My Home Success Plan Scam [Review Reveals All the Dirty Tricks]

Is My Home Success Plan a Scam? 

I hope this review will make the answer to that question very, very clear for you. (It will.) 

This product is not really unique. 

In fact: 

I have reviewed this same exact type of product before (which I'll show you a little later.)

My Home Success Plan Scam

The sales page starts off with some news clips talking about how great it is to work from home, and how many more companies are hiring for this type of work. All of that's true, however, My Home Success Plan has nothing to do with any of that. 

What this is related to is what they refer to as link posting, and I'm going to take you through what link posting is and if it's actually legitimate. 

In the end, you'll know the exact answer to the question "Is My Home Success Plan a scam?"

Tired of disappointing or scammy products?

I've got ya covered! 

My Home Success Plan Summary

Product: My Home Success Plan
Cost: $97
Owner(s): Unknown
Good For: No one, except the product owner

My Home Success Plan Scam - Logo

What is My Home Success Plan?

Here's the headline you see when you get on the My Home Success Plan sales page:

The My Success Home Plan scam says you can make $379 / day.

If you can't read the yellow area, it says, "Important: Read my full report now as only a few people are accepted into this program per city at any given time... Don't hesitate...this page may be taken down soon, so read on..."

Red Flags (Already)

We already have several red flags just from this headline area:

  • Saying this will only take 60 minutes per day
  • Saying this is a home based business "job"
  • Saying you can make $379 / day
  • Saying this is a guaranteed home based business job
  • Saying only some people are accepted into the program
  • Saying this page will be taken down soon

These are marketing tricks. All of them.

Then we have another headline with a short video clip:

Fake news!

What's really tricky here is that they try to imply that this product has been in mainstream media. This isn't true at all. The news clips are just talking about working from home, they have nothing to do with My Home Succss Plan in particular.

Once we get past the news clips, the video goes on to say that the people who are on top know secrets and that if we watch the video for 2 minutes, it will "literally" change our lives. In fact, they guarantee that we'll make $500 minimum.

You can make $500 Guaranteed

I don't know how they can guarantee this because their disclaimer "literally" says they can't guarantee that you'll make money with this program.

The video then goes on to claim that if we don't take action, someone else will take our spot in line. Except, in actuality, there is no line. Because they want as many people as possible to sign up for this. That's how the owner(s) make their money.

Our narrator then goes on to say how he found a group on entrepreneurs who were making up to $10k per day, and he wanted in on that action. It started to happen for him too, and now he's kind enough to share his tips and strategies with the world...for $97, that is.

How Does My Home Success Plan Work?

When we get to the main part of the sales page, we meet "April" who says she got a divorce and moved with her two kids to start a new life. But, she was always living paycheck to paycheck until she found the perfect work from home job.

The story of April is false

We'll come back to her in a bit...

She says that her perfect job - and one that is in high demand - is internet link posting. She says companies need a lot of links posted for them, and they are desperate for people to do this.

What is Link Posting?

April gives an example of a cell phone. She says you might be on the internet and you see a link for a cell phone that you like. The link is there because it makes you more willing to purchase that phone.

She says that companies need tons of people to process these links and they don't want to hire people to work in their offices because there's too much of a need and it would be too many people. 

She's implying that legitimate companies actually hire you to do this, like an actual job. The reality is that legitimate companies do not want to be associated with link posting because it's not seen as favorable by Google, Facebook or any major internet players.

In fact, companies hire link posters because they are trying to sneak their way through spam filters and it's a bit easier to do this using humans instead of a script that just blasts the links out there. (Spam filters catch those easily.)

Here's an example of people posting links on YouTube:

Link posting on YouTube

Do you really want to do this? Besides being annoying, you risk being banned from YouTube (or wherever you post these links), even if you use a fake account. They can track your IP address and block it. Is it worth it?

The other way they may have you do this is to set up a promotion somewhere (on social media, or by setting up a blog), buying cheap traffic and sending that traffic to your promotions.

Cheap traffic is unreliable and a waste of money. You're going to lose out here and you'll end up spending more than you make.

How Much Can You Make Link Posting?

According to April, you should make about $15 per link and it takes about 4 minutes to post one link. Therefore, if you work 60 minutes, you can make $225 an hour. Doing this just 60 minutes a day, you can make up to $58,500 per year. And you can multiply that depending on the number of hours you work.


This is false. Maybe link posting worked at one time before Google and the like were more sophisticated. Now it takes a lot of links to make just a little bit of money. You can find some link posting jobs in places like Amazon MTurk, where you might make a few pennies per link.

And that's IF your link stays up. Generally, your link has to stay up for at least 30 days in order for you to get paid. Most links will be removed right away because they are spam.

Then, if your link stays up for 30 days, you will likely need to have a minimum account balance in order to collect that money. Sometime it's $20, sometimes $50, maybe even $100.

Again, if you do it the other way and set up a promotion on a blog and send traffic to it, you're going to be spending money on that traffic and you're likely to lose money instead of making it.

It's going to take you forever to make any kind of money doing this. Time is precious. Why waste it on this nonsense?

Is My Home Success Plan a Scam or Legit?

I didn't personally spend $97 to check this program out, but I read about someone who did and he mentioned that you get very mediocre training.

In fact, you won't learn enough from the training that you get for $97, and you'll likely feel the need to get additional training for an additional cost.

Your "coach" that they provide will help sell you on this idea.

Thumbs Down

So is My Home Success Plan a scam? I would say absolutely yes because it uses so much manipulation and shady tactics to get you to buy into it, and there's no real value at all.

There is one other major problem with this, and I'll tell you about that, plus some more of the manipulation tactics in a minute.

My Home Success Plan Review - 

Pros & Cons


  • They have a 60-day money-back guarantee (although I've read of people having trouble getting a refund)


  • Saying you can make $379 / day working from home doing this "job"
  • Implying that this is a real job that a company will hire you to do
  • Implying that legitimate companies are hiring link posters
  • Saying that you can make $15 per link that you post
  • You'll need an existing business to make this work
  • Using news clips and implying that this scam site is associated
  • Unknown product owner
  • Using fake people to sell this (see below)
  • When you sign up, you agree to have your information sold to others (see below)

Using Fake People to Sell This Scam

Let's get back to April. April is a made up character to help sell the story that you can make money working from home. You can see this is just a stock photo, and I just picked a few of the places where this is used.

April's photo is a stock photo

The testimonials on the side are another manipulation tactic. There is no way to verify that these are in any way true, and in fact, I can say with 99.9% confidence that these are completely made up.

Made up testimonials are a part of the My Home Success Plan scam

Be Aware of Giving Up Your Personal Information

Whenever you see a sales page like this, and you're a little unsure if it's legitimate or not, always check the disclaimer area. When poking around in the Privacy Policy, I saw something disturbing. 

Not only do you agree to have your information sold to third parties (which means a lot more spam products will be sent to you), it also says that they can't guarantee that unauthorized parties won't gain access to your information.

My Home Success Plan can sell your personal information

Now I'm going to ask you again, is it worth it? I'll even help you answer. 

NO. 🙂 

More Link Posting Scams

I've run into a few of these link posting scams myself already. Here are a few more for you so that you can keep your eye out. They all have a similar look to them, so they will be easy to spot.

And I bet there are plenty more out there. Any time you see the words "link posting" or "ad posting" jobs, run for the hills!

Affiliate Marketing is a Real Way to Make Money 

What this link posting is really all about is affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is a legitimate way to make money working from home (it's what I do), but the way My Home Success Plan tells you to do it is the wrong way to go about it.

The way that is a better way to do it is to apply to companies' affiliate programs, and if you get accepted, you can then promote their products. Let's say you apply for Walmart's affiliate program and you get accepted.

Now you have the ability to promote any of their products on your website, or your social media, etc. When people purchase a Walmart product from your site or post, you will make a commission. It's usually somewhere between 5% - 15% of the product price.

The trickiest part is getting people to see your offers. This doesn't happen automatically. It takes time to build up traffic. (You could also buy traffic, but if you do, you'll want to get high quality traffic, or post ads on major search engines or social media networks.)

Does this sound hard to do?

It's really not with the right training and focus.


Avoid the My Home Success Plan scam (and any other link posting scams out there) because you're just going to end up wasting your time and money on this with very little (or zero) return.

If you can accept the fact that you can make money working from home, but it'll take time to learn the skills to do it the right way, then you can make ANY kind of income you want.

Why not take the time and learn how to do it right? You can follow the step by step affiliate marketing training that I followed and you'll also get all the tools and support that you need along the way.

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Do you have any questions or comments about this My Home Success Plan scam? Have you seen these jobs for link posting or ad posting? Did they seem legit to you? Let me know what you think. Leave me comments down below!

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  1. Hello Christina, I must say that this review is very helpful as many people actually believe in this scam. It is unbelievable what people can do just to earn money overnight and unfortunately, it is not possible. I believed in the past too, when I see those high numbers I was thinking “Oh yeah, this is my salvation” but the only thing that happens is that you lose your hard-earned money. So, it is great that you shared the truth about this scam and I hope that people will understand its true nature.

    • You always have to be a little wary of a program that offers a little for just a little work in exchange. It’s just never the case. It’s easy to get tempted by these programs, but usually they are just a waste of time and money, and sometimes they’re outright scams as in the case with My Home Success Plan.


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