What is Millionaire’s Brain Academy? Can You Really Change Your Brain to Be Like a Rich Person’s Brain?

Millionaire's Brain Academy Review
My buddy Michael from Rich Janitor sent me a book of an email talking about all sorts of things. He wants me to check out this program that will send me a $2,000 check overnight! (Meanwhile, this is a product about changing your mindset, so this doesn’t even really make sense.) Wow, isn’t he nice? This is what we’re dealing with.

Millionaire's Brain Academy

Isn’t this hilarious? “He literally promises that this could potentially make you wealthy.” I wonder if they realize that means nothing. And how about that date? They forgot to update it! Slackers!

But OK, let’s try to keep an open mind. Just because Michael’s email is full of hype, it doesn’t mean the program is bad! Let’s see if we can figure out…what is Millionaire’s Brain Academy? Will it literally potentially make you wealthy, or is it a scam? We’ll find out in this Millionaire’s Brain Academy review.

But first!

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Here are the areas we’ll explore in this Millionaire’s Brain Academy review.

  • What is Millionaire’s Brain Academy?
  • How Does Millionaire’s Brain Academy Work?
  • Is Millionaire’s Brain Academy a Scam or Legit?
  • Take Action to Build a Sustainable Online Business
  • Let’s Review

What is Millionaire’s Brain Academy?

Product: Millionaire’s Brain Academy
Cost: $47
Owner(s): Winter Vee
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This video starts off much better than any of the other videos I’ve seen so far. There’s a nice positive message in there about finding your true greatness. Saying to yourself “It’s no over until I win!” Could it be?? Is this actually going to be a good product? I’m a sucker for a positive message!

Winter, the creator of this product starts the video by saying he can give you the brain of a millionaire in the next 7 days. You can get a millionaire brain and be propelled effortlessly to true wealth just by watching a few movie previews.

Ain’t that the truth!

Deep thoughts from the video: You ask yourself “Is this it? Is this what the rest of my life is going to look like?” Yup! Unless something big changes.

Winter has very good news for us. The answer to all of this is under our noses. You’ll know in 5 minutes how to turn your life around with this “secret” and easily create incredible and dependable wealth. Fast, too!

Hey look! A real person! This is Winter Vee.

Winter Vee - Creator of Millionaire's Brain Academy

Winter is a consultant for Fortune 500 companies. He helps them reach their growth potential.

Then Winter tells us we need to hear a story. (I have to say, this video is actually compelling and interesting! A good video for once. Woo hoo!) The video shows a news story of a car that crashed into a building. It was revealed that that was Winter’s car. He was drunk and crashed his car. He said he lifted his hands off of the steering wheel because he was ready to die?

Why? In 2012 life beat him down. His Mom ended up with a debilitating disease and ended up passing away. His girlfriend was abusive. He was also trapped in debt.

He took a low-paying IT job to try to help with his debt. He lost that job on his birthday – 2 days before Christmas. He turned to the bottle to cope and became a raging alcoholic. That’s why he was ready to die in the car that night. Death couldn’t be worse than what he was already dealing with.

August 2014 was different. He stopped drinking. He lives in a fancy house and drives fancy cars now. He has an online business that’s made over $1.2 million!

What’s his secret?

He was in jail for several days after the car accident. It was just Winter and his thoughts. He noticed how negative they were. His own mind became the enemy. He needed to get out of the mental prison he created for himself.

He bought many self-development products, but none of them worked. He realized the problem was deeper than his thoughts. One day, he came across this quote:

Millionaire's Brain Academy Hippocrates

Millionaire's Brain Academy Hippocrates

What if his brain was behind all of this? He spent over 100 hours researching the brain. If you see a map of neural connections in your brain, you will see a map of your life. Your brain is a road map that decides what direction your life will take.

Rich people’s brains are conditioned one way, and most other people’s brains are conditioned another way. Rich people are wired for success. Those brain pathways aren’t open to us.

Good news! Scientists have discovered a way to reshape your brain. He spent another 75 hours researching brain plasticity. If he could reshape his brain, he could reshape his life. He came across a study where people were able to create radical changes in their brains.

They were using a strategy to get this breakthrough. Winter wondered if he could use this for wealth. His thoughts started shifting and he realized exactly what he needed to do. He launched his first product and he made $22,489 the first week. By the end of the year, he netted over $1.2 million.

The method he used was great, but it took a lot of time and effort. He wanted to make it more efficient. He decided to combine the power of a movie preview with this brain reshaping method.

He tried this new method on his sister, Cara, who was unemployed for 2 years. She watched the movie previews every day for a month, and landed a new job by day 12. Then he wanted to see if his friend, CJ, who already had money would benefit. In the first 3 months after using it, his profits went from $120k per month to $350k per month. (Woah, that’s a lot of moola!)

He can get someone started with this system and see their income rise from 20% – 50% in their first month of using it. Winter can confidently say he can hard wire our brain for wealth.

OK, phew! That was a lot of brain stuff. Let’s see if we can dig in a little more to this program.

How Does Millionaire’s Brain Academy Work?

Millionaire's Brain Academy ProductFor your $47, you’ll get an e-book. A 115-page e-book and some work sheets. That’s it. (I’m not against e-books. They can be great, but I would expect more here based on the video and the price.) I’m not even totally sure how this relates to the sales video because Winter says that he made short movie clips to watch.

Except there are some upsells and one of them includes audio and video, so perhaps that’s where the movies come in? That upsell is $197. Pretty pricey, if you ask me. Why not just put all the products together and charge one fair price?)

That’s all I have to say about this because there’s nothing more to it.

Is Millionaire’s Brain Academy a Scam or Legit?

Thumbs MiddleI was really intrigued with the video because I am interested in the brain and our thoughts and how those two things direct our life. I absolutely believe in changing your thoughts to thoughts of things you want instead of things you don’t want. So I was disappointed to learn that this is just an e-book with rehashed info that we’ve all heard before.

I’m not saying Millionaire’s Brain Academy is a scam because you do get that book with your purchase. And any book that helps you change your thoughts into more positive ones is good. So I’m going to give it my middle thumb. It’s an OK product and it could help you in a positve way.

However, there are lots and lots and lots of great self-development books and videos out there. Some for much lower prices, or even free!

Here are some ideas:

There are lots and lots of ways to begin to understand how your thoughts become things and how you can envision the reality that you WANT and then bring it into existence.

Take Action to Build a Sustainable Online Business

One of the things I envisioned for myself last year was working for myself from home. I actually wrote it all down exactly the way I saw myself living out my life. I remembered writing that my perfect day would include being able to exercise more and whenever I wanted, working while sitting on my deck in the sunshine, and having more time to be there for my kids when they needed me.

Guess what? I’m living that exact vision right now.

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This makes it fun, exciting and rewarding!

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Let’s Review

Can you change your thoughts to change your reality? I believe absolutely yes. Do you need Millionaire’s Brain Academy to do it? No, I don’t think so. If you think it’ll help you though, then I ain’t judgin’. Go for it. However, I think there are so many incredible books and videos out there already that it doesn’t totally make sense. Here are a few books that completely shifted my thoughts:

Think and Grow Rich
Write It Down, Make It Happen
The Secret
The Law of Attraction

If you truly want to change your life, think about what you want, and then take action on it. Starting now! If you think affiliate marketing could be something that you could use to change your life, then take action by signing up for a free Wealthy Affiliate Starter Account. And then use the training there to learn, expand, grow and realize your dreams.

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Do you have any questions or comments about Millionaire’s Brain Academy? Please leave them down below!

18 thoughts on “What is Millionaire’s Brain Academy? Can You Really Change Your Brain to Be Like a Rich Person’s Brain?”

  1. Truely there were thousands of online business in which Millionaire’s Brain Academy is one of them. Some are legit while some are just came scam people but from your deep though and explanation of Millionaire’s Brain Academy I will prefer to chose an affiliate marketing company which is very reliable which I also find in your article which is called wealthy affiliate. Though wealthy affiliate are not promise you to be a millionaire over nighta asM illionaire’s Brain Academy promised but with patient one will get there . Thank for this expensive information, good job

    • Thanks for stopping by! There are definitely some decent programs out there, but so many promise big riches for very little work, and it kills me because all they’re doing is taking money from desperate people. Now, this program isn’t too bad because it’s focusing on changing your mindset. Changing your mindset is really important for any kind of success. 

  2.  Devastating story from Winter.On the other hand i found his strength. Compelling story from Winter. Admirable author I think you are and you must have practiced very long for the clarity you can offer. You should rely on your experiences , they probably help you a lot . Think and grow rich I have a short read of the book. Only look on the main ideas but never really the whole book. Do you think it is worth reading the whole book? I mean I enjoy reading yet it takes mega amount of time . 

    • Yes, I think Think and Grow Rich is definitely worth reading! Maybe a few times. If you don’t like reading it, the audio version is great too! You can listen while commuting, doing laundry or exercising. Do you know that Napoleon Hill never mentions money in the book? Being rich is not always about money. 🙂

  3. For some minutes i was just smiling because of your post. the most interesting part of the post to me was the part that talked about the brain wiring. of a truth, everything that happens in the body originated from the brain,,,, thoughts, positive ideas, negative ideas, madness, sanity just think of it. If the brain is so wired in his format then one can use it to one’s advantage. i think exploring the brain functionality to achieve success should be the millionaire brain academy on its own not minding the real academy and if it is a scam or not. 

    Let’s use our brains to pull us through success.

    • Exactly! That’s the one thing I like about this product. The fact that it talks about helping you think better thoughts and envisioning a better future. I think a lot of us are weak in our thoughts, and we need to build them up like any other muscle. 

  4. Hi, Christina!

    Our desire to be successful is inherent in everyone, and I believe that we can become a better version of ourselves by studying practical guidelines. However, I’m not sure I will be willing to pay up to $197…whaaat! Manifestation Miracle teaches something similar and for $47 you get a manual that’s divided into four parts, MP3 audios, and a package of 22 videos.

    I won’t discourage someone from trying the Millionaire’s Brain Academy if they’re willing to spend the money. After everything, the program was designed to help users attain financial freedom.

    • I agree on the $197 price! I mean, maybe if you’re attending a seminar, that would be a good price. But not for a few online course. Unless they’re really spectacular. I’ll have to check out Manifestation Miracle. It sounds good!

  5. This is an interesting review of a product that at first glance sounds too good to be true. There is an old saying that says more or less that is something is too good to be true then it is too good to be true. So in an attempt to be fair, I read your review and discovered that the product may not contain any additional useful information that is already out there and which I probably already know from other sources. I must dig out my copy of “Think and Grow Rich” and read it again. 

    • Yes! Get that Think and Grow Rich back out and have another read. It’s such a good book with a lot of good information. It’s one of those books that you have to read several times to get all of the nuggets out of it. Bob Proctor says that he reads his daily. (Well, parts of it.)

  6. Hey Christina – Just wanted to say that I really enjoyed this review. Particularly because I agree with your views on the law of attraction. Ebooks are great and all but when it comes to law of attraction, I feel that audio and videos are much more effective. $47 is not that bad but I personally would never consider the $197 upsell because like you said, there are tons of great stuff out there for free. There are lots of great Youtube channels with powerful law of attraction audio and videos. I am a fan of affirmations and use them daily. Thanks for this great read and congrats on manifesting your reality. I will definitely look into the book “Write it down, make it happen”.

    • If you love Law of Attraction and manifesting your desires, you will LOVE Write It Down, Make It Happen. The author never mentions Law of Attraction in the book, but that’s basically what happens when you write things down. You send your desire out “there” and then it can manifest in physical form in some way. A lot of times it will lead you to a person or a thing, and there’s where you will take action to make it happen. It’s really cool!

  7. I must admit, the emails from some marketers you get are filled with hype – especially when you enter your email for hypie products from the get-go. I guess hype breeds hype lol.

    Having been online since 1999, I think I’ve come across every deceptive money-making program under the sun. But what’s funny is that the same deception still continues 18 years later!

    As for the Millionaire’s Brain Academy, I think it will take a lot longer than 7 days to get that type of brain because from experience, it takes months of hard work in order to adopt the right habits and become fully disciplined.

    But despite this program coming across as a little cheesy, it’s great that it offers an ebook containing invaluable knowledge on that “brain stuff” we need to learn for becoming entrepreneurs and changing our lives around. 🙂

    However, I do agree that there could be more value for the cost. But it’s just a sales funnel tactic to get you to splash out on more products and make the product creator more profitable… “Would you like fries and a shake with that?” 😛

    I dunno if I missed this part but is Winter’s ebook suitable for a newbie?

    Thanks, Neil

    • Hi Neil! Thank you for your thoughts. I agree that it will take more than 7 days to truly change your thoughts. I know that Bob Proctor says to write down your desires and read them to yourself at least a couple of times a day until you begin to believe it. This could take several months to shift those thoughts in your brain. Because it’s not just your thoughts, but your subconscious programming that needs to shift. 

      Yes, I think Winter’s e-book is good for newbies because anyone can benefit from learning how to change their thoughts. 

  8. Hello Christina,

    I never heard about ‘Millionaire’s Brain Academy,’ but I’m glad I discovered your article. I agree with you that any book helping to change your thoughts is a good investment.

    I really like Bob Proctor, Louise Hay just to mention a few. My favorites are also ‘Think and Grow Rich,’ ‘Three Feet From Gold’ and ‘The Secret.’

    I noticed that you mentioned about Wealthy Affiliate, can you create a website with Wealthy Affiliate? I’m also thinking to start a site around a hobby I have. What is included in the starter membership?

    Thank you for an informative article.

    • I have not read “Three Feet from Gold”, but I have heard of it, and I would love to read it. Thank you for that suggestion!

  9. Hi Christina, I enjoyed reading your post about that guy’s high-dollar brain school.  Although I have no knowledge of his product or its authenticity, I’m normally suspicious of ads like his, and found your review entertaining and enlightening.

    It’s no wonder that Wealthy Affiliate has hundreds of thousands of not only happy, but highly satisfied members…I am one of them, and encourage anyone reading this comment to at least click on one of Christina’s links above to Wealthy Affiliate–I’m pretty sure you won’t be disappointed.

    Best wishes,

    Joe (joejr49)

    • Thank you Joe! I appreciate the good comments about Wealthy Affiliate. Yes, I am biased because I promote it. But I only promote it because I believe in it and I really think it can help people achieve success in the affiliate marketing business. I am glad you found your way there and are happy with your decision!


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