Is The Retired Millionaire a Scam? [Review]

The Retired Millionaire Review

Welcome to The Retired Millionaire Review!

Isn’t it a nice thought to be a retired millionaire? You get to do whatever you want every day. Is this product going to help us get there, or is The Retired Millionaire a scam?

The video sales page claims there’s a secret that can help us make over $457 per day, starting today.

You know as soon as I see that, my scammy senses go up. (Spider-Man has spidey senses, and I have scammy senses.)

No matter what you do in life, if it’s worth doing, it’s going to take time and effort on your part. Just accept that as a fact of life. In fact, embrace it because it makes reaching goals a lot more fun and satisfying.

With that said, let’s get into The Retired Millionaire and see what it’s all about.

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Here are the areas we’ll explore in The Retired Millionaire review.

  • What is The Retired Millionaire?
  • How Does The Retired Millionaire Work?
  • Is The Retired Millionaire a Scam or Legit?
  • Learn How to Make Money Online the Right Way

What is The Retired Millionaire?

Product: The Retired Millionaire
Cost: $47, but there’s a downsell of $37
Owner(s): Greg Larson (Fake name and probably not this former NFL’er.)

As mentioned above, as soon as you hit the sales page for The Retired Millionaire, you see that this is another “secret” that can make us loads of money.

The Retired Millionaire Secret System

What I’ve learned in my years of being in online marketing that there aren’t any secrets. There are always new things to learns and new skills to master, but I have never come across a “secret” that no one else knows about.

Fake Testimonials

The video starts off real bad because we have fake, over-hyped testimonials right off the bat. This The Retired Millionaire Testimonial is a fake

No one makes $9,567 in their first three days of doing anything. How can you make that when you don’t have the knowledge and skills yet? I don’t even know what this product is, it’s just logical.

Plus, this woman is an actress from She didn’t make anything with The Retired Millionaire.

We’ve already seen her in the Explode My Payday review and the Greedy Mentor review.

She seems like a lovely woman who does a great job of acting, but she’s not making money with this system.

Testimonial woman is an actress from


This Testimonial Guy says that he’s been using Greg’s system for yeeeaaaars. And he’s making over $70,000 a month!

The Retired Millionaire Testimonial Guy


I thought he was already making loads with Real Profits Online? Yes, he’s another actor. He’s pretty good, I have to hand it to him.

There are more testimonials, but since we already know they’re fake, we don’t have to go into each and every one. I’ll save you some time there.

The Retired Millionaire Actors and Actresses

I just have to mention that there’s a couple testimonial (you can see them in the screen shot above), and they said that they made $191,000… in their first week. I mean, come on. That’s just not possible. lol

Crazy Income Claims

The video says that we’ve found the only site in the world that can guarantee a $500 payday by the end of the video. I don’t even 100% know what that means, but of course this is just another crazy income claim.

In fact, they don’t guarantee this at all and it says so right in their disclaimer.

The Retired Millionaire disclaimer

In case you’re getting old like me (and refuse to get glasses) and can’t read that, the parts I’ve underlined say: “The typical purchaser does not make any money using this system.” and “ does not guarantee income or success…”

Yet, Greg continues to make these hyped-up income claims in the video. He says you can make an extra $1000 – $10,000 per day. Make $1000 - $10,000 per day

But you know this isn’t true, right? This just isn’t going to happen.

Listen, you CAN make this kind of money online, but it takes time to build up your skills in order to do this. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither is this kind of income.

You Don’t Need to Do Any Work

Greg says all we have to do to make the same kind of money he does is sit back, relax and watch this video. In fact, everything is automatic. OK, Greg. We’ve neeeevvvver heard that one before.

He says that we can make all this money any we only have to work on it for 1 hour per day. No, no. Let me correct that. LESS than 1 hour per day.

This is so ridiculous I can’t even respond.

Better Grab Your Spot Before It’s Too Late!

These scammy videos always have this trick. They say that the spots are limited and that you’re extremely lucky to be able to watch the video.

(Um, I would say that we are UNlucky to be watching this video. lol. Because it’s a waste of our time.

However, I don’t mind doing it because I’d rather waste my time so that you don’t waste your money on this nonsense! )

Then they say that the video will be taken down soon. (I WISH!)

This is not true EVER. In fact, I think this video and this program came out sometime last year. And the damn video is STILL up. lol

Greg says that he’s been using this system for 15 years and he’s giving it to a select lucky few.

More trickery!

Automated Money-Making Sites

Greg says he’s going to give us automated money-making sites. He’s just going to hand them right over to us.

Automatic money making site will be handed to you

Well, isn’t he generous?

Greg says he’s doing this because he’s DONE. He’s already made millions and he’s feeling guilty about how easy it is to make money with this.

Now he wants to give us the chance to make money with it too.

All we have to do it set up one of the websites Greg’s about to give us, then just sit back and relax.

This is my favorite. The Retired Millionaire scam websites make empty promises

Because it’s true. Isn’t it, Greg?

The video goes on, but I’m sure it doesn’t tell us anything we actually need to know. But I think I’ve got it figured out anyway.

How Does The Retired Millionaire Work?

Even though the video never talks about what you’re getting for your money, we did get some clues. Greg says that he would hand us an automated money-making site.

We’ve heard of this kind of thing before in these reviews:

And so many more.

This seems to be a favorite method for these internet marketing guys. They just want to hand you over a website that’s already done for you and will just make you loads of money while you sit back and relax.

(Or go on a vacation on a huge boat, as The Retired Millionaire sales video will have you believe.)

I mean, it seems like it should work, right?

“Greg” (or whoever he really is) has a site that’s making him money. If he copies that site and hands it to us, it would stand to reason that we would make money too.

Unfortunately, it just doesn’t work that way. Let’s discuss further in the next section.

Is The Retired Millionaire a Scam or Legit?

Thumbs DownI didn’t buy the product and so I’m always hesitant to call it a scam when I haven’t tried it for myself. However, the tactics they use to draw people in and try to get them to spend their money is completely scammy.

There are tons of red flags here. I won’t even go over all of them because we did a lot of that already up there in the main part of the content.

The Retired Millionaire Pros

  • The only pro I can think if is that you can get your money back if you did decide to buy into this.

The Retired Millionaire Cons

Just a few reminders of some of the red flags above:

  • Fake testimonials
  • Saying you only have to work 1 hour per day
  • Saying this video will be taken down soon
  • Saying there are limited spots

Now, the real downside here is the way that these types of “done for you systems” are set up.

They sound really good, but in fact, they’re really bad.

If you’re handed a website, that website will not be high quality. It’s basically going to be a page full of ads. Those ads will have an affiliate link connected to them (and to you) and when someone clicks on an ad and makes a purchase, you would get a commission.

However, because these sites are very low quality and duplicated a bunch of times, the search engines will never, ever rank them.

And if the search engines don’t rank them, you can’t get free traffic.

Which means you’ll have to buy traffic. Buying traffic is not that easy and there’s a method to the madness. Usually what happens is people lose a LOT of money trying to buy traffic.

You have to know what you’re doing.

Even then, because these sites are so low quality, you probably won’t make a lot of sales even when you buy traffic. People want help to solve their problems. They don’t want to go to a page with a bunch of ads.

Seriously, save your money on this, and learn how to make money online the right way.

Learn How to Make Money Online the Right Way

You CAN make money online. People all over the world are doing it, and are doing it successfully. Check out these 11 Awesome Affiliate Marketing Success Stories!

The thing is, you can’t do it like The Retired Millionaire is saying you can. You can’t put zero effort into something and expect it to make you thousands of dollars.

Nothing in life works like that. (I WISH! lol)

I love this quote by Wallace Wattles from the book The Science of Getting Rich.

you must give value

If you’re being handed these sites, and then you’re just sitting around waiting for the money to roll in, you’re not giving anyone value.

Therefore, you will never make money.

What’s better is that you can learn how to make money online, give TONS of value, help people, feel satisfied, set big goals, get excited and then watch the money flow in!

That’s how it works.

If you’re ready and willing to do that, I have just the place for you to get started. This is a training platform that gives HUGE amounts of value.

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Do you have any questions or comments about The Retired Millionaire? What do you think about these “done for you sites”? Some would argue that it makes it easy for newbies to get started making money online. Obviously, I would argue otherwise. lol What do you think? Leave me your thoughts down below!

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The Retired Millionaire Review

20 thoughts on “Is The Retired Millionaire a Scam? [Review]”

  1. Thank you for this honest and unbiased review of the retired millionaire scam, I find it very great and eye opening. I am always very skeptical of joining any online money making platform because I have been ripped off of my hard earned money a couple of times. The retired millionaire platform seems to be a scam to me given the rewards they are promising per day. 

    • These scammy product producers make it hard for people to believe that anything out there is legit. It seems like EVERYTHING is a scam. 

      Thankfully, there are good programs out there that teach you the right way to do things. It’s just that you have to sift through the B.S. to find them. 

      That’s why I create these reviews. So others have to sift less. 

  2. Hello Christina,

    Nice exposé you’ve written here on the retired millionaire scam. It’s alarming the rate at which people make up stories just to scam off their money. Can of.makes me wonder if jobs are no longer available.

    I have never heard of a work that pays without you having to put in any work actually. Sadly, some people would still fall for this cheap scam. 

    Thanks for writing.

    • I know, I think it’s funny that people can think you can make money without putting any effort into something. These guys love to appeal to our lazy side.

      Thanks for stopping by to share your thoughts!

  3. Hi Christina Piccoli,

    I know , Retired Millionaire is the first internet marketing product that provides hundreds of real life and total automation for a affiliate marketing . This product will give you 60% rev share and insane conversions proven by several tests even to this day . I understand if you first time promoting  one of their products , you will find out their offer converts incredibly on any internet marketing . Thanks for sharing this article with us .

    • Yes, but I don’t think this product has a lot of value, so I choose not to promote it. I’m sure it does make some people out there money, but not the people who are buying it. It makes money for the product owner and the affiliates who are selling it. 

      No thanks. I’d rather send people to a REAL way they can make money online. 

  4. I like your guts in exposing a fake money making scheme. If every gullible person is like you, I believe that the world will be a better place to be. People need to be more conscious and watch out for red flags and not just dash in at any opportunity that promises to turn out large money for little or no work done. 

    I recently learnt about Wealthy Affiliates and I totally agree that it is a legitimate means of making money online. 

    • Thank you. I’m just trying to help people out who are about to put their money into these products. And if they’re really looking for a way to make money online, I gladly send them off to Wealthy Affiliate to try out. 

      I’m glad you’re a member and you’re enjoying the benefits. 🙂

  5. We rely heavily on people like you to sanitize the internet and exposed scammers wherever they are hiding. I just have to imagine how many people we have fell victim of this daylight robbery, making money is not difficult but making huge amount of money over a short period of time, without any special skills and experience is definitely not possible! I always say this; if something is too good to be true, definitely is not true.Thanks for this wonderful review, it’s a kind of comic relief to me, because I was just laughing almost throughout the entire post on I was reading it😂. You have great sense of humour.

    • Haha, thanks for enjoying my sarcastic comedy show! I have to laugh at these products too. I always say it’s better to laugh than to cry, right? lol

  6. Scams and the scammers are getting  very clever these day the only problem is they are being watched in every turn they make by people like you so we can always  depends on you for the reviews of products that their intent is harm our finances.if making 1k per day is possible I believe most of the population would be millionaires but their is nothing for free as you said it we have to work our way to the success falling into those scams will only pull us down more .so the  thing is to what you have recommend to be the best  for my own safety.

    • The problem with these guys is that people like me, and other reviewers out there, call them out. Then they take their product down, re-brand it and put it back out as a brand new product. It just never stops! 

      But it’s OK. We’ll keep digging and finding them to expose the truth. 

  7. Christina you have a written a very good fake review on retired millionaire the way you have reflected how you got it  is nowa days we realy see there is lot of work to do to be a millionaire  you are right it takes lot of skill and learning to find success 

    • Absolutely! It takes some work and dedication to make money online and be successful. But why not try it? We have this great technology at our fingertips. It can be done. So what if you have to pt some effort into it? The time’s going to pass anyway. Might as well do something good with it! 

  8. Christina thank you for exposing such big fat lies. Commons sense should tell people that even Billion dollar company CEO does not sit and pick his or her teeth while money keep on flowing into his pocket. Though those who have really worked hard for it and laid the foundation could enjoy such but not before you work for it. I read one few days age that said “makes 5K every week or every day or whatever and I did not need someone to tell me that I should stay away. Thanks for sharing.

    • Almost everyone who has money has worked hard for it in some way. (Unless they’re born into it, but hey, lucky them!) 

      And why not work hard at it? I think it makes it fun to have big goals to accomplish. I don’t want to just sit around lying on the couch all day. I want to do something productive with my time here on earth. 

      Sitting around doing nothing is so BORING. lol Let’s work doing something that we love and get paid for it too! That’s what we really all want. 

  9. Thanks for this honest review, I think I am with you when you say it is a possible scam. In my early days online I even fell for some of these scams but like you tend to know the signs of a scam now. Love how you found the actors on other videos and on Fiverr. Like you say anything that promises everything and all you need to do is nothing is always going to be suspicious to me. I think I will be avoiding this to.

    • I have fallen for scams too back in the day, so I completely understand how people fall into these traps. I was right there with them! 

      That’s why I want to expose these guys now because I want others to learn from my mistakes so they don’t have to go down that same road. 

  10. Hi; Is The Retired Millionaire A Scam? Yes; it is. From the very appearance of the Fivver Actors and Actresses, my stomach aches with grief. These people have no good moral standard. 

    I called them Actors and Actresses I am wrong to call them so. “They are blatant thieves support system” Helping thieve to pray on the innocent, who are seeking to make life a bit easier on the Internet.

     Do you believe that Cyber Security will get some teeth co zero in on Fivver shortly?


    • Hm, that’s a good question. I think what will happen is that these products with these actors will need to have some sort of disclaimer on the sales page that says “Actor portrayal” or something like that. 

      I don’t totally blame the actors. They’re just doing a job. But the people putting out these videos need to disclose that they’re actors. 


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