Point 2 Click Profits Review (Push a Button and Make $500?)

Point 2 Click Profits Review

Welcome to my Point 2 Click Profits review!

Can we really make $500 a day online, just like the sales page says?


That’s just hype.

You can certainly make that online after you put in hard work and the time to build up your skills.

But it’s not going to be through some “push button” system.

Let’s get into this Point 2 Click Profits review and uncover what this is really about.

What is Point 2 Click Profits?

The sales video starts off by telling us about a little black box. Every time you click on the button on the box, you are given a $500 bill.

Point 2 Click Profits is like a box with money

What they’ll be getting at is that this system, Point 2 Click Profits, is like the black box. It’s a push-button system, so all you have to do is push a button and you make money.

If ONLY it were that easy.

The sales video asks us to think about 10 people who we know who are rich. I thought about some people, and I know for SURE they aren’t rich because they pushed some dang button.

What they’re trying to say is that you can become even richer than the richest people that you know. In fact, you can make more than all 10 of them combined.

Now, this is absolutely true.

You can do that.

You can do anything you set your mind to.

But it’s not going to be from some push-button website. I’ll explain why these sites aren’t a great idea a little later. You’ll fully understand.

After suffering through one sales video, you’ll need to enter your name, email and mobile number to get to the next. I highly suggest you don’t do this. You will be absolutely bombarded with offers.

They want your personal information.

I’m going to do it for you so you don’t have to.

I love getting bombarded with offers because it helps me find more things to write about. 🙂 You won’t like it though, trust me on this. (Unless you write reviews too, then have at it!)

The next sales video tells us that we’re halfway to getting that little black box and the hardest part is over. Now, it’s just a:

Point 2 Click Profits is mouth-watering?

(I seriously wonder about these script writers sometimes…)

It Does All the Work for You?

The video claims that in order to make these $500 bills, we don’t have to do anything because the system does all the work for us.

What they say they do is tap into the power of Amazon and reap the rewards from them. They claim they have a backdoor into Amazon where you can “sneak in unnoticed.”

The sales video (and testimonials) continue repeating that this is fully automated, and you get paid but “you don’t have to do any of the hard work.”

Of course, everyone wants to get paid without a lot of effort (us humans sure are lazy, aren’t we?), but that just isn’t how things work.

How Does Point 2 Click Profits Work?

After all this talk of Amazon and automation, we still don’t know what this product is truly about. You’re not really going to find out until you hand over your $47.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t really want to waste $47 on this. Because I already know it’s not going to work. Or, even if it does work for some time, it’s not going to last.

I’ve seen almost this same exact sales video before. In fact, Website ATM and Profit Point Autonomy both have very similar sales pages and offers. You can click on the links to read my articles to see for yourself how those turned out. (Hint: not good.)

Do you know why this happens? Because they get into trouble by people complaining, so they have to re-brand and relaunch their product with a new name.

That tells you something right there.

That tells you that this isn’t trustworthy.

As much as we want to hear that we can make easy money by pushing a button, deep down you know it isn’t true. That’s why something like Point 2 Click Profits isn’t actually going to work.

The purpose for a product like this isn’t to help YOU make money, it’s for the product owners to make money FROM you and also to get your personal information so that they can sell you more things.

Without even looking at it, I know this product isn’t going to give you value.

Is Point 2 Click Profits a Scam or Legit?

Since I didn’t buy this and use it myself, I’m hesitant to call it a scam. I don’t know what lies beneath the payment page.

I assume you do get some sort of push-button system (more about that in a sec) and some training.

I can’t even find someone who’s used this to find out more. (Smart people.) I would definitely say that the sales video is scammy though since they are telling you things that are just not true – or even possible.

Point 2 Click Profits Review – Pros

  • None. I don’t even see a money-back guarantee.

Point 2 Click Profits Review – Cons

  • Saying all you need to do is push a button to make $500
  • Saying that you don’t need any experience or skills to make money with this
  • Saying that it requires almost zero work
  • Not telling us what Amazon has to do with this system
  • We don’t know who the product owner is
  • Testimonials that give huge income claims with zero proof

Push-Button Sites

It’s true that push-button (or done-for-you) systems can make things easier for someone just starting out in online marketing. What a push-button system generally is (from what I’ve seen out there), is a templated website that already has product offers on it that are tied to you.

When someone visits your site and buys products from it, you’ll get paid a commission. (This is affiliate marketing, and I’ll talk to you more about that in a minute.)

Amazon has an affiliate program, so I’m assuming that’s what Point 2 Click Profits is talking about when they say they use Amazon. (FYI, you have to apply and get approved to be in the Amazon Associates program.)

I’ve reviewed a few other products with push-button systems, including Your Easy BusinessCB Passive Income and Cash Money Sites.

The Problems with Push-Button Sites

If you really want to succeed in online marketing, or affiliate marketing, it’s best to learn how to do things yourself (at least at first) so that you can make better and better decisions along the way. This will help you grow and improve so that you can make more money in the long-run and for the long term.

Another issue is that these templated websites aren’t unique from one another. Because of that, Google and the other search engines won’t rank them. That means you won’t be able to get free, organic traffic through the use of SEO (search engine optimization).

And because you won’t be able to get free traffic, then you’ll need to pay for it. And paying for it can be risky and costly if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Affiliate Marketing is Legit

Assuming this product revolves around affiliate marketing, that’s the one redeeming quality about it. Affiliate marketing is a completely legitimate business and a great way to make a living online.

However, it doesn’t just happen with the push of a button.

Like anything in life, you first need to learn the skills to make it work. You have to practice those skills, mess up a little bit, practice more, learn more, etc. etc.

What’s fantastic is that we live in a time now when you can learn all the skills you need, and build a completely awesome, legitimate business right from the comfort of your home.

(I’m actually sitting on my deck in the sunshine with my laptop as I write this. Better than any boring old cubicle, if you ask me!)

While it does take time and energy to get your site rolling, with the right training, and consistent action, you can make an incredible living.


It’s fun and exciting to think about a system where you can just push a button and have it spit out $500, you know that this just isn’t possible.

Instead of chasing these get-rich-quick products that will only waste your time and money, why not learn how to create your own money-making website?

In the long-run, this is the only way to create a long-lasting, consistent income.

Don’t rely on others to do the work for you. Get in there and learn for yourself. You are fully, 100% capable of it. It doesn’t matter what your skills and background is because you have the ability to learn everything you need to know.

Here’s my review of my #1 recommendation for training to get you on the right path.

Do you have any questions or comments about this Point 2 Click Profits review, or about affiliate marketing? I’d love to hear from you. Leave me comments down below!

4 thoughts on “Point 2 Click Profits Review (Push a Button and Make $500?)”

  1. Great info. I having been browsing in the affiliate marketing field. I really like what I read. I agree affiliate marketing isn’t something you just walk into with no work. It takes some degree of skill and lots of practice and work. If it looks to easy to be true,  it probably is. I am fairly new to affiliate marketing but I have already figured out to open to new ideas, and always be looking to learn something new from anyone you can. Information is power.

    • You said it so right. Information IS power. That’s why affiliate marketing is actually genius when you learn how to do it right. It’s all about giving information to the people who are looking for it and earning a commission for helping them. 

      Information is what people are seeking these days, which is a huge opportunity for those of us in online marketing. 

  2. I’ve never been a fan of stuff that is marketed as “push button” profits or things of that nature. I think the sales page could have made it a bit more clear on what people will actually be doing if they purchased Point 2 Click Profits.

    I don’t like that they make it seem so easy to earn $500 regularly, all with a push of a button. Sure, it’s possible but they need to be clear about the work that is involved with it.

    • Well, according to the sales page and the testimonials (which are likely fake), there is no work involved because it’s all automated. 

      If only this were an actual thing, right? Lol. I’d be pushing that damn button all day long! 


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