What is Greedy Mentor? Can You Really Make $1,076.74 a Day?

Greedy Mentor Review

I got a couple of new (or, new to me anyway) products to check out in my inbox today. Whew, I get so many products! I think I’ll be busy for the rest of my life looking at these things! lol Today we are reviewing a program called Greedy Mentor. Don’t you just love these names? I want to be on the naming team for these products!

I think this one was sent to me by Martin Price. I haven’t heard from Martin in a while, so I’m glad he’s back! Martin is from the program Kindle Sniper. I can’t wait to see what Martin has in store for us today! Let’s get ready. We’re going to find out…

What is Greedy Mentor? Can you really make $1076.74 per day like the sales page says? Or is Greedy Mentor a scam? (Do you know I accidentally wrote “Greedy Sniper” at first. See? I really should be on the naming team. Greedy Sniper could be the next big thing!)

We’re going to dive into this thing soon, but first, here’s your opportunity to bail out of it while you still have your time! Instead, you can review my Free Guide to Making Money Online for Beginners and see how to start an online business the right way.

You see, some of these products are actually pretty good. But they are generally missing at least one or two things that would make them great products. So while I think you can learn from them, they don’t give you absolutely everything you need to get started online. You’ll still be struggling and probably will have to purchase different products to fill in the blanks. (I know this from experience!)

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Here are the areas we’ll explore in this Greedy Mentor review.

  • What is Greedy Mentor?
  • How Does Greedy Mentor Work?
  • Is Greedy Mentor a Scam or Legit?
  • Create an Online Income in a Legit Way
  • Wealthy Affiliate Versus Greedy Mentor

What is Greedy Mentor?

Product: Greedy Mentor
Cost: $67
Owner(s): Meaghan Harper (Fake name)
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So I actually clicked on the link yesterday to open up the sales page, and here’s what I saw. You can see it’s the usual limited access nonsense.

Greedy Mentor Sales Video

Today is Monday, November 19, 2018. I’m going to refresh the page and see what happens. Did I lose out on this opportunity?? Am I going to regret it for the rest of my life????

Greedy Mentor Sales Video Refreshed

Nope! The clock just resets. There are still 7 positions left. We didn’t lose out. Phew!

Before even starting the video, there are a couple of things I see that I already don’t like. First, in the disclaimer under the “Get Started Right Now!” button, there’s a line in there that says you agree to allow them to sell or rent your information. YIKES! Big red flag!

Greedy Mentor Email Disclaimer
In the disclaimer at the bottom, it basically says you won’t make any money with this program.

Greedy Mentor Disclaimer

That’s enough to shut this one down and walk away. However, let’s keep going just for the fun of it. 🙂

The video starts off right away with some fake testimonials. I give them credit for at least adding that these results aren’t typical. (They’re not even real people, so they can’t be typical! OK, the people are real, but they’re telling a fake story.)

Greedy Mentor Testimonial

Hmmm, haven’t we seen her before…? Oh yes, yes we have. She was in the Millionaire Biz Pro review! This is the same testimonial video and everything.

Greedy Mentor Testimonial Lady
Hmmm… after watching the sales video, I think it’s almost the same script as Millionaire Biz Pro with a few character and story changes. If you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all…!

In case you didn’t see that review, I’ll give you the short and sweet synopsis.

  • They can’t give this away to everyone
  • Today could be the luckiest day of your life
  • This video is private – don’t share it with anyone! (hahaha)
  • You don’t need experience, all the training is provided
  • It takes 15 minutes to set up the system
  • Even a child can do this!
  • After today, this video will be taken down forever. (hahaha, no it won’t as we already demonstrated!)

OK, seriously, this is enough. Because I’ve already seen this video. And I already know what my conclusion is to this thing.

How Does Greedy Mentor Work?

Honestly, I don’t know how this works because the sales video doesn’t give us any ideas. Sometimes I decide to purchase the product to see what it’s like. I decided not to this time because I don’t like how shady the sales video is. Maybe they have the best product in the world (I doubt it, but it’s possible, I suppose), but when you present it in this way with fake testimonials and fake creators and fake income claims, then I can only conclude that the product is crap.

My guess is that what they’re really doing here is not just trying to sell the product, but they’re trying to get your personal information. Remember that disclaimer up above? They can sell or rent your information? Yea. That.

Is Greedy Mentor a Scam or Legit?

Thumbs DownI cannot conclude that Greedy Mentor is a scam because I didn’t purchase the product. Again, maybe it’s an awesome product. If it is, they need a better sales strategy. I don’t know about you, but I don’t trust this one bit. Here are our red flags:

  • Big income claims
  • Fake testimonials
  • Same sales pitch and testimonials as Millionaire Biz Pro (which is gone out of ClickBank now, by the way)
  • Saying they can rent or sell your information
  • Saying the most people don’t make any income using this system (I give them credit for honesty here though.)
  • Saying the video will be closing forever when it’s not
  • Saying there are only a few spots left

Did I miss anything? Probably, but you get my point! Maybe the product isn’t a scam, but the way they try to draw people in is very scammy. Save your money on this one!

Create an Online Income in a Legit Way

I’ve watched tons of these videos by now, and the thing is, they’re trying to draw you in with promises of big money with very little time and effort. Your Mom was absolutely right – if it sounds too good to be true…

It is 100% possible to make money online. It’s 100% possible to make a great living online. It is 0% possible to do it in just a few minutes a day with little to no effort with just a few clicks of a button. I mean, I’m not great at math, but that percentage doesn’t seem very good.

If you’ve found yourself watching these videos and getting drawn into their promises, just shut them down, and walk away. What would happen if you did purchase this, is that you would be out $67, your time would be wasted, AND your data would be given to tons of other marketers who are going to send you endless amounts of email.

If you’re interested in making an income online, let’s do it in a legit way. The way that I learned how to set up this website is through a training program called Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate is different from these other products you see because they do not make any big promises. They give you the tools you need so that you can make YOURSELF a success.

You also can try the system out by joining as a Free Starter Member. You don’t need a credit card to sign up so you don’t have to worry about automatic billing. You can remain a Starter Member for as long as you like, no pressure. (Although, if you find out you love affiliate marketing and really want to create huge online success, then I would recommend you move up to Premium. However, that’s not anything you need to worry about right this second.)

Let me show you what affiliate marketing is all about in my Free Guide to Making Money for Beginners. I’ll walk you through the process so you can see how it all works, and how exactly Wealthy Affiliate fits in.

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Let’s Recap

Now you know some signs to look out for when you’re watching these sales videos. Look for fake-sounding testimonials, or testimonial people who show up in multiple videos. For instance, my favorite Testimonial Guy has shown up here, here, here and here! He’s a busy dude! But this is a sure sign that the product doesn’t do what it says. If it did, why not use real testimonials?

Also look out for big money claims. Making $1000 a week starting anything new is not really possible, right? It’s no different working online. You have to get good at a skill. It takes time, effort and practice to do that.

Now, if you’re willing to put in the time, effort and practice, then you can do GREAT with making money online. Are you willing to work for it? I can tell you it’s worth it. I’m sitting looking out my window right now. I have slippers on. I take breaks whenever I want to. I can quit working at 10am if I want. It’s fantastic! But I also work on my website almost daily. I put a lot of effort into. I learn new ways to do things every day through the training and through the members at Wealthy Affiliate. It takes work! But it’s fun work!

Do you want to see for yourself? You can sign up as a Free Starter Member right now and take a look around the system. You’ll have access to all the Premium features for 7 days. That will give you a chance to see how everything flows and what kind of training and tools you’ll have access to. Even as a Free Starter Member, you’ll have 20 lessons available to you so you can get started on building an online business. Just try it out and see. There’s no pressure to do anything more.

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Do you have any questions or comments about Greedy Mentor? Leave them for me down below!

4 thoughts on “What is Greedy Mentor? Can You Really Make $1,076.74 a Day?”

  1. Very fun to read and comprehensive review of Greedy Mentor! That name! 

    Well, add to the name the fact that the program seems too good to be true in terms of income claims. There are also lots of red flags warning me to run! I wont enter my details on the website that clearly tells me they will sell it! NO! 

    Thanks for this review, you have helped a lot of us.

    • I’m glad it helped! Yes, make sure you read the disclaimers carefully. If any of them say that they’ll sell or rent your information, run away! (At least they did put that disclaimer in there. Some sites may just illegally do it anyway.)

  2. Hi Christina. Thank you for sharing your review of Greedy Mentor. It is possible that this Programme has legitimate tips to make money online. What I dislike is the Fake testimonials, Fake claims and everything Fake. It is impossible to make $1,076.74 a day with just few minutes and few clicks. Anything misleading is scam!

    • It’s frustrating to see all of the fake stuff on these videos. How can you trust a product is good and legit when everything else about it is fake? The income claims are very misleading for sure.


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