Is Survey Voices Legit? [It’s Not a Total Scam, but Only Kind of Legit]

Is Survey Voices Legit?

Welcome to my Survey Voices review. You may be wondering, “Is Survey Voices legit?” and that’s a question I will help you answer in this article.

I saw Survey Voices being promoted in a Facebook group that I belong to and I immediately thought “Uh oh” when I first saw it because I thought it was another data harvesting scam site like CashLoadClout PayKids Earn Cash, and the other sites just like these.

The good news I don’t believe this to be the case.

Survey Voices does not seem to be a data harvesting scam.


There is some bad news.

Keep reading below and I’ll give you the full scoop.

Is Survey Voices legit?

Eh, kind of.

Let’s get into it!

Survey Voices Review


Survey Voices looks to be a decent site, but I didn’t find the quality of the surveys they listed to be great. Some of them are legitimate but the others were scams or closed down completely.


It’s easy to navigate through the site. It just isn’t necessary.


The cost to join Survey Voices is free, but you will pay with your personally identifiable information instead. They collect a lot of information on you that they can share with third parties who can then use it to sell you more stuff.

Summary: Survey Voices is a site that shows you some of the “top” survey sites out there to join. I say ‘top” loosely because some of the sites they show on their site are legit, and some are complete scams. There’s no real purpose for Survey Voices since you can just join the top survey sites directly on their websites.

  • Free to join
  • Some survey sites are legit
  • No real purpose in joining – you can go right to the survey sites instead
  • They collect a lot of personally identifiable information on you
  • You will get bombarded with offers in email and on your phone
  • Some of the survey sites they list are shady or are outright scams
  • Some of the survey sites they list are closed down


Thumbs Down<img alt=”Thumbs Down” width=”500″ height=”500″ title=”Thumbsdown_Black” data-id=”3634″ src=”” style=”width: 100%;”>

I do not recommend you to sign up for Survey Voices. You are going to be giving away too much personal information for not enough benefit. Too many of the survey sites they recommend are not legit, or are shut down. You can find much better survey lists by doing a Google search.

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What is Survey Voices?

Survey Voices is a site that takes survey opportunities and gathers them onto one site in an easy-to-access way. According to their website, Survey Voices is the best source for top paid surveys:

Survey Voices has the top surveys?

Is that really true though?

When I try to look at all their survey offers, there are 10 listed.

They are:

  • Opinion Outpost (Gets a mix of good and bad reviews)
  • Survey Junkie (Good site)
  • Swagbucks (Good site)
  • VIP Voice (Gets a mix of good and bad reviews)
  • emiles (Closed as of June 15, 2018)
  • samples & savings (Gets complaints – see below)
  • National Consumer Center (Total scam – see below)
  • The Bill Wizard (No longer in business, according to the BBB)
  • OMG Sweeps! (Most likely a scam site.)
  • Jobs on Demand (Couldn’t much on it, good or bad)

Now, let me ask you this:

How can Survey Voices be the best source for survey sites when they only have 10 survey sites listed? There are many, many survey sites out there.

That’s not even the worst part.

Half of the list comprises of shady sites, scam sites or closed sites.

Let me tell you how this really works and if there are better options for you.

How Does ​Survey Voices Work?

What Survey Voices is (and any site that’s a collection of survey sites like this) is actually an affiliate marketing website.

Affiliate marketing is a way to promote other’s people’s products for a commission. It’s a great way to make an income online, and it’s actually what I do.

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The way that survey sites does it is OK, but they’re not providing anyone with a great service. So there’s not really any value in signing up with them. (In fact, they may even use your data that you give them when you sign up and sell it to shady marketers and scammers. Yikes!)

Here’s how it works:

  1. Survey Voices signs up with various survey sites’ affiliate programs
  2. They list those surveys on their site
  3. They get traffic to their site
  4. When people sign up to the survey sites, Survey Voices makes a commission

They’re essentially a middleman and you don’t really need to sign up with them because you can go directly to the survey sites and sign up directly.

Or, you can find a website that has a better list of survey sites, if you like the idea of having a bunch of suggestions all in one place. If you type “Best survey sites” into Google, you’ll come up with some great resources.

Google search for best survey sites.

Google search for best survey sites.

These posts will also likely be affiliate marketers, but they do it in a much better way. They tell you about each survey site and why it’s good before you sign up. They’re providing value.

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Online Reviews / Complaints

Since Survey Voices isn’t anything but a connector of survey sites, they don’t do any of the collecting of the rewards points and cashing them out. In other words, they don’t do that hard stuff. With that said, I didn’t find any complaints against them directly.

I did find some complaints / bad reviews about a couple of the survey sites they suggest.

Take, for example. This reviewer says that they don’t actually give you samples like they’re supposed to. And, on top of that, they also give away your information or sell it to other marketers.

Samples and Savings complaint.

Worse than that is National Consumer Center. This person from said it’s an outright scam.

National Consumer Center is a scam.

National Consumer Center is a scam.

In case you can’t read that, it says:

“National Consumer Center is a fake organization that generates malicious web advertisements with an intention to scam users and steal their money. You have probably heard of tech scam viruses – they have the intention to trick users into thinking that they have some sort of problem regarding computer and the only way to solve it is to pay those fake technicians for the assistance or purchase some kind of software.”

You gotta be careful out there!

Is Survey Voices a Scam or Legit?

Now we answer these two important questions…

  • Is Survey Voices a scam?
  • Is Survey Voices legit?

The answer to the first question is no. In my opinion, Survey Voices is not a scam. You are getting connected to some survey sites, and some of them are legit.

The answer to the second question is kind of (in my opinion). It’s kind of legit, because of those real survey sites, but they don’t provide any value and there’s no reason to sign up with them.

Read Their Privacy Policy

It’s always a good idea to look into a website’s Privacy Policy if you’re not sure if they’re a legit site or not. Here’s the Privacy Policy for Survey Voices. You might want to check it out because there’s some interesting stuff in there.

For instance:Here’s a part of the terms that’s interesting:

“How We Collection Information and the Types Collected. We and our marketing partners and Related Parties collect Information in a number of different ways. We collect Information when a User registers on our Site and provides us identifying PII such as their name, email, address, telephone number, date of birth and gender. We also use technological means to collect Information about a User such as the type of device and browser they are using, where they were browsing before they arrived at our Site, their IP address and if a User is on a mobile device, which carrier they use. This Information may be supplemented or verified by third-party services.

If you reached the Site by clicking on a link or an ad from another website or from an email sent from one of our marketing partners, then we may also capture that information to understand the interests of our Users and to keep track of third parties who direct Users to our Sites. Users may supply information through our dynamically determined survey questions which we then associate with the User’s PII to help us identify the products and services they may be interested in. We track and record a User’s behavior while on our Site and associate it with the User’s PII so that if a User returns to our Site, we can, for example, avoid showing the User the same offers or asking the same survey questions.

In order for a User to take full advantage of the Site, we ask Users to voluntarily provide their PII to us. If a User chooses not to provide us with their PII by simply not entering it on the Site or not otherwise providing it to us, the User will not be able to access or use certain of the services or features available through the Site.”

To me, this says they collect a lot of information about you, including which site you last visited, which mobile phone you have and even which mobile phone carrier you use!

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They go on to say that they have the right to share any of your personally identifiable information (PII) with third-party vendors, contractors and marketing partners.

It even says they have the right to contact you via your phone even if you’re on the Do Not Call list.

You really should read any terms before you sign up with things so that you know what you’re getting yourself into.

Why Survey Sites Suck

I’m not really a fan of survey sites in general, even the legit ones. They take so much time and you earn so, so little. I just don’t feel like they are worth it. At all.

If you love survey sites, then more power to you. It can be a semi-fun way to make a little income here and there.

In general though, you are trading your time for money, which is already a bad way to earn a living. What’s worse is that you have to trade a lot of time for very little money. Pennies per hour, usually.

You know who makes the most money with survey sites? The survey site owners. Mostly due to affiliate marketing. Take Swagbucks, for example. They get paid every time someone signs up for any surveys, special offers, trial offers, etc.

They are essentially doing affiliate marketing too. They’re selling other people’s products (whoever is featured on their site) for a commission.

So why not skip the surveys and go right to affiliate marketing?

Why Affiliate Marketing is Better

Affiliate marketing is a better way to earn an income than survey sites because there are no limits to the amount of money you can earn.

With survey sites, you can only do so many tasks in an hour in order to make money.

With affiliate marketing, you could set up a website like this one (or you can even create much simpler websites), put some work in up front with it, and you can continue to earn on that work over and over again far into the future.

Let me explain it in an easier way:

  1. You create a website about a topic you enjoy.
  2. You promote products that you recommend on your site.
  3. You learn how to get traffic to your site.
  4. When people purchase the recommended products, you earn a commission.

There’s a little more to it than that, but that’s the basic idea.

Read–> How To: Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

If you’d like to learn how to create your own affiliate website step-by-step, this is the affiliate marketing training I most recommend.


I hope I helped you answer the question “Is Survey Voices legit?”. It’s not a scam, but I wouldn’t exactly call it legit either. It doesn’t help you in any way, and in fact, they collect a lot of personally identifiable information on you. They can then use that information to market other products to you. You will get bombarded with offers if you sign up with Survey Voices.

On the other hand, if you’re really looking to earn an income online, then why not try out affiliate marketing? My #1 recommendation is the place that taught me how to do everything. Now I’m finally making a consistent income online. You can too! It’s easier than you think.

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4 thoughts on “Is Survey Voices Legit? [It’s Not a Total Scam, but Only Kind of Legit]”

  1. Hello Christina, this is a really good review. I like you don’t like survey sites and it’s annoying because they just make one work for so many hours and make very little for that time. For survey voices, it’s not really the first time I’m seeing a survey site like this. Selling your info around is really bad and I think I’ll really start reading privacy policy before subscribing to any site. Thanks for the eyeopener.

    • The Privacy Policies definitely say a lot. I would definitely check for these types of websites because they put all kinds of stuff in there. I guess they assume no one will read them (which is probably true). 

  2. I have checked out many survey sites in the past and have not been satisfied with any of them.  Their sales page overpromises and underdelivers.  

    Although some of these sites are legit, they still don’t provide the opportunity to earn which they promote.  Since Survey Voices lists both legit and non-legit recommendations, this in itself is a major Red Flag.

    Although the idea behind Survey Voices provides a convenient way to access a number of different sites, it does not provide the quality to be of true value.  Plus they only list ten (10) sites.

    It seems that Survey Voices are the ones making all the commisions with very little concern about their customers.  There are just too many sites like this out there that do not offer any substantial value.  Thanks so much for your valuable insights.

    • Yea, I’m just not a fan of any survey sites. Even something like Swagbucks…it’s so hard to navigate through because there’s stuff everywhere and things load slow. Then you can only make so much money even if you put a lot of time in. 

      I guess some people enjoy doing it while watching TV, and that’s fine. As long as they don’t expect to make any sort of legitimate income with it. 


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