What is Clixsense.com? (Is It Worth Your Time?) [Review]

What is ClixSense.com? Review

What is Clixsense.com? I will answer that question for you and many more in this Clixsense.com review.

I actually never heard of Clixsense.com until I stumbled on it today.

I decided to sign up and take a look into it.

Is it worth your time to sign up too?

Is Clixsense a scam?

Let’s get a closer look at this website and see what this is all about.

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Product: ClixSense.comCost: FreeOwner(s): James Grago (Here is a history of Clixsense.com.) Good For: People who enjoy doing surveys and other small tasks in their spare time. 

ClixSense Logo

What is ClixSense.com?

First looking at Clixsense, it looks very similar to other “get paid to” sites, such as Swagbucks. You get paid to do different tasks, such as take surveys, complete micro tasks, watch advertisements and bring on referrals.

ClixSense Tasks you can do

It’s definitely not as pretty or organized as Swagbucks.

ClixSense Homepage

Let’s go into each option specifically.

1. Surveys

I didn’t fill out my profile information, which may give you more access to surveys. For now, there are only 2 available.

ClixSense surveys that were available - only 2

I assume these are like your typical surveys that you would fill out on any survey site. My biggest issue with surveys is that they take a long time, and you don’t get much pay for the time that it takes.

However, you may enjoy doing these while you’re watching TV, and those times could add up. I’m not completely knocking surveys, I just don’t personally feel like they’re worth the time.

2. Offers

There are a bunch of different things going on under the “Offers” category. It looks like this is a gathering of a bunch of different offer sites that connect though ClixSense.

You can earn ClixCents from these sites for shopping, signing up for offers, signing up for free trials, signing up for coupons, completing surveys, donating and much more.

1 ClixCents is = to $0.1. For instance, if you sign up for Hulu with Persona.ly (one of the sites within ClixSense), you will earn 750 ClixCents. This is equal to $7.50.

Join Hulu and earn ClixCents

3. Tasks

Here you complete small tasks (for small pay). As you go through the different tasks, you can level up and earn badges.

ClixSense Badges

These badges will allow even more tasks to open up to you. I tried to look for tasks here, and nothing was available. I then searched for potential jobs to see what would open up if I were leveled up.

Only 3 jobs showed up, and they were all level 3. How can you get to level 3 if there aren’t any lower-level jobs to do?

The potential tasks I could do if I had badges

Also, there are only 3 tasks here to complete. There doesn’t seem to be much of a money-making opportunity in the tasks section. 

4. Affiliates

This is probably the only way you can actually sort of make OK money with ClixSens – by referring other people to the site. Here are some ways you can earn as an affiliate.

ClixSense affiliate program

I actually think this is not going to be that easy to earn money as an affiliate, and I’ll tell you why later. But it’s better than the other ways.

I am an affiliate marketer myself, and there are much, much better ways to earn money as an affiliate. I’ll talk to you about that at the end of this post.

5. Games

There’s a section for games, but it looks like they’re just for fun. I don’t see any way to earn with these.

How Does ClixSense.COM Work?

These types of “get paid to” and survey sites generally all work the same.

ClixSense gathers a bunch of different offers, and the companies behind the offers pay them for traffic, sales or leads. Then they distribute a part of their earnings to the people who are completing the tasks.

Making money is much, much better for the survey sites than for the people actually taking the surveys.

ClixSense is not a scam. It’s just one of many of these survey or “get paid to” sites out there.

I didn’t find any complaints about the company, which means it likely pays out on time.

Middle Thumb

ClixSense.com Review – Pros

  • Easy to register
  • Free
  • Something you can do in your spare time

ClixSense.com Review – Cons

  • Tasks / surveys are tedious and some can take a long time
  • You get very little pay per task / survey
  • Not many micro jobs available 
  • You have to sometimes sign up at other sites to complete the tasks

There’s nothing wrong with ClixSense.com or other sites like it. My only issue with these sites is that they don’t seem worth the time.

I’ve done survey sites and “get paid to” tasks in the past. Surveys are the worst for me because they seem to take a VERY long time, and most of them only pay a few dollars.

Let’s say a survey takes you 20 minutes, and you get paid $5. (I’m being optimistic here.) It would take you an hour to complete 3 surveys, and you would make $4 an hour.

Minimum wage is going up to $15 an hour in some places!

The other issue is that you’re not always going to qualify for surveys. So, it may take you a while to complete even 3 surveys.

With that said, if it’s something you’re just doing on the side, and you can do it while watching TV, then why not? It can add up. 

Looking for more survey sites? I have 10 listed in this post, Real Ways to Make Money Online (50 of Them!)

Make More Money With Less Time

You can make money online in many, many different ways. Survey sites are certainly one way, but as mentioned, they are not my favorite way because you have to spend a lot of time on tedious tasks with very little pay.

And of course, you’ll never be able to get rich doing something like that.

One of the ways you can make money with ClixSense that we talked about above is through affiliate marketing. You get a commission when you refer someone to ClixSense.

Affiliate marketing is what I do, and what I recommend.

NOTE: Read my free guide, How To: Affiliate Marketing for Beginners.

However, I just don’t think being an affiliate marketer for ClixSense is going to get you very far. It just doesn’t pay enough.

There are affiliate programs out there that pay much, much more.

You DO have to put some time and effort into it upfront, but once you get that ball rolling, you will make MUCH more than $4 per hour. Things that you create today will continue to pay you well into the future.

Just check out these affiliate marketing success stories to see what can happen in this business.

Here’s the site that taught me step by step how to create this website.


If you like to do surveys and tasks in your spare time just to add a few bucks to your income, then ClixSense.com is a fine site to do this.

If you’d like to learn how to earn more money, then I recommend learning affiliate marketing. Your time is used much better with affiliate marketing because you will make much, much more by the hour overall.

It does take time and effort up front before you will begin to reap the rewards, but it will be worth it if you stick with it.

You can start right now and get 10 free affiliate marketing lessons.

Did I answer the question “What is ClixSense?” for you? Do you have any other questions about it? What do you think of it? Do you enjoy doing surveys and other small tasks, or do you think they’re boring? Let me know your thoughts down below!

16 thoughts on “What is Clixsense.com? (Is It Worth Your Time?) [Review]”

  1. Great post and good info.

    Honestly, I never liked it, I tried many platforms like Clixsense, such as Neobux and more. 

    Every time it is the same, a waste of time and the payment that you got is to cry about. 

    So no thanks, I pass this one, anyway, thanks for the review, and maybe there are still people doing this and wasting their time. 

    • I think if you’re just looking for a little something to do on the side, these sites are OK. If you’re looking to make a real income (or even part of a real income), these sites are not the way to do it. You just can’t go very far with them. 

      Anything where you trade time for money is probably not going to be the best choice because we only have so much time. 

  2. Great article on Clixsense! I too am an affiliate marketer and am always looking for lucrative partnerships. Your review of this service quickly let me know it’s not for me. I believe in maximizing any time spent doing this work so making pennies for doing long surveys will never be my cup of tea. Again, great review! I might check out your site from time to time to find more potential affiliate partners. Take care!

    • Thanks for reading my ClixSense review! Doing long surveys for pennies is definitely not my cup of tea either! I would rather put time and effort in up front and make LOTS of money in the long-run. 

  3. I have come across so many platform in my journey of making money online, while some are legit, some turn out to be an utter waste. Clixsense is one of the platforms I have come across and of a truth, it is legit but I stopped working on Clixsense because I was not getting what I wanted. I don’t know if it is any different now

    • I have a feeling ClixSense is the same as when you used it. It’s just not a great platform for making a lot of money. You can probably make a little here and there. 

      It’s not terrible, it’s just not my favorite way of doing things. 

  4. I think I’m qualified to speak about clixsense. I’ve worked on clixsense for more than 3 years, and clixsense has been my side hustle for a while. In truth, you would earn a couple of bucks through tasks and surveys, however it cannot guarantee a sustainable income. If I was more informed, I wouldn’t have invested as much time on clixsense. 

    In conclusion, the pay at clixsense is too low compared to the time invested 

    • Louis, thanks so much for your insider view into ClixSense. I appreciate it! Your experience is as suspected. (And the same as my experience when I used to do surveys and “get paid to” jobs.) 

  5. I actually have heard of Clixsense recently so I am very glad to have stumbled upon this review.  I have got caught up in taking surveys before thinking that it might actually add up to something, but unfortunately it never did….just my time.

    To me this seems like a lot of time invested and not much reward.  On the other hand as you’ve explained wealthy affiliate training is very worth your time and effort.  I have been signed up now for a little over a month and I’m amazed at what I’ve learned and continue to learn.  I am amazed at the community support and tools that are offered for you to use, although I haven’t earned anything yet I do have high hopes and now that I know how to create a successful website I can keep doing it until I do succeed.

    • Great to hear about Wealthy Affiliate, Amanda! It does take some time before you start earning anything, but KEEP GOING. it’ll be worth it. 

      Things that you work on today can bring you money far into the future. And you can keep building and building on that. 

      That’s why working on your website now, even though you’re getting no reward for it, is still better than working on these survey sites. Eventually, that work will pay off, and it will continue to pay off. (Residual income. Yes!) 

  6. As someone witjout much time on my hands, making money online through surveys are not really my thing. I had also tried it once and concluded the pay was not worth it. Clixsense seems like a combination of different ways of  “make money online” and that is good because,anyone can combine all or just stick to one and employ strategies that can enable them make a living from doing that but of course,there are definitely better options and I personally wouldn’t see Clixsense as an option.

    • There are some different ways to make money in ClixSense, but all of them don’t really pay. The only ones that are OK is if you purchase something, like the membership to Hulu that I mentioned. Then you’ll get $7.50, but you’ll also be paying for a membership to Hulu! 

      If you were going to become a member of Hulu anyway, then that’s a great option. Otherwise, you’re paying more than you make. 

  7. Everything you have reviewed on Clixsense is true because I used to be an affiliate. 

    At the time I was a solo mum and desperate for some type of work at home opportunity. Clixsense was the top ranking survey and ad platform, during this time, because they paid out and were probably the only honest program to earn from.

    You are right also about how, the tasks took up more time than it was worth, and in order to earn more, you either needed to spend your own money to purchase something or join other survey programs. 

    I did join join a few other survey platforms through the Clixsense tasks, however, and quickly found out to my detriment that some of the programs gave a free trial period, and if you were not careful to read the fine print, you would be locked into a contract that continued to take a subscription from your paypal account after the trial. I learned this the hard way.

    I was always careful to join and cancel my subscriptions, just so that I could get the points.

    I remember getting disqualified from doing many of the tasks as well, because I had to go through level 1, which you have pointed out lol. 

    To be fair to Clixsense, they did pay on time, when you reached the limit for withdrawal.

    You have summed up everything in your review, and exactly as I remember it. I am no longer registered with them, because I quit after I received $15 for two months worth of surveys and ad clicks.

    As you say, it pays, but it is not worth the time, you put into doing what they ask. 

    There is no more clicking for ads for this girl anymore. Affiliate Marketing is the best way to earn.

    • Thank you so much for your insider’s information. I always enjoy hearing from people who have thoroughly used the program and can give an honest experience (good or bad). 

      I’m glad to hear that they did pay and pay on time, but I know the hassle of signing up for a membership and then having to remember to cancel it later. 

      Great to hear your perspective on this. 

      And yes, affiliate marketing is SUCH a better way to go. (If you can be patient and stick with it!) 

  8. Good job there. I have heard of Clix sense, and what to know what it is all about. I’m glad your post provided me with the information I need to make an informed decision. It is good to know that are legit, however, I’m not comfortable supplying my personal information on the internet just to make some cents. Thanks for reminding me of Wealthy Affiliates. I enjoy networking business, I would rather invest my time in these compared to Clix sense.  

    • That’s smart, Tolu because a lot of these types of sites will take your information and send you more and more “opportunities”. I’m not saying ClixSense would do that, but when you register at the other sites that they send you to, they might. 

      I am working on a scam post, and i signed up for one using my email just to see what would happen and I ended up with something like 10 or 15 emails in a matter of minutes. 

      You have to ask yourself if it’s worth it. 


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