email
This is the headline I see when I click on the link. Uh oh, we’re definitely in trouble with this one! Look at all that red and yellow and income claims. Yikes!

CoinChest Video Header
OK, time to dig into this one. Let’s find out…what is CoinChest? Is it a quick and easy way to make thousands per day? Or is CoinChest a scam?

But first!

Here’s your opportunity to skip all the nonsense about to happen below. Now, I know I’ve been pleasantly surprised before, but that rarely happens and I just have a bad feeling about this one. If you’d like to learn a real way to make money online, then let me show you my Free Guide to Making Money Online for Beginners.

Here’s the thing. No matter how you do it, working from home and being successful at it will not be “easy” and will not require “just a few minutes a day.” When you hear these types of things, run away. Because these guys are trying to get your money and they don’t really care if you make money or not with their “secret” systems.

I WANT you to really make money. Because I know how awesome it is to work from home and to be able to spend more time with your family and just have the freedom to create your own schedule. But, I work for it. I work daily. And not just a few minutes a day. I LOVE this work though. I love sitting at my kitchen table while I type and watch the birds at the bird feeder. I am working in my slippers right now. You can’t beat that!

But it’s still work. I don’t want you to get disillusioned by these sales videos that make big promises. It’s not hard to set up a website. In fact, it’s easier than ever! It just takes time, patience and perseverance to work at it consistently. It takes time to grow a website and actually have people come to it. But it’s worth it!! Check out my guide and I’ll show you how it all happens.

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Here are the areas we’ll explore in this CoinChest review.

  • What is CoinChest?
  • How Does CoinChest Work?
  • Is CoinChest a Scam or Legit?
  • Learn How to Build a Website to Make Legit Money Online
  • Wealthy Affiliate Versus CoinChest

What is CoinChest?

Product: CoinChest
Cost: $49
Owner(s): Rob Walker
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Rob Walker is our fearless leader for CoinChest. He seems to be a real person in that he shows his face on the video, however, I didn’t find anything about him online. So, he could be using a pen name, or he’s just very elusive.

Here’s what I learned from watching the video:

  • This takes no real effort. It’s simple to do. (Oh boy)
  • You can make residual income for as long as you want.
  • You can exploit a little-known loophole in an industry. (Loopholes again. I’m sick of freaking loopholes.)
  • You can just copy Rob’s effort in your spare time!
  • This is 100% legal and not too many people know about this.
  • And of course…you don’t need any technical skills, you only need common sense!

Here are the three things you need to make this work:

CoinChest 3 Things You Need

  1. Opportunity
  2. The right tools
  3. The exact method how to do it

Of course, Rob is going to give us all of these! All you have to do is decide if you want to make money, or not! This will work for everyone and you just need a few minutes of time each day. (Riiiiiggggghhhht. They ALL say that!)

Once Rob discovered this method that he’ll show us, it was like having a license to print money whenever he wanted! All we have to do is copy his exact method. It only takes a few clicks of the mouse!

Rob explains how this is going to work with this example: If you bought this watch from retailer A, it would cost you $100, if you bought the same watch from retailer B it would cost, you $150. Which retailer would you prefer to buy from? A, of course! Then he says we can buy from Retailer A at $100 and then sell to Retailer B for $120 and make a $20 profit. And you just do that again and again!

Rob’s methods show you where to buy cheap and sell at a much higher price. This is on a platform that is 100% free! (Sure it is. We’ll see where the catch is soon I bet…)

Rob now reveals to us that this is cryptocurrency markets. He says don’t worry, he hates cryptocurrencies too! His inbox is FULL of junk emails about this and he thinks they’re rubbish! He doesn’t want to sit around waiting for cryptocurrencies to increase. He wants to buy low, sell high right now.

Rob’s “secret” method makes this really simple to do. Rob will show us how to do everything in one little-known place. You can learn at your own pace, and he’ll hold your hand through it.

This is 100% free!!

Exccceeeeept for that small “admin” fee of $49. (I knew it!)

OK, let’s see if we can dig in a little more and see what this is really all about.

How Does CoinChest Work?

When you purchase CoinChest, you will get some step-by-step training on how to use the cryptocurrency trading software. The software uses trading bots.

The trading bots may seem like they make things nice and easy, but their win rate is less than 50%. This is basically like going to the casino and playing Roulette.

Now, I don’t claim to know much about the cryptocurrency market and how it all works. However, what I do know is that anything you want to do to make money online will take some knowledge and training. Trading cryptocurrency is no different!

Is CoinChest a Scam or Legit?

Thumbs DownListen, to be honest, I didn’t purchase this program to try it out. I don’t really feel like spending $49 on something where I know I’ll have to spend even more money (on actually buying the cryptocurrency.) But I feel confident in saying that even if I did buy this program, I would not make $1000 a day. In fact, that’s probably how much I’d lose, depending on how much I put into it. If any of you have used this system with success, I’d love to hear about it! To me, it sounds like gambling and I feel you’d be better off going out and buying a scratch-off ticket from your state’s lottery.

Do you think Rob Walker, whoever he really is, is making tons of money off of cryptocurrencies? Why not just stick with that and continue to make money with it? Why bother yourself with making a whole product and marketing it, etc? The reason is that he makes money through his product and not through cryptocurrencies.

There are people out there trying to take advantage of others by telling you they can make a killing in cryptocurrencies. And maybe you can. But, like with anything else, you need to put the work in to understand how it all works. Don’t just blindly trust that some software is going to do all the work for you. That is how you’ll lose your shirt. (And you need your shirt!)

Do you really want to make money online? Let’s talk about a legit way to do that.

Learn How to Build a Website to Make Legit Money Online

If you’re really interested in making money working from home using your computer, then let me suggest that you do things the right way and learn how to build an affiliate marketing website. This site that you’re on is an affiliate marketing website. I use it to connect with people and help them figure out which products are good, and which ones they should avoid.

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What’s awesome about it is that you can create a website on anything that you have an interest in. Do you like baseball? You could do a website on the best baseball bats. Do you like dogs? You could do a site on the best dog toys. There are millions and millions of products that you can promote. There is SO much opportunity!

The way that I learned how to put this site together is by using Wealthy Affiliate. They are a training platform that teaches you step-by-step how to put a site together from start to finish. They have all the tools and resources you need to create a successful online business. They will teach you how to do things the RIGHT way for lasting success.

Does it take work, patience, dedication and commitment? Yes! Is it worth it? Hell yes! If you’re looking for shortcuts and making money super fast and easy, then I hate to tell you this. You’re out of luck. Any program that promises you that is just going to take your money, and you’ll likely make $0 from it. If you’re willing to put in some work though, you could have a very successful and satisfying career working online.

Ready to try? Just click the button below to join as a Free Starter Member. You can remain a Starter Member for as long as you like, and you don’t need your credit card to join.

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Wealthy Affiliate Versus CoinChest

You can see from the comparison chart that one of these products offers everything you need to be successful online, and one doesn’t even come close! Why waste your money on something that’s not going to get you anywhere in the long run? You know what will happen if you try CoinChest? You’ll waste more money and more time trying to chase the “easy” thing. It just doesn’t work that way. Instead, learn how to be a true success! Why not? it’s fun!

Do you have any questions or comments about CoinChest? Have you ever traded cryptocurrencies? Is it as easy as CoinChest makes it out to me? Leave me comments below!

22 thoughts on “What is CoinChest? Is it a REAL Way to Make Money or is CoinChest a Scam?”

  1. Great post and good info.

    Another scammy, well scammy is a bit overreacted but it is close to that, platform which claims to have wonder formula into cryptocurrency.

    If it was this simple, many people already did it.

    You know what they are looking for, desperate people who wants fast money, however that price to pay is tricky.

    Now thanks for sharing it, you oncr again will save a lot of people doing stupid things!

    • I keep wondering hose the guys (or ladies) who come up with these products sleep at night. Do they feel OK taking money from people who are probably in desperate situations, knowing that they’ll likely never make a dime from their products? How do they not care? It really makes me sad and frustrated. 

  2. Nice callout on CoinChest, Christina. There are so many scams out there. Easy pickings for the unscrupulous and money easily lost by the unwary. One of the true tests of a product or service is how long it’s been around and if it’s been kept up to date. Most products in the internet marketing niche, even good ones, run on the money-grab principle. The product is hot for a few weeks. Sales drop off and the developers move onto creating their next money spinner. Rinse and repeat. People who really care about their customers put a lot of resources into their Customer Support and take pride in their product in the long-term. Wealthy Affiliate certainly falls into that bracket. 

    • Yup! You’ve got it, Gary. These guys just keep pumping out new products as soon as the old ones get a little worn out. I seriously don’t even know how they keep up with it all. I guess they have a “secret system” that helps them. 

      Wealthy Affiliate has been around a long, long time (at least in terms of internet products / services) and like a fine wine, they improve with age. They are constantly updating and providing more value for their users. That’s why I plan to stay a member for a very long time. 🙂 

  3. Coin Chest really doesn’t seem all that appealing.  It seems like it’s more of a teaching on day trading but with crypto currencies.  Thank you for providing a legitimate alternative at the bottom of your website.   Wealthy affiliate really does catch my attention and will definitely go check it out very soon.

    • I don’t even know if it’s as good as teaching day trading. Day trading seems like it could be legit – if you put the work in to learning how it all works. This is almost like the shortcut of that. Just let the app choose for you! Eek! No thanks. That’s too risky. 

  4. This is just one of the many many scams that are out there. It’s like these people have a factory where they produce these their scams from because when you stop one before you know it another one would come up. I don’t know where they get these their ideas from. I want to say that they are creative but this is obviously the wrong type of creativity.

    It is very important that these sought of people with their websites and their scams be revealed to the general public on a regular basis and for that I thank you for taking the time to write this post. Working and making money online is not a one day business. It involves consistence and hardwork and is not for the weak of minds. If you want to make money online you have to work for it. Period. There is no too ways about it.

    • I think what happens too with these products is that someone will create it, it will start getting bad reviews, they take that one down, rename and rebrand it, and it put it back up again. So sometimes it’s the same products that just get relaunched or rebranded. These guys will never stop with their games! It seems crazy to me too because it seems like a lot of work to keep up with all these products. Why don’t they just create something that’s actual useful instead? 

  5. I’m glad I checked out your review first because CoinChest definitely sounded like one of those get-rich-quick scams. I am also sick of these program using words like “loopholes” to entice you in, another one I often hear is “secret trick.” They want you to believe you’ve stumbled up on some gold mine, but what I’ve learned is that all these done-for-you systems never deliver any good results.

    You mentioned Wealthy Affiliate and how you make a commission from referring others to join. How do you make money since Wealthy Affiliate’s starter membership is free?

    • “Loopholes” is now my least favorite word ever. I am so sick of hearing about loopholes. There are no loopholes! (Unless we’re talking about taxes. I’m sure there are plenty of loopholes there! lol) 

      Wealthy Affiliate works by teaching you how to build a website and then monetize it. Someone who joins as a Free Starter Member will get access to all 10 lessons in the first Online Entrepreneur Certification course. This will give you a decent amount of information where you can understand how everything works and how to make money from your website. 

      Of course, to really catapult your success, I would absolutely suggest upgrading to a Premium Membership. (It’s worth every penny!) However, there’s no pressure to go Premium. and you can stay a Starter Member forever if you’d like. 

  6. Wow, thanks for the info on CoinChest. I think we all can make an educated guess on what they want to do after reading your article. I remembered, once upon a time that I requested some materials so I can start my own business. The only materials I got was selling those materials nothing about starting a particular business. This was before the internet so I would have to make copies and sell them. It was a waste of my money.

    • UGH, yes that happened to me too! It happened to me when the internet was still in its infancy. I saw one of these sales pages (they didn’t even use videos back then!) and I got excited, and it was just like you said. A system teaching you how to sell the system. I was so annoyed! lol I’m glad it’s easy to find those types of scams now.

  7. Thank you so much for the heads up! 

    There are lots of us who wanted to make money online, and usually, we have no patient in building one. Because of this, many people get scammed. Unfortunately, once they get scammed, most of then concludes that all online business are scams. 

    Hopefully, many people will read your post and will not fall to another scam. 

    I also appreciate sharing an alternative way to make money online. I see Wealthy Affiliate is some sort of “How To Blog for Income” kind of services. 

    Can you really make money from blogging? How long should I expect before I make money? Is it really true that after putting an effort for a period of time then it can become a passive income? 

    Thanks, John Greg

    • Hey John! I really get annoyed at these “make money in three easy steps” kind of programs because they make all of us online marketers look bad. And because it makes them want to give up and not try anything. But not all programs are like that. 

      Wealthy Affiliate, as you mentioned, would fall into the legit category. It’s a training system I know, love and use myself and it’s taught me everything about this online marketing world. 

      I think the way you described it is good. “How to blog for income.” But you also learn other skills too that are related like email marketing, video marketing, branding, etc. Realistically, it will likely take at least 3 months to start getting traffic. Sales can start to come after that, but they probably won’t be consistent for a few months longer. I always say to give it a good year. 

      You can make residual income off of things you wrote long ago, but you have to keep your site fresh and up-to-date otherwise it will fall off of Google’s radar! 

  8. $1000 per day?! I would like to have that income! who wouldn’t, right?! Well, I have tried 2 different trading softwares before (very similar to this coinchest) – Forex and binary options. Well, you’d bet – I lost a lot of money. yeaps!

    There is no such this as trading robots that really works and that can give you that income of $1000. A Less than 50% winning trade?! You must be crazy to bite this software program. And you are right – this is just like gambling – then better go to casino then! lol.

    Today, I invest in stock market, mutual funds, crowdfunding and index funds. These investments involve risks. Even professionals know that nobody can predict the market. and yes even for the cryptocurrencies. 

    And you are right, I agree with your recommendation to everyone who want to earn money online. Wealthy Affiliate is still the best platform to start with. 

    Thanks for this comprehensive review of CoinChest. I hope that your article will reach thousands of people so that they’ll not fall into this kind of program. 

    Best regards, 


    • Thanks for your thoughts, Che! It’s nice to have someone chime in who’s used these kind of bots before. I am sorry that you lost money with them, but I’m glad that you can share your experience to help warn others. 

      And yes, I’d much rather go to the casino, have some dinner, have a drink or two and then play some slots. It seems like more fun than this! lol 

      But really, learning how to make money online is not that hard, especially with a fantastic training program like Wealthy Affiliate. Why not do things the right way and actually learn how to earn?

  9. I received a similar email not too long ago and honestly, I think crypto-concurrency trading is beyond me. The mechanism of the industry is confusing and are marred by money making opportunities like CoinChest which looks a bit dubious. Just like web traffic acquisition, I would avoid using anything that is related to bots. If find their effects to be temporary, if not harmful. 

    • I’m not super familiar with cryptocurrency either, and I bet most people aren’t. Which is why they should absolutely use caution when getting into this. If you’re going to invest, then do it the right way and don’t let some bot dictate what to do with your money. Learn about it in and out and figure out the moves that make sense. 

  10. From what I understand about cryptocurrency, it moves really slow so it will take a while to sell at a higher price. The fact that he wants to do it fast is just unreasonable.

    Where there Howell’s that you know off or is it just a one time payment of $49?

    • it’s just a one-time payment of $49 for the system. of course, you’ll have to put money in to invest in the cryptocurrencies. Which is where all the risk lies. I would definitely not trust an app for this!

  11. The crypto market is very volatile and there’s no way a $49 program can predict when to buy low and the right time to sell. That would be great as everyone would instantly quit their jobs. 🙂 I’d be willing to pay thousands for that kind of magic!

    Is it explained in the program what kind of strategy you need to apply to buy low and sell high?

    • Laura, from what I gather, the system doesn’t really give a strategy, necessarily. Rather, it’s an app that tells you what and when to buy and sell. But yes, you hit the nail on the head. A system like that that did it correctly would basically be magic. So, yea, not a great idea! You’ll be spending money on the system and then spending even more on “gambling” with cryptocurrencies.


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